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    still a great time, OO - and as you say, a great running day out with family and friends is hard to beat !   

    Great pic also - but not sure about the "Jimmy Connors socks" - late 70's vintage ;)
  • I’m in work so have to make this quick. I ran the marathon on Saturday with my Garmin to display my HR and distance only. I targeted 140 HR and hit this exactly as an average. I have to admit to having a sneaky look at my average pace after 20 miles. The course was flat but turned out to be very badly measured, as I ran 29.9 miles according to my Garmin. Other people’s watches recorded the same as me.

    Officially I was given 3:01:35 for the marathon but my average pace was 6:45, so really around 2:57 for 26.2. I won by almost 20 minutes. I can’t believe I ran that time with such a low HR. I’ve suffered no DOM’s and managed another 12 easy miles this morning without issue.

    I intend to run over 100 miles this week finishing with the Belfast Half Marathon on Sunday.

    The abseil off the Europa hotel roof was great fun too!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    You are a monster BB

    And yes you are right Birch- I'm stuck in the 70's!

  • Blimey, that's a cracking run, BB!  Amazing recovery, too.  You are clearly in great shape, so enjoy it and capitalise on it!
  • Great run BB but how come such an error in the distance? I can understand part of a mile but 29.9 (or should it read 26.9?) 
  • Slokey well toughed out.

    Poacher another medal to add to the tally ,who needs any training ..

    0054 sub 1:25 still very a very decent run.

    Badbark that's a huge amount over distance ,bit slack of the organisers and robbed you of another sub 3 ...

    glad we are on a new non manky foot page now ! Rest day today .

  • OO - That's still a great HM time.

    The marathon was 26.9 not 29.9, hence the 6:45 pace and 2:57 at 26.2 mentioned. I did run 29 miles that day including warm up and down, for a third 99 mile week in a row. 

    12/12 mile running commute tomorrow.
  • OO - Great action shot and a very good time even if it wasn't what you were aiming for. P.s. What were you holding in your hand? 

    Badbark - Excellent stuff as usual from you. What is your normal average HR by comparison? Have you got a big race planned for the Autumn? Another huge week from you, the big miles seem to really suit you and the diet obviously helps as well. 

    Gul - Nice 22. Did you skip 20 and go straight for a 22? I can't recall when you last ran a 20 miler?

    Lorenzo - What will be your longest run before the ultra? It's in November hey?

    Leslie - Have you got any scope in the coming weeks for a few really long runs?

    Poacher - There is no ways in hell I would attempt to run 26.2 miles off virtually no training. Incredible really when you think about it and I get that you are a generally very fit guy but it does say a lot about the mental toughness aspect of running long distances. Well done!

    SJ - That's an impressive result, well done and do stick around.

    Back to it today after a 20 mile week last week. 5.2K hilly lunch run in force 7-8 wind, rain and sunshine. Ran it hard but only 6:52mm pace, the wind almost blew me over a few times and running into it seemed almost futile but it gets the juices flowing. Out again tonight, still blowing a gale but no rain thankfully and 10 miles @ 8;12mm. Could feel the earlier run in my legs. I've got my biggest week planned this week so the focus will be on just plodding and recovery miles, I'm tempted to have a real crack at parkrun this weekend but I think I won't bother as I'm worried the mix of big mileage and speed will push me over the edge. I may just opt for pacing duties again. 

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    Well done Gerard it sure is blowey out there. That's my charity vest for Children's cancer north-east. I put it over my club vest but was too hot.
  • 10k bimble early doors this morning. Dark, cold, wet and windy. Lovely run so it was! :
  • A cheeky off the ground pic from Sunday.
    Not in club vest as it was just a training run. There is a group of us who do training on the trails together and someone labelled us the Wolfpack. next thing you know, we have vests!

    *** I will be purchasing images from Sussex Photography and not just ripping off their samples. They do great work.

  • OO - great effort and result despite not hitting your target.
    Badbark - astounding. You are a machine.
    GM - good running. Can't beat an early run on a dark, cold, wet and windy morning! You have a good memory too. It's my first 20+ miler this year. I've done very few long runs this year in fact. 4 x 17, 2 x 18, 1 x 19 and 1 x 22.
    GD - good photo - looking impressive.
    10 miles this morning with 5 x 1km @ 5k pace off 500m recoveries. 3;48, 3:52, 3:51, 3:51, 3:52. Measured by GPS today. Sometimes I run them on a set course, which is probably under distance but at least it's the same wrong distance every time!
  • G-Dawg said:
    I will be purchasing images from Sussex Photography and not just ripping off their samples. They do great work.

