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  • Thanks for your reply Hetty. I really hope I get to 37 weeks. How big were your girls when they were born, did they need any special care?
  • My 2 were 5 6 and 6 1, so pretty good weights really.  They did not need any special care but did have naso gastric tubes through which they had some of thier feeds initially. I was very unwell after thier birth and Milla was a bit on the little side so they gave her a tube straight away to get some food in her and Ella had one at about 3 days as she lost alot of weight as my milk took ages to come in.  We were home 10 days after they were born, as soon as they were fully breast fed and I was well enough.  Since then they have gone from strength to strength and are lovely.... i feel very lucky to have 2 and have not found it as hard as some of the scaremongers would have lead me to believe it would be!!

    I found reading MM's posts great when i was pregnant as she was always so positive about life with twins! (thanks MM!)

  • It is true Janie... pretty amazing to see both of them smiling up at you and now they have started smiling and talking to each other which just makes me melt!

     Proud of myself.... actually ran today so feel justified posting on here again!

  • wow - we now have broadband (we live in the sticks and our phone line is too antiquated to get broadband on, but we have just discovered we can get vodaphone mobile broadband and it's a revelation, i can tell you!!)  it's not even that fast but my god, what a difference to what we had before!

    we had to buy a PC as well because our old one died.  we hadn't been very good at backing up the pictures we were taking of jacob so we may have lost some (but not all).  we now have an external hard drive and won't be making that mistake again.

    i've had a shocking week.  as well as my cat dying and jacob being really poorly all week (and me being away in brighton for most of it), my husband trashed the front of his car when reversing out of our gates and turning the wheel too soon; i spilled a whole glass of red wine on our pale living room carpet; the macerator on our upstairs toilet has broken again (and this time i haven't been putting nappy liners in it so god knows why it has packed up!); the washing machine is leaking; the PC died; and hubby and i both have jacob's lurgy. 

    hoping next week will be considerably better than this one.

    have done no running since i was down in brighton.  feeling too grim.  but at least we have lots of gigabytes and funky whizzy lights on new hardware to cheer us up!

  • CM - I hope next week will be better for you too! It's awful when things seem to come all at once. The new computer sounds great.image

    Had a bit of a stressful day today (but nowhere near as bad as CM's week, so feel a bit bad for moaning!).image FIL came down to take us out for dinner for Ben's birthday tomorrow, which was kind of him, but I didn't really feel like going out in the sleet, and I haven't felt well all weekend. And he's generally a bit of a pain in the bum (mouth opens before brain engages) so I was quite relieved when he went! JP seems to sense when I'm feeling a bit wound up too, and he's not been himself today (difficult to feed and clingy). And then Moomin the cat pooed and peed on the floor! Ah well, you just have to smile...

    I wonder when Sequin will be joining us??? I keep lurking on the pregnancy thread to see if there's any news.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    CM, poor you.  What a catalogue of catastrophes!  Hope you have a better week next week (well, it can't really get a lot worse, can it?!)

    We've had my parents-in-law visiting all weekend.  Now we have Kit they don't stay with us as we only have a small two-bedroomed house and what was the spare room is now Kit's.  They stay in a local hotel which I do feel bad about, but secretly rather like as we do get some 'down time' each evening and morning!  I love them to bits but when they used to stay I found it quite stressful as the whole house seemed to descend into chaos - they constantly misplaced their specs, left their newspapers all over the lounge and FIL has a habit of leaving the towel in a crumpled heap on the towel rail rather than hanging it properly.  I know these are petty things really but when your living space is so small it has to be kept tidy or it drives you demented!

