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  • I went from an AA cup to a D, felt enormous. I actually didn't like the enormous boobs as it felt so wrong, quite happy to have my fried eggs back, although hubbie isn't ;o)

    MMR jab is awful as goes into the arm and they reckon is the most painful as it goes in. We won't see any side effects if any till next week.

  • well i've got very shrivelled fried eggs now, which i didn't have before i got pregnant!  i read something a couple of weeks ago which said breastfeeding doesn't make your boobs shrivel.  it's pregnancy itself that does that does for the ligaments apparently.  i'm not sure i'm convinced but i don't actually care.  i didn't like my boobs before, and i don't like them now, so nothing much has changed really!
  • cragchick - lol at shrunk boobs being mistaken for tummy!!

    technology is still fab.  but i'm restricted to my work laptop and clunky old dial-up at the moment. 

    jacob managed to sleep through the night last night which is the first for a while.  like scarlett, i think the teething has been doing for him and he's been waking up and taking ages to settle again.  yesterday he was in nursery and only had 30 mins sleep all day so i had to wake him at 7.30 this morning to take him to nursery!

    hubby is now well and truly lurgied and hasn't gone into work today.  this is only the 2nd day in his whole working career that he's had a sickie.  he's talking about going in later but he is so ill there's really no point.  typical bloke.  he'll go to work and then come home and lie on the sofa dying all evening, not going to bed, just lying there groaning!

    i'm working from home today so going to try a run at lunchtime.  all these bugs make it hard to get any rhythym going in my training.  not that i had much before but at least i ran nearly every day!

  • LOL cragchick!!!

    I also have nightmare buying nice undies. My ribcage was expanded by J during pregnancy, his head was pushing up against it and H's bum as well!! Therefore I am the odd size of 34AA at the moment. 32 is too tight, although that was a while ago so I should maybe get measured again now. 

    Just done 10 miles, nice morning after the grim rain yesterday, trying to muster some enthusiasm for my half in 3 weeks.

    My two are sleeping well again thank goodness. Off xmas shopping today will see how can get done before the monsters get grumpy.

  • Feel very virtuous because I managed 6 and a bit miles in the freezing rain on Sunday - mind you, I haven't run since because I did something to my knee kneeling down at baby massage on Monday.  It feels a lot better now so I might try a few miles tonight.

    For those of you looking for undies for the smaller bust, I was recommended this site  a while ago - I haven't ordered from it myself yet but I think it looks nice.

  • I was 34 a before pregnancy, measured 38 c when pregnant, now a D cup!  My ribcage is considerably bigger too so judging by you lot will be a 38 AA!!!! oh joy... where on earth will I find bras!  Bit gutted my back is wider, got a lovely new coat a week before I got pregnant and have had to give it to SIL.  None of my shoes fit eitherimage

    Seem to have 2 very hungry girls on my hands, E in particular.... guzzling all thier usual feeds, waking once or twice a night hungry and just had to feed E 1 1/2 hours after her morning feed, she just wouldnt settle!  Its been like it a couple of days... growth spurt or should I be thinking about solids?  They are only 20 weeks so seems a bit early but I want to sleep again.... we had all of 2 weeks of sleeping through and that wasnt even every night!

  • I have to confess to hoping my chest goes down when I stop feeding although I do think it unlikely!  I have always wanted a smaller chest.  I was a b/c and then whilst feeding went to c/d.  These feel quite spacious now but there is no point in buying more when i am hoping to stop feeding soon.  no chest would make running so much easier.

    Meant to be at M in L now but James - who argued when I put him down to sleep is still fast asleep.  If only he would listen when I inform him that he is tired and should have a sleep!

    Better go ring... thankfully mil is very patient and would revolve her whole world around her grandsons. 

