IM Switzerland 2007



  • What spares do I need to take with me and what bike box/bag is recommended???
  • Puncture repair should be in your training plan!

    You need know the routine so you automatically do it without having to think.

    Also CO2 is worth its weight in errrr gold, inflates a tyre in less than a second.
  • This CO2 stuff, do you know a good brand to use, bloke it my cycle shop says they don't stock it because it's pretty crap and wouldn't last long, couldn't be bothered to explain to him what it was needed for so will probably get some over the internet
  • was also told that Harry, and said that it hurts your fingers too much as so cold
  • Innovations is the brand

    Most good bike shops will sell them. You need an inflator which is basically a small valve and 16gram CO2 cartridges.

    'they don't stock it because it's pretty crap and wouldn't last long! err what? he knows nothing, thousands of people use them.

    Why pi$$ about with a pump for 5 mins and stuggle to inflate to above 80 PSI whan a CO2 cartridge will have your tyre up to 120 PSI in a second. Theyre also more compact and lighter than a pump.

    Wiggle sell them
  • My legs are sooooooooo tired today.
  • I know how you feel......
  • wtf is that lbs on about? gas is brilliant.

    ultracheap gas here:
    although i've still not tested it yet.

    this inflator is absolutely brilliant. just put it over the hole and push.

    cold hands? just keep your cycling gloves on and it's not a problem.

    why we're on the subject of gas - anyone seen those small aerosol cans that fill punctures and inflate a tyre at the same time? i wouldn't use them on a training ride at £12. but on an IM they'd be pretty brilliant for those who can't spare a few minutes to change a tyre due to their excellence, cutoff surfing or pure ineptness.

  • Ah that's the stuff this bloke was talking about I think, the stuff that fills punctures, think something been lost in translation here, probably because I went into the shop and was like "have you got that stuff you know that fills tyres" haha
  • ah i see. it could well be true the the dual inflate/repair puncture thing is a load of rubbish.
  • what a fantastic marketing opportunity then, can we make one???????
  • Gutted, I was planning on doing a long ride tomorrow, but due to predicted snow in most places in the peaks it seems an unwise thing to do, so I decided to set up my turbo as so I can get on it first thing tomorrow morning, unfortunately turbo is playing up. It seems that maybe my wheel is out of shape or something because I get uneven resistance throughout the spin of the wheel, boo!!!

    My weekend of training has been ruined!!!

  • Same problem over here! Lots of snow Friday have put a dampner on things.... Looks like the turbo is beckoning for me also.
  • I wish Id listened to the weather forecast.....

    Went out on Sunday morning for an early start to do the Chirk Audax 200Kms through pretty Chesire and Wales. : ) The wind was blowing a fair amount, but in comparison to what it had been like at 3am, it was mild.

    It started to hail, just as we were about to leave the car park. We all looked at each other, hoping somebody would be brave enough to suggest that we should rather drive home, but nobody would take the plunge.

    WE had it all wind, snow, sleet, hail, rain, thunderstorms, punctures,crooked wheels, brake failure, falls and collisions.

    13 hours later wind battered and bruised we limped back into the dark car park, absolutely frozen and really really grateful to be in one piece. We didnt even bother to stop for the last stamp, too scared that we would not get back onto our bikes for the last little bit back into the car park.

    What a nightmare. But we did it..
  • Well fingers crossed it won't be like that in Zurich!!!

    Where about do you live? I've been riding into Chesire a bit

    How did the puncture repair go, are you getting any quicker? I've improveed I've had my tyres off loads recently inan attempt to figure out why my turbo wasn't working corrrectly

  • Sounds like a mare of a ride but well done for your perseverence, IMCH will be a breeze compared to that (provided the weather is good).

    Last week was not a great training week due to the poor weather but I'm hoping for better this week, fingers crossed!
  • Very impressed that you still did the ride Fitn40, I don't think I would have done the same.

    Well,I'm back from sunny South Africa so the the cold weather this week has been a real shock. It started snowing 1/2 way through my run this morning! Luckily only 65min long so nothing lik Fitn40's ride.

    My first race in a long time is the Kingston Breakfast run on the 1st of April. Looking forward to racing again.
  • Emmy at least the sun is shinning this morning, although no warmth in it. Did you do much training at home, pity you missed the SAIM as I think you are from that area?? Or did you see it?

    I live in the Midlands Harry. They described the ride as flat.....

    Have to admit I didnt fix my puncture, the guys did it for me, it was dark and cold at that stage and we all just wanted to get home, so not the time to fiddle and fart around - we all just got stuck in and did a bit, maybe thats why the first repair attempt didnt work.
  • Wonder how Lars is enjoying Lanza??
  • The first two days poured with rain, but the area needed it so I didn't mind. After that warm and sunny, very nice. I did lots of running, bit of cycling and very litle swimming.
    Yes, I am from PE. IM fever was definitely in the air. I think I'm going to try and do it next year.
  • Sounds like a fun trip. Would love to visit one day!!
  • Its beautiful Big Bob, go, you will love it. You really dont need any encouragment to train as there are so many people out there every day, running, cycling, surfing etc. Always company to be found if you want it. Did the wind blow Emmy??

    Do they have a big expo as well, guess they must do.

    Had awful swim session tonight, just couldnt breathe, didnt even manage the 400m swim test, how pathetic. Think its still after effects of the chiropracter yesterday.
  • Weather conditions were actually very good, not too windy and nice and overcast. Sea swim was a bit tough though looking at the times.
    Expo isn't massive but getting better every year.
    I don't think it will be long before IMSA starts selling out. You know what South Africans are like with Endurance events!
    A marathon is only a warm up for the Comrades!

    My swimming is carp at the moment. Looking forward to getting FLM out the way, then I can focus on IM training.
  • Ive yet to venture OW, club starts theirs on 1st April, thats a big hurdle for me, not sure why Im making such a fuss, but am nervous.

    Its the Stafford half this weekend. Cycling out (about 20m) then running, so should be a good training day.
  • How long has IMSA been going for? Watched some tri that they were doing in Richards Bay on You Tube, looked like good fun. wondered about the sharks though...heh heh, that would be a real African touch hey.
  • Listening to Bevan James report on IMSA and the swim times were all down. Those guys are amazing. 2:43 run times,

    Bjorn Blitzing 58:31 swim (10mins slower than normal)
    4:23:13 Cycle (over 40Kms/hr)

    8:33 winning time
    8:36 2nd place

    Times "To die for doll"
  • I think IMSA has been going for 3/4 years, was held near Cape Town previously. I would love to do a sub 4hr IM marathon, nevermind sub 3hrs.

    I won't be doing an OW swim before early May. Water is still cold then so can't imagine what April temps will be like!
  • peter reid on ironman talk next week.

    Me too Emmy, Id love to do a sub 4 fresh marathon. Whats your best time been?
  • At this stage I cant imagine what it must be like putting all 3 disciplines together. Ive done the distances individually, swim (in the pool) and Im knackered afterwards, how do you still put them together? Does it just come together closer to the time?
  • My range about 3:45 to 3:55 for a stand alone marathon. I did 4:35 for IM Austria last year.
    I think you'll be fine Fitn40, you done loads of cycling which is the most important part of an IM. It's just like the guys said on Ironman talk, don't think of the whole event, break it up sizeable chunks.
    It will definitely feel easier as you step up the training.
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