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  • Aquarius, good to hear from you. It's certainly a sellers' market right now which is great.......until you also become a buyer. Good luck! 

    HS, yes, the temperature has dropped and it's much more runner-friendly today. I confess to have lost a bit of motivation this week. I've used the weather and the extra cycling as a bit of a pretext for ducking out of runs. As I type this I'm trying to man-up enough to go out for my weekly interval session which I usually enjoy. (I can't imagine you ever losing motivation for running - but perhaps you have at times?)

    My son has a place booked in a local 10k in late September but can't do it. He's trying to register me in his place. It's a testing course which I've done before. It's one of those runs that combines a 5k and a 10k. When I last did it I entered for the 5k but got badly misdirected by a steward and ended up actually running about 13k! It was a boiling hot day and I had an acute sense of humour failure and actually had a bit of a go at the volunteer on the finish line. (Confession: I was actually hoping to win the 5k and I'm sure that was part of my frustration.) I was totally in the wrong - and apologised profusely. I suspect that if they remember my name it might be rather tricky for Bateman junior to transfer his entry!
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, good to hear from you again! You certainly have a lot going on at the moment. I hope you get a good price for your house. It sounds like there is plenty of interest in it. Good luck getting used to your new car. One needs to be a computer expert these to understand all the functions. The days of doing our own servicing are long gone😬

    JB, it was a bit cooler here too, but with a short spell of rain. It's also been raining on and off this afternoon.

    I don't think that I have ever lost my motivation for running. 

    How frustrating for you getting misdirected in a 5k race and running 13k instead. I think that I would have been very angry too. In the days when I was nearer the front in races, a marshal  misdirected us and we had run some way before the mistake was discovered. In the meantime, the slower runners had been directed onto the correct course, and we had to retrace our steps and try to catch them up. Very frustrating😖

    This morning was a solo hilly 6 mile road run. I decided to do a slight variation to the intended course, which meant I ran back up a hill, I had earlier run down. I hadn't recognised it, as things always look different in reverse direction. I had to run down it again to get back onto my intended course😆  
  • Very late evening everyone,

    I thought I'd better stop by as I've been AWOL for a few days and didn't want to leave it any longer. I've skimmed through your latest posts to get an idea of what's been going on.

    'Life' has been a bit hectic for the last few days and it's not stopped yet. We're heading off to Tring tomorrow afternoon and staying overnight at the Premier Inn - that's because we're meeting my Mum and sister and having lunch on Sat and it saves me driving there and back on the same day. Then on Sunday, I need to put the light fitting and blind back up in the front bedroom that was decorated yesterday - those jobs should be fairly easy. The main job however, will be removing the stair carpet. Hopefully I'll be able to book a slot at the recycling centre for early next week and take the old stair carpet plus anything else I can quickly lay my hands on.

    On Monday, the new front bedroom carpet is being laid. Once that's done I have to move the bedroom furniture temporarily residing in the spare bedroom, back into the front bedroom. That will clear some space in the spare room so that I'm able to clear stuff from the landing as on Tuesday the decorating ladies are back to decorate the hall, stairs and landing.

    I've also got book group on Tuesday afternoon, we're meeting friends for lunch on Wed and on Thu morning I've got a meeting with the manager of the local leisure centre, to discuss re-starting 'normal' sessions for my swimming club (they're currently 45 mins only but we want to get back to 90min sessions using both pools). I 'might' be playing golf on Friday - but I 'might' decide I fancy a rest!! :)

    Speaking of which, as part of our 'Summer Tour', Alan and I played another new (to us) course on Wed. He only beat me by 1 stroke - but as I have a larger handicap and get 4 extra strokes, it was a moral victory for me.

  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, you've certainly "got a lot on your plate!"

    Well done for Wednesdays golf match against Alan! It seems like you are equally matched now.

    You may remember a few weeks ago that I had a wasp nest in my loft, which was removed by a Council Pest Controller, who had to cut away part of the flue of the kitchen extractor fan, to remove it all. I decided to contact an electrician, who had installed it back in 2008, to supply and fit a replacement fan and flexible flue. He came this morning to fit it, and connect the new flue, which entailed pulling down the loft ladder and climbing into the loft to connect it to the grill on the outside wall. Certainly not a job I could have done myself. It is much quieter than the old one, and at first we didn't think it was working.

