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    RCouture, great to be running in normal running kit, and that's great mileage for you too!

    That's nice seeing a family out exercising, Shades.  On the way to work with OH, there is a young lad out on his bike most mornings - I think he has a loop that he does a few times as we see him at the bottom of a hill and then a few minutes later as we walk up, he appears back at the top and rides back down again.

    Walked to work with OH today - at about 6am it was chucking it down with rain but at 8:30 when she leaves for work it was fine.  Nothing really noteworthy about my walk except it was very quiet out, but it's my outdoor exercise done for the day.  Planning a Zwift ride soon.

    A fairly large group from Torbay Tri are jumping into a Zwift race tomorrow evening so if I feel up to it I may join that as it would be good racing with people I actually know.  On a group ride the other day, i did practice drafting a bit so it'd be good to use that in a race :)  I'll just see how I am though as I'm still not 100% and do have dizzy spells still on occasion.  I'm really hoping I'm okay for Saturday as there is a longer group ride I'm very interested in, but again I'll just have to see how I am.  I am getting better but I know I'm still not totally right yet and it is taking longer that I'd anticipated.

    Talking of new shoes, I wonder how the new super shoes from Nike are going to get on in terms of sales?  They still have loads left of the Vaporfly Next % in most  sizes on their store (in a new colour way), but they're releasing Vaporfly Next% 2 which doesn't really seem much different - I think it has the same midsole, with a change to the upper.  With many runners who are interested in these shoes probably having a pair more or less unused in 2020, will it be a success?  Probably it still will be, but it'll be interesting to see whether they sell out quickly or not as they have in the past.  A couple of the YouTubers say they're not bothering with the new version, which is interesting as they acknowledge that their most popular videos (and hence the ones that make them the most money) tend to be Nike ones.
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    Big G - I'm seeing quite a few new regular runners too out early in the morning which is good.

    You're making steady progress day by day.

    I'm getting lots of emails about new shoe launches.   If I was buying a pair of the go faster type I think it's the Saucony Endorphin that impress me the most. 
    Can't comment on the Nike shoes as know nothing about them.   Re our favoured NB1080 shoe, I've seen a few comments saying the V11 is the same as the V10, so not worth paying the extra cost as it's the 'latest model'.

    Only thing to be cautious about new shoes is to check/or avoid buying from a company that despatches from the EU.   If they're over £135 (I think that's the right value) there could be VAT and custom costs/duty to pay on import.  Under £135 the retailer should have included VAT in their pricing.   You'd need to check those details.  Anyway those rules will be good news for our regular retailers in the UK.

    I haven't bought any running shoes this year.......makes me sound like an addict  ;)
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    Big G-I have 25% off nike until the end of next month,can't see the new shoes on there at the minute,like the look of the light ones on there now,but I still have a pair I've only done 10 miles in so hard to justify.
    Foot feels better again today so will go for a run later and hope it is ok tomorrow.
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    Ian, yeah, I got mine in December with the 25% off too.  I just checked and I've only done 10 miles in my Vaporflys and only 17 miles in my Zoom Fly 3s so I definitely don't need any more :)  

    Shades, I've got spare pairs 1080v10s so also don't need any of the new version, but I'll keep an eye on the v11s later in the year when I've gone through more of my v10s.

    I did an hour on the bike and enjoyed it today, so that's encouraging.  
    Ian - if you'll need the shoes in the future and they're a good deal, treat yourself.

    Glad the foot is a lot better.

    Big G - Big_G said:
    Shades, I've got spare pairs 1080v10s so also don't need any of the new version, but I'll keep an eye on the v11s later in the year when I've gone through more of my v10s.

    Pairs!  Come on, confess.   How many pairs have you stockpiled? 😆

    I wore my 1080's this morning, I do love them, particularly on the hills.   
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    Shades, I've got two pairs on the go (337 and 47 miles), and another 3 pairs in their boxes still :D   I don't stockpile like that usually but I do really like them and when they were discounted I stocked up expecting them to last me the year at least.  I do have other pairs of different shoes that I'll wear as and when throughout the year so not all my running will be in these shoes.  I think I'll get 500+ miles out of a pair though, judging from the ones on 337-miles which are still in good condition.
    I think you've done the right thing stocking up on the 1080's.   I think the cushioning will last for well in excess of 500 miles. 
    I'm keeping an eye on the price and may well stock up on another pair.   Trouble is I still have others on my wish list too.   
    So many lovely shoes around.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    My usual after work loop,this usually takes me about 72-75mins so will stick to this for a couple of weeks,annoying as today was the fastest since November for the same HR.
    MK have sent a very positive email out about the chances of it happening,we will find out more next week but hoping it is good news,not that I will have decent training though.
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    Ian, well done, and good news your HR is doing well too.