  • my ribcage is bigger as well!  i used to be a 34c before pregnancy.  then i went all over the place when pregnant and breastfeeding, up to 38d.  now i'm a 38a!  my ribcage has definitely expanded, which is strange as jacob was only breach up until about 30 weeks.  i fit into all my coats and jackets but only just.  i don't suppose my ribcage will contract again - does anyone know? 

    m&s are the only place i have found that do 38a bras on the high street and even then, because i am probably an aa in one cup and an a in the other, i have only found 2 styles of bra that are any good for me and they are both dull and  boring.  i'm not bothered at the moment because i'm hoping (probably in vain) that my ribcage will shrink and my boobs grow so that i will be a more normal size again some time.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    I think I'm the only person whose boobs are the same size now as they were before I was pregnant.  But I didn't breastfeed (well, only for a week, so that doesn't really count) so maybe that's why.  I wore crop-top style maternity bras while pregnant which came in S, M and L rather than cup sizes, so I have no idea what my eventual bust size was.  They don't appear to be too saggy which has surprised me, but are definitely not as firm and round as they were before.  I'm not that bothered though - just pleased to be able to wear my 32B bras as I'd invested in about 4 new ones a month before I discovered I was pregnant so would have been a bit miffed if they'd all gone to waste.

    Now that I know I'm not the only one I don't feel quite so bad about wimping out of my run on Sunday.  The weather was just too grim and I had a 12-miler planned.  I think I'll make a decision about FLM at Christmas.  I don't need to start following a marathon schedule until then so will just chill out about it until then.  I'd aimed to build up to a long run of 17 miles and a midweek 'semi-long' run of 8 miles by Christmas just to see how the training felt with the rest of my lifestyle, but not sure I'll get to 17 - maybe 15.  I think motivation is the issue for me.  Last time I was pretty confident about running a good PB (which I did) but this time, with less training and less time, I'm fairly sure a PB is out of the question (especially after losing a few months of 'base' fitness in the latter stages of pregnancy and straight after Kit was born).  Just not sure I can motivate myself to do all the training if I know a PB is unlikely.

    I think we've been exceptionally lucky that Kit hasn't suffered with teething so far.  He has 6 teeth which is quite a lot at not quite 9 months.  Think he may be teething again as his bottom has been sore the past couple of days.  When the last crop of teeth came through (4 top ones all at once) he only had one evening when he woke crying an hour after being put to bed.  He was pretty inconsolable but settled down straight away after a dose of Calpol and some Bonjela on his gums.  Am hoping he'll be as lucky with the rest of his teeth.

    Re. jabs, I never needed to give Kit Calpol.  He was absolutely fine after each lot of vaccinations, although if I remember rightly he had a few days of being a bit off his milk each time.  He slept a lot after the first ones but not after the second and third.

  • Have just been for a run in the rain, missed my run yesterday as forgot to bring my running stuff to work and was too busy anyway.  The rain wasn't too heavy, it wasn't cold and it wasn't windy and i really quite enjoyed it, just being out in the fresh air and getting the heart pumping.  Only did about 30 mins which isn't a lot compared to some of you guys, but just glad to be out without any sniffle or strains.

    My back size only went up from 34 to 36 and then back to 34 pretty soon after the birth, i thought you're ribcage expanding was only temporary.  I was told when getting nursing bras that you're ribcage would go back to what it was.  I was 34E/F, went up to 36G whilst pregnant, then 34H after giving birth.

    JT, i started Isla on solids at just over 4 months, she was quite a big baby and my sister started all her 3 kids about 4 months as well (they were all very big babies).  My HV didn't have a problem with it she was pretty easy going about most things.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    JT, sorry to hear about your parents' dog.  Hubby's parents have an old dog (called Ted!) who is about 90 in dog years (18 I think) but he just seems to keep going and going!  He's a bit cantankerous in his old age though, so I don't think they will get another when he finally pops his clogs.

    Kit went through a stage at about 4.5 months of waking up every couple of hours all night.  We had no idea what started it (maybe a growth spurt) but we knew we couldn't have it go on longer than a few days.  The HV suggested some mild controlled crying.  I couldn't face doing this at night but decided to try it during the day when he had his naps.  We figured he woke up at night when he entered a light sleep phase, and because we'd always rushed in at the first murmer and given him his dummy, we had never allowed him to learn to settle himself. 