    Today is a rest day.
  • Mel, not sure how you ever found the time (and energy) to run! Sounds like you are getting a lot of upper body work ripping up carpets and moving furniture. I worked on removals during my holidays at uni. It was very hard graft for a slip of a lad weighting in at under 9 stone! Your house will look like a palace at then end of all this work.

    HS, when you think of all the events you must have ran, I guess one misdirection would be par for the course. It happened to me twice. You deserve a rest day! Glad the fan replacement worked.

    I did the Woking PR today. 90 mile round trip, so was it worth it? Answer: yes. A lovely park. The course was tough. Quite flat and no wind (the good news), but very many turns (a local told me 45 'corners'!), some mud, narrow paths and lots of overtaking. So my 21.42 was a good return. 78.03% age grade which was the 3rd best (out of 290) on the day. 

    Mrs JB won her category.

    Not too impressed with Woking as a town (home of HG Wells and Paul Weller!).

  • Good afternoon everyone,

    JB, I'm sure that's not the only time that I have run "off the beaten track!"

    Thanks. When the electrician removed the old extractor fan, a lot of the remnants of the wasps nest came down! He has fitted a new grill in the outer wall which will prevent any wasps attempting to return.

    I'm very impressed that you did a 90 mile return trip to the Woking parkrun. There is no way that I would drive so far these days for a run, even for a marathon. Well done for your time and WAVA, and well done to Mrs JB for coming first in her age category.

    The only time that I have been to Woking, is when changing trains on the journey from Surbiton Station to Portsmouth Harbour for the IoW.

    This mornings run was 5.26 miles in the forest at marathon pace , with the Sarah's and Giuliana.
  • Good evening all,

    An easy pace 3.88 miles in the forest, pre the fundraising breakfast in Sarah F's garden. 

    Tomorrow is our furthest training run for the marathon, and scheduled for 20/22 miles. Hoping it will be several degrees cooler than last Monday 🤞
  • HS, thanks. You've got one heck of a run tomorrow. Hope it goes well - and that the weather is kind. Good luck!

    The big news down here is that the Brighton marathon was 500 metres too long! This is rather shambolic and there will be a great number of angry runners around. People might have ran PBs and not known it! But they ALL have now ran an ultra. This is small consolation. I don't think refunds are planned - but next year the numbers might well be down. A few years ago the Brighton HM was too short - and invalidated everyone's time.

    This year the men's and women's race winner both came form the same club - Tonbridge AC. That must be VERY unusual, esp as it isn't a big club.

    Even bigger news - Lily (now aged 6) did a PB in the JPR. And wasn't last!
  • Evening all,

    HS - I like to think Alan and I are more evenly matched these days playing golf. It won't be too long before he'll be suggesting we try re-calculate my handicap based on my recent results (and make it less) and then I'll have to try even harder. I remember your wasps nest and the extractor flexible flue needing to be cut away. We had a new extractor fan fitted in our kitchen last year, but as it is twice as powerful as the old one, needless to say, it's slightly noisier! :) Good luck with that planned 20/22ml run.

    JB - I think if I was still running, it would have had to take a back seat recently (whether through lack of time or lack of energy is debatable). Glad the 90ml round trip to Woking PR was worth it and well done for your WAVA score and to Mrs JB for winning her category. You mentioned Woking and Paul Weller - is it a town called Malice? I saw the story about the Brighton Marathon being 500yds too long - my friend Ruth says she doesn't feel too bad about her PW now. Well done to Lily for her PB.

    Our trip to Tring was good. We decided not to eat at the Beefeater next door - picked up some salads meals & assorted snacks for our evening meal at Oxford Services and Margaret had already got some instant porridge for breakfast. We had a nice meal with my Mum and Sister/BIL and then drove home afterwards.

    Yesterday, as mentioned, was spent taking up the stairs and landing carpet - that was hard work! I 'kept at it' and despite feeling tired, made myself put the light fitting back up and the supports for the venetian blind. Today, the guy came and fitted the new bedroom carpet. He mentioned the door needed some taking off the bottom as it was rubbing the carpet. I said I'd have a go but mentioned I find it fiddly - he said he does doors as well as carpet laying and did it for me in 15 mins for £20 (and saved me several hours of swearing and cussing). The blind is back up in the bedroom and we've moved the bed and furniture back in there from the spare room.

