Paris Marathon 2016

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This thread has been rolling since 2005-2006 times and renews itself every year. We're a friendly, supportive bunch. Many people keep coming back to run the same marathon and there are always new 'faces' on the thread. So join in, introduce yourself. We've always got lots to talk about and sometimes it even has to do with running and Paris. Welcome

Paris Marathon official website

ASO Challenges website - you need to have an account with ASO to register for the race

Medical Certificate

You will need a certificate signed and stamped from your doctor, download the certificate from the Paris Marathon website.

Some doctors do it for free, others a minimum consultancy charge.  Take it with you if you have to see the doctor between now and the race.


Eurostar is a personal favourite to Gare du Nord as you arrive in the centre of Paris.  Tickets available begining of October.


If possible arrive on the Friday as the Expo is extremely busy on the Saturday.  If you must go to the Expo on the Saturday, don’t worry, others have and they survived.

To get to the Expo.  GARE DU NORD, take Metro 4 direction Maire de Monterouge, change at MONTPARNASSE, Metro 12 to PORTE DE VERSAILLES.

You will require; ??? 

  • ID ??? 
  • Medical Certificate ??? 
  • Convocation (Confirmation slip, printed off the ASO website, available 2 weeks before the race. ASO will send you an email reminder)  

You will be given your bib, a ticket for the bag drop and 4 safety pins. Also a basic goody bag; plastic bin liner, sponge, water bottle, bumbag….

Saturday Evening

We have our own meet up at a pasta restaurant, numbers are confirmed a couple of weeks before the race.

Race Day

The Arc de Triomphe.  Metro station Charles de Gaulle Etoile. RER A. Metro lines 1, 2, 6

Bag drop.

You can take any bag to the drop zone, attach your ticket to the handle.  Allow 15 minutes to walk from the Arc to the bag drop and back.

Group Photo.

Our second meeting point, at 8am we have a group photo.  Facing the Arc with back to the Champs, we’ll be by the right leg.  This gives the fast runners time to get to their pens.

There are limited portaloos in the pens and urinals. Some go in the side streets and even in the pen. It happens, if you get caught short you’ll understand.

The Champs Eylsées is in the shade, it can be very cold, bring throw away clothes to discard in the pen.  Wait until last minute because there are staggered starts.

The pens are split in two, each pen goes one after the other then one side of the pen, then the other. Last pen leaves just after 10 am.

The course is fairly flat however start is downhill for 2km, it is easy to get carried away and start too fast. There is a small climb at 32km depending on your race, you’ll either not notice it or it will seem like Everest.  Save Energy, not time.

There are makers every kilometre and mile.  

Water stations every 5km. 33cl bottled water. 

There are two sports drink stations one at 28km, this year it was Isostar in small cups.




  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    You start on the Champs Elysées, down to the Concorde, pass the Louvre, around the Bastille, around the Bois de Vincennes back along the Seine, Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower, up to to Roland Garros and the Longchamps race course, around Bois de Boulogne and finishing along avenue Foch with the Arc de Triomphe in the background.  The support is great and your own supporters can cheer you on 3-6 occasions along the route.  In the two woods (Bois), the support is sparse but generally there is a great atmosphere.

    Sunday night

    Come to the pub, 3rd meet up, wear your medal with pride. No matter your time, you have earned that medal.  Everyone will be sharing their race stories.   Please say hello, tell us your pen and bib number, perhaps a little about yourselves.  If the thread moves on or life gets in the way, doesn’t matter join in when you can.


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Oh look! A shiny new thread!

    Welcome everyone! For anyone that's reading this I recommend on joining in the discussion and participating in the thread. It's been a really long standing thread and you can get a lot of information about not just the race but Paris itself.

  • NodsterNodster ✭✭✭
    Ooo, a new sounding board..... come in everyone, if you're running Paris this is the place to be.

    Well done Orbutt !
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    Hello. I'm running the Paris Marathon in 2016. Hooray.

    lets get this filthy thread started then ......

