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  • Well done Nikki! I agree fields can be treacherous.

    Grant - good going on getting to the end of your plan.

    MD - Hope you get some runs in in Luxembourg - is it flat or is that Holland?

    Paul - 8mm for long runs, I wish but for me not even with motor powered rollerskates!

    No run for me yesterday, I just couldn't fit it in and I wasn't sure that it was wise to force myself to squeeze it in and create stress - running is mean't to be fun. I am going to rejig my plan to make Tuesday a rest day I think.  I am going out after I finish this to attempt some type of tempo run - which I am not looking forward to...I am not even sure if I can do it. But I am going to a new place to run so it should be nice.

    Happy running all


  • Morning all,

    Never mind MD. I'm sure that a christening in Ireland will be more fun then running round an industrial estate in Canterbury image

    Good work Grant and Nikki. You're both going along really well.

    Paul, well worth training on HR. The downside is having to do a maximal test.

    Andrew, I've got the Canterbury sprint at the beginning of July, and after that I have nothing booked. My boss and our engineering manager are going to enter the Hever Castle sprint tri in September, so I may need to enter that to hand their arses to them on a plate image

    Long run day today Em?

    How's the ankle Claire? Ready to race on it?

    30 minute fixed HR distance trial tonight. 15 minute warm up then 30 minutes at 175 bpm and measure distance.
  • Grant - well done, nice run.......

    Nikki - great work! You know now you can cover the distance, and as long as you are moving it's not cheating! Big psychological milestone covering race distance in traoning for the first time, really spurs you on....

    7 miles easy pace for me tonight, then 4miles recovery pace tomorrow lunchtime... followed by a slightly harder paced 4/5 miles on Friday. Big question is whether to move LSR to Saturday night as it's my birthday on Sunday..... decisions, decisions.....
  • Just to clear up a little confusion..... ( as it makes me look more of an athlete than I am ) my LSR last week was an avg 9:35 mile pace for 10 miles... Only drifted to 8:00 miles when I wasn't concentrating, as soon as I noticed I was breathing too hard I dropped back To around 10:00 miles to compensate - I couldn't keep 8:00 mile pace for 10 miles just yet!!
  • Morning all,

    Well last night I decided to go out for a wee run first since the Edinburgh Marathon. Well errr I did poor. I did just over 4miles and I felt it. It was very warm last night but even still was drained of all energy my legs wanted to go on but I could not. Not good considering I am supposed to be doing a half marathon this weekend. Took me about 45mins to do the run.

    Grant - yeah I just run about E.K, that is some journey Dundee to Uddingston. Good going on your run. Bonus nearly finishing your C5K plan.

    NV - Hever castle looks good, I have not done any of the Castle Tri series but they all look amazing. Might look into it. You should do it though and kick their arse image

    Paul - I am having to rebuild my stamina again and it is a pain, used to do my 10K runs at 8-9min mile pace but now I am about 10-11min that is what 6-8 months of injury does to you image. Your pace for 10 miles is very good heres hoping I get to that.

    Em - It is always good getting a new place to run. Is it going to be a long run today.

    Everyone happy running
  • Morning All

    Why does no one teel you! You hit 35 and its down hill....... day after birthday full of a cold image though have to say I am feeling touch better today.  Went into work yesterday feeling utter rubbish, told myself off as no one would thank me for staying there and to be honest its more important to be right for the race at the weekend, so I came home and called in sick for today. Plus with pilots about they dont want folks with colds about, so im staying out of the way. Plus point is that knees and ankle have had a rest. Fingers crossed will be fine for the race!!

    Em - Hope your training has started well for Loch Ness

    Nikki - Hi good goals there.  RFL is a great one to start with.  Well Done for covering the distance. and no its definately not cheating!!! image

    Grant - What distance is your race? You will love it image

    Andrew - Hopefully see you at the weekend!!! I am number 114

    MD - Have fun in Luxembourg, some nice commutes for you there. 

    NV - Yeah enter the race but only do it after they have entered.

    Hi to everyone else, hope your all enjoying your runs, I really want to go out for one...... but I have to try to get 100% for the half. Right time for another lemsip - yuk!!

  • I have been on my run but I got lost and my 8m turned into 11. What a disaster, I took my photocopied bit of the OS map in a plastic bag but should have remembered that I have no sense of direction or map reading skills. I got to a fork in the trail and made the wrong decision, but I didn't know that until I had run about 3m most of it uphill and reached a 6ft deer fence and side of a mountain. so no tempo run but the uphill felt difficult - does that count?

    On the plus side the run back to the fork was mostly downhill!  Its warm here today (not very warm but warm for Scotland) and I hadn't bothered with a drink for 8m but could have done with a sip of water for 11.  On the positive side it was all off road trails with breathtaking scenery, even had to climb a 6ft deer fence, that would have made a good picture, climbing isn't my cup of tea either.  Not sure what to do now, legs don't feel bad in fact they feel quite fresh and I certainly feel like I could do my long run tomorrow, didn't have time to add the little bit extra on today as I had to get back.

