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    Also liked the shot gels on entering the Power station - how lonely is that stretch - its seems a little odd that my troubles pretty much started along that stretch - maybe it would be better having that early on when the lack of support is not so much an issue,  seems a shame having no support really when you need it most, although thanks to those who were there. 

    I did buy the Advanced Marathoning book so will follow it this time - he says now but knows after 1 week will be back to the old habits. The one thing i never do but know i should is repeats. I spend probably too much time running up hills given where i live - one of the roads near me is the fourth steepest in Britain and i can get to one of the highest points in Cheshire as well so i do some severe climbs in my runs -but maybe i am just not doing the distance enough or the speedwork. 

  • Sian 3 what training plan did u follow?
  • Bad day at the office for me. Not sure completely what went wrong but 16 miles my legs just seized totally and I ended up walking for 7 miles. Post-race analysis of the Garmin info and memory gives me three things:

    A) I aimed too high. Based on comfortable sub-3hr run at the Ashby 20 I thought I was good for 3:45 so I joined that pace group. Should have gone for the 4:00 as that was the pace I ran at Ashby.

    B) Food wasn't ideal the day before because of the travelling. For Ashby I was at home and could eat right.

    C) Pacers weren't very good and I wasn't strong enough to cope with it. 3:45 is 8:34 pace. We ran the first 5 miles at nearly 9 and then the next 7 at 8:20 to get back on time. So we went through 13.1 bang on time but the increase in pace was too much for me.

    I'll recover this week on the bike, do some easy runs next week and then run Stratford at 9 min/mile. It's well within my ability to do that and will do my training justice. And I won't trust anyone else with my pacing other than myself.

    All that aside, the race and day were great. Crowd support was excellent and it's a nice medal. Another pointless cotton tshirt to use as a bike rag though. If little races like Ashby can give a great hoodie, and others give usable technical shirts, why do the big ones always give rubbish cotton ones?
  • Hills are good - I bet that is why you have acheived such good times. My running improved massively when i started running hills.

    I like the power station at shoreham. Rome may have the Colleseum and Berlin may have the Brandenberg gate - but brighton has the power station!!!!!!

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    ben - you should see some of the trash you get from london then t-shirt wise. There was one a couple of years ago that was so bad it looked like i kid had scrawled something on the front and it was labelled Adidas as well.

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    that's like saying Paris, New York, Milan are all centres for fashion but so is Milton Keynes because it has a Primark!!! Not really sure the Power station ranks up there with the rest image. Still the funniest thing this year was my mother-in-law who came this year thought we just run around the town (had no idea how far it really was). When we drove to Newhaven where our hotel was i pointed out the top of the course near the windmill and she said 'oh thats a long way'. It was only after the race when i pointed out we had also been all the way to the power station the other way in the distance she realised how far we had all run....

  • Ryan, what are your 10k and half times out if interest mate ?
  • Andy haha!

    A cab driver asked me today ''is Brighton Marathon shorter than London Marathon''

    I said no, it's longer !
  • My god duaghter (aged 17) was watching a 10k race and said "oh it took you alot longer to do Brighton marathon". Amazing how many people have no idea how long a marathon is.

    Andy - Milton Keynes has a Primark!!!!! - Im off to MK - catch you all later...........

  • Ha ha Neil spicer I had the same response when I told my friend I was doing Brighton marathon next year
  • Paul Went wrote (see)

    My god duaghter (aged 17) was watching a 10k race and said "oh it took you alot longer to do Brighton marathon". Amazing how many people have no idea how long a marathon is.

    Andy - Milton Keynes has a Primark!!!!! - Im off to MK - catch you all later...........

    My 2 pet hates are (and Im aware this might make me sound like a running snob!):

    1. "Im doing a 10km marathon" - yeah, thats not a marathon!
    2. "Oh, so you're doing another marathon. How far is this one?" - well, its a marathon!

    Well done yesterday to everybody who finished. The conditions in the latter parts of that race were tough for us spectators, so can imagine what it would be like for you runners. I was watching at mile 25 (just before you headed up from the promenade to the road) and you could tell people were really grinding it out. Inspirational stuff!

  • Ryan/Neil - just had a look at your splits and it looks like you both took advantage of the tail wind from the Rottingdean turn to get some time in the bank.  Was that planned or just how it turned out?  I don't think I went fast enough with the wind and then lost some time coming back into it.

