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  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Agreed re the deferral wardi

    OO - lots of countries will be bringing in travel restrictions, as well as our govt.

    6m easy wuth strides. Weather is going to ruin Sundays 1/2 with 30mph gusts. Ill use it as an mp type training run, although even pacing/effort wont be possible.
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    Wardi - Malaga 2022 is on my plan too.  It will be worth it, a really enjoyable trip.  It will keep you focussed through 2022.

    Good luck for tomorrow TR, that sounds a good plan.  The wind will effect your race but sure it will give loads of training benefit. 

    Rest day today as very achey arm and had a temperature overnight, booster yesterday but overall feel good/ OK. So its going to be a great day for the dog and dog walks.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    I had a ropey night and felt crap during some easy miles this morning possibly the lingering lurgy i had at gosport, possibly the booster, either way ive sacked tomorrow off. The racing year ends with 2 sub3s, the focus shifts to next yrs sub3s.
  • Wardi, you could have come and frozen your bits off watching the XC in Shipley Park. I didn't enjoy it and I was running. My poor friend Stuart wasn't properly dressed for spectating and nearly froze to death, despite stealing my DryRobe. Icy wind, icy rain... Glad it's over!

    Sounds like a wise move TR. No point pushing it in dodgy weather if you yourself are a bit under the weather. 
  • I seem to have finally shaken off my post-lurgy knackeredness, and today's 5 miler was at a much better pace and heart rate than I managed earlier in the week.  Otherwise, a dull weekend, as I have 1,600 pages to read.  In fairness, it's been ages since work completely wrecked a weekend, so it was overdue!

    Hope you are feeling a bit better today, TR, but a wise decision to rest.
  • Hi all, checking in again.  I think last time I was here I was mulling over the options I had for Tokyo next year.  I opted to defer that until 2023 and opted for Seville instead, which proved to be a good idea because Tokyo later said they would have no overseas runners next year regardless, by which time Seville was full.

    I'm seeing a consultant tomorrow to try to sort out my slipped disc although that's not stopped me running.  What has stopped me though is that two weekends ago I was out running and fell for no apparent reason, hitting the tarmac pretty hard, breaking ribs on the process.  It's still quite painful and will be for some time I think.  I can sit on a bike on the turbo trainer to keep fit but that's about it.

    On the plus side we had JoeB, with Katie and their dog at our parkrun Saturday.  Joe and his dog finished a respectable 4th in what was an unusually competitive field for our event, harking back to the old days when we'd get a lot more of the quicker club runners coming along.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good that you're over the lurgy jools

    Nice to see you CD, hope the consultant gives you good news seville is Feb ? So 10ish weeks ?

    Easy miles here.
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    Shame you had to ditch the Half TR but those wind speeds looked a bit vicious!  You have nothing to prove this year so no great loss I guess.

    CD.. very bad luck on the fall, sadly broken/badly bruised ribs take a fair bit of time to heal, best of luck with it.  Nice work on booking Seville.  Good to see JoeB is getting back to it.

    Jools.. encouraging to see you're back to full health again.  That sounds like a lot of reading to do though. :open_mouth:

    CC2..where I was in Derbyshire, Saturday was poor in the morning and awful in the afternoon so not surprised at your experience😟.

    Parkrun Saturday was cold & breezy/showers so splashed my way up and down an old railway line which I enjoyed up to a point.  Back to our accommodation for a quick change of clothes then out for a 12m walk.  The last 5m were in heavy rain & a cold wind so we were grateful for evening beer and grub next to a nice open fire.
    Nicer conditions on Sunday's walk thankfully.

    Short run yesterday then back to it with 10.4m today.  Got it done this morning, a brisk wind but managed to avoid the afternoon gales & rain.

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    Good to hear from you CD, mixed news there.  Hope the various injuries are on the mend. Seville sure is something to look forward to. 
    TR - Good call to miss your race on Sunday and you must be pleased with the 2 sub 3's as a return for 2021. 
    Wardi - A classic December Saturday and a good miles yesterday.
    Jools - Good news on the lurgy front, 1600 pages no-so.   