    The carpet guy advised the carpet grippers on the stairs weren't any good as they had been cut too short (does anyone remember how people only had carpet running up the middle of stairs to save money?). We called the carpet company and they said they'll get the fitter to fit new ones across the whole step so I had to spend time today taking up all the old grippers. And to round things off, I've had to moving furniture and 'stuff' off the landing and into the recently vacated spare room, ready to give a clear run to the decorating ladies who are back tomorrow to paint the hall, stairs and landing.

    Alan has gone ahead and booked golf for Friday so it doesn't look like I'll be getting the 'rest day' I thought I might have at the end of this week.

    Feeling worn out after all the work we've been having to do recently - I think I'd forgotten what hard physical work is ;) 

    Anyway, we get a rest from the physical work for a few days now until the decorating is done by Thu. So it's book club tomorrow afternoon, lunch with friends on Wed and a meeting at the leisure centre on Thu morning before golf on Fri. I don't know what Margaret has planned for the weekend - hopefully nothing! :)

  • Mel, well done for all that grafting! Who are you sending the invoice to? I used to knock around with a couple of carpet fitters during my drinking days. They were hard, tough lads.
    I know what you mean about the demands of physical work. I'm a nut-case when it comes to exercise and that includes upper body stuff. But half an hour digging on the allotment reduces me to a sweaty wreck!
    Soon it will be Allan who enjoys the benefit of the handicap if you keep improving like this.

    Not much going on here. Will do an evening 10k run when I tag along to my mate's running group. It's raining here but should be fine by then. Also it's a 'pick up the grandkids from school day'. I love their school - it's very old and relatively small, so it gives off a very cosy vibe. It's also - big factor! - 5 minutes walk from their house and a short drive from ours. Parenting (and now, I've found grandparenting) is a matter of logistics as much as love!  

    Look forward to reading HS's account of his - gulp! - 20 mile run.
  • Morning all,

    21 miles off road successfully achieved yesterday. I will post this afternoon, but in the meantime, here is a Strava screenshot. 

  • Good afternoon everyone,

    JB, thanks, the LSD run went really well, see the Strava screen shot above.

    I saw that the Brighton Marathon was 500 metres long. That's really frustrating for the runners, but perhaps better than being short. This happened to me a few years ago in the South Downs  Half Marathon. They had to alter the course at the last minute, as a cycle club claimed that they had a race which was on part of our course, and we couldn't run through it. The solution was to run up Butser Hill for a second time, and loop back. This added nearly a mile to the race. To add insult to injury, it turned out that the cyclists had no authority to prevent us running through "their patch."😖

    Congratulations to Lily for her PB and not finishing in last place!

    I hope your evening 10k goes well, and the rain holds off.

    Small old schools always have a nice feel about them, and probably interesting history.

    WtnMel, I note that Alan is considering adjusting your golf handicap, which would make you have to try harder to remain on par with him.

    My new extractor fan is so quiet, that when the electrician switched it on, he didn't think it was working. It was though, and is working fine.

    Glad your trip to Tring went well. We used to visit there sometimes, when I lived in Aylesbury.

    You must have been burning off a heck of a lot of energy with all the improvements to your house.

    Good luck with the golf on Friday, after your commitments before hand.

    The 21 mile forest run went very well yesterday, and the temperature was much cooler than the previous Monday. We didn't have to refill our water bottles, which gives an indication that running was easier. To make the distance, we ran out to what will be the start of our marathon, did one circuit and then ran back. On marathon day, we will drive to the start of the course and run 2 circuits. The venue is only about a 5 minute drive, so we will have some support, and some will run parts of it with us. 

    Today is a rest day, and I haven't done any exercises, except the usual walk back from the supermarket with 4 heavy bags of shopping.
  • HS, 21 miles: terrific effort! Must give you confidence for the full distance, especially over the same course. I'm not surprised you rewarded yourself with a rest day - most folk (especially those of a certain age) would need a rest week!

