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  • Camlo, glad you heard from your son and all well!!! keep his balance low so he has to contact you frequently to get it boosted regularly!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    I did just shy of 11miles today and battled the horrid wind but loved it! loving that fetch site (just found) can't wait to input all my training and let it worked out how I've improved etc. Also pleased to not be driving around measuring distances!!

    Kiddies still not in best health but on the up.
  • CC- I do that all the time- keep thinking I must remember to pack xyz, I must remember, then at the crucial moment get distracted & duh it's gone. Went to in-laws before now for a weekend without nappies.  Oh & my distractions all seem to be toilet related too....

    I did find some black socks in ALDI which are good but they only come in occasionally -according to the News Of the World this weeks bargain is their version of spanx pants for about  £4.99?!? might get a pair to hold the c-section overhang up. 

    JF -hope the kids get better soon, glad you still managed to fit a decent run in. 

  • Happy Birthday Camlo!  So he's run out of money already??!!!!  Hee, eh - who'd have em?

    My lovely friend and her dog came over, despite being out till 4 in the morning and living in Ascot so well over an hr away.  It was chucking it down when she arrived and M was napping, so we just chatted, then went to the pub for lunch when M woke up, followed by a lovely walk with the dog in the forest for an hr  - no rain or wind!

    Before she came it was sunny this morning, so we went to the playground, and I finally saw M take 2 steps!  Then she did it again this evening.  Hurrah - she will walk!  Was beginning to give up hope.  Poor little thing, she has an awful cough, as do I, feeling fine just coughing.  As I'm sitting here I can hear her in her cot coughing away, but she's so good and isn't crying.  So much of me wants to go in and give her a cuddle but I'm resisting because if it's 3am I won't want to go in and give her a cuddle, and she seems just to be getting on with it.  Am I being a mean Mummy?  Afterall, there's not alot really I can do (I am a firm believer that cough medicine is rubbish and doesn;t work, although I have got some kiddy stuff and if I'd remembered I would have given it to her tonight)  What would you guys do?

    Just watched Little Miss Sunshine  - amusing and entertaining.

  • Caro - I think if she needed you to come in she'd cry, so if she's just coughing away i'd leave her to it, unless it sounded really serious or anything which I'm sure it won't.  If she's anything like Sophie if she sees you she won't let you leave...  Oh and hooray for the 2 steps!  It's all go from now on...

    Camlo - happy birthday!  And great news about the news if you get what I mean!

    had my first evening of not drinking last night at my sister's - kind of feels like there's no reason why I shouldn't but saying that I am starting to feel a bit crappy from about 5pm onwards every day, and I think my boobs are getting slightly tender...have to keep reminding myself that 4 weeks is really not very pregnant! image

    Sophie's had a great time with her 2 cousins who are 3 and 4.5yrs (my sister's boys) this weekend, so much so that she refused to have a nap AT ALL yesterday!  She was clearly tired tonight after not much of a sleep in the car and we haven't heard so much as a sigh from her since she went to bed at 7pm image.  Makes you wonder if she's done a runner...

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Same as you, Caro - Kit's got a really evil, chesty cough (which seemed to come from nowhere overnight on Friday) and although I gave him a token spoonful of Calcough yesterday I haven't given him any since.  I agree that cough medicine is rubbish and doesn't work.  I've given him Calpol just to help him settle and rubbed a load of Vick's on his chest which seems to be helping.  His chest was dreadful last night - full of mucus which he couldn't seem to cough up.  It seems to have loosened a bit today and he's OK in himself - temperature very slightly raised but not by much, and he's eating and playing as usual so he can't be too bad.  I think the coughing hurt him last night as he woke crying a couple of times and when I went in he told me he didn't feel very well and asked for Calpol.  But bless him, he mostly just gets on with it and doesn't cry even if he feels poorly.  Like you I don't generally go in unless he's crying, as he seems to just cough for a bit and then settle himself again, and isn't always even properly awake.