    Claire - I hope its not all downhill after 35 or I am doomed. Hope the cold is better by the weekend I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Andrew - Good luck on Sunday too maybe 4m wasn't enough, sometimes it takes me ages to warm -up, up to 3m sometimes, then it clicks and I get into the run.

    NV - How often do you do that session? It must be a good measure of your progress.

    Hi to everyone missed.


  • Thanks everyone, the good wishes have spured me on even more, i just need to sort my eating patterns out as my weight is not dropping off even though i am toning up, image
  • I do it about once every 3 months Em. Can't remember what I did last time. Was about 5.2 km I think. Sounds like a bit of an epic run/obstacle course/orienteering exercise.

    At 35 I was a heavy drinking, heavy smoking, overweight couch spud. I reckon things have improved a bit since I then image I have got a bit of a cold though, but I haven't had it for the last 7 years.

    Nikki, pay no attention to the scales. Get the tape measure out if you have to know how you're progressing.

  • Em - You in Scotland just now? If you are are you in Inverness?

    Nikki - As NV says pay no attention to the scales. Remember muscle weighs more than the other stuff image.

    Claire - I will check my number tonight and post what it is. I started all this after the age of 35 so I am hoping to prove that theory wrong image
  • Nikki - I agree with NV, go with how you and your clothes feel rather than the number on the scales. I also find that running makes me ravenous and I seem to crave more calorie dense foods so have to be careful sometimes that I am not overcompensating too much.  I haven't really lost weight as such but I wear clothes in a smaller size so something is working.

    Andrew - I am in Thurso now, we moved here back in Feb and are really enjoying it.  Hence the decision to do Loch Ness.

    NV - Epic but enjoyable, thats what its all about!

  • Tee Hee was only joking!! Just been an ambundance of set backs, but saying that I do feel tons better now, so I'm hoping keep improving and should be right for Sunday.

    Em - That does sound like an eventful run! Glad you enjoyed it image

    Nikki - Your not on your own, I really should throw my scales away!!! Everyone is right with what they say about dress sizes etc.

    NV - So there is hope for me yet image

  • Reckon so Claire image

    7.24 miles tonight in 1:02:40. Warm up 15 minutes at 9:15/mile, 3.68 miles in 30 minutes at average HR 176 and 8:09/mile, then cool down 17:40 at 9:09/mile. Really good session. Enjoyed it, although it was very hot and humid this evening.
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Well done Nikki, not cheating at all!

    NV - 30 minutes at 175BPM sounds like bloody hard work, good effort!

    Andrew - The commute is not through choice, my work closed their Dundee office at Christmas. image Really chuffed almost finished C25K!

    Claire - Race is 5K, target time is about the 38 - 40 minute mark. Secondary target is not to be last male although I realise that is not that important...really. image Sorry to hear about your cold, top tip is to go with half cup of OJ topped up with lemsip to get that Vit C boost. 34 here, dreading turning 35 now!

    Em - Sorry to hear about your orienteering antics! Thurso is a nice part of the world, I was up fixing a landslide at Scrabster a few years back and was there for 4 weeks or so, really enjoyed it. Wish I was running at the time now though.

    Hi to anyone I've missed!

  • Evening all......

    7 miles this evening, just over 1.07 hrs - again struggled to keep to the target of 9:30 / mile - managed overall to keep to 9:35 average but varied from 08:45 to 11:30!!!

    Managed to tweak my achilles / lower calf in my left leg after about 5 miles so had to slow things right down - now sat with leg up, tights on and icepack attached! Shouldn't be too bad I don't think, was just a twinge rather than a definite tear or strain but better safe than sorry!

    Will see how I am tomorrow lunchtime and might nip out for a very slow jog to see how it is....

    35 here - 36 on Sunday so I bloody well hope things don't slide from now on!

  • Morning all,

    Go easy on that achilles Paul. A strain can eqsily develop into something worse.

    I reckon you'll go better than 38 minutes Grant. 175 bpm is about threshold HR for me. I have a very high maximal, so not quite as hard as it sounds.

    90 minute ride tonight with 5 x 7 minutes high zone 4 HR and 3 minute recoveries. That's going to hurt!

  • Hmmm, slight ache in the achilles area this morning but nothing too bad - no limping required and it's only really noticeable when I putall my weight on the left leg and lower myself down ( if that makes sense!)

    Bit of sneaky reiki this morning while in meetings should sort me out!
  • Hi all

    No running for me today, must get on with other stuff so I am going to do my long run tomorrow (14) then another 8m over the weekend.

    Paul - Hope it comes to nothing.