    I've got 2 10k races coming up in the next few weeks. This is a distance that I typically under-perform on and it's deservedly so because I don't prepare properly, rely on my 5k speed and fade badly. So last night in perfect conditions I ran the distance as hard as I could and managed a (respectable) 46.04, which I'd hope to improve on in a race.

    I think that one of the issues with longer distances, for me anyway, is the concentration factor. With a 5k I'm pretty much 'on it' the whole time, but with the 10k I notice that I tend to drop into an easier pace unless I concentrate. Therefore, goodness only knows how I'd cope with 21 miles, as per HS.
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    JB, thanks! We were very pleased with our LSD run, and Sarah F, who is running the actual London Marathon should do very well, as it is all on roads and fairly flat. Sarah H, Mike and I will be slower, as our course is off road and quite hilly. Probably muddy too if we have much rain before hand.

    Well done for your 46.0410k. That must be very competitive in your age category!

    This morning was an interval session comprising 10 x 60 seconds fast with 60 seconds jog recoveries. My fastest 60 seconds was the 10th which averaged 7.22 minute miling.

    Sarah F is running in the Bristol Half Marathon on Sunday to get more time on her feet on roads, as most of our runs are off road. She has promised not" to push the pace."
  • Morning all,

    JB - its been nice to not be ripping up carpets etc. for the last few days. I've booked another trip to the recycling centre for this afternoon to get rid of the old stair carpet and anything else I find in the garage that needs to be dumped. Alan's golf handicap is about 6 strokes less than mine - I doubt mine will change by more than 1 or 2 strokes when we re-calculate it so I'll not be at too much of a disadvantage.

    HS - well done re that 21ml run .. impressive stuff! As mentioned above, Alan and I will re-calculate my handicap in light of recent improvements. He belongs to a golf society so his is constantly monitored by them. I may have burnt off some extra calories with the carpet removing etc. .. but the 'treat' of a cold beer afterwards or an ice-cream probably undid any good it did ;) 

    The decorating ladies are doing a grand job. They put lining paper up in the hall, stairs and landing on Tuesday and started on the white paintwork and did the ceilings. Yesterday they painted the walls and carried on with the white paintwork. They were almost done so today they're 'finishing' off and I expect, knowing them, they'll be done by lunchtime.

    We left them decorating yesterday while we went out and had lunch with some friends - it was nice to get back to 'normal' stuff.

    Off to meet the manager of the leisure centre shortly. I'm there to speak to him about getting our swim sessions back to normal but lifeguard cover seems to be the main sticking point. Wish me luck persuading him to go ahead with them. We (the club committee) discussed some ideas for helping with lifeguard cover if it's still an issue but I'm keeping them up my sleeve and will bring them out when (if?) they are needed to get him to agree to the proposed changes.
  • Afternoon all,

    I thought I’d better try to pop in quickly to say hi. 

    WtnMel - I thought I was busy until I read your recent posts! How is it that life these days is so full of things to do? I’m just glad we’re retired, i can’t imagine having to fit these things around work, although I suppose we must have done so when we were still working. I hope all the furniture moving and decorating is going well, and that you had a successful meeting with the leisure centre manager today. I wouldn’t blame you if you gave golf a miss tomorrow, you need a bit of time for yourself. (Reading on I see you are booked in for Friday’s golf after all. I hope it goes well for you and your recent run of good form continues.)

    JB - I see you have two 10k races coming up in the next few weeks - did your son manage to get his 10k place transferred to you?  Woking was quite some distance to go for a parkrun, I hope you weren’t too dizzy from the 45 corners. I think I would have found that many turns and twists a bit frustrating. A good result for you though (and Mrs JB), but best of all ………Lily’s outstanding performance at JPR! I knew she could do it, congratulations Lily! Not such good news about the Brighton marathon, I wouldn’t like to be the person responsible for that mess up.

    HS - Well done for your 21 mile forest run, your training seems to be going really well. You must be feeling very confident for race day having already run the course, fingers crossed that the weather is kind to you. I hope Sarah F has a good race on Sunday in the Bristol HM - lets just hope it doesn’t measure too short or long. :| Your account of the  South Downs HM a few years ago sounded a bit of a disaster. You’d think the respective race organisers could have communicated a bit better with each other and prevented that happening on the day. 