  • I deliberately did around 6:25 with the wind. Was hoping for 6:35 into the wind to get under 2:50. I managed 1 mile into the wind at 6:35 the slowed to around 7 for the last 4. Still very, very happy overall

    Neil - I ran 36:03 and 61:00 - both PB's and both were after very gentle 10 mile 'warm ups' to keep my long run on a Sunday image
  • Sorry, 61:00 was a 10m. I didn't run a half in this cycle but did 81:58 in November
  • Very interesting Ryan - I slowed by about 30-45 sec/mile in last 5 - I'm 6'4" and there wasnt anyone to hide behind!  In hindsight I think I should/could have gone 5-10 sec/mile faster with the wind.

    I guess the beauty of marathons is there is always next year or race....

  • Hi all, and congrats to everyone! Great running guys. And Toby, what can I say, mate? Awesome! Congrats to the rest of the family too.

    I once heard someone say that they "unravelled" during a marathon and I didn't really get what they meant until yesterday. By 8 miles or so I reckon I was on course for 3:53ish, definitely sub-4, but by mile 13 I was ready to quit. The problem I've had for a couple of weeks in the ball of my left foot flared up, so I felt like I was running on a marble. Then it blistered. I dragged myself round though, but gutted to come in at 4:41 (20 mins slower than my Berlin time!). And I caught the sun, so my head is nice and shiny red!

    The positives? 1) I finished, and gained mental strength, 2) the crowds were amazing, 3) it wasn't raining like it was on Saturday - that would have been a different race, wouldn't it.

    And, of course, no matter what pain I thought I was going through, a death on the course puts everything into sharp perspective, doesn't it? Sincere condolences to the family.

    Rest up, folks.

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    Wordslinger eeeeeek congrats on getting aroundimage

    Having a bad un, just means that when you have a good marathon it will be that much sweeter image
  • chutneylocker - All very familiar. Just checked and I did slow by 30 secs/mile for the last 5. Didn't really occur to me it could have been partly due to the wind (I'm 6'5''!)

    Would love to knock 2 mins off and go under 3:15 next year. I was afraid of going under 7:00 pace at any point but maybe with the wind 4 or 5 miles at around 6:45 might be in order...depending on which way the wind is blowing obviously!
  • 2.57 for me, first time under 3 hours so very happy.

    Great to run with you also Ryan, wish I could have held on for a few more miles. Might see you at Alton for the next hampshire league race?
  • I'm supposed to be working but i may try and get out of it. Would be good to have a smaller race to look forward to image
  • Word sorry to hear it never went to plan but well done on getting around


    Hi All, Just a quick note to say well done to everyone that finished yesterday. Looks like some of you got PB's, some of you had the wheels fall of, and most of you have learnt something for next time.

    I had a great day. Finished in 3h56 which was a bit too fast according to my programme for my Ultra race in June, but the crowd support was great and conditions were good and I managed to maintain my pace right till the end so all in all a good day at the office.

    Thanks for the support and comments over the past weeks.

    RIP Sam. Very sad when one of us pays the ultimate sacrifice. 

  • My first marathon race, was aiming for GFA for London and just made it by 23 seconds.

    I found the last 5 miles very hard, was it me or was there a strong headwind!


  • GCE thanks very much just bought it. It can replace on older picture we have of all of us running the Bristol 10k back in 2010

  • Toby3, what do they charge? Probably massively cheaper than the official race photographs?
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    David Falconer 3 wrote (see)

    Am I right in thinking you cant just look at ALL the results for the Brighton Marathon? How daft is that???

    That's how it appears, yes it's daft!

    Full results in the Argus tomorrow apparently if that helps.

    Pretty well everything's cleared up now, elite Africans dopped off to H'row this afternoon, the kit shifted out of the Hilton. Preston Park still looking muddy though! opeully a few sunny days will have it looking nice again for parkrun on Saturday. 

  • GCE: It was £19.99 for the digital download apparently according to Mum and Dad.

    For anyone who's interested, I finally wrote up my race report and you can find it here:

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    B26e wrote (see)

    One question from a newbie though, anybody know what was happening with the 4-hour pacemakers?.

    Is it normal to have several running pacers for the same time running different paces? I'd guess the one I didn't catch must have come in a few minutes ahead of me and the second I passed was probably near-on 4 hours, dunno about the first one I passed.

    I guess the reason for having more than 1 pacer is that if 1 has a problem there's still someone left.

    How accurate they are is down to the skill of the pacer, it must be quite difficult to be spot on1 Could you run exactly to a time (without stopping for a while befroe the line image ) ? 

    My friend who was pacing 4 was keeping track on his Garmin and was a minute up when I ran a bit with him at mile 23 - he finished in 03:59:07 which I was impressed by, being so accurate!

    The guy in front of him did 03:57:10 which is still pretty close I would say.

    If there was another behind I don't know who it was so can't check is time.

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