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  • re the cafes, that's nothing.  Louise actually has a preference - costa is better than starbucks cos you get a marshmallow  with your babycino in costa image .

    swimming, hate it.  will need to get over that for the next week or so as suspect Louise will be living in the pool!  am about to look out passports tonight in case of any last minute traumas - there's still a day to go to passport office in Glasgow!

    Two BScs??? man how can you all be bothered?  I did the law degree, did the (compulsory) post grad and after 3 x 6 hour exams in diploma I swore I would never sit another.  My arm was not the same for weeks.  i might be about to renege on that pledge as work want me to become a solicitor advocate (halfway house between solicitor and barrister) but I can't really face it.  Have put it off for 3 years so far though and it featured in my appraisal again last week.  boo.

    right best go and look out passport and generally start to get ready for hols!  Oh and got to go and buy a duvet, sheets etc for Lou's new bed tomorrow as it will be in situ by the time we get back!  Waxing booked for 11am.  got to pop into work first too as have three different file references scrawled on hand as just want to check some stuff - I am terrible, I cannot switch off until literally I cannot possibly change things cos I am in another country.

  • Blimey, just popped on for a quick look before bed...!

    Anyway just a quickie so thanks re the counselling advice, I will definitely keep that in mind.  Have had another teary session this evening while he was fast asleep on me, just going over last Wed night when all these medical professionals were buzzing around him, sticking needles in him all over (literally 2 at once, one in his hand and one in his foot etc), drilling into the bone in his leg, feeding in syringe after syringe of fluid, and all the time he was screaming and screaming and all I could do was hold his hand and stroke his head imageimage  It went on for hours. That's what's really getting to me at the moment.  That maternal urge I suppose to hold your baby when they cry like that, and also the fact that I hadn't fed him and I could feel my milk filling up etc.  Don't know if that all sounds a bit sentimental but I really held it all in at the time so I'm very conscious that I need to "get it out" somehow.  Will keep posting on here too image.

    Minks - know what you mean about Kit's accident but like you say it was just one of those things wasn't it and you've got to let them take risks such as going downstairs alone regardless of why they're doing it.

    I'm not sure exactly who I will see at the next appointment but yes I will try to get some clarification on things.  He should grow out of it so I'm hoping in a year's time or so our minds will be more at rest.

    Anyway, hubby has already taken him upstairs so I'd better follow!  Another short night's sleep for me image.  Thanks so much for all your continued thoughts image.

  • If I ever sit another exam it will be too soon!  Just worked out I must have sat 'important' exams every summer (and at uni sometimes they were in feb as well) from yr 10 at school until aged 23!  I have sat one exam since graduating, a certificate in general practice, but that was pre husband and child.  Could never do it now as I have absolutely zero interest in coming home and studying in the evenings.
  • JT - Leila had one of the worst nights sleep ever after having a bath with the emollient stuff. It made her eczema 10 x worse, and she was so itchy it was awful to watch. I was up the whole night scratching her back as she just couldn't sleep the poor thing. WE have now reduced baths to every other night as we are in a very hard water area, and hubby swears by putting a table spoon of full fat milk in her bath which I have to say seems to have worked, as she no longer has eczema. I get it though on my wrist from my garmin and use the hydrocortisone (I think) sporadically.

    We made it down to the Gower for about 11 last night. Leila slept for the last 1/2 hour only, but stayed sparko whilst we unpacked the car and got her bed ready. The sun is out at the moment, so we are off to the beach as soon as hubby gets up!

    CC - I'll let you know how the Downs running goes. I would imagine the "up" bits will be more of a walk!

    JG - sounds awful not being able to comfort Nicholas. I don't know if I would have kept it together but you sound like you did amazingly!

  • JT, I have never used bio washing powder as they all make me itch and the boys too.

    After a bad bout of it when the boys were babies I now use Tesco Naturally Non bio liquid and fabric conditioner. None of us itch anymore and mostly are ezcema free. I use a propolis cream if we do have the odd patch and that works very well.

    ((JG)), you are doing so well. I remember so well the wires etc from Harry and the little canula in his wrist or ankle for his antibiotics that kept falling out and having to be put back in, I always had to leave the room when they did it as it broke my heart every time.