    Still running here, and still very busy with people viewing our house (by this weekend we’ll have shown 20 couples around). I think I’ll refuse any further requests for viewings and see what offers we have (4 so far with promises of others to come). Our main problem is that although there is no lack of interest in our house we cannot find anything to view in the area we want to move to. We did see one property that looked promising appearing on Rightmove on Monday morning. Within a couple of hours over 30 people had expressed an interest in it and some had submitted offers before viewing had even opened! When I rang up to ask to view the property I was refused, because although we had received offers on ours, we hadn’t actually accepted an offer yet so the estate agent wouldn’t consider us. It seems there are a lot more people looking for properties than there are properties available. It’s all rather depressing. We’ve run up against this problem on other properties we’ve enquired about, it seems we have to accept an offer on our house just to be able to view a potential property. Even if we did that there is no guarantee that a) we’d like the property once we’d looked around it and b) we may not be successful with our offer (they all seem to be going to “best and final offer” at the outset, so you only get one chance to get your bid right). In other news our son (the one staying with us with g’daughter while looking for a house himself) has been successful in an offer he made for a house, so if all goes to plan, he will be moving on in the next few months. 

    I’ll try to post again soon, and hopefully will have more time before then to properly catch up with all your activities. 
  • HS,  a good idea for Sarah to run that HM, but were it me, I'm not sure I could be trusted 'not to push the pace'. I think women are generally more sensible about that sort of thing. How's that for a sweeping generalisation?

    Mel, good luck on the negotiations. I should be able to had on some tips as I was once the lead negotiator for my union branch, My mates used to joke that the management would offer 5% and I would negotiate it down to 3%! ( Well I think they were joking!)

    Aquarius, that business of selling/buying a house sounds so stressful. I guess you have to keep your eyes on the prize. I think this business does generally bring out the worst in people (not you though!). Glad to hear that your son is sorted. Quick audit: we've bought 6 houses. Only one of them was a nightmare of stitching up. Yes, I did manage to get my son's entry to the 10k, thanks. It's a week Sunday.

    I managed my usual - and rather mad - interval session today. I knocked 13 seconds off last week's time, so I must be in reasonable nick. This week's Parkrun is in Littlehampton; much nearer to home (7 miles or so) than some of my recent ones. It's a prom based one.

    I  had an odd but rather nice encounter in the week. I was chatting to my mate's running coach who is a top local runner. I asked him his predicted time for one of the upcoming 10ks and he said 35 minutes. I was genuinely taken aback and said that I'd be delighted to be only 10 minutes behind him. "Well", he said "being polite, there must be a decade between our ages." He's 41 and I'm 66 so I was very flattered. Perhaps he just felt sorry for me!
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, thanks, we enjoyed the run, being that it was cooler than the previous Monday.

    It will be interesting to see what difference is made to the results of your matches with Alan, once he has recalculated your handicap.

    Good to hear that the decorating ladies are doing a great job.

    I hope you are able to get the manager of the Leisure Centre to return the swimming sessions back to normal.

    Aquarius, thanks, our training is going really well, and we have "stuck" to the marathon training programme. I'm hoping that Sarah won't push too hard in her half marathon. She won't be running Saturday or Monday, so hopefully won't do any harm.

    What a nightmare for you trying to sell your house and buy another. There are always snags. I presume gazumping is still fairly common, which makes matters even worse. Good news though that your son seems to have been successful in having an offer he made for a house being successful.

    JB, I'm not so sure that it was a good idea for Sarah to enter the half marathon. Apparently, she only entered it because a relative, who was a fairly new runner had entered, and she thought it would enable her to run slower by running with her.

    Good luck for Saturdays parkrun, I expect it will  be another fast time, especially after your interval session. 

    That's rather flattering isn't it, being assessed as being 10 years younger than you actually are. On a similar theme, there was a comment on the Over 70's Facebook runners page " It's strange to think that we are the same ages as old people!"

    This morning was just an easy pace 40 minute road run, in accordance with the training schedule.
  • Evening all,

    Aquarius - a bit of a pause with the decorating/furniture moves. I have one small job to do before the new carpet goes down - fixing a creaky floorboard - but once the new carpet is done, we can think about finishing things off. The meeting with the leisure centre manager went okay - see below. Twenty couples have been round to view your house - that's good going. And I see you've had some offers too - even better news. It's been a while now but I vaguely remember the 'hoops' you have to negotiate re having accepted an offer on your house before you can view ones you might want to make an offer on. Good news that your son has had his offer on the house accepted.