    When he cried, I'd go in and reassure him with my voice only, saying "Sleepy byes time" and then leave the room.  If he continued to cry, I'd wait no more than two minutes and go in and do the same again.  I never let him cry for longer than about 8 minutes in total (just couldn't bear it!) and if that happened I'd pick him up to reassure him, then try again.  Within two days he started sleeping straight through from his 10:30pm feed and has never woken in the night since.  We started weaning at 5.5 months and at the same time as we introduced solids, we cut back on the 10:30pm feed.  Once he was down to 3oz we didn't bother waking him and he's slept all night (7pm-7am) ever since.  Sometimes we do hear him stir and make gurgling noises in the night, but he never cries.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Meant to add that apparently it's quite common for your feet to get bigger by up to a whole shoe size during pregnancy.  The bad news is that they stay that way afterwards.  I think mine are slightly bigger than they were - some of my shoes feel a bit tight around the toes, but I can still wear the majority of them.
  • i've just been for a run as well mrs o - only the weather is Ok here so i don't feel too virtuous about it!

    minks - you have been incredibly lucky never to be woken in the night by kit since he was 4.5 months.  although jacob doesn't need feeding in the night, he does wake if he is poorly / teething and sometimes i think he just wakes for the sake of it.  for months and months he was brilliant and never woke us.  since may time it has been more hit and miss.  he quite often cries during the evening but only very briefly so there's not even time to go and check on him before he stops again.  but recently he's been waking every other night and hollering.  i just give him medised and a cuddle and he usually goes back to sleep within 10 mins or so.  of course, i'm awake then for hours trying to get back to sleep again!

    i also thought rib expansion was temporary.  but mine isn't!  so either i have put weight on there (which is possible but i don't think that's what it is) or my ribcage is just bigger now than it was before...

    i started jacob on solids just after 5 months.  he was huge by that stage and really starving.  but he certainly didn't want solids.  was another 3 months before he actually opened his mouth for a spoon!

  • JT - sorry about your mum and dad's dog.  it's horrible losing a pet...
  • My ribcage expansion wasn't temporary either, but not been measured for a while so may have shrunk back to 32. Couldn't face getting measured today, town was mad and boys were getting grumpy, but did get a few bits.

    We have had good nights since 12 weeks, with only a few wakenings mainly from teething and colds. My two were pretty fine with teething its these awful molars which are causing the problem, guess they are big chunky teeth.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    CM, I always fear I'm tempting fate when I say how good Kit is at night.  Maybe we'll hit a really bad patch at some point and I'll be eating my words!


    ... And basically, pregnancy ruins your body one way or another!  In my case, it has ruined my hair.  It was never that great before - it has always been baby-fine and dead straight, virtually no natural body at all - but since I've had Kit it seems to be even softer and less manageable than it was before, if that's possible.  I've kind of given up on it as I just don't have time/can't be bothered to fight with it.  I'm trying out a new hairdresser on Saturday to see whether someone new can suggest a different cut that will miraculously transform my hair into something modern, manageable and vaguely fashionable.  My present hairdresser has been cutting my hair for about 8 years now and it always seems to end up looking exactly the same.

  • JT - so sorry about the dog. Two of my mum's cats died earlier this year, within 4 months of each other (both had cancer), and even though I moved away when they were quite young I did still cry quite a lot. It was horrible because they both had to be put to sleep, but it was for the best as they seemed to be suffering. image Hope it works out with the weaning too. HV has told me to expect to have to wean JP early as he's so big, but I want to try to keep him on milk for as long as possible. Can relate to the wanting to play at 4am! Sometimes after I've fed him in the night, JP lies in his cot grinning at me, which is lovely but not at 4am... But to be fair to him, he will go to sleep on his own after I've got back in bed!

    Had a really good night last night. JP went down at just after 11, and didn't wake until 7.45! Couldn't believe it (neither could my poor boobs!). And then another positive effect of that was that because I was so full, he went 4 hours after the first feed of the day until needing another one! Result. I'm trying at the moment to get him to go a bit longer between feeds, because he does like to snack if I let him!

  • Mine latch onto my nose or indeed to each other!  Very funny in the middle of the night as I am often woken by Milla very noisily munching Ellas head!

    Interesting you are going through the same to wean or not to wean dilemma Janie, think i will sound out my HV tomorrow.  Undecided, would like to wait a bit but not if it means they are hungry and up all night!  Both had 11 oz of milk before bed tonight!!  Thats a record - will see how long they sleep after that!