    Poor Harry, he now has to wear those thick rimmed glasses. Unless laser surgery drastically improves to correct long sightedness, he will only have contacts as an option. He has little or no binocular vision which is basically 3D vision, and she reckoned there was nothing that could be done about it except maybe playing ball games with him to encourage him to use both eyes together. Poor love. I asked about professions and she reckoned the only thing we need to steer him away from is becoming a fighter pilot, and I think I can live with that!!

    RB, can't believe the grandparents have only just become aware of LB, shocking. My dad is pretty useless mind. he has only seen us 4 times since the boys were born, and they are now nearly 4!

    CC, love the fact you're getting so much beach action in, fab. Boo to lack of OH though, muct be very hard in new place without him around. Welldone on the swimming though. I am lucky in that I swam very well in my early teens, had very good coaching and swam for School and club. Started to enjoy running more though when I got into late teens, but can still get in a pool and swim a mile of front crawl even after not having swam for 4 years.

    Busy day today, boys start swimming lessons and then off to local country park for picnic, before heading back to pack for weekend at the seaside!!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    I'm afraid I hate, loathe and detest swimming.  I'm not a very good swimmer at all - I think I got put off going in my teens as for years I had dreadful acne all over my back and was very self-conscious about wearing a swimming costume.  I can swim, but only breast stroke and I seem to be exhausted after about two lengths - which must be down to technique rather than stamina because if I can run 26 miles there's obviously nothing wrong with my fitness!  I might try and sort out some lessons for myself so that I don't embarrass Kit when he's older.  We'll probably start taking him weekly from the autumn if we can.

    CC, it sounds completely fab where you live - all that beach time must be amazing!  Bit of a bummer that hubby isn't around much - hopefully his hours will be a bit more normal again soon?

    I had never thought about children being hypersensitive.  We do wonder if Kit has a particularly well-developed sense of smell/taste as he will always smell food before tasting it, and if it's anything strong-smelling he won't go near it.  I think the noise thing might be a phase they go through - Kit's not keen on loud noises either but he's a lot better than he used to be.  At one point he had a real issue about the hand dryers in public toilets and I used to have to make sure no-one else was in the toilet before he'd go in in case they turned the dryer on.  He still won't use the dryers but doesn't freak out if one happens to start up while we're in a toilet.

    I do wonder about children watching things like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.  My nephew has just turned two and has gone mad on Toy Story.  This has coincided with him suddenly having night terrors.  Although Toy Story isn't "scary" as such, there are some fairly unpleasant things in it - all the mutant toys in the house next door and the horrible little boy who "tortures" toys (and his vile dog).  Kit has been watching it a lot lately and we did wonder if that was part of the reason for his shocking behaviour last weekend.  It's been put away for the moment and he can only have it occasionally as a treat.  He won't watch Toy Story 2 (he's seen it once) because he's scared of Zurg, a character in it, which goes to show how active their imaginations can be.  I remember going to see Lord of the Rings when it first came out with hubby's family, including our nieces and nephew.  All the kids had nightmares after it - some of the creatures in it were pretty grotesque even to me.  I didn't think it was suitable for 7-8 year olds, as they were at the time.

    MM, sorry to hear about Harry's eyesight.  Hopefully laser technology will advance and he'll be able to have it corrected surgically when he's older.  If not, contacts will give him for freedom than glasses eventually.

    (((JG))) It's not surprising you're feeling like you are.  You've had a lot to cope with and you need to process it all somehow - better to let it out than to bottle it up inside.  I still relive having to hold Kit down while they forced a mask onto his face to put him under general, so I completely understand how you're feeling.  But all these things are necessary to get them better, no matter how awful they seem at the time.  He'll get better and you'll gain confidence that he's going to be OK and hopefully you can look forward.

  • Well fortunately M wasn't scared of our new flight of stairs that has appeared on the landing.  Her comment was 'oh dear' - not surprising really given the fact that half the ceiling has a huge hole in, brick is exposed, plaster is coming off the walls, the coving is hanging.......I am taking lots of pics so we have before and after shots, so I should get round to putting them on facebook.

