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  • 10/9/11 9AM

    5KM park run race in 18:47

    finished 6th
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    7.8 miles today in 65 mins. Constantly changing from sun to rain to strong winds. Been playing around with my new Garmin trying to fool it into thinking I'm going faster than I am. Congrats iNSPiRED. Wish I could run a sub 20 min 5k.
  • Thanks!

    I wouldn't think of others, I would like to run quicker, as long as your achieving your own goals!

    4.61 Miles in 28:03..Tempo 6:05 M/M

    Felt good and pushed hard!

  • 3.5 miles this morning, although probably longer as with the wind it was 2 steps forwards, 3 steps back! so windy!
  • Sunday 11/9 8.2 miles in 69 mins.

    Just started training again for HM in Nov. Nice easy pace, felt really comfortable. Bit of pace training needed tomorrow, I hate them though as I'm always shattered afterwards!
  • Hey people.

    Nice running Inspired Runner! well done everybody.

    Me: 8M into work, in 8.10m/M. Blustery!

  • 10.5 miles last night in the dark: round the Marina, up the beach to the Coastguards' and by quiet roads home through Blundellsands & Crosby.  Settled well into a comfortable pace & maintained it. image

    Regulation 5 miles this morning up to the Baths and home via Crosby & Brighton-le-Sands - legs were a tad trashed after last night image but 'twas only 9 hours later!

  • Just did a 9K progression run, first time I've properly done a progression run. I've got a 10K on Sunday and I tend to go off too hard, so I wanted to try and work on pacing myself a little early on. I far preferred the feeling of finishing hard and pushing myself more on the hills than being tired after about 4K and feeling I was struggling around the rest. Feel great afterwards.

    Did encounter one small problem as 9 horses had escaped their field half way round and decided it would be nice to stand on the pavement and in the road. Had to join a queue of cars crawling round the side of them in the end. According to the police they do it all the time!

  • Session last night was really great,

    10 x 400m with 90 seconds recovery..great quality Splits of 68/66/69/68/70/70/69/68/71/70
  • Wow, what a session Inspired! Well done

     Me: 6.5M on the South Downs Way, climbing up Beacon Hill and Old Winchester Hill. Good fun.

  • 0640 on a very windy Merseyside morning - managed 5 miles near the coast & got sandblasted for my trouble! image  Hugely refreshing image
  • Thanks!

    Really worked for it and building on both speed and my endurance!!!

    Loving the intense sessions like these and more to come soon!!

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    10.2 miles in just under 85 mins. According to Garmin pace has been a fairly consistent 8.2 min/mile for last couple of runs. Happy enough with that. I don't check as I'm going along but having this new watch does stop me from dawdling and easing off. Nice run, all roads and paths taking in the river, the university, and a cycle path that follows an old rail route. Really squally weather, but mostly avoided the wind somehow or other.
  • 5.5M in 35:38 trail in new forest image
  • 4.06 Miles on undulating road 24:39..

    Shouldnt have eat the toast 15 mins before though! bluegh!
  • 3.5 miles of pain due to a stitch that would not go
  • 6.5 miles last night at 9mm pace.

  • My last run - today at about 2pm.  Complete rubbish.  I managed a bit over 5k, but had to take a ...snarl...walkbreak...inbetween (haven't had to do that for ages!)

     It's got to be down to one, or a combination of the following:

    - First run back after a few days out with minor back trouble.

    - Earlier in the day than usual (still only 19 degrees though).

    - Water instead of Powerade.

    - or no gym session beforehand (that's the one my money's on).  Either way, I hope it picks up next time...

    Edit:  @Inspired: I also had toast a short while before I left - maybe that put a spanner in the works as well. image

  • 3.21 tempo to really warm myself up for race tommorrow, work scedhule makes it hard to get perfect sessions in when I want but none the less good running...

    3.21 in 19:15..

    really winding up for a 5KM SB soon image

    it stands at 18:25!!

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Run today started well, ended badly. Route of about 7 miles. Got to mile 5 and had to stopped at a manned railway crossing for some minutes. When I set off again I could feel I'd gone cold, then developed a little niggle in left forefoot. Which soon became a big niggle. Called it a day at mile 6 because it was too uncomfortable to run. Second time I've worn these Bridgedale socks. The first time was when I damaged my shin. I think the socks are trying to destroy me. On the plus side I was averaging comfortably below 8m/m for the first 5.
  • Did a short 3.5 yesterday. Up to Newcastle tomorrow morning for the GNR.  Excited but very very nervous!  I would love to get under 1:50 but it will be so congested that Im not sure how realistic it is but I am looking forward to the experience anyway and wont be too disappoimted  if I dont.  
  • Ran a marathon (26.2miles/42.2km) today...

    42.22km - 3 hours 18 minutes 2 seconds on Garmin watch.

    Continued on after, finishing at 43.22km.

  • ran 5KM park run today!

    ran a season best time of 17:37 so really chuffed!

    right calf a bit sore from last few days but warmed up nicely and ran ok..been due a solid run and timed training and rest well..

    now need to just start building on mileage and do more quality session and hopefully get back to my PB standard!

  • Powerful run, iR - keep it going!

     5 miles early doors around Crosby Coastal Park - either a tad off form or I pushed on - fair tuckered out at the end image

  • thanks swittle!

    4.84 miles in 32:16 this evening to flush legs through and ran steady so felt good image
  • Out for 10.5 miles before 8am: Marina, beach & coastal park, Crosby.  Superb conditions, a tad faster than I planned with Mablethorpe HM in 2 weeks but home for coffee, muffins and the GNR on the 'box image
  • GNR yesterday.  Finished in 1.49 which was a PB. Fantastic atmosphere and would love to get a place again next year.
  • Did 13.1 miles yesterday in preparation for Sunday's Run to the Beat. I'm aiming for anything below 2:00 and managed 2:07. Considering I didn't feel well, was tired from two hours of football earlier in the day, had to dodge loads of pedestrians, and was out the night before, I'm hopeful of making a sub 2:00 HM on Sunday. Was a nice confidence booster, especially as really didn't want to go on at times and had to force myself to go on.
  • alib: well done on your PB at the GNR. Makes all the training worth while when PB's happen.

    Still no running for me due to injury, but did manage 2 hours in the pool earlier. With all the time I am spending in the pool at the moment I should be reasonable at swimming by the time I am ready to run againimage.

  • 4.25M Easy/Steady this morning

    Not a great week running wise last week.

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