    Well done CC and Camlo on your races - we didn't go to Wales in the end so was a good thing I didn't enter the Elan Valley 10.  Wales is awash according to my in-laws so not surprised to hear your experiences Camlo!  I got out for 10.5 miles this morning - fortunately before it hurled it down with rain - and did quite a pacy 7:45 average.  The first two miles were slowish - 8:30 and 8:15 - but my final mile was 7:15 so I was pleased with that.  Even more pleased with the fact that I felt really good - lungs and legs in harmony for once - and could have carried on at that pace for quite a bit longer.

    TattyB, congrats to your cousin and his partner.

    Camlo, glad you heard from your eldest in the end.  I do shudder now at some of the things I put my mum through in my late teens/early 20s: staying out all night and not phoning (didn't have a mobile back then and I just sometimes felt it wasn't cool to ask friends if I could use their phone to ring my mum at 2am) - she must have been worried sick.  Once or twice hubby has been incredibly late home from a boys' night out (one time he sat down on a bench while walking home from the pub as he'd missed the last bus, and fell asleep for two hours) and I've imagined all sorts of horrors, so goodness knows what I put my mum through lying awake all night wondering if I was going to come home or if I was dead in a ditch.  Inexcusable.

    Caro, bit difficult re. long runs on days you work.  If you work a Sunday do you work a Saturday too?  If not you could do your long run on Saturday.  Or how about doing it after work on Sunday?  Not ideal but not as bad as having to get 20 miles in before 10:30am!  Must say I think that's why I found marathon training really tough when I planned to do FLM '08 (before I pulled out).  Before Kit I could chill out for the rest of the day after a long run.  Once he was around I'd have to get home, havea quick shower then carry on as per a normal day.  In hindsight the main issue was that I hadn't really got back to 'proper' running (i.e. more than about 15 miles a week) until about October '07 when I went back to work.  The summer after Kit was born I was a bit lazy with training - I injured my back trying to do too much too soon and then became over-cautious and stuck at 2-3 mile runs for ages.  So I tried to build up from that to 30+ miles a week over about a fortnight, and just didn't have enough base under my belt.  Now I'd find it relatively easy to go from 14 mile long runs to 20 and would probably do myself justice.

  • Caro - I do exactly the same. I NEVER go in to JP unless he is really crying. Bit of whining and I don't bother, because he usually goes back to sleep of his own accord. And I definitely wouldn't go in if he wasn't crying! I would say I am a pretty mean Mummy!image

    Happy Birthday Camlo!image Glad you heard from Thailand in the end. Boys, eh? Might have to go to aldi and check out those pants this week, you know!

    CC - I would buy your socks! Well, not the old baggy Salomon ones...image Have also wrecked a fair few pairs of nice white socks on off-roaders. I lived, and I learned - I always wear my oldest grubbiest things when I'm going to get muddy now!

    Julie - well done on the run, always feels better when you've done it, especially in bad weather! Hope the kiddies are completely better soon.

  • Yes Minks I work the Sat too, and there is no way on earth I would want to run after work on a Sunday, not for 3 hrs anyway!  I'd just be dead on my feet, and know mentally I wouldn't do it.  I'd figure something out, and there's always Grandpa who wouldn't mind coming to stay for a few days.   I only did two 20 milers before FLM - one was a really good run and I felt fine afterwards and even went out to a party, the other was a dreadful run and I felt awful after - I guess it just totally depends on the day.

    Tx for the wise words re M.  I did go in just now, armed with the cough medicine, only to find that despite coughing for England, she's still lying on her tummy, bum in the air, and wasn't aware when I went in or stroked her back, so I just left her to it.

    My turn for sleep now......

    And Minks - my bad hubby hasn't texted me at all today to let me know he's ok!!  Grrrrrr.  Men.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    They just don't get that we worry, do they?  Hubby has often worked late and texted me to say he's left at a particular time then stayed at work for another hour or so, so not only have I timed dinner to be ready for when I thought he'd be in, I've then ended up worrying what the hell's happened to him and why it's 2.5 hours from the time he said he'd left and he still isn't home ...

    I had some good and some bad long runs in my marathon build-ups.  I could never work out why I could run 20 miles one day and it felt like a stroll in the park (well, almost) and then two weeks later, same run and same route and it was a real struggle.  I guess there are just a lot of factors that all contribute to how well you run on any given dayand you just have to hope that all the positive factors are in place on race day.

