Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Gemma - sorry to hear you were blown out by mo....food poisoning eh?! heard that one before!!

    I've run with a few famous runners..the first was Kip Keino (remember him) at a little fun run near to where I live in Farnham. The local press were there and the front page photo on the Farnham Herald showed my wife running along in the foreground with the Kenyan Olympic champion trailing behind her!!

    I also met Sir Ranulph Fiennes at an adventure race in Staffordshire. At one point during the race my partner and I made the mistake of deciding to follow the great man to the next check point, assuming that he knew where he was going (being an arctic explorer and all that) but we all ended up hopelessly lost and about 3 miles from where we should have been!! Lesson learnt from that is not to rely on someone else's navigational skills, regardless of who they are!!

    And last March, at the end of day 4 of the Marathon des Sables I spent a few hours on a stretcher next to James Cracknell! I was lying in the medical tent suffering from dehydration and hooked up to an IV drip when he was carried in semi conscious. He'd just run over 50 miles non stop and collapsed at the finish line!! An incredibly gutsy guy - just hope he recovers okay from his recent bike accident.

    By the way, don't know which browser you're using but I've found that I can't upload photos on Safari so use Firefox instead...that seems to work fine.
  • thanks Chris, yeah i just quite excited about meeting him and running with him only to find out at last minute its cancelled! bummer...

    sounds like youve had an exciting running past! i used to train with kelly holmes at the harriers club i was at, but thats as much celeb/famous runner contact ive had. i like the fact that Fiennes got you lost! haha

    poor cracknell, its a shame about his recent bike accident! wish him the best. so you did Marathon des Sables? amazing... i am hopefully looking to do an ultra in a few years time after have a few more marathons under my belt.

    Tommyguns- sounds like the best of both! work in city but chill out in Kent...lovely image xxx

  • gemma carter wrote (see)
    yeah, sometimes we all can get used to going out each day and just doing the usual or even trying to push it further. i think we all forget the importance of days off. think of it as training too!

    Last day off.... June 18th!! And that was because I had a tough half -marathon at Box hill the following day!!

    And yes I know I should include rest days into my training - I've read all the advice about over-training and injuries etc but each day I get up and feel okay to run or swim or go to the gym and so I just carry on!!

    I guess I'd think again if I started to notice that I was getting slower or if I was constantly tired or something but  so far that hasn't happened!! Touch wood!!!

  • totally agree chris, what im saying is we all need to be aware of the point when we do get more fatigued than usual or feel ultra tired one day, and feel that we can say 'ok i need to rest/ go easy'. if you feel perky each day they heck go for it!!!! im the same i'll keep going and going, and schedule rest when i feel i need it not when im told to. image
  • Glad to find a kindred spirit in the 'rest days' department Gemma!! Sometimes I feel I ought to have a rest so I give the morning run a miss but I always perk up later in the day and go for a swim instead or bash out 10k on the rower!! I think I'm probably a bit addicted to exercise but hey, there are worse things to be addicted to!!!

    Must have been cool training with the Dame - did she manage to keep up with you??
  • Kelly Holmes, She went to the same school as me and her mum lives just up the road so I see her all the time, well not so much these days now she's famousimage 

    My other famous runner was Steve Ovett (shows my age) I did a few training sessions with him when I was very youngimage

  • A two deer day!! Saw another one (or could've been the same one) while out running tonight!!
  • Foggy and not a breath of wind as I did my fartlek this morning.

     Wildlife sightings: Hard due to fog, however 3 drunks in their late teens/early 20s I think, were spotted being spoken to by local police.

    celeb runners; Used to train or run with Lachie Stewart many years ago s he lived and worke din our area. Thought I was the business

    Tommygun: I warmed up at a couple of Scottish events in late 80s/early 90s at the same time as Steve Ovett.( I know that doesn't really count....image) I was in total awe of him. He seemed really pleasant and genuine.

  • Chris; Deer might have been out doing double sessions too image
  • Wet and overcast this morning and very little in the way of wildlife. Pleasant enough run though.

    More celebs: I often meet Rachel Morris (Paralympic Hand Bike Gold Medallist) when I'm out training. She takes her dog out onto the military land where I run.
  • Done my second quality run of the week, should have been yesterday but it was raining stair rods.

    Out the trap at 04:30, 1.25 mile warm up, 1 mile striders followed by 3 mile tempo and a 1.25 mile warm down............... all that concentration I forgot to look for any wildlife .