    A few 10m this week for me - gotta pick you moments with this stormy weather. Unlikely I will do the Madeira marathon now in Jan, travel hassles and the mate I was going with as got Covid. Luckily refundable hotels and flights with EasyJet so can switch to other flights for use more likely in the summer, also asking the RD if can move my place to 2023 as would love to run it.  So my first 6 months of 2022, and no overseas marathons! Plan looks like Manchester in April and Exeter marathon in May and then it goes a bit marathon-bonkers from then.  Probably find a few HM in Feb/ March to keep me on my toes.
  • Afternoon all, 

    OO - fab run at Gran Canaria.  Super consistent and well managed re the temps. Good to read you are recovered and already refocusing. 

    TR - sorry to read Gosport half was a bit bobbins. Your friend the weather and a bit of a cold almost certainly cost you some time. Declaring 2021 with two sub3s is good going in my book especially as 2021 was annoying for you. Onwards to 2022 as you say. 

    Jools - glad to read you seem to be shaking off the lingering lurgy. How did the concert go with Mr Jools? 

    Speedy - yay! on the recent top step of the podium. Excellent running. Shame you had to leave and miss any prize-giving/plaudits from your peers. 

    Joe - sounded a lucky escape with the fizz and covid. Hope the knee has settled down.

    Wardi - sounds a bit much Jet2 charging that kind of admin fee as others have noted. Hopefully some goodwill is forthcoming. Where abouts in Derbyshire? I've been venturing out onto the hills around Edale, taking advantage of quieter routes due to winter not appealing to most folks. 

    I can't remember if I mentioned the outcome of the 2nd opinion from a physio. He thought it could be impingement so advised I get an xray to rule out bone spurs or calcification of the joint. Had the xray almost 3 weeks ago and GP hasn't seen the results yet. The fizz also said I ought to have the xray whilst weight bearing the joint. The radiographer said he couldn't do that as an orthopedic specialist hadn't requested it. Also seemed a bit pointless tbh. 

    Still no date for mri scan either. No improvement in ankle. I've pushed it with a few hikes in the hills as alluded to earlier. That has made the joint stiffer for a few days. 

    Entering Manchester seemed feasible but I'd like to have been back building by now so that seems unlikely at this stage. On top of that I have some lower back issue I'm struggling with and booster yesterday has really stiffened my arm up (Pfizer booster, AZ 1st, 2nd jab). Just waiting to see if I end up having an early night and needing to sweat things out as I did with first two vaccinations. Ho hum. 

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    SJ.. that ankle niggle is becoming quite a saga!  I hope the various medical folks can join the dots and come up with a solution for you.  Luckily the covid booster symptoms usually last a mere 24-36 hrs. :|  Re. Derbyshire.. I was at Landal Darwin Forest close to Bakewell & Matlock.  The Parkrun was at Monsal trail which uses a long disused railway line in the area.

    OO.. shame about Madeira but yes travel is a right mess ATM so not worth the risk until things (hopefully) settle down a bit.  I'm sure you will run well at Manchester if the weather gods are on your side.  Good to see you back in the training groove again.

    Got through to Jet2 this morning after approx 45 mins.  The lady I spoke to was very helpful and transferred my Malaga trip to Barca for the marathon in early April for a reasonable admin fee of £40pp.  Not sure where the rumours of £150pp came from!  Got a credit note for the hotel parking too.
    2 x 4.3m today, another squally cold day but managed to dodge most of the rain.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Thats better news wardi

    SJ - oh crap, thats not bad news. Youve had a crap running time due to that injury, i was hopibg you'd be getting back to it soon ready for 2022.

    OO - probably wise to avoid travel until later next yr, even if restrictions dont change much here, than they might in europe. The new variant will no doubt bring restrictions through the winter.........happy with the two sub3s, cant decide which was the better performance out of the two though.

    8 and 5 yday, tried to lift it to mp+10% in the 2nd half of this mornings 10m and im still a bit off the boil, due to lurgy or boster. 17 weeks to get in shape for Brighton yet though.
  • Sorry to hear that, SJ.  I really hope things improve for you soon.  And the concert went well, thanks for asking.  I've slacked off a bit too much on violin practice since, mind you!