  • morning all - no time to read back.  you've all been busy! we had a rubbish time in dorset and came home early.  i couldn't sleep there; E was waking at 5am and waking J (in the same room together); weather was rubbish; we had v few toys with us due to space in car and the TV didn't work - oh and the weather was dreadful.  so all in all it wasn't very enjoyable.  i am really not in the mood for booking a holiday for next year.  i just absolutely hate it when the LO's sleep gets disrupted.  reason E was waking so early was that she wasn't getting proper naps in the day (she normally naps 12.30 - 2.30 - or whenever I wake her) but when you try going out and about (which you have to with a 3 yr old if you don't have much in the way of entertainment in the accommodation), she doesn't sleep, and then she always wakes early for some reason.

    that's why i hate babies.  (sorry to all who love them but i just cannot bear the inflexibility that goes with the baby phase!).  hubby wants to do 2 weeks self catering in france next year but given that it's me that will have to book it and i don't want to go because all that happens is we end up having to hang around the accommodation while E naps, i don't think we will be going!  it's so much easier when they get to about 2 and it doesn't really matter so much if they don't have a sleep!!

    ((JT)) - hope you feel better soon.

    camlo - happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Camlo - glad your son got in touch too!

    My husband is rubbish at saying what time he will be home too, although he normally texts when he is on his way now...

    So, I am doing 20 minute sessions on the rowing machine every other day, do you think this will be enough to aid weight loss?? Am planning on doing 30 mins next time if I can face it...
  • on a brighter note - i have just battled the winds for a 5 miler.  i left my garmin at home and ran 'free' for a change.  mainly because it was so windy i didn't want to see 9.x miling on my garmin.  but actually i felt quite speedy.  no idea how fast or slow i was but i don't care - twas lovely.

    am starting to have more trouble sleeping again.  have a lot on my mind at the mo - am juggling 2 assignments with work, plus i have a course and an exam (which i HAVE to pass as it's a professional requirement for my job, and the pass-rate is only 60% at the moment so there's a chance i won't pass it) in december and i'm meant to be studying for that in the evening and i just haven't got time.  i have no time at all for anything other than work, study and kids at the moment.  and i hardly spend any time with hubby and all we seem to do is grunt at each other.  and then i don't sleep because i'm worrying about work / study etc etc, and all it takes is for E to wake up in the night or for the wind to keep me awake (as it has done for the last few nights) and i feel absolutely dire.  wondering whether i need to up my antidepressants, but i feel that may not be the answer.

  • kinsey - it's all about taking in fewer calories than you burn.  rowing is pretty good at burning calories (better than cycling and swimming, if i remember rightly), and every bit will help.  but you shouldn't be worrying too much about that at the moment.  aidan is still only tiny and you have loads of time to lose weight...
  • Hi all

    Glad you heard from your son Camlo.  I suppose we'd better all get ready for the idea of kids asking for money! At the moment, LB is happy with tuppence which I use to buy things from his shop and his cafe (everything in his shop/cafe is tuppence) .

    I agree about the black running socks for this time of year. I got some nice winter ones from Gore last year but I'm not sure if they still do them.

    CC I can still remember being confused and embarrassed when, at primary school, the teacher asked "what do you need to make a baby?" and I said "sperms and eggs". Apparently the right answer was "a man and a woman" as he didn't want to have to explain in any more detail than that. Not that I bear a grudge for 40 years or anything - but I was right and he didn't acknowledge that! Talking of which, a secondary school teacher still owes me £1 because knew the answer to what he thought was a very hard question and he didn't pay me because he thought I had cheated somehow!

    Caro  Definitely leave her in the cot! LB has started talking at night now. I assume he's asleep but sometimes I do wonder. I'd love to have a little webcam in there that works in the dark (not that I'd get up in the night to use it, but before we go to bed when he's singing away and making weird noises with the cot).

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble sleeping CM. I can sympathise. The only thing that works for me is earplugs  and they have to be "just right" (but I won't go into that again!). Used to be better when I was getting a lot of exercise as I was just crazily tired.

    New mealtime success with LB - corn and crab chowder. The "crab man" at the farmer's market yesterday was selling his stock cheap cos he was soaked and wanted to go home. Wasn't sure how LB would take to it, as it's his first substantial crab-based meal but he wolfed the lot.


