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  • loula great to hear from you. Well done for your marathonimage

  • Hi LLB, that sounds like fun image

    AF, you are taking the unusual recovery route for shins splints of 'just keep running'!  Glad they are feeling better though.

    I'm still a bit sore, no chance of running for a couple more days at least. I 'll probably go for a walk tomorrow and see how it feels after that.  At the moment just eating everything in sight to compensate for lack of endorphins image.


  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Morning everybody!

    Chili - I hope your daughter is ok and between everyone involved the pressure can be taken off her. Its not something I've ever thought about to be honest but it really must be difficult trying to please everybody, all the time too from the sound of it!!

    Jude - I currently have more rest days than running days which is why I probably push myself when I do go out. Seriously need to push running to the top of the schedule and ease myself into it and increase mileage/speed steadily. Wow, sounds like your daughter had a good medal haul at the weekend!

    AF - Well done on the 10 and 7 milers!! Good to hear the shin splints are disappearing too!

    Loula - Its good to be back! I'm very well thanks and yourself? Well done on the marathon! It sounded tough!! I bet you slept well that night! That medal sounds good, nice to get something different. I do feel like i'm getting more into the running. Probably because I don't play football anymore and feel I have to use my energy elsewhere!!

    No running this weekend for me, going away Friday til Monday for a friends 30th. Not sure what state i'll be in when I get back on Monday but I doubt it will be a good one!!image


    Hi Louise, Franny and Mathschick I hope you are all well.

    See ya image

  • Afternoon,

    Good to see naughty loula back...sounds a great race & a medal....should have done it!!! 

    Nandy-Where are you off too?

    Jude-Well don eon the lost of a couple of kilo--not sure what that is in English money!! All that exercise is paying you dividends.

    MC-Hope you had a good run and swim yesterday?

    Well I went out this morning and did 6.3 miles and felt that my legs were getting a bit of speed back in them and averaged about 8.30 minute mile. My shin splints .......I think are now 85% gone!!!

    Also have entered via a charity place for the Brighton Marathon so now have a marathon line up on 22/12, one in April and one in May. Am also considering doing one in March 3 days after my big 50!

    Bye for now....must do some work.... 

    Louise-My running through shin splints is the typical of me.....I have had physio for it and I just strap it up and get along with it. I can't rest and don't think I have had more than 2 days off from running in the last 3 years...my wife says I am obsessed and she is of course right!!!!!!!!!! 

    Chilli- I hope you maanged to get out for a run. I guess you have to manage youd daughters workload...a nice problem to have rather than the constant being in fromt of a screen that my lot do!!




  • Afternoon All image

    Wow Chilli your girl is amazing image Just like her mummy image

    Jude I really hope you get to do your race in Istanbul image Well done on the weight loss fantastic.

    Louise I hope your injury clears up soon. I know only too well what its like.

    Mathschick Hope you slept better last night and enjoy your run and swim.

    Nandy Enjoy the parteeeeeeeeeeeeeee Have FUN fun fun

    AF Well done on your runs and pleased your shin splints seem to be going. And great you are still as speedy as ever.

    Loula...........great pics of your muddy marathon. You would love our club race 7 reservoirs half marathon. that is muddy,hliiy,boggy etc. Yeah I WILL get SUB 50 next time round.image

    Just had a few short runs so far this week 4 miles Monday 3.2 miles yesterday and an interval session this morning equating to 3 miles. Tomorrow hopefully going out with the club to do the 2nd part of the 7 reservoirs route So a 6.5 hilly,muddy run for me Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Love em image

    Hope everyone is well and up to mischief imageimageimage

  • Franny!!!! I know it is nearly the weekend ....but please wait......image

  • Afternoon Friends

    Chico has completed his 1st hilly,very muddy club run this morning up in the hills. We did 8 miles in the end so a bit further than was suggested. He ran well for his ickle lil leggies and think he enjoyed it LOL Will be taking him on more hill runs if he wants to...image as he was good company and a good training companion.

    Have a good weekend folks....I iz working unfortunately but still time to get up to mischief and be norty image Always time for that image


  • Hi all.  Butt still sore so no running for me image.  Actually it feels a bit better today so maaaybe next week I'll be able to go for a couple of miles to test it out.  Not before Tuesday.  Which will make this my lowest mileage two weeks in about 2 years.

    Perfect weather here - sunshine and blue skies.

    Franny that muddy run sounds like loads of fun!  I bought some trail shoes (my first - no mud in Dubai) but they'll just have to wait a bit.

  • Jude - are you going to be able to race Sunday?

  • Hi all!

    LLB - well done on your marathon.  Sounds like dirty fun.....image...!!!

    Nandy - Have a great birthday party!

    AF - more marathons!! Good for you! Good to hear your shin splints are on the mend.

    Franny - must be such fun running with Chico! Don't work too hard this weekend.