    Mind you it was crunchy snail time again.image

  • Derek: Glad to know somebody else does quality runs early. I'm fine after about half a mile of easy running to warm up.
  • I'd been aiming to finish off my usual early (commute) run into central London today with a quality two mile stretch but road-works for the Olympics in Stratford diverted me miles off-course. After 8 miles I was wandering, lost and aimless in the East End. All thoughts of quality running gave way to a scramble to get to the office on time. I had to bail on the run and take the DLR (which runs at 2:30/mi, if you've ever wondered). No wildlife apart from Australian tourists.
  • Ctacking early run this morning.

    Another morning of dry, windless conditions. 2 seen foxes having a 'mad run' to themselves.

  • Out at the usual time (04:30)  this morning, not one bit of wildlife but had a cracking hill session which I haven't done for six weeks. Two mile easy followed by 4 times max effort up a 1 in 12 hill 400m in length with a jog down, no rest, then finish off with two mile easy jog back.

    Managed to better my uphill average from 1:49 to 1:47 with a particularly strong last lap. I must concentrate on the second lap as that always seem to be the slowest one out of the four even though I try to keep all of the session lap times consistant.

  • can't match you guys for early morning bank holiday runs but did get out at 8:30..... combined wildlife totals from run/cycle/swim are fox, heron, cows, rabbits, alpacas, a three legged rottweiler and what appeared to be a whale like creature in the lane next to me at the pool!!

  • Chris: No bank holiday Mo up here. Ours is staggered throughout September. Glasgow last weekend in Sept.

     Nice run  today. No wind, dry and horses galloping in their fields. (Kept to footpaths !)

  • Morning

    5.50am start this morning, little chilly but fantastic sunrise.

    7 miles, just a few ducks and three huge fury white dogs image

  • hello everyone!!!

     back to work on this fabulous tuesday- really lovely bright morning actually!

     im back from italy for the bank hols....think i mentioned i went away for a family baptism 'thing' and it was lovely, in the tuscan hills somewhere called Arezzo if you know it? only problem was the hills were well mountains to try running on! jees the car we hired couldnt get up in 1st!!!!! so i struggled trying to get training in image instead did hiking up them, but boy my glutes hurt!bit of a mad weekend but nice change of scenery!

     did everyone have a nice weekend? i see some still running early!

    did my early this morning felt really fresh and fast-image

    no wildlife though..only about 6 bakery delivery van, which i dont think counts!

    chris- yeah haha kelly holmes just couldnt keepy up with me! haha still gutted didnt go out running with Mo farah but maybe itll happen again. great spot with the deer!

    hope all well xxx

  • Sounds like a nice weekend away Gemma.

    My weekend seem to consist of doing Back to School shopping for the little ones imageimage

  • ahh the back to school rush! good luck!

    hopefully the shopping list isnt too long of uniforms, shoes etc!

  • Gemma: Sounds like a crackin weekend.

    Dark, mild with again no wind for my fartlek this morning. Great to be out.

    Tommy: Our schools up here in Scotland went back 2 weeks ago. Mind you we finish 2 weeks or so earlier.

  • Morning

    7 miles again this morning, I took some piccys of the sun rise over the lakes but I didn't have time to upload them before I had to set off to work. I'll try and sort them out tonight.

    Birkmyre - kids back to school tomorrow image means busy roads and crowded trains againimage

  • tommygun- good luck for kiddies tomorrow! look forward to pix, ps i cant upload a pic of me- help!! any clues?

    birkmyre- yeah was great weekend, beautiful weather, great views and nice change.

    went out for slightly longer run this morning, felt chuffed for going out my comfort zone! yippeeimage got that achy legs now which feels great! actually saw 2 others runners! we smiled at each other, i think all were surprised to see another runner.

    no other wildlife other than that.

    dont know about you guys but loving this freshness- i can feel the cold weather coming!

  • Gemma its certainly feeling fresher, I have been wearing a long sleeved top the last couple of runs. It gets really chilly as I drop down to the river and lakes, I was running through the mist this morning and the temperature really dropped brrrr.
  • yeah theres a definite difference in temp when you get into open land, when i get from the closed streets into the parks i notice such a change, and it really takes you by surprise.

    ive donned the long sleeves for last few runs too, still in shorts but i feel that changing to long lycras soon also! first few minutes of runs now have that 'ohhh chilly' feeling which havent had for a while!

  • It was milder up here today than the last 2 mornings.

    Still an issue in work re heating not being on !! Thi sissue has been going on recently for 2 weeks and a long time before that !!!

  • Finaly here are the photos of this mornings run

    Sun Rise  not sure how to put these on here so they are on my Face Book thingy

  • One of the reason I get up early to runimage 

    Not bad pics from a phone camera

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