    Anyway, it was a good excuse to avoid a run today.  Absolutely hideous weather here: freezing cold (3 degrees), heavy rain and windy.  If I'd got out at all it would have been this morning but didn't sleep well last night and was hubby's turn for a lie-in this morning.  I was up at 7am to get Kit up and fed, then by the time he went down for his nap at about 9am the last thing I felt like doing was going for a run.  Slightly miffed with myself as have been following my latest schedule religiously, but just couldn't summon up the motivation today.  Still undecided about committing to FLM.  My heart just isn't in it in the way it's been in previous years.  Maybe it's the thought of time away from Kit, or maybe it's just the thought of 20-milers in weather like today's, but I just don't feel the same drive to do it that I used to.  I'm still totally committed to running, but 10-15 miles on a Sunday seems quite far enough, with the opt-out clause of not "having" to do it if the weather is particularly inclement.  And I just seem to be a lot more tired these days, now that I don't have the luxury of a long lie-in or soak in the bath to repair my weary muscles ...

  • Be kind to yourself Minks....NOTHING would have persuaded me to go for a run today.... it was as much as I could do to run to the local shop for papers!

    Heres hoping you all have a better week x

  • TB - I keep lurking here too! Thanks for thinking of me. It is hard being overdue..can't ever see an end to it at the moment. Hope I can join you all soon.
  • caramel - my pc died a few weeks ago and I hadnt backed up pics either, took it to a local repair shop and they were able to transfer all my files onto a new machine for me, may be worth looking into.  I was devestated at losing all the pics I had taken of the girls.  They are all now on disk and have printed my faves too!
  • Hey Sequin, good to hear from you, but sorry to hear you'r in that weird overdue limbo! What we did was view it as 'extra time' and we fitted loads in: went to the theatre, out for dinner and lunch, basically things you might not get to do for a while! It also helps to stop you twiddling your thumbs. Oh, and get yourself to Ikea, best thing to get labour started image

    Minks - I know exactly what you mean about needing parents/in law time out when they visit. Our's are the other way round for some reason: they are all now staying here instead of hotels so it's a bit hellish to be honest! We have my parents coming in a couple of weeks, which I'm looking forward to actually, but it is hard work...and the house needs cleaning from top to bottom...and then all the washing when they leave. Phew!

    We got Hector a high chair this weekend. He loves to be up at the table with us, so we thought we'd give it a go. He loves it for a bit, then gets frustrated when his toys keep falling on the floor! He does look cute though, all grown up in his chair...

  • Thanks for the link Minks, wicked!!!!! Will see if I buy it. I stopped at the garages as hetty suggested and sprinted in.

    Home safe now after my mammoth journey, had given me the confidence to go again now. Will see Mum again on friday as we're going up to yorkshire to stay in a cottage for her 60th.

    Lotty, lovely to hear from you. Sorry don't make it on to preggers thread anymore struggle to keep up with this one.

    I ran till 26 weeks, but didn't run until 12 weeks, as was just being too sick, I could barely walk with chucking up!!! I kind of jogged for 3 mins and walked for 3 mins for 5 miles until 26 weeks. After which I walked until 33 weeks, and swam every other day. I am a pretty good runner though so had to do something each day. I am tiny like Minks so struggled after that as my bump was all out front and stretching my ribs so things got very uncomfortable. When I sat down you could just about see my knees my bump was that big by the end!! I am a size6/8 but had to wear size 14/16 maternity tops by the end!!!

    My two were 4lb8 and 4lb5 at 35.5 weeks. Neither needed special care, except when Harry had to have an op to remove a testes that got infected. I was feeding them after a week of tube feeding. Be prepared though in your mind. You can usually go on a tour of your hospital to visit the special care and god forbid NICU wards. Make sure you have seen babes with tubes etc as it is alarming. Prepare yourself for a c-section, but if you have natural birth they will insist on an epidural, so prepare for that in your head. I was lucky and had natural with epidural but J was nearly delivered by c-sec as he took 43 mins to come out!!!

    Feel free to email me anytime. Do you know what you are having? Two placentas and sacs or one?

  • P.S Thanks Hetty. I love reading your posts too. I try to be positive but believe me some days I'm not!!! Today I am very tired, boys had their MMR jabs this morning poor loves so sleeping a long time which is nice for me!! Supermarket beckons though. Joy!!!

