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  • I presume it was consumed in the inferno.

    That's a bit bloody quick - careful or you'll let everyone know that we're really elites.
  • you want to get your distancing right when you try and punch a finish line photographer.

    can someone tell me because I am not sure this is right but, with colonic irrigation aren't they supposed to put the hose up your bum??

    It's just, I have been gurgling for 3 hours now and have a nasty taste in the back of my throat
  • Pah! Sandbagger.
    With any luck we might see a pirate in next months 220. If they've covered IMDE they'll have a job finding a picture that doesn't have one in it. I think it's all down to advertisement. TLD did sod all advertising, and they missed out on a lot of entries because of it. I hope the new one does better. It really is a shame that TLD had to go...

    Smiffy...words fail me.

    Anyway Haile - how goes work on that tattoo. Got to get something before my nerve drops off.
  • tattoo, wasn't that the midget in love boat?
  • I thought that was niknak
  • or was it love island, the one with the guy who plays the grandfather in spykids. You know the one who is in the wheelchair because of his fight with sylvester stallone.
  • no thats a snack
  • fantasy island, thats it.
  • Paul Danana played the grandfather in spykids?
  • Ahhh, ricardo montalban. Very dashing streak of silver hair...
  • what about your dad though??
  • I think I might be about to enter an ultra... oh dear better have a quick 'rest' here
  • Sheesh, no half mara for me this weekend. Body still in need of some TLC and rest. And probably a lot more junk food. Yes, that's the ticket, pizza and ice cream...
  • You need a pumice mate.

    Went out for a 20minuter to test out how the recovery's going and evaluate for this weekend. Legs seemed fine, but I was hanging out my hoop all the way, so I figure a bit more R&R can't hurt. I'll just get this one next year, have a proper crack at it.
  • Boddington (Gloucestershire) 50k, 13th August, £22 I think it cost.

    It was a pleasure to take part in the marathon, if a little humbling being in the presence of ironmen when I was a mere relay runner.
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