  • CM sorry you had such a rotten time away, and that it all is a bit stressful at the moment. I can so relate to the insomnia, and it's not nice.

    Hubby still not really feeling well so I think he's coming back early tomorrow. He was going to drive abck via the Peaks and go fell running, but I don't think that will be happening somehow.

    We are going to try Tumble Tots tomorrow. I have been on a waiting list and they just phoned me. Since getting on the list we have found a church playgroup that costs £1 for 2 hrs, so Tumble Tots (£5.50 for 45 mins) will have to be exceedingly amazing to compete!

    I have put M's name down for the nursery at our no 1 choice primary school. It's only 1 yr and 10 months till she'll start image I e mailed them to ask how I went about applying, and within 10 mins someone called me and I did the applicaiton process over the phone. Thought I may as well get her name on the list, as I can always change my mind later on.

    Had a very weird squall/tornado thing here earlier. It got darker and darker, and then out of nowhere this huge wind with tonnes of rain blew things everywhere. It only lasted 5 mins, but if you had been outside you would have been blown away! It took me a few mins before I realised it was raining in the kitchen, all over my cook books. I guess the old, wooden window frames aren't up to withstanding horizontal rain at 100mph!
  • CM - shame about your holiday, I certainly have no plans to go anywhere with Aidan while he is little as it certainly won't feel like a holiday for me while I still have to cook, breast feed, entertain Martha etc etc!
    Hope you start sleeping better soon...

    Caro - the weather has been a bit like that all day here - looks sunny and then before you know it the rain is hissing down...
  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    Any tips to stop a 10 month old biting!?  The little horror keeps burying his head into me and nipping me! Ow it hurts!

  • My mum says she used to bite me back!

    I get hit in the face quite regularly.  Today a nail went up my nose and she drew blood - little wretch!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    CM, sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your holiday.  I can so relate to the not enjoying going away with a baby.  Our first holiday with Kit was when he was 5 months and we went to Devon - thankfully only for a week.  The weather was dire and there wasn't much to do at the accommodation so hubby was keen to get out at the faintest glimmer of sunshine, even if it was at a time Kit usually napped.  I got really stressed abouut where we would change him if we went out (on that holiday I discovered how few places have proper baby changing facilities - lots of kneeling on none-too-clean toilet floors) and where we would feed him and if we'd find somewhere we could heat up his bottles (bloody health and safety).  Was quite glad to get home and back into our normal routine to be honest.  Much easier now he's older.

    Rubbish day here.  Spoke too soon about Kit not having a cold with his cough - came out with a vengeance today.  Starting at 3am when I woke with a jump to find him standing beside our bed next to me.  Tried to take him back to his bed but he got really distressed and kept saying he wanted a cuddle, so (going against everything I have ever said) I put him in bed with us.  Don't think he really settled and I definitely didn't so 45 minutes later I persuaded him back to his own bed and he settled down.  Then took me ages to get back to sleep and he was back in our room again at 5:45 - just put him in bed with me again then as only half an hour until the alarm was due to go off image

    So no nursery today and have had to stay in all day as a) he wasn't really well enough to go out and b) weather was pants anyway.  Am now climbing the walls - and hubby rang at 7pm to say he was only just leaving work.  Fab.  Kit was so shattered by this evening he didn't even touch his tea and then I honestly thought he was going to be sick as he retched so many times with the mucus.  Dosed him up with Calpol, Vick's on his chest and back, nose drops and a spoonful of Calcough and put him to bed an hour earlier than usual and he seemed to go straight off, but then had a coughing fit about 45 minutes later and now I've already been in to him three times since he went to bed so I fear the worst for tonight.  If he's no better tomorrow will probably take him to doctor's just to rule out any chest infection (I don't think he has but best to be sure).   What they really need when they're ill is a good night's sleep but sadly that's generally what they don't get.

    Sorry - very self-indulgent post but I get SOOOOOO twitchy when I've been stuck indoors all day!

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    Poor Kit - hope he's better soon.

    Caro - I also get hit in the face (he hasn't drawn blood though - yet!)

    CM - shame about your holiday.  Our holiday in Sept was a complete disaster as Nate was ill.