    JB - not so much a negotiation as trying to find a way to organise things within certain limitations (see below for more info if you're interested). Well done re knocking 13 secs off your interval session time. I think I'd be taken aback if someone suggested they'd manage a 10k in 35 minutes - that's 6 min miling which if I think about it is (to quote my friend) "uncredible" (unbelievable and incredible).

    HS - Alan only 'hinted' my handicap might need adjusting. I guess if I start winning more regularly, he might start dropping bigger hints :)

    The meeting with the leisure centre manager went okay but he's still not in a position where he can guarantee to be able to provide lifeguard cover (due to having to have let people go through the pandemic and now trying to employ new people). One idea he's suggested is to split our session between the main & small pools - that might go against the grain of what some want. Either way, I think the next stage is to canvas our members and see what they think. In the meantime, I've emailed the rest of the committee with the details and will see what response I get (slightly akin to lighting the blue touch-paper and retiring backwards at speed). I think we'll get there with organising these longer swim sessions - but it will involve people getting use to some changes (but hopefully only short-term ones until the leisure centre is back up to full numbers of lifeguards).

    As I suspected, the decorating ladies were done by mid-morning and disappeared. We have lovely bright walls and white paintwork now but we've got to live with bare wooden stairs until next week when the new stairs and landing carpet should be fitted. I hope it's the same guy comes to do it as the bathroom door could do with a little off the bottom and I'd rather pay him another £20 than faff around doing it myself.

    I've been to the recycling centre again today to get rid of the old stairs carpet, the underlay and some other 'stuff' that was in the garage that I managed to fit into the back of the car. I told Margaret not to worry but the garage is almost getting to the stage when you can move around in it without tripping over so much stuff ;)
  • Rest day for me today. For one thing the knee is beginning to feel a bit sore.

    Mel, your point about the garage made me think of Parkinson's Law: work expands to fill the time available for its completion. Here's an amended version: rubbish expands to fill the space available for its storage. If I pay your guy £20 will he take a little bit off my bottom?

    HS, hope that Sarah's HM doesn't impact negatively on her marathon plans especially as so fa everything seems to be going to plan. (She needs you to be pacing her.)
  • Afternoon all,

    JB: Your mention of negotiations around pay offers made me smile, can you imagine any employer offering 5% these days? Well done for knocking 30 seconds off your interval session time, that’s quite an improvement isn’t it? Good luck for tomorrow’s parkrun, I hope your knee is better by then. That was a nice compliment when your mate’s running coach commented on there being a 10 year age difference, Despite what you think I’m sure he wasn’t just being polite or feeling sorry for you. (Has he had these problems with his eyes before?).  :p
    £20 to get a bit taken off your bottom - that may be considered taking a bargain too far.

    HS: It must be just over a fortnight now until your marathon, do you start tapering soon? 

    WtnMel: You are making good headway with your plans to get the 90 minute swim sessions back. I suppose it’s not surprising that some compromises are needed in the short term, and the leisure centre manager does sound like he is doing his best to accommodate you. I hope the other swimming club members appreciate your efforts. Did you go ahead with your golf match today? 
    (I like your friend’s “uncredible”).

