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    For the list, the official time is 3:53:44. 
    Big_G said:
    SHADES said:
    I take it you skipped the KFC today as you want to shed those couple of pounds you've put on.  ;)

    Ahem, I wrote the above post from KFC :) Diet starts, errrrm...tomorrow. 

    Ha, ha.   It's only that you usually mention if you're posting from your favourite KFC at Bristol ;) 

    Rest day for me today as race tomorrow.   Calf still tender but less so.
  • That's a great result, Big G - glad the knee didn't get any worse. I'm still a few pounds heavier than I want to be myself - I hope I can get rid of it before Vienna.
    Rest day for me also, although I just volunteered at Tooting and it was rather cold with the wind. I hope that's gone by tomorrow.
    Cal - hope your race goes well tomorrow.   

    Forecast here not so good, a lot colder than I would like and a strong, cold wind.    Hoping the hills will keep me warm, this is the race profile

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    Shades, regarding Humdinger, that is one difference between it and Tavy 13 - the start is relatively kind at Humdinger, whereas at Tavy 13 it's straight up a hill which is hard work!

    A spot of parkrun tourism for me, which is probably the furthest I'd travel locally for one, at just over an hour in the car.  I went and did Tamar Trails, which is an off-road one near Tavistock.  For me, it was a nice way to get a recovery run in, and tick off another location (my 13th location).  Also, the drive there over the Moors (part of the DD route) is stunning, with hardly any cars at the time.  And then when I got off the Moors, I drove the first half or mile or so of the Tavy 13 route, before getting to the parkrun.

    It was a nice event, quite muddy (I was wearing trail shoes), and a single lap through the trees and trails, with some pretty spectacular views over the the River Tamar.  Basically, the route took runners down towards the river, which of course meant we had to come back up to the finish, and it was steep in the last 0.5 mile - I walked quite a lot of it!  It's a fairly small event with generally under 100 runners (today's results aren't out yet), and I had a really nice run out.  The knee - and legs generally - felt okay once I got going, although there was stiffness at the start.  Not sure of exact time but it was around 25-mins.

    In terms of other "local" parkruns, I hope to do Seaton next week, which is partly on the beach itself.  A friend of mine has recently moved to Salisbury, and I'm picking up another mate in Axminster, to go and see him.  I'm hoping to do Seaton on the way up, have a shower at my mate's in Axminster  and then go on to Salisbury for lunch.  Other than that, there aren't really any others that are easily drivable, so at 14 locations I'll need to try and get other events in as part of weekends away to get to the 20.  But I have a plan to get there, all being well this year!
  • So i did whitehaven park run again today in windy conditions albeit the course itself is mostly benign as the stroner winds blow sideways and its only in the lesser tree lined bits it gets thru properly. Way windier running down to the start mind espcially when i left the science park as thats riht into the wind coming up the valley.
    Realised i needed to be further forward to get a better time so stood more or less at the front behind the gaggle of kids and a few other runners. Yes not technically the right spot but there is more than enough room for people to go around and it gives me a decent start and something to chase up the hill.
    Hit the turn point 20 secs a mile faster than 2 weeks ago so was optimisitic of a decent time but wasn't as fast on the return and once i used fetch website compare run thing and used half mile splits with time per split not cumulative time i see i started off faster but then only gained a bit more on the up and all three downs were technically slower than 2 weeks ago.
    I did however go fast enough to get a new course PB of 27:10 by my watch although its come out as 27:16 in the results and the one in front is unknown so has no time displayed. Not overly bothered as i can go faster than this. Not going to be back here for 3 weeks though as busy next week and down in Devon week after. So i'll either go back in 3 weeks or 5 weeks time as i am off to london inbetween.
    I also decree that the eating of KFC is separate to dieting ;)
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    Cal/Shades-good luck to both of you for tomorrow.
    Keith-nicely done on the course pb.
    Big G-Take it you've recovered well from yesterday? 25 is a great time the day after.
    Pretty windy here today,it was gusting rather than constant and really nice when the wind faded ,definitely a day to run by feel which think I've got so much better at over the last year.Did 9 miles and it came out faster than my easy pace so think I had the wind behind me more than against me.
  • Well done Keith!
    Big G - I've heard that one is pretty tough.
    Shades, glad I don't have to deal with that profile tomorrow (good luck!) but look at this course map, jeebers!