    Happy birthday Camlo.

    Sorry if missed anyone - no time to read back much!

  • chynah - a very firm 'no', moving him right away from you (sitting him on the floor for example), or moving yourself away is what is recommended.  J used to bite me when little and i didn't do enough to stop it, and he did turn into a a monster with his biting.  but definitely do NOT laugh or jump or squeal or do anything which will make nate laugh when he bites you.  they can learn very early not to do something if you are firm enough with them when they do it.
  • Poor Minks (and Kit). I hate it when LB's ill and it's even worse if you aren't 100% yourself (eiethr ill or lacking sleep). Add "cabin fever" to that mix and it's miserable all round. All I can say is I hope it passes quickly.
  • CC - well done on your xc race. Sounds great fun!

    CM - sorry your holiday wasn't good.Not being able to sleep isn't good so i hope you can find something to help.

    RB - wow. well done LittleB on the crab.

    Kinsey - do you row at home or at the gym? It is the most boring thing ever but pretty good exercise I think. I do one rowing session a week, morewhen I'm injured so I might be seeing more of it this week. Have done up to 30 mins at a time but it is mentally hard! Would be easier if you can watch TV at the same time!

    Camlo - well done on your race too and must have been a relief when son got in touch. I 'm not looking forward to them flying the nest, I'll be constantly worried sick I would imagine. 

    Julie- hope kids are on the mend.

    Chynah - boo to the biting, the twins went through similar stage. Ditto CMs advice.

    Caro - heard a wee bit about a tornado on the radio, sounds strange. We have had a lovely day today and frosty tonight.

    JT - how are you doing? When are you back to work?

    Minks - sorry you have had a rubbish day - hope kit is better soon.

    Had a bit of a rubbish day myself  ending with in an argument with hubby. Knew it was coming when I brought up the subject of wanting to go for a sports massage. He is right we can't afford to waste money on luxuries like that but....

    Tried a run yesterday but buttock / ham just got progressively worse. Started off feeling ok but deteriorated. Trying not to panic about it but I just hate not being able to get out for a run and I also hate how not running makes me feel so rubbish and frustrated. Have still been cycling but not entirely sure I should. I certainly don't feel it like I do when I run so hoping it is not doing any further damage. 

    Cameron is really unsettled at night still. Took me from 4 - 5am to settle him (and then my alarm was set for 5.45 so I didn't go back to sleep). Lewis was fast asleep until I tried to sneak Cameron out of the bedroom and then he just sat bolt up and screamed the house down until I got him too. He is a bit snotty but nothing major. I must not lift him tonight, only did to avoid waking Lewis and then he woke anyway!Strange to think that neither of them slept through a single night until they were 13/14 months old. Don't know how I managed getting up a couple of time every night and marathon training too!

    Phew that was a major catch up. Hi to everyone else and sorry if I've missed anything!

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭
    CM, Lotte and JT thanks for the advice - right I think it's time I got tough with the little darling. 
  • Crikey, you lot can't half natter - and I haven't contributed at all today!!image Have had a lovely day at Mum's and then choir practice tonight. Got JP's hair cut, which was fun...He didn't want to sit in the chair like he usually does (hairdresser has a special kid's one that's like a car!) so sat on my knee. Then he wouldn't have the cape on either, so we both got covered in hair!image But he does look very cute now.

    Lotte - oh boo, hope your nights are a bit more settled soon. So true though, sometimes when I look back at periods when JP has been a bu**er at night, and I don't know how I did it! Big hugs and good sleep vibes coming your way.

    Minks - poor Kit, hope he's better soon. Know what you mean about feeling cooped up - I hate it when we can't get out for whatever reason. Your long run yesterday was super speedy btw - reckon you could easily go sub 1.40 for a half. What is your PB again?

    CM - bummer about the weekend away. I do think hols are stressful with little ones at the best of times - so much to think about and plan for. Agree the baby phase is tough, espcially when you have to do things at set times etc. I find JP MUCH easier now he's bigger, and all I need to do is make sure he's fed, really! Well, obviously there are other things, but you know what I mean. Guess you've answered your own question about upping the ADs too. I would try and ride out this tough period before you make any decisions on that front. I am SO determined I am not going to end up back on them this winter...