    Shades, I know it's a shoe from last year now, but I still really like the look of the Endorphin Speed (their middle shoe in that range) but it's quite hard to get hold of in the popular sizes, I don't really need it in any case, and I don't think I've ever seen it discounted presumably as it's so popular.  "Need" and "want" are different things though.... :)  Ha ha, no I'm happy with my current lot of shoes.  I've got enough pairs for general/MAF miles, a couple of faster pairs if I ever do toe the line at a fast Half for example, and a pair for things like Plym Trail if I toe the start line at a race like that in the near future.  I do also have an unopened pair of Guide ISOs which are quite good on dry/summer trails, as I know the 1080s aren't great on any offroad due to the grit getting stuck down the back!  I do have a pair of Asics GT-2000 with not many miles on, but they have fallen out of favour with me at the moment (they rubbed my achilles a lot, although I've not tried them recently), but they also are fine on dry/summer trails so will probably get some use then.
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    Ian - Nice run. I saw that email. They seem very bullish. 

    10 miles for me. Had to bin MAF 6 miles in as needed to get back to work for an emergency (which turned out not to be an emergency at all). Anyway that’s an unplanned ‘20 in my 80:20 done for the week. 
    Ian - you can still make improvements with shorter runs.   And better than being injured.

    Fingers crossed for MK going ahead.  You've still got plenty of training time, 11 weeks.

    Big G - I just looked at Run Company's website as I remembered seeing the Speed on there this morning when I looked at the new Guides.  The Speed are discounted but only by 5 pence. 😮
    You're well stocked now for all eventualities.

    Rcouture - that's one way to do your speedwork.😉

    Guernsey Marathon now postponed to 24th October.   They've had a couple of Covid cases recently.   They've been Covid free for many months and their marathon did go ahead last autumn.
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    Well I've seen the podiatrist who thinks I have a problem with a knee tendon as a result of changing my running gait as a result of the back injury(!). My knee is also turning in as a result of a problem with my foot arch. Anyway, he got me on a machine and also did a very thorough examination of my knee and convinced me he knew what he was talking about and the outcome is I need some insoles which will hopefully correct things. He said a lot more but that is my understanding of the situation in brief.
    He put me on some sort of squashy platform to get the moulds of my feet and I am to go back next Thursday when the insoles will be ready.

    On a more interesting note it turned out that he is a runner.. and a runner obsessed by trainers! He is passionate about trainers and really wanted to know everything about my running shoes, what I thought of different models,drop, weight, Asics v Nike, new shoes coming out etc etc. I was flailing a bit as I couldn't even remember what model my shoes 
    were let alone have an opinion on drop or whatever. I mean I have bought shoes in the past purely based on the fact that they were orange :| I could tell he was disappointed that he couldn't have a shoe conversation with me and I just wished like anything that I had you on speed dial Shades. I would have handed the phone over and the pair of you could have rabbited on forever.
    I am going to do my homework before Thursday however and have already started looking at what models I have; I think I might actually take them with me to the appointment in case he asks me any other searching questions.

    Stubbornly did my 10k circuit again today and enjoyed it in spite of my knee. It doesn't actually get as bad as to completely stop me running which I am taking as a Good Thing. Also went out on the bike with the smallest child (who's actually not that small anymore) up to the wind farm. It was quite a windy day anyway but up there it was wild. We also took a kite and had some fun with that. At one point it looked liked it was in danger of getting tangled up in the turbine things so we called it a day and pedalled back home. 
  • Big G, I still have an unused pair of the 4% flyknits, never mind the Alphas that are still in their box. I do notice from my Facebook running groups, a lot of people are training in their Vapors - there's absolutely no way I'd waste them on a training run considering how much they cost.

    Mamafox, I hope those insoles help. Interesting your guy is a shoe guy. 