    Incidentally, I've signed up for a trail half. One of the Chasers had a free place (from volunteering) so I decided to do it. Looks like a nice race. Only problem is it's two weeks after Liverpool, so I'll be taking it easy. Good practise for the ultra, if I decide to do it (which I probably will).
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    Cal, that is a very spaghetti-like route.  Best of luck with it.

    Shades, good luck to you tomorrow, too.

    Keith, well done on your time.  Shame the official result was slightly different to your watch, but it sounds like you think you can go quicker so that bodes well.  I figured you'd agree that KFC was essential for me yesterday ;)  

    For the first time since I've been doing parkrun, my name/time hasn't shown up in today's results.  I definitely scanned my barcode and finishing token, so fingers crossed they can sort it out and add me to the results.  I've emailed them my parkrun ID and also my Strava time, and I can see there is an "Unknown" name in position 19 which was my position, so hopefully that's enough for them to be able to add me.  
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    Sorry for all the messages.  Just been reading Adam Holland's weekend schedule.
    - He won Darwin Marathon yesterday, taking it fairly easy for a sub-3.
    - He won a parkrun this morning at 9am, and then did a Half at 10am as he took it fairly easy getting around in about 1:22
    - He's got a night race tonight, called King of the Night which is a 10M trail race, ran in the night.
    - Then tomorrow AM he's got a 6am start in Sussex for a "Dreadmill Marathon".

  • KFC is essential any time ;)
    Results have been updated as they knew there was a issue and i now have a time of 27:09
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    Keith, I have to say, KFC is my favourite takeaway apart from fish and chips, which probably top it.  I have to limit myself though, so only have then after races....and no, a 5k doesn't count ;) 

    Ian, yes the run went okay today.  I did find it quite hard in the closing stages yesterday and legs were sore, but after the first half or mile or so today I felt pretty good really.

    Just been looking around for events, and How Hard Can It Be (the Darwin organisers) are doing another one around the same track in August.  I'm tempted as August is a bit of lean month.  I paid £31 for the Travelodge this time but for August it's currently showing £72 (non-refundable) which is too much.  There are AirBNBs for around £30 though.  I'm very tempted.  

    Having never done any of theirs before, the track marathon I'm doing in March is also organised by them - Groundhog Day Marathon.  I'm assuming they'll have the same lap counting system set up so it should all be fine from that point of view.

    Maybe it's because it's a new company for me, but I think they're better organised than Enigma events.  I hadn't realised, but yesterday's results were actually being updated live to the website automatically (lap by lap), the medal was better than any I've had from Enigma (but as I say, I do like Darwin, so that swung it really), the aid station was better, the facilities at the venue were better with showers etc.

    Tamar Trails have sorted my result.  I don't know what the issue was, but I'm in there now so all is good.
    Big G - I don't like an uphill start, I like a mile or two to settle into a pace before a hill in a race.   At Tavy I had to walk the first part of that early hill.

    Looks like your snooker injury is on it's way to being healed, nothing like a marathon to sort the legs out ;)   Very good sign that you could do parkrun comfortably as your recovery run.

    Good to know Adam is running well, now we know his DD training !.   Doing races close together is fantastic training, not multiple marathons but varied distances.   When I used to do the IOM GP, 5 races in 6 days, 50 miles of racing, 3 weeks later I would usually do my best marathon time of the year.

    Have you done a track marathon before?   Difficult to get good room rates at Travelodge/Premier during the school summer holidays.

    Keith - still not keen on the healthy eating then ;) 

    Cal - that is a complicated route, you'll get dizzy.   Looks like it will be social though with all the out and backs.  I'd much rather a single loop race, will hills.  Have a good race today.
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    Shades, no I haven't done a track marathon before.