    Chynah - good luck with stopping Nate biting. JP went through that phase - painful and also embarrassing if he did it to someone else! He only ever bit me once though - I freaked out so much I think he was too scared to do it again!!!

    JT - good luck tomorrow at the hospital.

    Oh, and we had an incident this morning of the cat kind. Ben discovered he had a tic on his belly!!!! YUCK! In all the years I've had cats, I've never known one to transfer a tic onto a human... Ugh, it's making me itch just thinking about it! Ben then proceeded to get rid of it by burning it with a match (yes, I know, he must have a masochistic streak!). Yelps of pain ensued, but it is gone now. I don't get it though, we religiously flea them on the first of every month, and Frontline is meant to stop tics! Grrrrr.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    LOL about the tic, TattyB - not funny for you though I'm sure!  And LOL at the sub-1:40 for a half - my PB is actually 1:39 something (I think, might even be 1:38 something) set in 2005 which was the last time I did a half - something I definitely need to rectify!

    Boo to the continued injury woes, Lotte.  At the risk of sounding as though I'm lecturing you, I would not have done the duathlon the week before your half when you were already teetering on the brink of this injury.  Sometimes you have to keep the bigger goal in mind (which was the half) and do everything it takes to get you to that goal.  I think you asked too much of yourself trying to do both races - just my two pennies' worth though!

    JT, don't go back to work unless you feel physically able - even if it means being signed off for another week or so.  It takes a long time for your body to get over something like that, especially when the handling of the situation wasn't great and you had to deal with even more emotionally than you would have had to under 'normal' circumstances.

    R_B, it IS tough when they're poorly.  I am very patient with Kit as I know he can't help being poorly and to be honest he's not even been especially whingy - just constantly asking to have his nose blown (like 150 times which wears a bit thin after a while!)  My mum popped in as we'd run out of Calpol and she brought round some more - it was pathetic how desperate I was by then for some adult conversation!

    Poor little soul is coughing on and off - I have a feeling it could be another long night ...

  • Gggrrr I'm so tired, only just finished cooking tea, putting washing away, wet washing on the rack, dishwasher on, dinners for nursery, updated a colleague on a problem at work & then hubby finially drags his arse off 'evony the best war game in the world' to ask if I want the computer to check my emails before we watch a tv prog.

    Well YES I do want to check my emails but stuff off to watching TV cos I've got work in 9hrs .....

    Going straight from work to running club so hubby has to get kids from nursery - ha, no bleeding Evony tomorrow ! 

  • ((camlo)). i have evenings like that - although i was in bed at 9pm last night because i felt so ill after no sleep on sun night and no sleep on thurs or fri nights.  i did sleep well last night, and you are right, TB, i do know that upping the a/d's is not the answer to sleep but it's very tempting when you know that will sort it out...

    have created a problem for myself at home - keep trying to encourage J not to wee in his nappy overnight since he has been dry during the day since july of last year.  a couple of nights ago we were talking about it and he said that the reason he wees in his nappy is because it's dark at night and he's scared to get out of bed.  i thought 'd'oh of course!', so we put lights on for him and he got out of bed to wee (or tried to anyway - ended up very confused walking down the stairs one time) one night.  so i then said the next night, if he didn't wee in his nappy, he would get a treat.  BIG MISTAKE.  he got up 3 times to wee in the night but his nappy was still wet in the morning.  of course, he wanted a treat.  and i said 'no'.  HUGE TANTRUM ensues (in the morning - no time to deal with it as need to get out of the door to get them to nursery).  the same thing is happening every morning now.  my own stupid fault - i shouldn't have promised him a treat for something that is not within his grasp, but i honestly thought that he could do it because he was getting up in the night for a wee and i was fairly sure that if he was getting up 2 or 3 times, he'd be dry in the morning.  but no.  ARGH!!

    hope all the poorly wee ones are on the mend.  E vomited all over me last night; it wasn't her usual milky vomit, so am hoping it's nothing serious.  she was fine, if ravenous, this morning, so i have sent her to nursery. bad mummy!  i don't think it's a bug - only one vomit and no other signs - but how do you know?? of course, i didn't tell nursery... slapped wrist!

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