    Good news on the flight changes, Wardi.  £150pp sounded a bit mad.  Hope the phone line didn't charge very much per minute, mind.

    5 miles last night.
  • That's rubbish SJ. The walks have looked pretty good from Strava pics & I see you've been Zwifting too. Plenty of folks maintaining a good aerobic base that way so don't despair.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Jools.. I have one hour free on the mobile before charges are added but I had read of Jet2 customers left hanging on for 1-2 hours.  I played it safe and dialled them via Whatsapp which used a small amount of my mobile data allowance - no extra costs incurred thankfully. 

    TR.. good miles in the bank, I would guess those symptoms you have will ease off after 2 or 3 more days.  As you say plenty of time to the next marathon.

    Just over 10m this morning, light wind, dry & temps up a bit so pleasant running conditions.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good rain avoidance in that 10m Wardi

    No rain avoidance here, i copped a surprise dunking, as it rained for all 10m of my run home.
  • 5 miles with some strides this morning.  I've definitely lost my running/exercise mojo ATM, and currently not very enthused by spring half marathon prospects.  Perhaps some time off work over Xmas will rejuvenate me!
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Ah no fear Jools, the mojo will surely return!

    That's bad luck TR, we did get a spell of light showers here yesterday evening/night.

    Very bright & sunny this morning so got out for an enjoyable 10k.  Parkrun in the morning which will take me a notch closer to 200 - currently on 197.
  • Cheers SJ  really sorry to see the lack of progress with your injury. Great your able to keep some cardio fitness as when your back your running fitness will quickly return.
    Jools - Some better weather and all of our spirits rise.
    Wardi - Good luck with PR, not Malaga but still a race/ run.
    Contacted the Madeira marathon RD whose kindly agreed to roll-over my (and my mates) 2022 entry to 2023. Also ran a really enjoyable 11m in the sun (and occasional hail) this afternoon on a bumpy trail course in the nearby hills.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Jools - some time off should get the mojo back

    Wardi - running in the sun sounds good

    OO  - good news re Madeira, sounds like things are going to get worse in coming weeks and months. We might be running round airfields again in the spring rather than Brighton/manchester etc

    6m easy yday, 17m today, 8 easy 9 approx 10%, a bit on the slow side for the effort but it was pretty lumpy.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Good of Madeira to defer your entries OO, who knows if travel will be better or worse by then.  Sounds like a nice11m on the trails apart from the hail!

    TR.. that's a decent long run banked, I guess a chilly one if the temps were anything like it was here.  2 degrees first thing though it's nearly 10 now.

    My local Parkrun was moved onto a nearby grass course as there were ice patches on the usual tarmac route.  Instead we did 4 laps on a part frozen field, it was like running on an egg box at times.  Great fun though.
    Ended up with 5.3m + 5.2m for the day. 
  • Jools - I'm sure the mojo will return as quick as it has left you, I generally find some new kit or shoes helps for some reason. 

    OO - good news re Madeira and nice sounding hilly run in the sun. 

    TR - ticking over nicely with the 17 today. Slow side for effort about now is a good place in my book. I'd be happy getting the distance done at this stage - but you know all this already :smile:  

    Wardi - Nice parkrunning. Lots of alternate courses around here being devised. A couple of parkruns affected by falling trees today I heard. 

    An update of sorts - xray results show ankle, subtalar and visible midfoot joints look normal. The report then concludes that this was an "unremarkable examination" :smile:

    So at least that is some good news and now leaves me thinking it is a ligament issue. I have physio again on Monday so will report this back to him and see what he thinks. Doing too much definitely aggravates it though. Even a decent hike seems to pull me up for a few days. Anyway, a small step in the right direction in terms of a diagnosis. 

    I haven't been able to really use the new treadmill, luckily family are happy its back and been using it. It is a marked improvement on the one I got refunded on. For a start it doesn't need to connect to the internet to function! 
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    SJ.. good news of sorts I suppose if there's no break or fracture.  Ligament or bursa possibly?  Good luck with the physio visit.