  • Yaay! .....Paris 2016 come on in its very friendly in here image

    Good job Orbutt image


  • It's time , time to look ahead to the next Paris marathon ,,2016 , it'll be superb once again

    Scott the walker signing in ,,3 in a row , will I make it four ?

    Oh and I'm on page one ,, get in,,,
  • Shiny new thread! Yay 2016!
  • Hello!, just checking into the new thread. 

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    bonjour, Paris 2016


  • Hello, count me in too.  First time Paris for me!

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    List fairy - please add me in for the Paris Marathon image

    Purple pen bib number 29410


  • Heidi BarrHeidi Barr ✭✭✭

    Hello all image 

    Paris Marathon 2015 was an overwhelming experience for me as my first marathon. Still coming down from the excitement (and exhaustion!)

    I wonder if I'll crack under pressure and enter again for 2016?!!

  • The JimbobThe Jimbob ✭✭✭

    you know you wanna Heidiimage

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    Oooohhhh new thread! I'm on four in row, not cracked on entering number five yet!

  • Come on Heidi !!!

    Hello Sunnysider Phil image

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    Hola!! The Stuchburys are coming to Paris 2016! Have we booked the hotel yet? Hmmmm... I'm not sure, or was that for Amsterdam! Nevermind, it'll be fine!
  • StuchburyStuchbury ✭✭✭
    Do it everyone! You know you want to!!
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    Bonjour Monsieur Orbutt - Thank you.  Anyone could have started this thread but I'm pleased it's you.

    Welcome SunnySider Phil

    Heidi Barr - you know you want to.

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    Oh my, love what you've done with the place!

    hello all, I'm running the marathon de Paris in 2016. Hooray!

  • Tomorrow I shall start THE list. Paris baby!! image
  • NellsNells ✭✭✭
    Hello all! Third time lucky for me in Paris in 2016. This time I'm going to see if proper training gets me anywhere and will also make it to the pub I hope!
  • Here's me, fashionably late to the new thread party as always.
    Bit about me for all the new arrivals... Pisces, North of England, former runner, GSOH. I have many, many faults, including using ellipses instead of dashes and using them where they're not needed...

    PS If it's February 2016 and you've just found this thread and are planning to read it through from start to finish, good luck. Future Me salutes your breathtaking sense of ambition

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    former runner??????

  • And lo! There was a new thread. Hooray! 5 times for me so far, and let's be honest there's a fair chance I'll have another crack at it in 2016. Welcome all, pull up a chair, somebody put the kettle on image .
  • thisisnattythisisnatty ✭✭✭

    shall be third year in a row for me @Paris 2016. When are we allowed to start getting excited???

    Also, a bit of admin, below I shall post the 'Events List'
    To give a little bit of context for newbies to the thread, this list is updated and re-posted once per week, usually on a Monday afternoon showing the events which thread members are signed up to and some birthdays. The idea is to get some support for what you are doing, inform of those runners who might be at the same events as you so you can meet up and have a pre-race chat to calm the nerves, or inspire others to come join you at ridiculous AM in pursuit of bling and a worthy calorie deficit.
    Anyone can request to be added to the list. Just call list fairy in your post and *fingers crossed* I'll see it when I do my weekly sweep and add you in. 
    [as a side note, if you mention events but not the list, I won’t add them to the list.]

