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    OO- Don't dwell on the one bad run, focus on all the other great ones this last few months (Obviously I would completely not do what I am suggesting here and would of course dwell on the bad run, it's just easier to hand out the obvious advice than accept it!). Enjoy the trip and bagging another sub 3.

    Gul, just like the e-mails will land at the very end of today, as they did last Friday, there's no way those bags are arriving before Friday!!

    Legs feel a bit tired today after yesterdays session, just an easy 9m MLR today which is a nice drop down from the 12-13 I've been doing on a Wednesday.

    I've started watching the London weather forecast for a week sunday. I don't know why, it'll change many times between now and then and I cant do anything about it anyway. However right now i'd take that forecast.

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    Berlin weather looking fab I have to say, getting  up to 23 degrees midday Sunday- I'll be in the beer Keller by then of course 🍺
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    Thanks Jools, everything crossed for your dodgy calves too. I'm guessing you had calf trouble in the past?
  • Pretty much written all my post there, DT. Enjoy the drop in volume.

    Hope the healing vibes are in rapid mode for you, Jools.

    OO, hopefully it's just a small bug and you'll be in full race-primed mode on Sunday. Enjoy Berlin, I've been a couple of times, once for the race, great city. If you're there on Monday, the river boat trip is a a great way to see some sights as well as rest tired legs and enjoy a beer.

    The final mile has a few turns, when you do the final left turn, the the Brandenburg Gate looms large but the finish line is further behind it than you think. I had to sprint hard to bag my first sub-3.10, just about made it.

    Rest day for me today as only doing 4 sessions this week. No more speed work, plenty of foam rolling and massage gun on the hamstrings and glutes.

    Also watching the weather forecast. It was 11 degrees C (52F) in 2019, my perfect conditions. Hoping for similar but would probably take the current forecast after a warm summer of training.
  • Anyone checked their emails lately? You might want to now :)
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Not for me yet. Seen they started landing about 15.30. 
  • Yellow start for me at 9:30
    Recommended train arrival times 7:39-7:52
    Start area arrival time 8:05
    Wave start opens 9:14-9:29
    So I will need to set off around 6:50.
  • Yep, email arrived. Yellow start at 09.30

    4th colour start area after collecting the main three in the past.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I'm in yellow too. Over an hour in the Start area is quite a lot...
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Yes, particularly if it's raining and/or with no phone to play with.

    Im in blue wave 2 -9.36-9.39, which in essence means wave 3 as champs will go then wave 1 then wave 2. I've seen another guy with a 2.38 (already had a ballot place so they wouldn't allow him to upgrade to champs) in blue wave 1 so it seems some speedy folk are going off blue. I am just a bit worried at 3m having started 6 mins behind yellow wave 1 for eg merging with other starts with runners running 30s per mile slower.

    I recall however that Blue is generally regard as the fastest start in terms of the amount of downhill in first 3m??

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    Yellow Wave 1 as well

    Start time 9:30 - 09:33

    What does everyone else have for the start time?
  • Found a much better route to Greenwich via Cannon Street, so don't need to set off quite so early. And with over an hour of hanging around, perhaps arriving a bit later might be a good idea. Presumably there's a bit of leeway with the time arriving at the assembly area. See some of you there!
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    DT - perhaps all the younger veterans are going off the blue start due to the constraints of the Abbot Age Champs.  They're probably assuming you can make up 6 mins over the first 3 miles! 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    If you start behind us all DT that's less pressure for you go get the first pint at Chandos- silver lining?  🍺

    I'm a mile away from the start Gul. No way I'll be getting there silly o'clock 😉
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    Sbd, it'll be a stretch. Even at 30s per mile faster than 6.52 pace (which I won't be) it's going to take me 12m to catch someone right on sub 3 pace. 

    It does look like they've moved things about to accommodate these champs and the v40 and v45 gfa are going off blue start from what I've seen then v50 and v55 off yellow. 

    Every cloud, Oo.

    Though I guess we won't be running a normal London so it won't be generally so crowded at any point as yo what we are all used to. 
  • No email for me yet. I suppose the Champs ones will be sent out later....
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    It sounds like a bit of a bum deal there DT - apart from the Chandos drinks!  The Mile 3 merge is going to be interesting ...

    Presumably celebs going off the Green start as usual.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Yes I'll end up merging at 3m with 3.10 ish runners I'd expect. As I say, hopefully things will be more thinned out than normal. 
  • DT - see you at the merging point then ;)
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    What did you give as your expected finish time Gul - I gave them 2:52.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Starts appear to be done by AG.

    Im yellow, 9.30 too. Wont make the 8.06 arrival though.

    2m easy, 7m av 6.55 early doors. Aim was to hover 6.50ish and early miles are lumpy so about right. Legs were tired after sundays 10k, but effort was comfy, didnt want to see how fast i could run 7m, but hover around an easy mp effort.

    Physio stuck his elbow in my hip/bumcake tonight, fckn excruciating, might be a zero tomorrow.
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    The Yellow start could be quite interesting.  In 2019 there where only 79 runners aged 50+ that ran less than 2:55 and 160 less than 3:00.  It could be a lonely initial 3 miles before the fast boys from the blue and green starts catch up!