    Watched a bit of the Malaga coverage, looked a bit warm at circa 17-19 degrees though the palm trees and blue sky looked very inviting!

    12.5m this morning, after 2 layers, beanie hat and gloves for the Parkrun it was t-shirt & shorts today in 11-12 degrees - and the sun came out at halfway.  63m for the week.
    My Garmin informs me that I need to run 148m before 31st Dec to break 3000m for the year - never managed that before.
    Indian tucker and a beer or two later.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Wardi - was defo real cold yday, one of those days when you're glad it was 17m and not 22m on the menu, after 2 dig walks as well, id had enough of the going on the 3000, i tipped over 3000 a couple of weeks ago, which is solid given 2 x 5day blocks of zero after a marathon and lots of turbo only sundays.

    Good news of sorts SJ, will that allow you to be able to get going a little bit? Depends if the physio says it needs movement or rest i guess.......agreed, 17 wks out is the time to be slower, some of it is the continued lurgy/booster anyway.

    Christmas meal out and a few frothies last night, omicron might mean i dont do that again for a while. Turbo intervals today.
  • Well at least you know what is isn't SJ, which is better than no clue at all I suppose. 

    Telford 10k for me. It's pretty scary running in a race where literally everyone is either much the same speed as you or faster. Especially when the faster ones are coming back at you on the out and back section. I ran a road PB of 38.43 (from 39.04 but I ran 38.35.9 on the track). 5th V40 over the line but 4th on chip time. 

    I'm not sure why I'm disappointed. My training hasn't been all that great lately. Going back to the office three days a week has messed with my digestion, meant I'm training later in the evening and losing an hour of sleep in the morning those days. My aging body doesn't like it! I should be over the moon.

    And yes, it was 13 degrees and I was dressed for last weekend. I was very sweaty by the end!
  • Well done Speedy. You were 40 seconds ahead of me then. I was chuffed with my time as I wasn’t expecting to go sub 40. I also ran my 2nd quickest parkrun of 2021 yesterday then cycled 35K before going out in Brizzle last night. ‘Twas an early start this morning 😆
    Big miles Wardi. Surprised it’s your first time as you seem to do a lot of doubles.
    Like TR I passed the 3,000 miles a couple of weeks back.
    Good that there’s no bone damage SJ. Hope the physio helps you get it sorted.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Great run CC2 and good to see you well up the A/G positions. One of those 'stacked field' races by the look of the results.

    Jooligan.. hardly any downtime this year and consistent 50-65m most weeks have racked it up I guess.  Didn't realise I was that close to 3000.  Congrats to you & TR for already passing the mark already.  I'm also on Parkrun No.197 so another target to reach!

    Another mild day so ran a wiggly loop of the town delivering Xmas cards, 6.1m done.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    CC - any pb is a good run? Esp a 10k pb in marathon recovery period. Havnt had the WFH option here at any stage, not sure if thats good or bad for my running. I guess some prper training rather than commute running would be better.

    Wardi - dont get the Christmas cards sweaty !

    10m commute home, cant really find the enthusiasm or energy to make the 10m inc 12 or 13m mlrs, but 10 is fine this side of New Year, stubbington 10k in January is 12 weeks to Brighton so ill ease it up a bit more then. I'll probably get a few mlrs done over Christmas too, as i usually do a few 12s when im off work.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Congratulations CC2 and Jooligan, great performances and very sharp times in the 10k. I hope you are both really pleased, CC2 a PB is a PB, in essence you've never run that distance that fast before though think you will run faster. Jooligan, off the back of a busy Saturday that's a super time snd great end to 2021.

    That sounds a good plan TR. Brighton mara will come soon enough.

    A few 10m as I try and get to 2500m for the year. The main news is @ 4pm  entered the Manchester marathon. It was not taking entries yesterday nor earlier today then did! Notified my BIL in Manchester and he has an entry too. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good news OO,,that didn't take you long to get in.

    10+5 today
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