  • thisisnattythisisnatty ✭✭✭

    Events List

    May 14: Trail of the 3 Rocs – Onetit. Two Castles 10K – Mattleydon.
    May 15: Scott W's birthday. Black Rock ‘5’ – Meadower.
    May 16: Orpington Marafun - Thisisnatty.
    May 17: Simon Mac's birthday. Richmond Park Marathon - Thisisnatty. Windermere Marathon - City Fan.
    May 20: Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5M series – KeyserSuze.
    May 23 Suzy L's birthday. Gothenburg Half - Lloyd R. Shindig in the Shires – Agent Penguin.
    May 24: Brecon to Cardiff Ultra - Yer Maj. Ox Half – Jellybum. Windsor Trail Half – Sunnysider Phil.
    May 25: London BUPA 10k – Heroine in a Half Shell, Jimbob, Nells, Radar Sal, Thisisnatty, MrThisisnatty.
    May 30: Kent Roadrunner - Thisisnatty. Stockholm Marathon - Eggy, Heroine in a Half-Shell, Mr Heroine in a Half-Shell, Keyser Suze, Nells, Scott the Walker.
    May 31: Bristol 10k - Benign Murmurring. Comrades - Dannirr, Running Rodent. Edinburgh Marathon - Meadower. Elleker Half – Penny71.
    Jun 1: Penny71’s birthday.
    Jun 2: Eggy's birthday.
    Jun 6: Trailblazer Bedgebury Forest Half - Heidi Barr. Viking Coastal Marathon – RunClaire.
    Jun 7:  Ickenahm 5 – Jimbob. Regent’s Park Summer Series 10k – Nells. Stour Valley - Thisisnatty.
    Jun 13: Little Pig Duathlon, Dolgellau - Agent Penguin.
    Jun 14: Cotswold 113 Half Iron Triathlon – Sunnysider Phil. Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon – Andy W, Nodster, Orbutt. Perth Marathon – Penny71. St Albans Half – Peter Sting Wray. Swansea Half – Minniemonster.
    Jun 21: Nike Women’s 10k – Nells. Seven Hills of Edinburgh – Meadower.
    Jun 23 : Nodster’s birthday.
    Jun 25: Keyser Suze's birthday.
    Jun 27: Cotswold Way Relay - Benign Murmurring.
    Jun 28: IronmanUK70.3 Wimbleball – Chunkytfg.
    Jul 3-5:  Long Course Weekend inc. Wales Marathon – Sunnysider Phil.
    Jul 4: Clontarf Half – Joanna3.
    Jul 4-5: Enigma Summer - Thisisnatty.
    Jul 5: Dyrham Park 10k - Benign Murmurring. Edgehill Half – Mattleydon. Regent’s Park Summer Series 10k – Nells.
    Jul 7: Methley canal run – Andy W.
    Jul 9: Cityrace Corporate 5k – Jimbob.
    Jul 11-12: Race to the Stones - Heroine in a Half-Shell, Orapidrun. Summer Ranscome – RunClaire(Sunday), Thisisnatty+MrNatty(Saturday).
    Jul 12: British 10k London – KeyserSuze, Mr KeyserSuze, Nells. DRAM Dundee Marathon – Meadower. Challenge Roth - Hatter 88. Leeds 10K – Andy W.
    Jul 18: Dorset Invader – KeyserSuze. Musselburgh 10k – Meadower.
    Jul 19: Olympic Park 10k – Jellybum, Jimbob, LloydR, Nells, Running Rodent.
    Jul 20: Meadower's birthday.
    Jul 26: Lunar-tic Marathon – Sunnysider Phil. Outlaw Ironman – Chunktfg.
    Jul 28: ATM's birthday.
    Jul 30: Tinkerbel's birthday.
    Aug 2: Regent’s Park Summer Series 10k – Nells. Ride London – Sunnysider Phil.
    Aug 4: Uisge Jo's birthday.
    Aug 8: HELP Half Marathon – Meadower.
    Aug 11: Boyska's birthday.
    Aug 18: Andy W’s birthday.
    Aug 22-23: Bad Cow Double – Heroine in a Half-Shell, Thisisnatty (Saturday only?).
    Aug 30: Severn Bridge half – HeatherS, Minniemonster. Shaken not Stirred – Thisisnatty. Trail Larroque 10K – Onetit.
    Aug 31: Cakeathon - Thisisnatty.
    Sep 4: Benign Murmurring's birthday.
    Sep 6: Bridgwater Half - Heroine in a Half-Shell. Chippenham Half – HeatherS. Kenilworth Half – Mattleydon, Orapidrun. Wetherby 10K – Andy W.
    Sep 8: Elizabeth's birthday.