    A short run out today comprising a 10 min warm up then 6 x 20 seconds at 8.49 pace with 60 second recoveries, then 10 minute cool down. Garmin shows my fastest set was 7.34 and slowest was 8.10. I found it very hard to judge my pace over such a short space of time. I have to repeat this session next week, so will see if I can get closer to the target pace. 
    I don’t think I got around to reporting on my 10k at Druridge Bay a couple of weeks ago. That’s probably due in part to it being such a tiring race. A combination of the heat, the inclines and two beach sections of about a mile each resulted in a run I really didn’t enjoy. Which was a shame because I normally look forward to this 10k, but Covid considerations along with a junior race at the same time meant the 10k course had to be changed. Apart from having two sections along the beach instead of the usual one, the new course felt like it had more inclines than usual. The strange thing is though that although a lot of runners commented on the constant inclines when you look at Garmin you can see that wasn’t actually the case, perhaps it was just the heat that made it feel that way? Whatever it was I felt I had no energy in the last half mile or so and really had to ignore my heavy legs and just concentrate on finishing. My finish time was a disappointing 1.05. I hate having runs like that because they are so disheartening, you feel that any improvement you may have been making was just an illusion. So you can imagine how pleased I was to see the published results for my previous 10k (the one that sets the handicap for the GP series of 5k runs over winter). Out of 179 runners who took part on the night I’m ranked 7th (remember the finish times are adjusted by the handicap weighting) and I’m listed as 4th out of the top 5 ladies. I’m quite pleased with that because we’re a new team and I hadn’t met any of the other members before the run, and no doubt they were a bit concerned about having a little old lady on the team (I was the second oldest runner that night), so all I can say is “hooray for the handicap system” as it puts us all on an equal footing. (Also I worked out my WAVA was much higher than the younger runners on my team so that made me feel even better!) 
    We’re getting used to our new hybrid car now, and are pleased we made the change. So far it has hardly used any petrol and runs a lot on the battery, although when it does switch over to petrol it charges the battery back up at the same time. It doesn’t completely recharge it though so you still need to plug it in when you get home. We’re still waiting for our electricity supplier to change our smart meter over to a different generation of smart meter, and until that happens we can’t take advantage of the cheaper tariff, however even on our present tariff it doesn’t seem as though we are using a lot more electricity (although our next monthly statement should give us a better idea). 
  • Good afternoon everyone,

    WtnMel, I hope that you will keep winning so that Alan considers recalculating your handicap, to equalise again.

    It seems that it might be a while before the swimming sessions are sorted to everyone's satisfaction.

    JB, today is a rest day for me too. I hope that your knee doesn't cause too many problems.

    I'm also worried that Sarah's half marathon might adversely effect her marathon training. A shame that I won't be there to pace her, but she knows what she is doing, and I'm sure will be sensible.

    Aquarius, we have already commenced tapering. Monday was our last and furthest long run. Our marathons are on 3rd October, Sarah F doing the London, and Sarah H, Mike and I doing the virtual.

    Your 20 second efforts this morning were speedy. I think that it is difficult for accurate reading on the garmin for such short efforts. It's the same with heart rate readings. 

    Your 10k race time seems very respectable to me. The conditions weren't ideal for a pb time; the heat is very strength sapping. Our 18 mile forest run a couple of weeks ago, was on probably the hottest day of the year, and you will have seen from my run report that we had to do a lot of walking. That's great that the handicap system gave you a better result than you first thought. I found the same thing when we were running 5k's every Saturday. My WAVAS were usually superior to those of the younger runners with much quicker times.

    I'm glad to hear that you are getting used to your new hybrid car. It certainly sounds as if it is more economical to run than a petrol or diesel car.  
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    edited September 2021
    Afternoon all,

    JB - hope the knee soreness goes away (can't imagine you resting it for very long!). The 'stuff' in the garage has certainly expanded over time - mostly on purpose as I didn't have any plans to go to the recycling centre for quite a few months. But I'm making a concerted effort to clear/tidy it now I've started. 

    Aquarius -  I've had one reply to my swim club email from our webmaster saying he's no intention of returning to the swims until both pools are available for the entire session .. still waiting to hear what the rest have to say. The golf got cancelled as my friend Alan got a puncture (he sent me a photo on WhatsApp - the offending thorn was 2" long!). Apparently, modern cars don't have a spare tyre, just a kit to fill the tyre with foam - who knew? So he had to get the RAC out (he was close to home so able to use a taxi). Reading about the Druridge run I wouldn't be too disheartened .. running on sand, inclines or not, is always going to be harder then roads and will result in a slower time. Don't go to Druridge early on Sunday btw - there'll be hundreds of people running down the beach and I can guarantee they'll all have forgotten to pack their kit ;) As you say - hooray for handicapping. Glad to hear the hybrid car is working out okay so far.

    HS - oops, cross-posted with you. As mentioned above, the golf today got cancelled. And as mentioned, still waiting for the rest of the committee to reply. But until we have canvassed the members and got their opinions, we don't really know what is going to be the best thing to do about the swims sessions.