    One of my dear colleagues ha decided to pull a sickie for the 2nd day in a row, leaving us with only 2 vets when we should have 4.  This is after assuring me last night that she would be here today.  So I am not best pleased, as the boss is on holiday in Spain.  If she doesn't come in tomorrow, that leaves us with one vet on a Sat (not me thank god!) when we are always hugely busy.  She is also supposed to be working Sunday and Monday, so she'd better pull her socks up!! 

  • Too many posts to remember what everyone has said.

    JG - (()), not at all surprised you are being hit with the occasional waves of 'what if', you sound as though you have got through this incredibly well - you wouldn't be human if you didn't have some wobbles.  What actually alerted you to the fact that N had a serious problem?  You mentioned that you had already taken him to the GP but he sent you away.  What were your concerns then?  Hope you get to enjoy a nice relaxing long weekend with all four of you getting some quality 'family time'.

    Some good book suggestions on here, thanks - I am noting them all down.  Any more will be gratefully received.  Particularly interested in Bounce (sorry can't remember who was reading it).  Might wait for Christmas and give that one to Mr TT as I think he would like that too.

    Carovet - I'm with you on exams - after A levels and degree I then put myself through years of work and study to get my chartered accountants exams.  I can't imagine going through all that again.  I still ocassionally have dreams that I have to do exams (wake up in a cold sweat image).

    PP - huge congratulations on finally finishing your degree - how long until you get your results?  Shall we put the champagne on ice ready?

    Hope all of you who have ventured away for the weekend have good weather - hope you also beat the horrible bank holiday traffic I was reading about earlier online.

  • We are circumnavigating the M25 later, but won't leave home till after 8 by the time I get hom, so hopefully won't be tooooooooo bad.

    2 hrs till long wk end image  and it even looks like it might be sunny image

  • Fingers crossed for the sun, Caro! It's been lovely here today. We've cleaned out the garage in preparation for getting the new storage so we can make room for the gym stuff. It'll be quite a while yet though.

    (((JG))) I just can't imagine that. It would be any mum's worst nightmare, I'm sure. Continued big hugs, hope you have a restful weekend.

    Swimming - hmm. Had lessons last year but didn't quite conquer my fear! I think I'd need about a year's worth of lessons to do the trick - either that or get my own pool!

    Camlo - your running is coming along nicely again... Must be the new shoes! image

    Had a little jog this morning after the powerwalk to nursery. Hip was less sore than the other day - I'm still aware of it, but it's much improved. Only covered about 1.5 miles in total but it's all good. Also, I finally dusted off my bike that I rescued from Mum's garage a few weeks back, and went for a (very short!) bike ride for the first time in 14 years!!! LOL. It's true, you don't forget. imageI absolutely loved it and it didn't hurt my hip at all, yay. Might be on it quite a bit until I can resume proper running!

  • How RUDE, JT, surely there's a bunch of flowers in that for you?!!! Hehe, yes, the quads did feel it a bit today, especially on the hills!

    On that note, I think I am turning into Lotte. image Enjoyed my ride so much this morning that I went out again after JP had gone to bed and did about 20 mins, then had another teeny jog of about 1.5 miles. image Hip feeling LOADS better, I think the cycling actually helps to loosen it up somehow. Still, baby steps and very short distances until it's completely better.

    Happy BH weekends all!

  • Only quick post as being booted off-

    JG- it is normal to feel totally overwhelmed and 'run over by a bus'.

    Even now when I talk about Archie's spell in ITU where he arrested twice I get all emotional. I can't hold him down for bloods either- I always have to take hubby to hosp appts!

    Will read back tomorrow but only if I get chance before we nip off for the weekend!

  • TB - Lol. You will be doing duathlons soon...

    Camlo and JG - just makes me sick to think about having to go through that with our little ones. (())

    JAnie - Grr indeed to hubby and he should know not to say things like that to a pregnant lady in particular! My friend was over for a cuppa yesterday and she was telling me a really funny story about her hubby seriously pi$$ing her off while she tidying etc and he was sitting ont he settee moaning at her. She was walking past the back of the settee carrying their cat when she just snapped and dropped the cat on his head! OF course the poor cat panicked and dug the claws in and her hubby leapt 10 feet into the air complete with cat on his head. Not sure how he explained away the scratches down either side of his face at work but he didn't speak to her for about 2 days afterwards!!