  • thisisnattythisisnatty ✭✭✭

    Sep 12: Marathon du Medoc – Benign Murmurring. Scotland Coast to Coast - Kaz.
    Sep 13: Great North Run – Andy W, Jimbob, Meadower, Peter Sting Wray. Ironman Wales – Sunnysider Phil. Kilmalcom Half – Eggy.
    Sep 15: Yorkshireman off road Marathon - Dirty Leeds Rob, Suzy Larkin.
    Sep 16: PC's birthday, Mrs O's birthday.
    Sep 20: La Sapaicaine Half – Onetit.
    Sep 27: Berlin Marathon – LloydR, Meadower, Minniemonster, Nells. Paris-Versailles – Running Rodent.
    Oct 6: Onetit's birthday.
    Oct 11: Chicago Marathon – Dannirr. Oxford Half – Kenno, Orapidrun. Royal Parks Half – Jellybum, Nells. Yorkshire Marathon – Andy W.
    Oct 18: Abingdon Marathon – Sunnysider Phil. Amsterdam Marathon – Benignmurmmuring, Betzza, Emmy, Heroine in a Half-Shell, Jellybum, Jimbob, Kenno, KeyserSuze, Mattleydon, Nells, Nodster, Onetit, Orapidrun, Thisisnatty.
    Oct 24: Beachy Head Marathon – Meadower.
    Oct 25: Dublin Marathon - Joanna3. Marine Corps Marathon – Orbutt, Radar Sal.
    Oct 27-29: Three Lakes – Thisisnatty.
    Oct 30: Orapidrun's birthday.
    Nov 1:  Men's 10k Edinburgh – Meadower.
    Nov 2: Leeds Rob's birthday.
    Nov 6: Danni's birthday. California International Marathon – Berkeley Runner.
    Nov 7-8: Enigma Fireworks Double – Heroine in a Half-Shell.
    Nov 15: Leeds Abbey Dash 10K – Andy W. St Neots Half – KeyserSuze.
    Nov 25: Jimbob's birthday.
    Nov 25-29: Saxon Shore mischief - Heroine in a Half-Shell (Quint), Thisisnatty (Double).
    Dec 1: James B's birthday.
    Dec 20: Porstmouth Coastal Marathon – RunClaire, Sunnysider Phil.
    Dec 31: TD's birthday.
    Jan 1: Roundman's birthday.
    Jan 3: OO52's birthday.
    Jan 7-10: Dopey Challenge: Heroine in a Half-Shell, Meadower.
    Jan 12: Orbutt's birthday.
    Jan 15: Yer Maj's birthday.
    Jan 19: DV's birthday.
    Feb 10: Emmy's birthday.
    Feb 28: Iain M's birthday.
    Mar 1: Radar Sal's birthday.
    Mar 6: Anglesey Half – Agentpenguin, Nells.
    Mar 8: Jus T's birthday.
    Mar 17-20: Quad @ Enigma Week – Thisisnatty.
    Mar 25: Leggy Mountbatten's birthday.
    Apr 3: Betzza’s Birthday. PARIS MARATHON 2016.
    Apr 10: Kaz's birthday.
    Apr 11: Chris Morgan's birthday.
    Apr 17: Brighton Marathon – Meadower, Thisisnatty.
    Apr 18: Boston – Sunnysider Phil.
    Apr 23: Kirsten Lancs Lass' birthday.
    Apr 24: Picklelily's birthday.

  • The JimbobThe Jimbob ✭✭✭


    HIAHS: Dossard 3230 - Rouge

    Still got DOMs from Hackney. My legs are proper p!ssed off with me.

    Re lists, thanks to Natty and HIAHS for their efforts. I shall provide a packing list nearer the time, it's quite thorough, if anyone has a marathon abroad soon and needs it just give me a shout.


  • Wow, a lot can happen while we in Australia sleep!

    Weedy Gonzalez wrote (see)

    PS If it's February 2016 and you've just found this thread and are planning to read it through from start to finish, good luck. Future Me salutes your breathtaking sense of ambition

    That was me this year - and I wasn't even running!  2016 will be my first Paris Marathon.  First marathon ever coming up in 4-ish weeks.  image

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