    Tatty - isnt it annoying about the boobs, every time mine have slept through I have been awake from 5 with exploding boobs.... ggrrrr!  i guess they will adjust when they are consistently sleeping through!

  • Janie - yes it was my daughter who used to do that!

    I've wimped out of running tonight too - I don't mind running in the cold or rain or dark - but not all together, please.

    re: exploding boobs - I now always have my breast-pump ready by the side of the bed so I can express straightaway if I wake up before Eddie - it helps ease the discomfort and adds to my stash of expressed milk in the freezer (ready for the Christmas party season!).

  • hello, not been on for a few days and omg you guys can post!

    Janie, sorry about your folks' dog. 

    Laughing at all the boob chat.  I'm STILL wonky.  Gave up completely on the left boob which, I think, is probably about where it was pre preg.  I still make her take 10 mins from it at every feed (well sometimes just 5 mins if she's getting really antsy!) but it's really doing nothing!  Right boob is still massive and so i am still wearing my 34E bras and the left one just gets lost.  I was a 32C/34B depending on the shop before.  Ribcage doesn't seem to have expanded.  I am soooo looking forward to shrinkage, though hopefully will just go back to a B cup as I too have lots of very pretty underwear that I want to wear again!!

    Weirdly my feet have shrunk over the years.  This isn't a preg phenomenon.  I used to be a definite size 7 but these days I am a 6.5 or even a 6 in some places. 

    Went to TK Maxx today and got some nice things for Lou.  A couple of fisher price toys at a major discount and also an oilily t shirt for £7.99 and Replay trousers for a tenner.  They're for her christmas so I feel I can splash a wee bit!  I got baby dior body last time and a kenzo pink sheepskin coat too for just £16.99.  It's to be recommended!

    Interesting all the night waking chat.  Louise has definitely been a lot more restless.  Tonight she was hard to get to sleep and then an hour in she started crying in her sleep which was horrible to watch.  She's waking earlier too but luckily she just chatters to herself rather than crying.  Cue huge screaming fit tomorrow morning.  I told HV I was starting weaning on 15 Dec, being her 5 month birthday.  SHe went all "oh I don't think you should" and "what if you damage her digestive system" and I said I am going back to work in January and I don't want to have her weaning during her first week at nursery.  She said that all the staff will be very well trained and I pointed out that that wasn't my problem - she's my daughter and I want to wean her!! Plus how can it be good for her to have her world turned upside down having to go to nursery and then have folk trying to shove food down her throat as well.  The HVs went on about the dangers of late weaning too so something has to give and basically I want to wean Louise, not Tiffany at the nursery lovely though I am sure she will be. 

    We have booked our holiday for next year!  Bought flights to Toronto.  What a swizz all that tax is!!  Flights were only £49.50 one way but tax whacks on £150 per person.  INCLUDING Louise who doesn't get seat or luggage allowance.  I was tempted to pay £50 for her to get her a luggage allowance but figured that maybe I wouldn't incur quite that much in overweight luggage when we do go through!

    Pray I don't lose this massive post!  Take care all.  BTW, how bloody awful was the weather today.  Don't think it got light here in Edinburgh at all!!

  • EF - lol at praying you don't lose the post! My post above was so short because (not so) DH had just rebooted the computer without realising I'd nipped away halfway through a long post - grrrr!
  • JT sorry about your Mum's dog.  Always very sad.  Ilove the image of Ted hanging on, dangling, to your chin as you are preparing dinner in the kitchen!

    MM molars are evil things.  James has 3 and I am expecting the 4th anytime.  The first one I saw (and felt) 2 sharp white blobs.  of course it was only the one tooth as the middle bit is lower than the edges.  He has is tooth poking through with an island of gum in the middle.  What happens to that bit of gum?  Does it just come away dead and most likely get swallowed?  This is the problem with thinking about things - yuk! 

    Minks - since having James my skin has become really spotty.  Never had spots before and now my forehead feels so bumpy urghhhhh.  I agree that pregnancy definitely  can change you in the most bizarre ways.