    I didn't go out for a run until midday today - just couldn't seem to motivate myself until then (and it was raining, not that that usually stops me, but I was crippled with ennui  :D). Anyway, I just did 6 miles and like Rcouture, found it very mild. I went out in a T-shirt with arm sleeves and then pulled the sleeves off at the halfway point as I got too warm. Crazy to think how many layers I was wearing two days ago - our weather certainly can change quickly.
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    mamafox - wow, your podiatrist sounds like a dream date to me  ;)    I record weight and drop of all my shoes....I am definitely the anorak on here. 🤓

    That's great news that he thinks it's the tendon.   From the diagnosis that your doc had suggested that was going down the scan, even surgery route.   As you have a biomechanical issue with your arch just as well you went to see him as that could have caused you problems in the future.

    I'm chuckling that you went to the appointment without your running shoes.  :o  Take them next time and also if you race in a different pair take those too so he can give his assessment on their suitability for you.   Also ask his advice on what to buy in the future, with orthotics I expect he will advise neutral shoes so the insoles can do their stuff.   Also ask his advice what drop he thinks would suit you best.

    Bit scary playing with the wind turbines  ;)

    Cal - I wonder if the lack of races tempts runners to use their race shoes for training, perhaps just to cheer themselves up.

    With the lighter mornings I guess you'll soon switch back to early morning running.

    6 miles this morning, torrential rain when I went out but that eased off.    Quite breezy too, but very mild so quite good conditions.

    Food shop this morning, my one journey out of the house this week, except for running.

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    Sounds a good appointment MF, and at least you've got a way forward now.

    Shades, yes, I think the Speeds do hold their price very well and are considered very good shoes.  I think some runners who are interested in the "super shoes" were using the Pros for racing and Speed for training.  Saucony does use the same foam as Nike too, and by all accounts it's the foam where the "magic" happens.  I did see something that Reebok uses the same foam too in their top shoes, but they've not massively taken off for some reason, and they tend to be much more affordable.  I am surprised at that and I'm also surprised that Adidas didn't go over to that foam (they own Reebok, although a couple of months ago they said they're selling the company), although having said that Adidas have done well in some recent elite races with their own tech and I suppose they want to differentiate themselves from Nike, which they have done as the midsole and plate is totally different in their top shoes.

    Cal, I did use my Vaporflys for that 10k time trial I did (plus warmup/cool down) but they're back in the box now.  I wouldn't use them for intervals etc, although I would use my Zoom Flys for that, but then they're a lot cheaper!  About 6 weeks ago, Nike had the Zoom Fly 3 on their site for under £100 which is actually quite cheap for those shoes.
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    (All this talk of fast running is making me want to put my shoes on and go for a burn up, but I can't!).
    Big G - of my neutral cushioned shoes my favourites are the NB 1080's and my next favourite are my Reeboks Forever FloatRide Energy.    They have the same cushioned bouncy feel as the NB 1080's.    I'm sure my Reeboks don't have the same foam that the pricey models have but I can buy the Reeboks for £50 .   My next favourite cushioned shoes are the Saucony Rides, lovely shoes.

    I hope you'll be able to run again soon.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Big G - I almost bought the Endorphin speeds but got the Hyperion tempo instead as they are more stable and the speeds were only just coming back in stock. The speeds seem to have been most Youtubers/reviewers shoe of the year so was very tempting especially with this nylon plate it has which is seemingly what makes the difference. 

    7.5 miles at lunch at MAF. I am actually meant to be having my first dose of the vaccine later today but trying to ring up my GP to figure out exactly why. My wife has a condition, which means she’s been invited, but I don’t, so I don’t know whether they are just doing us as a household but it seems a bit unfair. 
    Rcouture - maybe you're down as your wife's carer?   They're vaccinating home carers now too.

