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  • awwwwwwwww fanx!
  • No training today for me..

    Whens everyone starting, whats the plan? i.e. how long a break? then is it base training 8-10 hours a week till new year?

    I wont post any training goals of my own other than say I want to get some good swim coaching and loose weight.

  • I did a 2 hour hilly run in lots of rain!
  • meldy - a new home for you as requested.

    all - just think it makes more sense to have one home thread rather than people having to trawl through lots in case they miss useful stuff. so let's hang out here, if only because i cba to hunt for the right threads, and this way i can get into it via "my forum".
  • should have named it the thread of doom!!

    I agree its easy to lose info that people may need and just because the pirates are spreading the gospel in 3 different places doesnt mean we cant stay in one training thread!
  • hi everyone - I reckon one thread is the way to go too.
  • Does that mean it's going to be you needing the elasticated trousers this year Ergo?
  • only if you pick them for me, and they're hawaian print.
  • (mind you, after the body-fat-measuring-thingy, perhaps i already do! anyway. i'm going to cycle home now. don't tell candy, he told me not to do anything this week.)
  • a-ha, rumbled. that's way over +-10% this week then, young lady.
  • I rode my bike round a TT last night.
  • woo hoo

    a thread i can post on

    good idea Ergo
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    I've done nothing but get a tattoo and wash smelly kit since I got back.

  • excellent debbo, where did ya get it?
  • How long do you have to wait before you can swim again? Did you all take a picture/proof to teh guy and if so where from?
  • AvalafAvalaf ✭✭✭
    I'm guessing in the Tatoo shop oxy.
    Not started training again yet, will probably wait a few more weeks then start again properly in September.
    Just spending some time thinking about what training I'm going to do.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    lol ava. Meldy made the same comment on another thread yesterday.

    It's on my ankle, but I'm now worried about when I get that old lady fat ankle hanging over the slippers thing, which will no doubt be very soon.

    I'm going to start a bit of running next week as I'm meant to be doing the Glasgow half in 5 weeks. I'll do a couple of 30 mile cycles in the spanish hills before the vit, and that'll do me for now.
  • Boing for Ian
  • Cheers Symes,

    Just checking in to see where I have to start, and where this training journey is going to take me :o)
  • Ok, my ill considered advice for people embarking on this for the first time is not to worry too much yet. You'll burn out if you go at it hell for leather straight away. It's only after Christmas you really need to stary worrying.

    Get a bike, ride around the countryside now stopping at a pub and increasing the distance a bit.

    Run a bit, but slow slow slow. WTF I still did club tempo runs I do not know.

    The single most important advice I can give if you are not a good swimmer is to get weeklyone to one lessons - ask at your local tri club. If you have your technique sorted by Christams you will be fine. I think the swim took about 10% of the time, but 90% of the emotion for me.

  • Don't get carried away by the emotion of the past few weeks and entering. Chill.
  • everybody's different, so i think it would be a good idea - like last year - for each novice (who wants one) to buttonhole one of the more experienced types as a mentor. then you can ask questions and get advice specific to yourself.

    why don't we do a 'novices looking for a mentor' list on here, and then the ironmen can adopt you off the list. i think that's a better idea than everybody choosing rosey as their mentor! well actually i think that everybody choosing rosey as their mentor is a great idea, but he might disagree with me....

    (add name here if you're looking for a mentor)
  • my plan is to spend autumn getting swimming lessons, doing weights to become she-ra and generally cycling and running as I fancy rather than according to strict training plan. After christmas is when plan kicks in and I hope to have a better idea by then of my strengths, weaknesses and most importantly limitations to my training time so that I can plan how much training I can realistically do.

    Start with real zeal now and you will definitely be sick of it "burned out" by the time race day comes IMHO. I'm having a month off after Vit to give brain, more than body, a rest.
  • Echo what Gumps said. Get some cycling in whilst the weather is good, enjoy yourself. Be able to front crawl by Christmas. Do some running. But dont get all wrapped up in a training plan now else you will be burnt out before the next spring.
    Tri taffia, but can I shout for pebble?
    (add name here if you're looking for a mentor)
  • taff, go for it! he might make you pump some serious iron though
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    and when an experienced person mentions taking rest days - listen to them and take rest days.............

    rest days are just that - no doing anything - not even a gentle swim.........the body needs to recover

    but this only applies after the New Year - if you are training 5/6 days a week between now and Xmas then I doublt you'll make the start line as you will burn out......

    Tri taffia, but can I shout for pebble?
    XFR Bear
    (add name here if you're looking for a mentor)
  • Also sort out muscular strength and flexibility before Christmas. You don't want to be floating 100m behind the start line with an aching shoulder.
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