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  • Sounds like an epic dual, JD - I hope you get your results sorted out. I've had a chip fail in a race before and the organisers sorted it out, albeit with my Garmin time (which is often a few seconds slower than the race time due to slow reaction time with the buttons).
    Not the most brilliant run today, although it was nice to have some Autumn sunshine finally (even if it was quite cold). As I'd done 10 last Sunday I thought I'd do 12 or 13 today. I thought I'd do the Wandle Trail to Morden Hall Park, but rather than go on from there to Wimbledon, as I do on my 20 milers, I'd do it as an out-and-back. Only thing was, when I got to the trail, it was a lot wetter than expected. The tarmac bits were OK but the trail bits were covered in puddles and very muddy at the edges. Then, when I got to the park, I realised most of the paths there are also dirt (as I've only run it in the summer, I wasn't really thinking about the surfaces). So I exited the park and tried to figure out how to make my way home via roads, using road signs and a vague sense of direction to navigate. At this point my glute/ham was grumbling a lot (maybe it didn't like Hilly Field's hills yesterday), and my legs felt heavy. I hit Tooting Common at around 10 miles so rather than run around it, I took the quickest path back to finish it at 11 miles.
    I guess I'm not as far along in my recovery from Yorkshire as I thought I was.
  • Finally reached meltdown with running directly from home.  I am just too bored of all available routes, so today it was a drive to Deal seafront. 

    What a difference! Always something to look; at 3 castles, a pier, lots of Victorian buildings, lots of cold-looking fisherman, enough runners for an event, thousands of dogs of every race, colour and creed, a huge amount of gay couples? (Just an observation) fishing boats on the beach and ships out to sea..

     "Borrowed" a pair of my other halfs leggings to wear under my shorts, (still no trousers!). Worked brilliantly! (The east wind off the sea was flipping arctic) Made sure to warm up slowly and put some slow miles in, hip was good today.  I think as a result of keeping it warm and very slow miles to start. Also started using Wintergreen on recommendation? Certainly happy today.

    11.2 miles/ 1:48. /Miles between 7:30-11:00 minutes. Elevation -12 to 13 foot!! I didn't know such pancake-ness was possible!

    That sounds an awesome bit of running JD, proper elevation! I've seen the weather you're having online, savage! Sounds you ran a great race,  bloody good time over that course! Sure you'll catch him next time!

    That is an incredible amount of Parkruns Cal! and a cool thing to do.  How many runs have you done in total? Have you a T-shirt yet? After London will you carry on with surrounding counties? Or just visit your favourites!  Good weekend long run.

    Went to visit my Dad this week, himself a 4 times London marathon runner around 1990 (with a solid PB of 3:25!) He worked for ADT when it was the sponsor, so it helped getting a place. He stopped running many years ago due to injury and general age, but found an ancient Ron Hill top in the loft that could be 30 years old! and gave it to me. I'm going to start wearing it to see if it brings good running with it.

  • Well done JD that is a great time for a tough sounding course.  Hope they fix the results for you and the other runners affected.  I like the idea of a bacon and porridge sandwich.. :D   And snow?  None of that here yet.  

    Maybe just a one-off down day Cal.  Good you could cut your run short rather than have to drag it out.

    Must have been a lovely run LTT.  Any fish & chips..?  Shame your dad can't run any more but I love the idea of the old Ron Hill top being passed on.

    11 miles for me today - finished off a 2 week recovery post HM with a first half slower, second half faster run.  Started the faster bit on a downhill stretch which was maybe cheating a bit but compensated with some nasty little undulations on roughish ground at the end.  Lovely afternoon for running, cool, sunny almost no wind.  The forecast was for thick fog all day so much appreciated. 
  • Linton, I'm on 103 now - 61 different locations.
    When I've exhausted the London ones (at least until they add more...which is likely) I'll do some of the more accessible outer ones, but I won't be able to afford to take trains every weekend so I'll also revisit some of my favourites (and try to beat the times!)
    Deal sounds lovely!

  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Some great running, particularly JD and that wonderful/terrifying sounding course (not sure which). Fingers crossed they sort out your result. Oh and thanks for the downhill running tip, it's really paying off, especially as St Neots has a big downhill finish. 