    Agree, but I do wish these photo companies would sort out some season package. If you run a half marathon once a year and pay £50 for entry, then  £13.33 for a photo is OK. If you run 10 times a year, that adds up. I'd be happy to put £50 into a pot and have the pick of all the photos of me over a full race year and then let the various companies divvy up the £50. As it stands, each individual photo is too expensive so I end up buying none. 
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    Gosh this thread is really hotting up. I hope newbies aren't intimidated by these outstanding performances.

    Lorenzo - osteopath / sports massage lady based in Guilford. I'm planning a fun Santa Run for friends and neighbours around the Chantries in November/December from our house with mulled wine and minced pies at the end.  This was my concession to MrE's idea of hosting a (very boring) Christmas drinks at our house.  She has agreed to set up shop, so if you and your family can join us you can meet her!  You are looking nicely in shape and well prepared for your run.  Happy anniversary to you and the missus! Excellent idea from Birch on correlating marathons to years of marriage.

    Great weekly volume with a decent LSR from Gul last week, followed by pace km splits this week.

    Leslie - you are quickly getting back into it. How's it all feeling?  Any weaknesses?

    Can't believe you are hanging up the running trainers, SJ.  Especially after such a great 26.2 at the end of your race although I do understand why.  A brilliant effort off bog all training, and one you should be very proud of.  I am so impressed that despite your depressing hip news a while ago you have achieved so much. Where to from here? Please don't leave us.  After all, I shared all my pilates and yoga with you just recently and that didn't involve the forum police removing me.

    Nice work on the accidental marathon, PMJ.  It is interesting seeing you experiment with new ways of training.  (Am I the only one to think how enormous PMJ's pinkie toes are?) It has got me thinking about how I approach marathon training in a new way and I may try more time on feet over distance runs to inure my body to the pounding.  Frankly, I can see how it has developed BB's resilience and want a slice of that pie.  :D

    Definitely looking like you are building back up, Jools.  The HM will be a good benchmark but not in anyway a sign of your limit after such a short build up.

    Excellent work on Sunday, GD.  Can you share your splits on here with us?  Looking good in the photo too.  Did you wear road shoes or am I not correctly identifying the trail shoes?

    Poacher, I never cease to be amazed at how you can bang out a decent 26.2 off no training.  3:46 with walking is excellent!

    OO - sorry to hear of your hip woes.  I wonder if you are better off sticking with the 10m and under races?  You are so speedy and can be really competitive in those without compromising your hips.  Your training runs are nice and gentle and you seem to have found a good balance between pacing those and blitzing races.

    Outstanding effort all round from you BB.  Rubbish they should have messed up measuring the course quite so badly.  You are a complete and utter inspiration.  Keep it coming please.

    Gerard - very sensible to focus on the volume without adding speed this week.  There is that rule of Too's we are meant to pay heed to isn't there:  Too Fast, Too Far, Too Soon (or something like that).  Never ever break them by adding more than one focus at a time.

    50 min pootle over the hills yesterday followed by core work.  Today I went for a 95 min bike (so bike unfit!) where I chased Julian Goater.  That man is super quick on his bike.  He also encourages and gives great advice when coming back to it so you don't hate it quite as much as you would otherwise.
  • Badbark 26.9 isn't that bad then though 29.9 was a bit outrageous !
    Gerard decent 5k in tough conditions , I will try and get some big runs in before this month is out ,need to get at least 1x 20m .
    Gdawg great action pic .
    GUL decent reps there.
    MSE over distance could be a way forward ,Id be tempted to give that a go as Badbark is making it look too easy when I get back at it  ! I'm struggling a bit tbh no power at all in either leg it seems for now , about a stone over raceweight isn't helping either .Sure it will a sort itself out but lost my mara mojo for now and think London is off ,can't see me making much progress this year and can't face the thought of another mara cycle after this  at the minute !

    5 slow 9:15 average !

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Good to see you are on the bike MsE- you really are mixing it up. Was a certain part of you a biy sore afterwards from the lack of practice?