    Adam has a bit of a challenge before the DD.  He's planning on running JOGLE...and then back again.  He's hoping to do the second part (the LEJOG part) in a world record of 9 days (10k an hour, for 16hrs a day).

    I know he is an amazing athlete and I hope he does it, but that just seems an impossible thing to do.  To do JOGLE in 17-days and then turn around and run LEJOG in 9 days for a world record? Bonkers to even consider it!
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    I did a nice 8-miler this morning in what turned out to be decent running weather - i.e., I went out just after it stopped raining, and I was finished by the time it started again :)  I took it quite steady, walked a couple of bigger hills and had a nice run out.  The knee was okay too.

    Not sure what I'm doing running-wise next week, but I'll do what I can.  I really need to make a bigger dent in packing up the house!
  • So this happened... I'm not sure how, especially as the course was not only twisty but also quite undulating, and it was windy.
    I did enjoy the race - I ran into a few people I knew, which was nice - and it was good to see more of the Olympic Park. Good medal and T-shirt - Runthrough seem to have upped their game a bit.

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    Cal, that’s a great time - that’s a PB isn’t it?  Brilliant age cat placing too. You must be delighted with that, especially as you weren’t sure if the nature of the course was a quick one. Congrats. 
  • It's a two and a half minute PB! Remember I tried to go sub-1:55 at Maidenhead last September but crashed and burned on lap 2...then I tried again at Richmond and realised I wasn't going to be able to maintain that pace so I settled for a sub-1:57 (a PB at the time, but not as fast as I wanted).
    It felt a lot less of an effort today. That's probably because it was a bit chilly, but even so, I'm very happy with it.
  • Big G well done on the finish, love a KFC to refuel on.  Well done for getting the recovery run done and parkrun tourism included at the same time.  I follow Adam on twitter, the guy is a machine!!!

    Keith well done on the course pb, one of the negatives of parkrun is you dont always get the most accurate time.  Small price to pay really.

    Cal congrats on the new pb!!!! Couple of club mates came out with pretty decent times too.

    Shades hope todays gone well.

    Friday night was WJ quiz night, I'm not a huge fan of quiz nights but enjoyed it.  Did course set up at Westmill Parkrun before running, stretched and taped the foot up but could feel a niggle from the start.  Stuck at a steady pace (8.20ish).  Stretched after but foot tightened up, was agony to walk around the shops and then hobbled around the house yesterday.  Pretty upset as thought it may be getting better but feel like back to square one without any way of getting rid.  Foot felt better this morning but think it's just the waiting game again.

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    Cal - brilliant PB, well done, all that training has certainly paid off.

    Big G - will be interesting to see how you like a track marathon, I've never done one and am not tempted.   I'd rather do a timed event on a track, such as 6 hour/12 hour, rather than know that I have to slog out 26.2 miles.

    Yes, I saw that about Adam's challenge.  Madness, I think even he will struggle on the WR attempt.   But it's a fair time before DD so he should be recovered in time, I assume he doing DD.

    Good to hear your knee is OK, looks like the marathon cured it ;) 

    Humdinger Half for me today, absolutely loved it.  I think it's harder than Tavy, but it's 2 years since I ran Tavy and I've only done that once.   Weather was very changeable and up on the top we got some rain and into a fierce headwind.   Pleased with my new Mavericks top, at times I was cold or hot but at no time was I uncomfortable, I would think the feels like temp varied by a good 10 degrees from the top compared to the lower part of the course.   I ran carefully to keep my HR below 136 85% and managed that except walking up the toughest hill and my HR went up to 142.   We had a couple of floods to run through as well as there was a lot of surface water, the water was freezing and a photographer was poised at the deepest flood.   Thankfully I was wearing the same socks that I wore in the Cornish and ran through the floods there.  Great race organisation and the most enthusiastic of marshals, at 11miles they were dancing to Greased Lightening which made me laugh.   My quads are going to be trashed tomorrow after the long long sections of downhill.   Finished in 2:29:16 which I was happy with, I was tired in the last 2 miles though, apart from that I felt fine.