    LTT, good to see you back in the flow, but do listen to your body.

    Nice parkrunning Cal, I haven't done one for ages now. Good mileage too.

    Good effort Hazel, you are like a metronome!

    Well done everyone else. Little to report here, apart from being underbaked for St. Neots. 

    I had a beer and games weekend, not great prep but managed a 7k loop around Henham/Elsenham in Kent. First run where I've had to run over a pedestrian bridge because the lines were closed waiting for a train. 

  • A better run today - rather cold so I was naturally a bit quicker and decided to take advantage of that. I did 7 miles total with 6 progression and a 1 mile cool-down. Went from easy down to just below MP. Felt some niggles but they weren't bad.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    A slow and short foundation run this morning, 5k in 30 mins. Enjoyed the cold, but apparently it will be 0-7c on Sunday for my half marathon in St. Neots. Still not sure what pace to go for.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Linton,good idea to run somewhere new,it keeps you interested.I used to have Ron Hill leggings from the early 90's,I looked ridiculous in them.

    Nice run Hazelnut,sounds like a lovely run.Think my longest run since my mara has been just over 8 miles,so I'll have to be upping the mileage soon as I have a HM in January.

    That's some locations Cal,I'm still on two but I might drive to Birkenhead Park this Saturday,apparently it's all tarmac path.Just means getting up early.

    Beer and games weekend sounds fun enrvuk.

    Received my official results from Saturday.Finished with a time of 48:13,finished 18 and age category 3,so I'm a happy chappy with the result.

  • That's great news, JD. :D
  • Great running everyone! Love following this thread practically every day - helps keeps me motivated.

    Ran 4 miles with the club yesterday over hills. Thought I'd be flagging towards the back nearer the 10min/mile pace but felt I could do better. Pushed on and averaged 8:48min/mile pace the whole way round and was able to keep up with and have a chat to the other runners. The niggle in my shin/ankle area wore off after the first mile but bloomin' heck it was freezing! Definitely need some more winter gear methinks, on top of the new trainers to create a rotation.
  • Great result JD, that's about what I run on relatively flat tarmac! Great result.
    Beer and games weekend sounds great enrvuk, did that on holiday, you've got to give it all a break sometimes. Nice foundation run.

    Great running Cal, glad the niggles were OK, huge Parkrun portfolio!

    5 miles tonight, 8/9 min miles. Waited for niggles after Sunday's long'un, but seem OK.  Saw one other jogger, who stopped at the Chinese to pick up a takeaway, good running.

    My beginner's marathon plan is essentially 5 miles tuesday, 5 miles friday and a hefter on sunday.  I feel I can lengthen the tue/fri runs, but won't yet as I'm not going to know what's hit me soon!

    There's a really fast local half this weekend. (My PB would have put me 145 out of 165 last year!) it's clearly flat, but Christ! it's ran by speedy folk. Undecided..
  • Great running people, and oh wow Cal, that's an amazing amount of parkrun locations!

    10k Tuesday for me, except that I accidentally ran 11k.. I use strava on my phone and run in my local park which is 500m laps, so I tend to just count the laps as my phone sits in my running belt. Turns out I miscounted my laps, but as I was on 10.5 at that point I figured I might as well make it a round 11k!

    On top of only ever having run 10k, what I'm most pleased about is that I ran the 11k in 62 min, which is faster than my fastest 10k. Tonight was a really good run, everything just felt right and kms 8-10 (as it turns out) were spot on, I picked up pace as well which usually I struggle with in the latter parts of my run.
  • Well done Malteser - I always run a bit quicker when it's cold.
    And well done ilofog. Do you have any races booked?
    Linton, see how you feel I guess? I always finish well down the field in clubby races. I'm not even that slow any more - I'm just not all that fast.
    10 miles this morning which seemed a lot longer than it was. Started under a big moon and finished in daylight. Massage later - got a few niggles that need sorting.
  • Great news JD.  Will you get a prize for your age cat 3rd?  I have good memories of stomping up and down some UK fells in Ron Hill leggings (early 90s).