    Louise - Sorry you are temporarily on the bench. Enjoy the nice weather and rest your butt!!

    Had a parents evening till 7.30 today.  Taking kids to swimming and music tomorrow morning and then have to go to another parents afternoon at school until 7pm. Then I'll drive direct to the ferry which leaves at 9.15pm and arrives in Istanbul at 11.15pm.  Hubby meets me at ferry terminal and we go to hotel....... Almost feel like it's not worth it but I think it's important for my psychology that I go otherwise it'll feel like it's impossible to do anything other than work.  Very grateful to hubby for going to pick up my race number and chip and to s-i-l for looking after kids. ........ I haven't told hubby my calf has started hurting again.....I'll walk if I have to....!!!

    Have a good weekend all! xx

  • evening all

    didn't get chance to get on yesterday but did my swim yesterday and did a track session on the track at school today, it has taken me a couple of years to realise I could ask and just go and use it after school

    Jude - have a great time in Istanbul, enjoy your race even if you end up walking some of it

    nandy hope you have a great weekend



  • Evening

    Go Jude you will be fine and if you have to walk then do so No shame at all in that. Hope you enjoy it and that is the main thing. Yeah it was fun running wiv Chico and challenging keeping an eye on him even tho he was attached to me, ha ha

    Mathschick Wow free running track...brill

  • imagemorning all !!

    Jude, you know me , LOVE  a dirty weekendimage...running in mud of course I meant !

    I think you are right jude , its important to do something for you, for yourself and your headspace.its easy as a mum /partner to feel guilty that you arnt spending time with everyone/work etc but don't forget yourself too image


    No im not talking about you Boss image...I mean lickle CHICO !!

  • Franny sis I think Chico should have his own club vesty image

    hows everyone this weekend? im all recovered from last weekends trail event, legs were fine just a bit tired on the Tuesday and good to go now. tried to upload a pic to here but it wouldn't play ball image

    hopefully going to Blenheim palace with miss LLB tomorrow to Christmas craft fayre.


  • yes people Im kicking off the festive scene by changing my avatar to xmas Sindy !!

  • /members/images/531201/Gallery/8_2.jpg

       OOPS !! silly me !! how on EARTH did they get on here??????!!!!image


  • /members/images/531201/Gallery/broadway_2.jpg

    this was the first 2 miles - 1000ft up and I look knackered already !! lol

  • So here I am working in the office on a Sunday and Loula posts that filth!! Shocked & disappointed. Please can we have a nice picture.....

    Loula...I am pleased you enjoyed your dirty weekend. I must say it is fun running in the mud this time of the year although Mrs AF is less pleased when I come home with extra washing!!!

    Franny-Well done to Chico. The last marathon I did there were several people running it with thier dogs- perhaps something to aim for?

    Jude-Good luck you will be fine and do us all proud.

    Did a nifty 6.3 mile club run yesterday at a decent pace so my speed is beginningt to return. Managed the last 1/2 mile at a 6.40 minute mile pace!

    Have friends around for dinner tonight so busy afternoon cooking....mustn't drink too much as I am running a 10 miler tomorrow with friends from the club.


  • image LLB I like Santa's little helpers.  Just what I needed to get me in the mood.  For Christmas, of course image.

  • Hi Everyone

    Loula - those are lovely photos! I like all of them.

    Jude - hope all goes well on your trip and you have a great day running tomorrow.

    Sorry I've been AWOL. Yes, I have been running, pilates, bit of cycling etc. But am soooo busy. Have an appointment with the pastoral care teacher at Big Girl's school next week so we can chat things over.

    Have to dash cos I'm hosting a youth event tonight...

  • Boss!! The pics have fuddled your brain !! It's not sundaaayyyyyyy* sniggers and runs off *
  • Gosh one I notice one of those boys has a really big axe image
  • loula - great pictures, just what is needed on a November eveningimage

    chili - sounds like a good idea, hope the school are helpful

    I have been doing squats/lunges etc in the gym then spinning then swimming then dashing around with the family now they can't understand why I am tired.

    Chicken roasting in the oven, so we will eat then I will occupy the sofaimage

  • No no no.Please can you post a picture of a nice lady & then you will make the old boss happy?!

  • /members/images/531201/Gallery/vol.jpg

    will this do Boss?


  • Loula...umm all very artifical!!

    Quiet today....

    Well after getting to bed at 1.00am & too many glasses of vinoa I still managed to get to the club and did a 10.25 mile run with the lady I run races with and weran at a good pace and manged 8.23 minute miles and 1.25 in total. Really pleased with that after maltreating my aged body last night!!! I am beginning to feel that my speed is returning. 

    Got back in time to cook a niced Roadt Chicken for lunch as well.  

  • evening all

    another busy day for me! Did manage to get out for a 6 mile run/walk though which I am pretty pleased with. Off swimming tonight too

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