  • Never thought about that plodding along, disgusting! Poor loves. Neither have any molars cutting yet, just can see them sitting there under a swollen gum.

    Sorry about your mum's dog JT. Having lost cats recently I can really sympathise.

    LOL at the latching onto bizarre things, my two used to latch onto each others heads, cheeks, anything they could get hold of when they shared a cot. Also used to have a good suck of hubbie's t-shirt!!

  • EF and Sarahbob - I lost a post on here yesterday as well, maybe its the site?

    EF - yes weather in Edinburgh awful yesterday. We had the heating and the lights on most of the day! However, least today its seems to have stopped raining but it still fairly dark and dull!

    My boobs are moreorless pre-pregnancy size - their increased state at the moment is more due to the extra stone I'm still carrying than the fact they have grown. I'm in a 34A just now but depending on where I shopped I can be anything from a 32AA to a 34A - you'd think I'd bother to get myself measure properly especially since my cousin's part-time job that supplements her uni lifestyle is as bra-fitter in the lingerie department at Debenhams!

    Minks - correct me if I'm wrong but Kit was on bottle feeds from a couple of weeks wasn't he? We're trying to drop Megan's 11.30pm feed. Last night was our first attempt, we fed here around 7.45pm and she slept till around 2am but was screaming blue murder for it! She then went back down after her feed till 7.15am this morning and she wasn't quite so fretful and hungry. Did you just let Kit demand feed during the night or did you wake him at certain times (not sure we can cope with that kind of screaming every night at 2am!).

    Megan is now 7 weeks, weighs 10lbs 5oz and is 57cm long. So she's bang on the 50th centile for her weight, the 75th centile for her height and the 91st centile for her head (somewhat disconcerting that her head is so large by comparison but am sure things will even out over time). Does this all seem right but what you guys remember - I'm a bit worried she's going to be a chubby chops!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just a quick post to let you know that Freddie Oliver Thomas (Sequin!) was born on 20/11/07 weighing in at 7lbs 7oz.

    A huge relief.

    Look forward to joining the group and getting my trainers back on...

  • Congratulations Sequin... love the name, I wanted a Freddy if we had boys!  See you here soon.

    MR _ I am sure the HV would have flagged it up if worried, nobody has measured babies heads or lengths since they were born so not sure!

    EF _ jealous about Toronto, we have friends in Canada so plan to go before the terrible 2 hit 2!  Lots of money for taxes though.  I (and everyone I know my age!) was weaned at 3 - 4 months and my digestive system is just fine!  I can understand why you would want to wean her yourself.

    Janie, sorry forgot to say sorry about you dog x  As for the feet thing apparently it is caused by the effects of relaxin plus the extra weight making everything spread!  I wouldnt mind but I am nicknamed hobbit feet as it is.... just had to buy size 8 boots for the extra width!

    MM - how long did your 2 sleep together?  I have mine opposite ends, heads in middle at the mo but they occasionaly bump heads and wake each other as they can only move up the cot!  Wondering if when they are more mobile they will be able to get out of each others way easier or if I should put the other cot up now.... will take so much space though!

  • Sequin - fantastic news congratulations and we look forward to you sharing more about him in the next few weeks - when you have time!

    MR - My goodness, she is longer than she is weighty.  She has a good length.  At the 50th percentile she is certainly not sounding like a chubby chops.  And further more, would you want a tiny baby who you worried about because she missed a feed or a bigger one who... oh well, they have reserves.  Babies are supposed to carry round excess and once they start moving, any chubbiness falls off.  (Also percentile charts I think are a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously.  I love finding out where James is and have a laugh looking at what age that is the average for.  i.e if he is 75th for height, how old is the average baby at that height and I trace along the line to where the 50th percentile it.

    Babies are all different - some people here seem quite petite with big babies, some with small.  Some larger people have little babies and some have big babies.  I don't know what age you start to think of my son/ daughter is a bit podgier than is good for them - but not yet! (Remember any extra fat will help insulate throughout the winter - I'm practising this for myself too in an attempt to reduce our heating and stop global warming!).

    Please don't take offence anyone with a little baby - little ones are so dinky and cute too! 

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