    My other advice Lotte would be to get out as soon as you can as the first time you go out with them by yourself is very scarey, but it really helps to get out. Try to meet up with other twin Mums around the same age. I meet two mums every week, its such a special thing to share, and having two is different to one. But believe me when they start playing together and making each other laugh and giggle you realise it was all worth it.

  • JT - hope Ted gets better soon! I'm taking JP for his first set of jabs tomorrow, so we will also need the Calpol! I'm a bit nervous about it, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

    Had a very quiet day today after 2 night wakings! So I'm a bit tired today. I think he got a bit out of sync after a hectic weekend and then slept too much in the evening yesterday, thus not feeding enough before bed = disaster! Hopefully it'll be a different story tonight!

  • Thanks MM and Hetty. I don't know anyone with twins so it is nice to hear about you guys. They have two placentas and two sacs which I believe is good. Our local hospital dosn't do twin deliveries so have to travel quite far to next hospital. My appointments so far have been local but going to a twin clinic at the other hospital for 24weeks so will ask if it is possible to see the NICU. Thanks for the advice. I can't imagine how big I will get  - I am usually a size 10 and already size 12 maternity tops are tight (at 20 weeks!) Thanks again girls. I feel guilty about hijacking this thread!

    At the moment I am getting very little sleep. Our two year old has just graduated to a "big" bed. He goes down in it fine but is getting up through the night to come through to our bed. Hopefully though we will get it all sorted before the twins arrive! 

  • Ap - I am getting high chairs for the girls for christmas, does feel very grown up!  When i was at my brothers last week I put the girls in nmy nieces baby walker thing and they loved it!!  I was adament I was not going to get one but they are on the list for christmas along with a door bouncer they loved as well!  They are growing up too quick!

    Tatty, mine have been fine after all jabs and no need for Calpol so you may be ok.  they had mammoth sleeps after each time though which was nice!

    Janie - I have got the ashon and parsons powders which all my friends reccomended but hard to say if they work!  M had a white hard spot from about 3 months on her lower gum but it has disappeared this week! Very strange - must have been a tooth but where has it gone???  Hope ted is suffering less today.

    Glad the trip went well MM and hope the boys dont suffer too much.  Good advice about getting out and about quickly, I was very determined to prove one particular midwife (herself a mum of twins) wrong as she told me I wouldnt leave the house for 3 months - went out to lunch the day after we got home and havnt looked back since!  Bumped in to her a little while back and she commented that it was good that I was out, couldnt resist dropping into the conversation that I had just got back from France!

    It is good to have you here Lotte and sure the others dont mind all the twin talk!  Just for the record I was huge by the end, grew out of all my maternity clothes at 30 weeks and had to get more!  may be worth getting a size bigger than you think you need!  Hope your little one gets used to his bed... i guess you will be needing his cot!  Just seen on the preggers thread that you have got 4 already, another 2 will be a doddle image

  • 4 already lotte. My goodness!!!! Hadn't seen that. I am in shock!!

    Just read back so a few catch ups.

    CM, hope this week will be better for you, sounds like you've had a bad run of it. It always seems to happen all at once like my week when I bumped the car etc. Hubbie had similar happen to his puter, friendly puter chap in village managed to get all hubbie's consultancy work and twins piccies off the dead hard drive. We now back up onto BT digital vault and have a separate hard drive to back up onto as well.

    Minks I didn't run on sunday either it really was far too grim, and like you I am in a permanent state of tiredness, I just wake up slightly less tired than when I went to bed! I was supposed to run 13 miles, but no. I was hungover and far too tired, and it felt like a curl up on sette (or rather chase monsters around the parents house!!) day!

    We are lucky in a way that hubbie's parents can't stay with us as MIL is disabled with muscular dystrophy so they stay in a disabled self catering unit just up the road, which like Minks says is pretty nice as they go at 9pm and don't usually appear until 11am. My parents stay here for now, but we may have to have a rejig of some rooms as boys will outgrow the box room very soon.