    You are right about the shorter distances-no other long races planned this year. It will be interesting to see how my 10k track goes this weekend- I'm feeling OK. However next year I just entered Barcelona marathon-that's 3 in 6 weeks with Paris and London following Barca. My hips are not going to like that. I'll take it easy for Barca, just pacing a Spanish friend who is looking for 3:30.

    Nice photo G Dawg- you look very young! Looks like a very scenic course.  


  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    OO54 said:

    Good to see you are on the bike MsE- you really are mixing it up. Was a certain part of you a biy sore afterwards from the lack of practice?...  


    YES. :'(  I forgot to apply the chamois cream beforehand too.  :o  Another reason why I don't like to cycle as much run.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    edited September 2017
    Hi MsE, the splits were:
    6.55, 6.49, 8.19, 7.24, 7.53, 8.04, 7.21, 7.47, 7.52, 8.04, 7.59, 7.10, 6.43.
    Happy with those as I wasn't racing but did push on near the end.

    The shoes were old Asics Kayano road shoes. The website and others that had done the event before said that as long as a deluge had not hit the course the day before, it was hard enough for road shoes. A hybrid would have been ideal as there were a few soft bits.

    The £10 is in the post for the young comment, OO. A timely boost as I'm 50 in 2 weeks. :(
    I finished 9th in category on Sunday, but if I'd have been born 2 weeks earlier, I'd have got second in category. I blame the parents!!

    Did a 4 mile recovery on Monday, rested yesterday and have a steady 12 miler planned for tonight. Mojo running low.  :|
  • G-Dawg - Cool photo and I like the Wolfpack name! You do not look 40 never mind approaching half a century!

    Gul - Good reps. I'd say your 5k pace is a tad quicker no?

    MsE - I always look forward to reading your posts and I like the "rule of the Too's too. :) Please forgive my ignorance but who is Julian Goater?

    OO - I bet you will really enjoy that Barca mar, it's defo one I want to do. Will be great if your friend can get himself in shape for the target.

    Leslie - Wow, 6.2 kg's is quite impressive gain. Does the weight just fall off you when you are in mara training. I have lost a mere 1kg since I have upped my mileage from 30k a week to 100 plus every two weeks! I am not eating morning either which is a bit weird.

    Did another 10k last night in the gale and darkness, did someone wake me up and we skipped a season? Very strange weather indeed for this time of year. Out early doors this morning for another 11k. Last night I was struggling and I was beginning to think that things were really catching up on me as plodding along at 8:30 pace didn't feel easy. This morning 8mm felt like a breeze even in Force 8 wind! A good night's sleep and rest was needed and I felt super bouncy this morning and full of energy. Will get out later tonight for another 12k or so and that will complete my triple doubles for this week.

  • MsE - I hear Julian Goater's also fairly nippy on his legs ;)
    Leslie - still 5 miles.
    OO - 3 in 6 weeks! Are you following Poacher's lead?
    GD - I ran my 10k PB 2 days before my 50th and was pleasantly surprised to find myself in the MV50-54 category!
    GM - rather blustery here too. My parkrun PB is 18:42, which would be 3:44.4 for 1km, but it usually measures 3.01 miles on my watch. So assuming the same degree of inaccuracy on my 1km reps, that would be 3:51.6. So who knows?!
    A rather disturbing local newsflash yesterday afternoon informed me that there had been a violent incident literally just round the corner from my house. Six people taken to hospital, at least some stabbings and three people arrested. Messaged Mrs GD and fortunately she was okay, although she was out walking the in-laws' dog at the time and saw police cars and an air ambulance shortly afterwards.
    6 recovery miles @ 8:44 m/m this morning.
  • Gul - Yes I remembered your pb was 18:42, as it's very close to mine of 18:36, but I had no idea your parkrun only measured 3.01, ours is the exact opposite and measures 3.16 miles which is very annoying but our 5k road race course measures between 3.10-3.11 so pretty close I guess. That's a terrifying story to hear, especially given the close proximity to your place. I'm glad to hear Mrs GD was/is ok.
  • Very blustery in Bristol last night: Avonmouth (a few miles down the road) clocked 70mph and it was certainly very gusty when I was running home from club training (and pretty grim during club training!).  8 x (500m + 60s, 300m + 90s).  About 6.10m/m, I think, although I did forget to time a few of them. Pretty stiff today, but it was my first session in spikes for ages.  No more fast running until the Bristol Half on Sunday.
  • GM - sorry, that's not right, is it? 18:42 for 3.01 miles, would be 3:51.6 per 1km, but if my GPS was measuring distance incorrectly at the same proportion, I would still need to those reps in 3:44.4 as it would only be 968.8m per rep! Shocking.
    Jools - nice reps especially in those conditions. Hope Sunday goes well.
  • Gul - What are you like! :)
  • GM - not thinking clearly, obviously. If GPS measured 5000km as 3.01 miles, then what it measured as 1000km would actually be 1032.2m. Still 3:44.4 target for those reps as 5k pace!
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    pretty windy here too, but 15 accomplished with daughter & friend.  last couple of miles were tough, but overall legs feeling increasingly (albeit gradually) better.  hamstring issue still not fully gone away, though  . . .
    Gul - alarming incident to have so close to home  . . .
  • Gul, not what you expect especially considering where you live. Always the chance of a small ruckus but nothing serious.