    Ian - I see the permit for Boston is on the RunBritain website today.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Shades - In the end it’s due to asthma. Had asthma as a kid which flared up briefly a couple of years ago as a reaction to our cat! We’re not even sure it was asthma. Have had the flu shot since and as they’ve expanded vaccines so much, I’m apparently on the list. Nothing to do with my wife. Anyway had it now. Fast and efficient. They said fine to keep running too 😀
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    Rcouture, in the back of mind I was wondering if I may be slightly higher up the list than a regular 40-something person as I have a prescription for what I suppose are the medium asthma inhalers (the steroid ones, on top of the basic/standard ones), but I'm not sure what criteria are being used.  I've never needed more serious intervention for asthma, so maybe my meds aren't a factor in any case.  I haven't asked anyone about it - maybe I should have mentioned it when I saw the GP last week, but I didn't think about it at the time.  Also, although I have a prescription for them, I think my notes say to use the steroid ones in the winter and not use them in the summer so may that's a factor too.  Don't know.
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    Ha ha, RCouture, our posts crossed and we both mentioned asthma!
  • mamafoxmamafox ✭✭✭
    Shades - Yes, I too was relieved that the podiatrist thinks it is more likely to be a tendon problem. Seems to be a bit more straightforward than cartilage, joints etc. Hope it's that anyway.
    Thank you for the advice, yes I will ask him all that and I intend to take my three pairs of trainers with me as well so he knows exactly what I'm running in and can fit the insoles directly.
    As an aside the podiatrist is of portuguese descent and extremely good looking.
    This is obviously neither here nor there. I'm just saying B)

    RC - That's good news about the vaccine for you and your wife.

    Big G - You'll be out zooming along in no time.

    I threw caution to the winds and went out for another hobble round today. It was such a beautiful day and I'm not working so I couldn't miss out. Plenty of time for poxy forced rest days when I'm back in work.
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    Rcouture  - congrats on the Covid jab.   :). You must be on your GP's list as vulnerable and it's good as protects your wife too.

    Big G - I think there's millions with asthma but the vulnerable were the serious cases, such had been hospitalised fairly recently with it.   I remember that from a question to the medical boffins on one of the press conferences.  Also depends if your GP has classified you as vulnerable.
    If you're on that list you'll be called up now.

    Mamafox - my ex husband was/is Portuguese, which is neither here nor there. 😉

    You sound much happier now you've got your diagnosis.  😀
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    MF - Great that you got some clarity on your issue

    As an aside some guy afterwards was upset that he got the Pfizer one instead of the ‘British one’ which I found quite funny 😂
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rcouture- Good news on the jab,hopefully working it's way to all of us soon.
    Big G-Think it all depends on the strength of the asthma you have that depends on how up the list you move.
    Mama-Good news on the injury.
    Foot was a little sore when I started running so came back in and did an hour race on the bike,new high average speed of 22.8mph.
    Big G-When races start at the same time for all categories I'd much rather they started slightly different times as it's hard to know who you are actually racing against in your category.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ian, the race I'm doing starts at 7:22pm, which is the Cat C race, so the A and B should be up the road, with D starting after us.  I'm strangely excited about it - it feels like a proper race!  I am Cat C on Zwift Power but I'm right on the boundary with Cat B.  I think they allow a leeway of 0.1W/KG, but if I have an amazing race one day I am at risk of a DQ I think, but I'll cross that bridge if/when it happens.  Currently I meet the Cat C criteria, anyway.  In the club there is talk of possibly setting up Team Trial Time teams as there are TTT races on Zwift, which I'd like to get involved with too as that is more tactical as well as being a bit of fun.

    I did see an article about Zwift with their founder from today, which I found quite interesting.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-I will look for those races,all the ones I've done have started the same time so today I was 280/433 but in my cat I was 69/140 so slightly better %
    I really enjoy the racing,I cant seem to just get motivated for a ride,maybe it's because I haven't rode an actual bike since I was about 14.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Shades - i bought some Endorphin Speed back in Oct or Nov, with a view of racing in them instead of the Rides, but CV19 and lockdown occurred so no racing, they are unused and boxed ready, wish id have known as id have waited and bought the black ones released a few weeks ago, mine are white and the lanes i run in mostly are very wet and last pair od Rides (iso 1 which cost £60) are approaching 500 miles, ive been waiting for the 13s to drop but they keep sitting at £125. I hate paying top money for shoes, so took the middle ground and ssid id gwt some when they dipped under £100, which happened today with £99 inc free delivery. I paid £80 + £7 pp for my first pair of Iso1 and have since had plenty of £60 pairs, so hopefully I'll get a few pairs of 13 cheaper later in the year. The reviews are goodso i want to stick with Rides, ive been using Pegasus 36 and 37 recently due to nursing the last pair of Rides along, and Ride 13s beat Pegasus in the reviews.
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