  • Must read back through all the posts, thats the only thing with working 3 days, only 3 daysn internet access so i usually come in to loads of post to catch up on.

    Anyway, all my worry about taking Isla of the boob was for nothing.  The first night she wasn't too happy and wouldn't settle whilst i gave her a cuddle sitting in the chair where she usually gets fed in her room, so went through to our room and sat in the dark on the bed and gave her a cuddle and she stopped crying after about 2 or 3 mins and snuggled into my shoulder and started to fall asleep, put her in her cot and away to sleep she went.  First 3 nights she woke up once through the night but went back to sleep with a cuddle and now i don't even need to go into our room, she'll settle down with a cuddle in her own room.  She really is a little star !!

    Quick question about my boobs, how long does it take for them to go back to normal and dry up after stopping feeding, how long should i wait before i can go and buy some nice non-nursing bras ?  Don't want to buy a whole load then drop a cup size or two and need to buy even more !

  • Should be pretty quick for you mrs o as you were only feeding once a day. You will notice one day that suddenly they don't have that swollen look!! I would say week or two at most.
  • mrs o - mine took 3 / 4 weeks to stop pumping out milk and being uncomfortable.  even now, 4 months after stopping feeding, i can still express watery milk, which i find very weird.  i waited 6 weeks before going to get new bras.  i'm now an a cup - used to be a c cup before i got pregnant!!
  • Janie - poor Ted! Sounds like what we're going through too, poor little fella has such a sore nappy zone, his legs are red for some reason rather than his bum. He's grunting and moaning like a right mardy arse, even our morning stroll wasn't cutting it today!  

    Hetty - we got the powders too. It says half a sachet when they are under six months, but don't you find it really hard to give just half?! Oh, and they do go flying when a little hand swipes at the packet!

    Are the walkers ok? I thought they weren't recommended, but then they do have a few in Mothercare, so must be safe to use. I remember my nephew in his, loving finding new places to explore at a hundred miles an hour!

  • Have to say the only thing I found that worked for teeth is calpol and ibuprofen. No teething gel or powders have helped really. It must be so painful for them, and I just think if I had really bad toothache I would want proper pain relief.

    My two each have 8 teeth now, but you can see the gum has erupted ready for the molars although they haven't actually cut yet. Poor loves.

    My two adored their door bouncer, and used it right up until they could stand by themselves. I think invaluable with two babies as means you can play with one or feed while the other is content, really helped me.

  • The beauty of having 2, can share a wrap of powders  between them!  They love the taste of them.  These 2 dont seem to suffer too much pain yet but I will crack open the calpol if they do!

    As for the walkers I have heard mixed things, some say no way and others (mostly mums  that have them) that say they are ok!  Think like all things they are ok used in moderation and fully supervised.  My ground floor should be pretty safe as no steps etc and you can set them to stay still!  Deliberated whether to get 1 or 2  decided that 2 was probably safer so the other baby doesnt get run over! 

    Dont want to go down the 2 of everything route though and will use the bouncer as you suggest MM!

    Glad to hear Isla got used to her new routine so quickly Mrs O.... they are more adaptable than we give them credit for I think!  I cant wait to buy new undies.... just wish I could keep the boobs I have now to go in them!

  • hetty, i'm looking forward to mine shrinking a bit, an H cup at present they're just a bit too big, be happy when i get back to a nice e/f cup, also hoping to lose weitght (LOL) always saying that but should really make the effort now, no excuses like breastfeeding to use anymore !!

    Tatty bogle, going back to the birth stuff, islas shoulder got stuck, yes she was quite big 8lbs 9oz.  Spoke to one nurse and she said she'd had a natural bitrth and an induced one and the induced one was way more painful, she said the induced contractions were violent, i think i'd agree, however my SIL says theres no difference (but she has never been induced, however she did have 2 10pounders about 30 odd years ago.)  Was a bit disappointed as thought i would be able to handle the pain, but maybe i would have handled it better if i'd not been induced !  Maybe will see if theres a next time !  Now i've stopped feeding maybe my periods will return, would be nice as hubby and i not keen to go back for treatments to have a second baby.

