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    rest tonight for me
  • 5.5M Fartlek on 1st official day of autumn. Hard session.

    Dry with no wind. Great conditions for it.

  • hello all;

    just a quick update; I'm physically still not right. My knee is a niggle but I probably aggrevated it with a cycle session. My right hamstring also complained after that. Now opting for proper rest and saying goodbye to a strong M'ton this month.....

  • 0645  Another tour of Crosby Coastal Park, the Marina, beach and dunes.  Only 9 deg. C but managed to work up a lather.  5 miles. image
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    Nearly tooled up my run today by going the wrong way. Eventually got back on track sort of. 9.2 miles, following part of the cycle route that I knackered my shin running. Thought I'd give it go and follow a shorter length of it. Nice route, but the path is like concrete. No issues this time though.

    Lovely day for running and plenty of energy. Because I missed my route had to contend with pavements full of people. It's amazing how 2 people can manage fill an 8ft wide space. Nearly got run over as well but that was my own fault.
  • 2 miles for me on the treadmill in 24 minutes, also did some weights and light cycling. Then hit the pool for an hour and a half. Quite enjoying the swimming, but not the same as running. Things will probably get better next week when the children go back to school and the pool I use is quieter.
  • 5 miles this evening with about 1 mile of it off road. Felt a very slight pain behind my left knee cap over the last few hundred metres so I hope that doesn't develop into anything.
  • Did a nice steady 10k ready for my first race ever....Lichfield 10k on Sept 11th. My plan says not to run 10k again now til the race so just got four 5ks planned...that feels quite nice.
    Did it in 1 hour and 12 minutes and 30 seconds...I am quite happy with that image
    Ran along the canals around Aldridge with my friend Jo.
  • Had 2 weeks of laziness, self indulgence and other commitments, but back on the road today, as I've realised a 10k race has creeped up on me this Saturday. Ran an 8km loop in 35mins, felt stronger as I get into the run, so in that respect I'm happy, but my target of a sub 40mins on Saturday looks unlikely.
  • 4 easy miles as legs feel very heavy. Mild and drizzly morning up here so far.
  • 5.9 miles for 49 minutes - X country for a change
  • 0635 - out to Rimrose Valley Country Park between Litherland & Crosby: peaceful and serene, a contrast to the strange clankings from Liverpool Freeport container base.  Home via the Coastal Park - note to self:  must do this one again.  5 miles, give or take. image
  • 5Km eastleigh park run

    came 4th - irrelevant

    18:25 still way off PB set back in 2008 image

  • Cracking time, nonetheless i_R image

    First run in genuinely soggy conditions this dinner time after a swift tour of the gym: 4.8 miles round Vic Pk, over to Crosby Coastal Park, quick beach section & back home.  Gives me a rare 40-mile week image

  • 8 miles in the rain this morning in 1h18. Last long run before HM next weekend. I tried out an energy gel thing for the first time as I thought it would be better to give one a go before race day. Definitely gave me a boost, once I was able to get it down and keep it down!
  • 5.57 miles in 48:49 at a very comfortable pace, longest run I have done since my knee injury. Could have run a lot further but felt a slight twinge in the right knee not sure if I'll ever be able to run any seriously long distances ever again. Shorter distances at a faster pace seems fine but as soon as I up the mileage my knee goes.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    8.4 miles today all on road. Managed to dodge the rain again. Made up my route as I went along. A bit sluggish to get going and keep going. Not fatigued as such, just a bit flat. Fine though.
  • Deceptively warm morning for 9.5 miles on the coast N. of Liverpool; pretty much all trail, track & beach.  Ran out of steam after an hour but 'twould've been so rude not to run image
  • 5.5M Fartlek. Hard, dry, cool bit foggy .

    Inspired: Not a bad run though.

  • On Saturday I completed 14.82 miles in 2 hours 12 minutes - new route, started at 5.30am

    Felt out of gas towards the end.

  • 13.9 miles yesterday morning with a hangover.  Felt sick for the first 5 miles but it cleared after that.  Around 1 hr 46 mins ish.

  • Sunday - 8 miles - planned a 7 mile walk/run ended up 8 nonstop miles so was very pleased with myself.
  • 0630 today: 5 miles in wind, rain & squally showers in Crosby & Blundellsands - quite a contrast to yesterday's sunshine.... image
  • 10:15AM 4/9/11

    4.64 miles around new forest in absolutely awful wind and rain

    31.53 6:52 M/M
  • 13.11 miles at a pretty conservative pace, went out with my training partner and she wanted to do a full half marathon distance as she's on holiday now for the 2 weeks leading up to her race.

    wonderful rain today, i love running in the rain.
  • Finally after not running for a month due to a hamstring problem, I managed to get out twice this weekend, Friday was a nice gentle jog of 6 miles in 1hr 20 mins and then yesterday after feeling good about Friday did 8 miles in 1hr 15 mins.

     Oops.........meant to say hi everyone as well, nice to see your all keeping hard at it image

  • Great news, Tuzki - good to see you back! image
  • 5M Easy/Steady. Okay sort of run.

     I initially was only intending running 4, but felt not bad so added an extra mile.

    Tuzki: Good to have you back.

  • 5 miles round the grand houses of Blundellsands and taking in some beach too!  Slowly feeling more confident of my health & its impact on my running.
  • Mornings 3.5 miles felt like 7 with all the strong wind holding me back
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