    We had a new cupboard fitted to hide the fusebox in the hall and the decorating ladies painted it the same colour as the walls. Margaret tried to put the doors back on and couldn't manage it so I did it this morning and found the 'ladies' had fitted the hinges back on upside down on one of them - so I'm not surprised Margaret got confused with it. The other small job I've done today was on the landing. We're still without any carpet there until Thu and there was one particularly squeaky bit of floor. I've used some expandable filler underneath the offending piece of flooring to try and stop it flexing/squeaking every time you walk on it. So we'll have to see if that improves things.
  • Aquarius, interesting to read of your 20 second intervals. I do 25 second ones (then a mere 5 seconds rest) and I thought they were short. Maybe I should have a longer rest between the intervals as the hear rate is still pretty high when I crack on with the next one (I do 20). I'm sue a coach would cry in frustration if he/she saw my training.
    Great news on the handicapping.  Whilst any specific handicapping system might be imperfect, you've got have something - and preferably one that over-rewards oldies! 
    That 10k run sounds like something that I for one, would enjoy. 
    Nice to hear that the hybrid car is proving it's worth. Well done for getting one.

    HS, I'd love to know what your taper look like. I realise that a marathon requires far much more discipline than my 5ks where you can get away with over/under-training, poor diet, going off too fast/too slow, slapdash preparation (sleep?) and the like. Anyway one of these, including a poor taper, can get you into serious problems.

    Mel, the hinge anecdote made me giggle.  Your house must be just about immaculate by now! Is there anything more that needs doing?

    So, did a bit of 'local tourism' today and went to Littlehampton, some 7 miles west. This is really 'more of the same' i.e. a prom side course, flat as a pancake and often windy. Today the wind was no more than a stiff breeze so conditions were set for fast times, although for some reason this parkrun doesn't attract the out and out speed merchants that we get a few miles to the east. (The course appears to be a tad long, but I don't think this is common knowledge!)

    Anyway: 21.50 with an 80.32% AG. Won my 65+ category and achieved the 2nd best AG on the day. Most pleasing of all was to find myself with the 2nd best time ever in my category - I told you the speed merchants don't go there.

  • Evening all,

    JB - back in the day when I did intervals regularly, the 'rest' between was usually twice the time spent doing the interval. I don't think there's any more major decorating needed in the house - the cupboard doors I mentioned around the fuse-box need touching up (the decorating ladies are quick and efficient but a little bit slapdash at times and they missed a few small patches. We also noticed the study walls need touching up - they were done when it was really warm so we think the paint dried out too quickly.

    As you know, I've left Almost Athletes. Or rather, it left me last year when no-one I knew from the Thu group appeared to notice I had not been able to train for weeks, let along give a f**k. I never thought the lady who organised the Thu runs particularly liked me - especially after some outbursts when some of the group ran off ahead and didn't wait for us slower ones and I let them know what I thought. I liked her originally - but grew to dislike her as time went on. She's just blogged on Fetch about buying xmas decorations - in September. A tasteless acrylic reindeer family that light up, for her front garden, and she thought she'd got a bargain because she got 15% off and they were just under £200. She justified the purchase by saying a friend who was widowed last year said "if something makes you happy and you can afford it, you should buy it". I left a comment suggesting there's a difference between being able to afford something and paying over the odds for over-priced stuff. 
  • Ha ha, you tell her Mel 😄
  • Hope all is well with you all. I can't post at the moment as my daughter has had an accident and needs stitches. Hopefully she will be ok.
  • Sorry to hear that HS, I hope it's not too serious. x
  • Thanks Aquarius, I don't think it's too serious, she was waiting for a call back from the nurse when she last contacted me, and will keep me informed x
  • HS, hope is is well with your daughter. No matter how old they are, you can never switch off from your children. 

    Mel, thanks for the advice on intervals. Now - crack on and get that study sorted!

    6k run yesterday, and then watched Lily beat her 2k PB for the second successive week. At this rate of progress she will be a world record holder in a few years. But for now, it's just nice not to come last! Today  will be a rest day although with a cycle to have breakfast with some ex-school friends.

    Not that this matters a jot, but I just noticed an inaccuracy with my race report from Saturday: for 21.50, please read 21.05!

    A real nip in the air today...........

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