  • i used a fixed baby activity centre which didn't move around.  jacob loved it.  we called it his command centre and he used to direct operations from it.  we got it from mamas and papas and once he was cruising, we converted it into a walker, which he could push along.  he still loves pushing it around all over the place, even though he has been charging around by himself for months.

    having teething trouble here as well.  either that or it's still jacob's lurgy.  or else he's being a pain in the proverbial.  he's been waking up at night for the last few weeks.  he hasn't been well, but i don't know whether it's that or whether he's got himself into a habit with it.  i guess we won't really know until he stops teething!  then if he's still waking up in the night, i'll have to find something else to blame it on.

  • As for drinking drugs etc, never experimented with drugs apartf rom a draw of a joint, didn't like the way it made me feel.

    Used to drink quite a lot but am the type that is sick/gets a bad hangover and remembers everything i did, so benders were a rarity.  Didn't drink anything while pregnant and had the odd half glass of wine when breatsfeeding, even that made me feel a wee bit rough.  Now Islas of the boob, not really interested in getting drunk or even drinking much as i remember how awful hangovers used to be.  Also  a lot of calories in booze, i'd rather have some chocolate or a pudding !!

  • I didn't drink when preggers mainly cos it made me feel sick just the smell. I did drink when breast feeding, but at the most 2 glasses 1 or 2 times per week. I presumed cos I was producing twice as much milk it would be twice as diluted!! Have to say when first came out of hospital though I had a glass every night after they had gone to bed!!

    Its very different to drinking when pregnant as the alcohol does not pass directly into your breast milk like it passes into the blood stream and onto babes when pregnant. You have to metabolise the alcohol so by the time you produce the breast milk there is practically nothing left alcohol wise. They reckon its the taste more than anything. Nothing seemed to stop my two, I ate curries, garlic, chillis etc, they still guzzled!!

    Have to say I'd rather have a glass of wine than a pudding, or both!! I probably now drink half a bottle on a friday and sat night, so not too excessive. I had a bit more than that on sat night though, but a one off. Have never even smoked, let alone taken any drugs.

  • i didn't drink at all when pregnant, but did drink (up to a couple of glasses a night) once jacob wasn't feeding at 10pm any longer.  like MM, i was told that the amount of alcohol in the breastmilk decreases as it is metabolised by the body, so by the morning, there would be none left (unless you had really hammered it).

    i have never smoked cigarettes.  i have had a few puffs of a hubblebubble pipe when in the middle east.  that was quite nice although a bit sickly because it was apple tobacco. like mrs o, i also had one puff of a spliff once and it made me feel dire.

  • Yep, another clean living person here. I've never been a big drinker (apart from when I was at uni, hehe) - I used to quite happily go for months without drinking at all, maybe just having a glass of two or wine every now and again. I didn't drink at all when pregnant. Since having JP I've had the occasional half of Guinness for medicinal purposes... Never smoked or tried any drugs either - pretty boring really!

    Jabs were fine. He cried quite a bit when the needles went in, but stopped after a hug from mummy. His temperature did start to rise before, so he's had Calpol and it seems to be OK now. Will keep an eye on it though.

    Mrs O - good to hear that Isla is settling. Hope the boobs get better soon! I am dreading stopping nursing, as I've gone up to an F cup from a Dimage, so I'm a tad concerned about how they're going to shrivel...

    Got the forms to fill in for JP's nursery place today. He's going to start in May, for 3 days a week. They take new children in January, but he's too little then (they have to be at least 20 weeks). It seems a long way away now, but I know it's going to fly by. I'm trying not to think about it just yet though! He is growing up so fast - can't believe he's 2 months old on Friday.

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