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    WTF !! I always thought of Lit as a 1-speed, basket on the front plodder who come race day morphed into an endurance gazelle superwoman. Much like a female Clark Kent.

    Whereas that bike just gives the game away
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    Don't worry mace, I also have a Raleigh Caprice with a 3-speed hub gear and a wicker basket hidden in my shed.
  • It's McF here by the way, not Lou - I'm on the PC and  cba to log out and back in.  Parkrun was emotional.  Record turnout of 629 people.  I think 70 Striders alone ran, most in club colours.  A minutes silence at the beginning.  I managed to run the whole way.  Apart from the hill which I walked because of following orders to not run hills.  So very positive.

    I spent all day yesterday supporting the Ladies team on the Hilly 100.  Missed running.  That was also emotional.  A group of Striders ran the final leg together as that's the one richard should have been running, they crossed the line hand in hand.  Everyone was crying.  The organising club announced they would be donating all proceeds of the race to a charity of our club's/the family's choice in honour of Richard.  More tears.  Just affirms what a wonderful group of people on the whole the running community are.  Many teams ran with ribbons in Striders red and green on the day for solidarity.  It was all so humbling.  

    I think this, plus my injury, are teaching me that maybe times aren't as important as I thought and maybe my focus should be more on just enjoying being out there, loving the scenery, the mud and the hills and sharing it with other people or the dog or just me.  If the times come as a result of that then great but I look back on so many races that I didn't enjoy just because I didn't hit an arbitrary goal.  I'll always love to race and ideally do well but going to try and shift my internal dialogue a bit.  Enjoy today because you never know what tomorrow might bring.  
  • Well done on the pb TheDan; I hope TTTDan updates the table a bit quicker this time ;)

    Great track effort Tommy, it's so hard to get the pacing right on those. Bob witnessed me fade away at the British Masters a while back after being over ambitious by only a couple of seconds per lap. I don't think I will be doing the Beeston 5 now - entering 4th week of no running, fitness in an unknown state and Wednesday evenings are tricky at the best of times. Throwing in a long-ish drive on top of all that just seems a recipe for unhappiness.

    That's fantastic that you're back up and running McFlooze and a great show for your chairman :+1: Times are not important - just a happy by product of enjoyable consistent training.

    Good luck with the midweek DT. If the physio says I can run (Weds lunchtime)  I could almost be tempted as I can't wait to be back up and running. I am promising in public that I will side plank *at least* 10 minutes every day forevermore in return for pain free hips.
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    That sounds like a nice tribute and day for him, Mcf.

    When your physio says on Wednesday lunchtime that you can resume running, do you think he will mean that in 6 hours time you can run a competitive 10k trail race?

    I am aching to a ridiculous level following yesterday's body pump class. The annoying thing is my weights were on some occassions 30% lighter than the 8 stone, young ladies stood around me. 
  • About 5.6 stone then?
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    DT19 said:

    When your physio says on Wednesday lunchtime that you can resume running, do you think he will mean that in 6 hours time you can run a competitive 10k trail race?

    Why not!? I'll have fresh legs! And it's only six miles and a bit. Oh.. and he's a she  :)

    I think what I was going for there was the feeling of how desperately wanting to get out for a run can lead to some rash thoughts. 
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    Well done McF! And what a great tribute to your chairman.

    I am stuck in the office but all I want to do is ride my bike.
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    Which one ? ;)

    I ran with my club for the first time in 18 months last night. Was a bit strange not keeping up with runners who used to be much slower than me but my excuse was they were putting in much more effort.

    Of course, the chimp had a little dig ' ha ha fatty, they're pissing all over you '
  • Did they recognise you?
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    Funny you say that, one chap said after a couple of miles " oh, welcome back, i didn't realise it was you ". Apparently he'd asked one of the others who the ' new guy ' was !!!
  • Beard or no beard Mace?