    CC - hope the weather stays dry for you. Quite nice here at the moment. Wel done for ticking off a another session.

    Well I went for an 18 miler this morning but (probably stupidly) decided to add another little loop on when I neared home to make in up to 21 miles (ave 8.33mm) and so I have hit 60 miles this week for the first time. So that is 21 mile runs three weeks in a row and now actually looking forward to a nice easy week before my half next Sunday.

    Lots on this weekend. Girls are at their horseriding lesson just now and then my Dad is coming down to take the older kids off sailing in the dingy. Then tonight we have a family social night for the swimming club which should be fun. Tomorrow Sophie is at an athletics championship all day and hubby is timekeeping.

    Argh  the twins are trashing the study need to get them out of here. Hope everyone has good weekends .

  • Hubby cycled 70 miles from my dad's to Bristol this morning, and I met him at my friend's house with M and we met their new baby.  Lovely to see another newbie, and my friends seem to be doing well.

    As soon as I got home last night I started feeling a bit achey, and felt a bit odd when I went for a wee - then as we drove down here I felt more and more unwell and sore and knew I was coming down with cystitis - so bloody typical on a bank hol wk end, and if I'd been at home I could easily nip into work and get some antibiotics.  Was up half the night going to the loo and on the net at 3am finding out about NHS places open today to get some drugs.  After seeing my friend we drove to Bristol city centre NHS walk in centre, I was in and out the door in 15 mins with my drugs - very impressed, and hopefully I will be less uncomfortable tonight. 

    Did manage 4 miles this evening, and hopefully will do 8-10 in the morning - there are plenty of bushes I can dive into if need be!

    Drove past Leigh Delamere on the M4 and almost stopped for a haircut image

    Happy Bank hols all!

  • Thanks everyone image  JT - I never realised you had such a tough time with Ted in the early days, hope me talking about all this hasn't brought back bad memories for you.

    Minks - yes I can imagine that must be awful, at least the doctors did the holding down bit image.

    TT - the appointment with the doc was just a routine one as he hadn't regained his birthweight in 3 weeks.  Obviously now we know there was a reason for it, but at the time he was starting to gain weight again, the midwife wasn't worried and everything seemed fine.  I did mention his breathing but the doctor didn't seem worried - makes us slightly doubt his medical ability image.  it was when he was sick twice in the evening that we knew something wasn't right.

    Got my mum here now which is good and bad - she is slowly driving me up the wall!  And my dad came over today and was surprisingly normal - he's put on weight so looks healthier, had new-looking clothes on instead of the usual scruffy ones, no sign of alcohol and didn't smoke once while he was here!  It was really refreshing, like I imagine he used to be.  Why do mums always have to think they're right though?!  Promise me I will never turn out like that...image  She can't understand why I put flea stuff on the cat, keeps asking if it's a particularly flea-ridden area!

    Anyway, I've sent hubby off for the night to a friend's party where a load of his old school friends will be, thought he could do with a fun night out.  Just means i'm on my own tonight, hope S doesn't wake up while I'm feeding N image.

    Anyway bed for me and the little guy.

  • Does your Mum own a cat JG?  Send me over there with a flea comb - I will find a flea!!

    Did 9.7 miles this morning at an 8.26 average pace, very pleased with that as 3 miles of it very on a very exposed ridge on Salisbury Plain into a fierce head wind, and there were lots of hills.  Then went to the local pub for beer and a BBQ, now M is snoozing and I think as soon as I get off here and try and read the paper I will end up doing the same image

  • Caro - used to yes, all my life!  Refused to get any of them vaccinated and presumably didn't deflea them until they got fleas!!
  • hello, hope you all enjoy the bank hol other than all you fellow scots condemned to work the Aug bank hol!!  This is me signing off for a week as I am STILL NOT BLOODY PACKED.  We leave at 7.30am tomorrow.  SH.......UGAR.    Got to tone down the language as bought new top from gap and was ironing today and announced it has a bloody hole in it.  so annoying.  Anyway, Lou wants to see the bluddy hole mummy.  Whoops.