    Day off Monday, 5 easy yesterday and the best part of 8 today up and down the local hills. Managed to keep fairly dry: started just after one heavy shower and another soon after I finished and a few on the way round were while I was under the shelter of trees in the woods.

    Must say Sunday's run seems to have left no long lasting tiredness in the legs so would definitely encourage others to consider an over-distance (or at distance) run but at very easy pace with some walking.

  • BB - sounds like you had a great run on Sunday and all very much under control. Congrats.

    GM - more good stuff from you. In answer to your question, I've got my "birthday treat ultra" (i.e. a 2 day Ultra in the Pennines, the second day of which is my 50th birthday!) in mid November but next week is my "100 miles in 3 and a half days" run in the Hebrides. The longest day will be about 40 miles but I'm hoping to find a pub around lunchtime for a break / refuel and hope that my legs don't get too stiff.

    G-Dawg - cracking pic. With that determination on your face, I'm not surprised they call your group the Wolfpack.

    MsE - Santa Run sounds fun. Let me know when it is. Are full costumes obligatory?!

    Gul - that incident sounds pretty concerning. Glad Mrs Gul is OK

    PMJ - your approach and general positivity towards over-distance training sounds suspiciously like you're contemplating an ultra. Go on, give it a go!! ;)

    Birch - hamstring issue sounds a bug*er but at least it's not stopping you getting out there running with MsBirch.

    With only a week and a half before I start my new job, I'm still trying to squeeze as much in as possible so inspired by Poacher's account of the Flanders Field Marathon from last year(?), I've decided to head over to Ypres on Friday as I've never been there or done a tour of the battlefields. I've been brushing up on my history of WW1 and it should be a good day.

    I'm taking it easy on the running front this week in preparation for next week's exploits so just a couple of easy paced, off road runs for me so far - 4.5 miles on Tuesday, 6.5 miles this morning. It all seems to have got rather autumnal out there.
  • Birch - Positive stuff! Your daughter is keeping the endurance up. Is she planning on doing another marathon anytime soon? 

    PMJ - Sounds like you really enjoyed the experience and are none the worse for it. Will be interesting to see what other events you may be interested in doing in the future.

    Jools - Good sesh. Still huffing and puffing away here. Looks like it's here for a few more days as well. 

    Lorenzo - Wowzers, that's a lot of running but it sounds fab! 

    Another 10k banked tonight and after feeling very fresh on my early morning 10k I thought I should try and do some controlled MP. Nah! The legs weren't having any of it and was struggling for the 1st two miles. Just general stiffness in the lower legs on the outside of my calf. Put it down to just training fatigue. Only managed 7:39mm but that was with some steep-ish inclines and awful wind but the idea was just to keep the elgs ticking over in a controlled way. It's the Battle of Britain air display here tomorrow so off work at 12:15. Looking forward to watching that, chilling out and entertaining later that evening. But before all that I have another early run on the schedule for the morning. I have a feeling it could be a very slow recovery plod. 
  • Enjoy the final days before work, Lorenzo.

    Damn that training fatigue, GM. Well battled.

    Despite low mojo, got out the door for a 12 miler tonight. Felt quite strong on the lumpy route and averaged 7.04 pace. No real pace target when I set out but after the first couple of miles, decided to try and maintain. Good session in the end.

    Pyramid at the track tomorrow and 16 slow trails on Saturday. 
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