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    Just received my new pair of racing flats though the post. I realise this is a very obvious thing to say but man, they're so light!
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    what did you go for, The Dan?
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    Asics gel hyperspeed, they hit the sweet spot of good reviews, lightness and cost
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    table update as I've fixed my PC;

    Updated for my pb and Wava improvement, as well as Tommy getting the silver 5000m track medal by default

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    Thanks for the update TTT'Dan - when you do the next one you might want to amend Tommy's 5000 time although it's obvious what it is.

    I see BMI has appeared although unlabelled.
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    oh yes- well as the TTT master, The Dan has unfettered discretion. Thank f--k for Mace and his current moob based state!

    On the topic of weight/bmi I was chatting to a professional footballer (plays for sheff united) in the gym last week. According to his player stats he is 5'10 and weighs 10,3. That would essentially be the equivalent to me being just over 10 stone. I couldn't imagine being nearly a stone lighter.

    I am doing this 10k race tonight. I have owned my trail shoes for 4 years and worn them less than once per year so it will be a well needed outing for them.

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    I'm starting to enjoy my running much more since i lost a bit of weight. The bit of weight that i mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Then hinted about when it was overlooked. Several times. B)

    Not that i'm being picky or anything but my stats have stagnated a bit and every little counts :p
  • 5 ft 10 and 10 st 3 ?  I thought that seemed quite light/emaciated for a footballer, given the power involved. But turns out that Riyad Mahrez for example is just under 10 stone, Jamie Vardy is 12 stone and Harry Kane 13 st 8.

    I am up a bit in weight at 12 st 5, while you're at it TTT'Dan. BMI 21.5. I know this as I had one of those annual medical check ins last week - blood pressure was too high at 143/92 so may need to keep an eye on that.

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    Ha ha...first thing I noted was Maces weight still too high!

    I was surprised how low it was. Though this was player stats off the Internet. I didn't ask him this. That contrasted to the rugby match I went to the previous week where you get all the player stats in the programme. I think there were only 3 players with a weight in the 70'skg. There was a full back or fly half who was 72kg and about my height.

    Do you have one of those bp monitors at home, Muddy? I've had one for a few years and check now and again.

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    Ah sorry mace, I thought when you said 13-12 you were talking about a date rather than a number, I've made a note to update it. 
    I didn't mean to add the bmi at this stage, when I did a file restore it must have pulled back the wrong version. My mistake 
  • '..........at this stage,'

    Sounds ominous!

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    The - no worries B) , a bit of pointless bickering/complaining is the main reason for the TTT's existence :)

    muddy - your BMI figure depresses me, but your 143/92 makes me feel much better compared to my 134/76. I think your numbers are borderline but makes you realise how complex the human body is if you compare our stats.
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    9LB increase Muddy...is that lack of training and more time to eat crap? I tend to find I am all in or all out i.e if I can't train I think sod it, I just as well ignore good eating as well.

    Good luck with physio today. Hopefully she will give you the go ahead to race in what will now be a very muddy affair later.

    I've not checked my bp in while. It was checked so much in January, I got bored of it.

  • Muddy's been going to the gym.  No doubt getting hench for the summer.
    I'm currently 11.9, but from 11.5 immediately prior to London. I could blame that on my reinvigorated strength training regime, but it probably more to do with the increased quantities of biscuits and beer I've been consuming over the last few weeks.
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    I always assumed runners had low blood pressure because I tend to (90/60 the last time) but perhaps that is just a feature of being a smallish woman. I haven't weighed myself for at least 6 months, so I'm afraid my TTT weight is just a random guess, as would any BMI figure be.
  • I think I might have put on a few pounds from 2 months of no running but I'm 100% certain I haven't put on more than the 2 and 3/4 stone I could put on to still be within the normal BMI range!!
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    Similarly, I've no idea where I am in the 8.5-9st range, but am in no danger of losing my gold cell for weight advantage unless anyone has a major limb amputated.
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Which limb would you classify as being a minor one?

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