    Hopefully the physio session does the trick TR.

    10K recovery early evening - legs feeling like lead for some reason!  Broke in a new pair of the GT 2000s just in case I change my mind on the Next%!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SBD - you get the chance to lead the race. Anyome on the old gfa start that had improved to sub 240 used to get the chance to lead the race too. I remember stu leaney being in that boat........hip/bum should be fine......once the bruising goes.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I once started on green with the celebs. Once we pushed our way through to the front it was virtually open roads for a good while 🤭

    I thought about a massage this week but wimped out. Enjoying my new massage gun though- great for a £70 investment.
  • SBD - taper madness legs :)  I said 3:07.
    TR - hope the pain was worth it.
    OO - kitbags today, let's hope.
    7 steady miles with strides today.
  • 3.5 miles with a clubmate who also needs to do short, steady runs right now.  Progress from yesterday's 2.5 miles.  I'll be up to 5 miles before I know it ;)
  • All getting exciting now for the London crew - don't forget to post your numbers on here so that those of us cheering by the side of the road will know when to look out for you.

    I'll be at the British Heart Foundation cheerpoint at Surrey Quays at about mile 8 so I imagine that there'll be a whole wave of thread runners coming through round about 10.30. I'm also planning to make it to Canary Wharf as well but won't be leaving Surrey Quays until MrsL has passed and she's not setting off until about 10.45 so suspect my DBS messages to you all will have to be by telepathy at that stage.

    How long do you reckon you'll stay in the Chandos? I'll be heading up to the end (possibly running from Canary Wharf, albeit not along the marathon route!) to meet up with MrsL near Traf Square and it would be great to pop in and see you folks.

    From what I can see, it would appear that taper madness is starting to creep into this thread in all its variant forms - it's certainly hit our house! 

    OO - hope that Berlin goes well. What on earth is a massage gun?!

    Training for the Yorkshire mara on the 17th is going OK - got a few long runs in and I've got a local half on Sunday which I'll run untapered but should still give a sense of where I might be in terms of marathon time expectations. I'm definitely not close to PB shape and TBH would be pretty happy with a sub-3:15. The GFA cut off date for VMLM 2022 is 3 October this year, so I've missed the boat for that and I've got a guaranteed place in 2023 (albeit not GFA) so there's not too much at stake on the 17th, other than pride. I've just got to make sure I stay ahead of elder Lorenzito who's doing his first marathon there and while he's aiming for sub-4, he's now got his parkrun PB down to sub-20 and has been putting in some decent long runs as well.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    SBD- I did think yesterday, you'll be well placed to be leading the race for the first 3m, which would be a great experience!

    I have chiropractor this afternoon and a sports massage next Tuesday. Looking forward to ironing out the creases.

    Lorenzo, good to hear from you. I think you son is right to be a bit cautious on his first marathon but sounds like he's sandbagging to me with the 4 hour chat, unless by sub 4 he means considerably sub 4!

    Jools, keep plugging away, you'll be back in full swing in no time.

    I am still trying to   work out how London are doing the whole start set up, if Mrs L is a 10.45 start. Are they setting a load off in quick succession waves, then having  a little break then going again? If  a wave goes every 3 mins off 4 different starts that's circa 80 waves an hour which would surely cover circa 50k runners? I guess the waves themselves might be a lot smaller than usual, which would make sense as taking all these other covid measures then jam packing pens would seem ridiculous. I am hoping with not having everyone turning up at the same time the train will be much quieter and so will the toilet queue.

    I'm off out lunchtime ish for 8m low tempo as what will really be my last work out of substance. Should be tomorrow, but I have a boozy work function all day starting at midday (not ideal but having not had to attend one in 2 years nearly I could hardly refuse) so want to get this run done today in case there's urgent work stuff be done in the morning. Todays 5m recovery can more easily slot in around that or move to Saturday.

    After a week of no booze and very clean eating, I have gone from 2lb over Dorney weight to 1lb under this morning. Granted, I have felt hungry at times but it's a short sharp blast for the greater good.

  • Good to see you on here for a catch-up, Lorenzo. I'll be in my orange club shirt, so give me a shout, I'll look out for you. I grew up around there so know it well. 

    The red start was the worst of all the starts for me. I was in there for the last London in 2019. Despite being in the early pen, it was full of charity runners who were of mixed ability. It took ages to get past them all. The London website stats showed that on the day I overtook over 5100 runners with just 11 overtaking me, 9 in the first half and 2 in the second. I don't think it affected my time but it was mighty frustrating.

    That's just showing off, Jools;)

    I joined the sub-3 thread on facebook last night. Not sure I should have dome that. Feeling rather inadequate now!  :D
  • DT - not sure how many are in each wave but as MrsL put an estimated finishing time of just over 5 hours she's one of the last ones to set off. As you say it'll be interesting to see the impact on the trains and toilet queues. 

    G-Dawg - no chance of me missing you in that orange top! Plus the fact that you'll be towering over all the other runners. 

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