    So, off to Bulgaria tomorrow, will speak to y'all in a week or so!!   Have fun.

    Claire x

  • JT - for eczema we are using surcare detergent which is unperfumed (bit dull), and also washing the bedding at 60 degrees to get rid of any dust mite things.
    We have also got the Aveeno baby colloidal bath which I'm not sure makes much difference. And diprobase emollient - also not convinced it makes much difference. If possible I actually use the waitrose bottom butter which is just olive oil with a bit of lavender and camomile which does seem to help.
  • hello and happy BH everyone.

    We're off to Cornwall for a few days camping tomorrow. We've borrowed a rucksack baby carrier type thing and was wondering if there was a limit as to how long a baby can stay in them for before their legs go dead! We wont be walking far as we'll have our 11 yr old lab with us.

    lol EF re your bloody language!image

  • PP - have a lovely time! Hope its sunny!
  • Wow Lotte - your mileage is amazing! I'm just happy to be getting back out there but I'd love to really get some long runs in sooner rather than later!

    JG - you have been through loads and you are coping really well - must be very hard not to dwell on it, especially when your hormones are still all over the place. Hope coming on here and getting it off your chest helps!

    We had a good weekend but it was still a bit tiring as Aidan has got into the habit of waking at 4am and I didn't really want to leave him to cry in someone else's house. Will have to get back on top of that now we are at home.
  • Back home now, M25 was kind to us in both directions amazingly.  Cystitis on the mend and I ran 18 miles over the long wk end and feel great image

    Village Fair today and we have won a family ticket to a hawk conservaiton place nr Andover.  Sadly not exactly local to here but hopefully we can use it later on in the yr when we next go to my dad's.

    Hope everyone had a nice wk end.

  • We are back home too- a glorious weekend in Wycombe, fab apartment, bowling, playparks & outlet village in Bicester. Even managed a few miles doing laps around a park but knee is throbbing now from the nearly 3hr drive home.

    Spent loads in the shops today (well weekend prob left us £700 lighter) but sooo nice to actually enjoy ourselves and get a break from the usual stresses. Boys were good apart from bedtime when they both developed owl qualities...... 

     Only glitch we had was on the slide today, Tom had been gently pushing Archie if he wouldn't go but then decided to give him a huge shove when he was stood at the topandpoor Archie went head first into the side of the rail. Now has a purple mouth to show nursery tomorrow.

    Glad everyone else is on the mend & hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday..... only a few months until xmas.... 

  • oh gawd camlo - pls don't say that!!!!!!!

    hope archie's mouth doesn't look too bad in the morning

    went down to see my folks in plymouth for the w/e as hubby had the kids. it felt like someone had chopped off my limbs.  i felt like i had been disembowled.  however i survived, and picked them up at 5.40pm tonight (we are v precise... this is the 50/50 thing that hubby insists on).  they both flung themselves at me; E droning 'mummeeee mummeeee' and J shouting 'i just want to live with you mummy'.  anyway they are safely tucked up in bed asleep now, and i have them till weds.  but i then have them fri - mon, so am going back down to plymouth again with them and have tickets to take J to the moscow state circus (i even asked for my tickets in russian!).  and we will spend tme at my parents' caravan.  J starts school on 7th - how did THAT happen?!

  • wow, cragchick, you really ARE making the most of it.  great on you!

    did my longest run in a while today - 6.5m and boy did it feel like it.  it was v hot though, and i am still not used to running in the hills!! i just about kept at 9 m/m but it was a struggle.  i have had 6 weeks off with my back so shouldn't be too surprised, i guess. i have found another route which is 6 miles and another which is 7, but i don't seem to be able to find a circular 5 miler.  the M4 and the river dictate a lot of it round here. i think i used to do too many 5 milers before, so perhaps it is just as well to be forced to do 6. and it is all undulating / hilly.  i always finish on a climb as well, which will take some getting used to!

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