    Claire - Glad you are on the mend.

    Grant - How big is the field for the race? You can also check last years results and that will give you an idea of finishing times. I have been last or nearly last a fair few times and it wasn't the end of the world! Your doing something good for yourself and giving it a go which is worth respect in my opinion.  Thurso and the surrounding areas have some lovely spots for running, although it can get a bit windy.

    NV - Your focus is brilliant I find it really hard to push myself to do anything so structured.

    Hi to anyone not mentioned.


  • I'm planning on doing another 5k today if i get time image
  • Hope you get the time Nikki.

    Helps if your paying for a programme Em. If you miss a session you feel like you've chucked money away.
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Em - Dunno about this year but last year there were 60 odd runners, not a big field at all. Last was 54 mins with quite a few over 40 mins. I know that not being last isn't a big deal, that is why it is a secondary goal! image

    NV - It is quite a hilly course so trying to be realistic with time. Will be going flat out by the finish though.

    Hi to everyone else. Didn't manage my run this morning, slept in! WFH today so might try and get out at lunchtime.

  • Morning all,

    Well no run last night as it was training night instead......feel like I do not even break a sweat at these training nights anymore. Might do one tonight ahead of the half marathon on Sunday. However back is a bit sore and my quads feel like bricks!

    Claire - My number is 117. Do you live local to Freckleton? I am thinking of coming down the night before as it is a 3hr journey and I do not fancy doing a 6hr round trip and a half marathon in 1 day.

    Paul - Take it easy with the achilles

    Em - A nice Friday long run sounds better than sitting in work when it could be a nice day.

    Grant - The only goal you should have is have fun. If you finish last you finish last, it is all about taking part. I was nearly last in my first Triathlon (4th last) but I was chuffed that I did it.

    Nikki - here's hoping you get the time.

    NV - Might enter that castle tri Sprint not Oly.
  • Was looking at this yesterday:

    About 6 weeks away, but looks like a great race. Under review by mission control as we speak.

    Ditto Andy, I think I was 4th or 5th last in my first sprint. I did swim twice as far as everyone else though image I'm seriously considering Hever, but it's £50 for a sprint FFS! Depends how much I'm prepared to pay for slaughtering some colleagues image

    Grant, power up the hills and recovered on the downhills. You'll go fine.
  • Hi All

    Will catch up later, hope your all well I'm feeling tons better today image

    Andrew - yep I'm local about 10miles away, the race route goes straight past my work. If you need any help let me know. Don't know how much they charge but nearest place I know off you could stay is The Birley Arms in Warton, cracking pub!! Other than that there are travel inn etc about. That all aren't that far away

    Right best get to work
  • Couples triathlon, we would get a DNF. Yvonne does not swim or cycle so I could struggle, do it twice and second time get some implants lmao.

    It is a hefty price, £50 for sprint jaw hit ground when I saw that, but I was thinking on doing the tatton sprint and that is £65 so feck that for a laugh!! Hever is looking a bargain image
  • LOL Andy. You don't have to do it as a couple! It's named after the statue in the harbour image Mrs NV wouldn't be keen either.
  • Hmmmm, 4 mile recovery pace at lunch... Avg 10:24/mile, felt achilles most of way round, nothing to make me stop but enough not to press on faster if I would have wanted. Will push tomorrows session to Saturday night and rest it up from now till then and see how it goes.....
  • Morning all,

    Nothing for me yesterday. Lazy!

    I have clearance from mission control to do the Northumberland tri above, and tentative clearance to do The Outlaw next year. Not sure whether I'm going to, but strike while the iron's hot and all that.
  • Hi all

    NV - Even the bionic need rest days sometimes.

    Paul - I do hope it comes to nothing, have you changed your running at all, upped your miles or started doing extra speed stuff, sometimes that can cause a twinge as you adapt to it.

    Claire and Andrew - If I don't get on at the weekend to say Good luck, Good luck for Sunday, Claire hope the cold has cleared off completely by Sunday.

    Nikki - Did you get your run in?

    Grant - When is your race?

    14m today which felt a bit of a struggle at times and contained a not funny at the time incident where I was nearly run down by a herd of cows!  I was running up a hill and was actually looking at my feet and just thinking about putting one foot in front of the other till the top when I suddenly heard this loud moo, I looked up and there was a wall of cows moving towards me at speed (I didn't realise until I got to the bottom of the road that it was because a man in a landrover was driving them down) so I turned and legged it to the bottom of the road, I actually managed a reasonable turn of speed.

    Hi to all not mentioned and happy running.


  • LOL Em, enforced inteval training in the middle of your long run image There you go, you can go quickly if you need to! Seriously though, they are big buggers, cows, and I don't blame you for finding a sprint.

    Good luck Claire and Andrew. Sorry forgot it was this weekend.
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