'Mature' runners.



  • I think they must be men's, Meerkat - I haven't dared take them out of the box for a closer inspection, but that's how they look on the little drawing...
  • I was going to say something smutty about wicking - but I'm brought up short by your being a virgo, JJ. I lived with one of those once - he was a perfectionist and insisted on doing my washing. Also seemed to be capable of living on 50p a week. Tell me you're not like that...
    Anyway, WP, about this picture on the box...
  • Phew, that's a relief. I think WP should obtain, by any means, said picture, so that we can compare and contrast.
  • I'll see what I can do, meerkat. Thing is, though, that it was an awfully big picture - there was something on the box about "anatomically to scale" - and for the second time this afternoon I'm left wondering whether it will fit into this little box.

    However, I will certainly try :)
  • Stop it, Piglet. Everyone in the office is wondering why I'm choking over my pc.
    Ahem. Calm down. Now - could you borrow the picture on the grounds that you have to check certain anatomical dimensions vis a vis size of boxes and wicking conditions?
  • hee hee hee :-)

    Ok, I'll make enquiries at the running shop...
  • I hope that wasn't the waist band on those Helly Hansen wicking briefs, JJ...
  • Thanks for the laugh, and hello.
    Glenn, I took my cue from you re pics. I thought if you could look 17 again, then I could look 16 again. And if you don't say anything, then I won't either...

    Meerkat - many thanks for the recommendation, I've just trekked my way for three hours (!) each way to see the man with the video who draws lines on the back of ladies legs, expensive, but I feel as if I'm finally making progress.

    JJ, happy un-birthday, and I'm glad to hear your famile keep you 'suit'ably attired. Only thing I know about Virgos is that they make good bus drivers but can't remember why now.

    Glenn, is your new job in Hemel?
  • And hello to Piglet and Chimp as well, but no sneezing!
  • Hello Helen :)

    <Wee Piglet stands carefully with little cotton snout bag at the ready, in case of sudden SNEEZEs!!!!!>

    Hello JJ,

    I've seen nothing of the monkey for many hours now. I think he must be feathering his den, or whatever it is that Chimps do in the long winter evenings.

    My excuse for buying a camera is to take piccies of all the beautiful things I see on my long w/e runs, and in particular the wonderful toadstools! There was also a stunning hoar frost about a month ago, and a small flock of attractive Herdwick sheep has insinuated itself into the sand dunes. All these things need careful logging.

    That's my excuse, anyway... hehe heh
  • Helen Wheels is a rather catchy little number by Paul McCartney - you may have heard of him.

    Wee P, thank you so much for your consideration. Do echinacea and Vit C work on piglets?

    JJ you are right, it's that snake oil...
  • WP, did you get the Fuji?
  • Helen,

    I did get the Fuji, but I've not had much chance to use it so far. I'm still not sure how I'm going to carry it on long runs, but I'm thinking of taking it in a sort of personal stereo carrier thingy I got last year. Sigh... life is so complicated! ;)

    Echinacea and vitamin C are said to work well for piglets, but I have difficulty getting hold of them because when I go into the chemist and ask about them the staff tend to run away.
  • Night all
  • Night night - off to snuggle down in the sty :)
  • Anyone Home?

    Too late as usual. Takes so long to catch up from the last time I was here. Still its nice to see some life in the "mature" set.

    Weather was a bit chilly today so wimped out and went to the gym again. Covered 5 k on the treadmill and another 5k on the rowing machine. I wish someone hadn't told me that cross-training was a waste of time.

    Time for a little telly.

  • it isnt mate

    Goodnight, and well done
  • Incidentally on the topic of whether one should use an up to date picture to avoid confusion. Mine is about 12 months out of date but I may get a new one during the upcoming strike/war.
  • Good idea
    its a tad inflammatory!,
  • Hi Hippo,

    Just been over to the Wild Grover thread which never ceases to amaze me.. Probably get flamed for poking my nose in (if you'll pardon the expression) but I just don't seem to live in their world.

    Nice to see not everyone goes to bed at 10.

    Enjoy the horlicks.
  • its gin, love
    mothers ruin
    Got to enjoy self before 36 hour shift
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