Ironman - Germany - Pirate Race Reports - 23rd July 2006


Right then, come on, get started telling us what went on...



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    [drags in large sofa, several bean bags, and a large fridge. Heads off to Tesco to stock up on supplies]

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  • you might have to wait a while as they'll all be getting p!ssed in Germany

    and rightly so
  • Ah good that means we have two sofa's in here already......

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  • It's Monday afternoon! They can't still be on the p*ss, surely?
  • Wilkie, they'll have only just started!
  • Erm... Surely they'd have done this when they got the chance, anyway?
  • What? Go on the p*ss?
  • I think your final race time should include the time to compile and post your race report to RW, let's call it T4 :)
  • well as you already know, 8 of us didn't make the cut to the 2nd bike lap. So we're gutted.
    All of us were scuppered by the 'no wetsuit' decision for the swim, we all had poor swims (by our own standards) and then had to play catch-up on the bike. Just after coming out of the lake, we had a storm and the rain was hammering down, I had just set out on my bike and couldn't see a thing through my sunglasses! The rain was so heavy we had to be careful to avoid the collected water on the road as much as possible. Plus I really didn't like the thunder and lightning overhead!
  • After a couple of kms I was amazed to be passed by Cougie who I had expected to be miles ahead but his swim went even worse than mine. Then his day went from bad to worse - I passed him again later on the course, fixing a puncture. He had another one later too.
    I was quite enjoying the ride, until I got close to Heartbreak Hill - a police motorbike rider started to pace me which made me a bit nervous, and then when he asked if I was on the first lap I thought he was planning to pull me off. Sure enough he rode a little ahead or behind me all the way back to the Finish area and when I tried to go left onto the 2nd lap he stopped me and called over to the marshals that I was DQ'd.
    Climbing off my bike and almost in tears I was ushered into the marshals' tent to surrender my time chip and be officially listed as DNF - and was amazed to see Bendy Jan, KK, Meldy, Plum and Donald there too. Later we found that Cougie and Barlist had also been pulled off.

    So we went to the athletes garden, got showered, and then tucked into the goodies. well, we'd paid our entries, so why not?
  • cougs decided he was going to run anyway, and did do the mara, that's why his result looks strange.

    The worst thing is I know I'm going to have a real problem with my other half when I comes to entering any more IMs.
  • Tough call on you all IW - I feel for you. Are you going to kill it next year - or do Austria instead?
    (((((hugs to all 8)))))
  • (((Ironwolf)))

    You know you could have finished the race but were just a victim of circumstances on the day (no wetsuit, storm, stupid intermediate bike cut-off) so it musn't affect your doing future long distance events.

    Really feel for you and the others and hope you all bounce back.
  • So sorry for you Ironwolf. It must have been awful especially when you weren't in any bother, just pacing yourself and being careful.
    Even the winner crashed on the bike because of the conditions.
    Chin up - you can't keep a good girl down. I'm sure there'll be more.
    Big hugs to you and the others who had such bad luck.
  • Bloody hell IW
    Quite apart from the gutting cut off
    It sounds like a nightmare race
  • Agree with comments about cut off times.
    You had to do swim and first 96km of bike in 5 hours 45 mins, so if for example your swim took 2 hours 20 mins which was the swim cut off time, you then had to average over 28.1km/hr (17.14mph) just to make cut off at end of first lap. If you just made this cut off, you could then cruise the second lap at 20km/hr (12mph)and still be inside the 10 hour cut off for combined swim/bike. This is very unbalanced and the first cut off time should have been around 6.25 hours and not 5.75 hours.
  • Foggy when you explain the cut off like that it is beyond unreasonable. They can't expect people to go crazy on the first lap and then breeze round the second. I agree the cut off should have been abolished or more reasonable. The annoying thing is those people could then have maybe done the bike in the full time if given the chance?

    Well done IW for taking part, I feel for you being pulled out, it must have been awful. Perhaps attempt a diff one next year that doesn't have intermediate bike splits, you can do it!
  • Little Les - thanks, but I've completed an IM before. This one gutted me. And the other 7 Pirates who were also DQ'd.
  • (Ironwolf) - your race report makes me sad :-( Hope OH is supportive. You are an ironperson and can stand up proud and tall. You trained and were ready and I know would have made the final run cutoff.

  • Think we need a pirate swim camp!
  • (((IW & the rest))) also (((maddy))) who had to pull out at TLD with cramp on the swim.

    My race report from TLD is a bit long (& gruesomely graphic in places) to post, but it's on my training blog.
  • Hollywood - actually no he's not. He hasn't commisserated with me at all, only nagged that I should have trained more (I averaged 12 to 15 hours a week from January!). He's now said unless I swim a lot more each week I must stick to short events and forget about IM. His own view about IM is that since he's very competitive he would only do another one if there was a chance of a Hawaii slot. As there isn't, he's staying with Oly races where he does have a chance to win or place. Even in his AG, the first two had 10-hour finishes in Frankfurt.
    He doesn't seem to understand how desperately disappointed and sad I feel. He's a damn good swimmer and always gets on to me about how I need to do this or that to get better.

    I'm feeling so down right now I don't even want to do any more races at all.
  • ((((((IW))))))
  • Oh IW that's sad. Maybe talk to him about how you're feeling (although you'd hope that he'd realise by now!)

    Maybe, once you're over the initial shock of what happened, you can ask Mr IW to give you some swim tips/training sessions or something along those lines? (Although I'm sure you know what you're doing by now!) That way he gets to feel like he's helping you out, and you get to retain your goal of another IM whilst also the useful aspect of improving your swim time, too?
  • I feel so gutted for the DQs, but well done for even getting to the start line.

    Are there any other events in the next month or so, that you could put all the training into?

    Especially well done to all finishers, it sounds like with the change of wetsuit conditions, the rainy start to bike, humid finish to bike and hot and humid guys all did fantastically well.

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