    HA won the race and she was 10 mins slower than her PB half time so I'm quite pleased with my time.   Think the Trotters picked up a team prize too.

    Controversially the medals are edible this year, funny to watch the men finish and immediately scoff their medal, medals mean nothing to a lot of runners.   I haven't eaten mine yet.

    xpost Robert - that bloody foot, how annoying.  Hope it's just a blip and you're pain free tomorrow
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    Cal, I remember you trying to get under 1:55 but I hadn't twigged it was a 2.5min PB.  That is significant, so very well done.  It's a strange feeling when a race feels comparatively easy but yet you get a PB...I've had it as well, but sadly not that often!

    Robert, really sorry to hear that.  I know it's hard to contemplate, but what about saying to yourself "no running at all for 4 weeks" or something like that, and just plan other things whether it be cycling, or whatever else.  So not even attempt a parkrun for 4 weeks.  I know it's tough but I think when I had achilles issues, it was the not running that helped it and then one day I just realised it was better, and was able to run.  I know they're different injuries, but I just wonder if the occasional run every now and again puts back the longer term recovery.  I'm no expert though, obviously!  Really sorry to hear's hard to get your head around what the best thing to do is.  :(  

    Shades, that is an interesting medal I suppose!  I did see people complaining about it, but I suppose it is something different at least.  Really pleased you enjoyed the race so much.  I think having that and Tavy 13 before DD in our race calendar is great, bearing in mind there are no hilly road marathons locally.  I'm really not sure what I think is the toughest - I've done Tavy 13 twice and Humdinger only once.  Well done on your time and the fact you felt generally fine, I'm presuming the calf was okay too?
    Big G - my calf was fine, only slightly tender to touch today.  My 'circuits' injury doesn't seem to affect my running.   I didn't tape it up today but that was only as my winter racing compression tights are challenging to put on and the compression is quite strong on the calf area.   I'd forgotten about my calf until you mentioned it, we're so fickle at times ;)
  • I wouldn't have been happy with that medal, Shades - I have to stay gluten free for the sake of my poor guts. :lol:
    Glad you enjoyed the race, though, and your calf is OK. I got a few grumbles from my achilles but it wasn't bad - it prefers going faster. I also had my new Zoom Fly flyknits on - great shoes, although my left little toe got quite sore so I think the flyknit needs to relax a bit.

    Rob, sorry your foot is being horrible again. So frustrating. Is cortisone an option? It worked great on my hip when that failed to respond to rest.
    Cal - they had vegan and gluten free medals too so you would have been fine.

    Right just had my dinner so coffee now and I'm going to eat my medal.  :)
  • Wow, that's going above and beyond, Shades! Hah.

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    Rob-Bad news on the foot,so tough when you seem to be getting nowhere.
    Shades-sounds like you had an enjoyable race.
    Cal-Brilliant time,really well done,all those miles in the cold have paid off big time today.
  • Cal - well done, effectivly you just ran around where i used to live pre demolition for olympic park ;)

    Just entered 3 local 10k's in march, april and may as well as windermere marathon. There are some other races iirc just not bothered hunting down the dates yet other than the easter saturday one that gets me a easter egg for finishing ;) THere will be keswick round the houses too.

    Probably gonna enter the August plym trail double too some point and then await the NFL fixtures to see which game and whether it clashes with Loch Ness as i fancy a trip back there.

  • Thanks Ian. Today was a good day.
    Cal - lovely pic. :) 

    Ian - I think you would have enjoyed the hills at the Humdinger too ;) 

    Keith - good to hear you're getting your races planned.   I'm going to do one of the August Plym Trail, there already 3 Shadies entered for Loch Ness and I think 2 for Windermere.

    My quads were sore yesterday when I was running the prolonged downhills so I was expecting some soreness this morning but my legs are fine, calf is not even tender to touch has healed 100%.   So no need for a recovery run, just a normal 6 mile run, nice weather this morning.   However my toes are quite sore, I forgot to tighten up my shoes pre race and the miles of downhill with wet feet after running through the flood has bruised my toes. :'(
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