    I regularly get stuck at a level crossing with no footbridge option enrvuk.  Clothing might also be tricky for your HM if it is that cold. 

    Good hilly run Malteser. 

    Well done on your distance PB ilofog.  That is also a big improvement on your 10k time then!   

    I would stick to the plan LTT.  I would give doing the half some consideration, if you run it all out then you will need recovery time which could impact your mara training.

    Nice progression run Cal.

    Just under 8 miles yesterday evening - did a couple on my own then joined 2 guys from my running group for the remainder.  We did a shortened route rather than the standard Tuesday one as one was suffering with his lungs a bit in the cold air and the other has PF issues by the sounds of things. 
  • Four and a bit miles yesterday at lunch.  As often when hungry and on a tight time budget I ran too fast.  Will probably notice that today when I should run faster.
  • Indeed, Cal, I reckon it's just natual wanting to warm up as quickly as possible when it's cold.

    I do that too, Hazel! Run too quickly to beat the time and then regret it somewhat afterwards!

    5 mile run with the club last night. Ran a bit too fast I reckon as I felt my technique go in the last mile, which was mostly uphill (all my runs start and end on a hill, from home and from the usual club meet location). It started to rain then, too, so I had to run and clear my glasses at the same time which isn't easy. 8:56min/mile though so alright with that - usually I'm happy with 10min/miles.

    Club's doing a 9 mile run on Sunday and I'm tempted to join, but reckon the tempo is too quick for me over the distance and I've never run that far before. May do 7-8 miles by myself. Decisions decisions...
  • You need a cap, Malteser - that'll help with the rain issue.
    Hopefully some folks from your club will be running at your pace. I have an issue in that no one seems to run at my pace despite me not actually being that slow. After a couple of long club runs where I ended up on my own (and got lost!) I decided that I would do my own thing as, if I was going to run alone anyway, I could start and end at home and do them at the time I wanted (I prefer to go out early)>

    7 miles this morning. Tweaked my knee yesterday, somehow (I went to the gym for the first time in ages, but didn't experience any issues there, so not sure if it was a delayed reaction or something that's tight pulling on it) but since it only twinges when my leg is locked, I decided to chance a run. It was OK. Arse still ached though - bloody hamstring.
  • Malteser - the number of times I have needed windscreen wipers for my glasses... Cap does help but if it is warm weather or if you are working hard then might get uncomfy.  Contacts?  I can't unfortunately.  I would probably give the 9 miler a miss if it is both longer and faster than you are used to do.   Could give you something to build up to (distance then speed).  You could also talk to those doing such runs on another occasion about maybe a shorter run or splitting a group so that you can join for a slower one?

    Good the knee is ok to run on Cal. 

    10 miles yesterday at dusk - first half slower, second half faster.  Pretty disciplined on the first half but hit the gas pedal a bit hard for the second half.  Ran loops which helped me to concentrate and hit an even pace at least.   Discovered on changing that I had no clean long trousers and had to go out in capris.  Wasn't as bad as I was expecting despite the 2 degrees. 
  • Cal - A cap would be handy but admittedly I've never run with one on before. Only just getting used to a head torch!

    Hazel - I've tried contacts but I get really funny about things going in or near my eyes, so I don't think contacts are quite right for me (plus I think it feels a bit weird). May just go running without glasses, I can still see objects, just not details (e.g. I can see cars, but not number plates until I get closer)

    The 9 mile run is supposedly at 10-10:30mm and I know I can run at 10mm for 6 miles, I just don't think I can go for 9 miles at that sort of pace, even at 10:30mm. Looking at doing 7-8 miles on a day over the weekend instead, probably.

    Fartlek hills last night...boy that was not fun!
  • Malteser - I am a bit short-sighted. I was a lot more short-sighted until 2005 and wore contacts initially, then glasses (being on computers all day left me with dry eyes). Then I got laser eye surgery. It was amazing...for a few years. Then my eyes regressed again. I was -2.5 before the surgery and around -1 now so it's still an improvement, but it's like going from an UHD TV to standard definition. On a clear day my sight is pretty much fine but in dimmer light I can't see details. I ran past someone I knew this morning because it was quite dark and I don't see faces well in dim light (only realised when he shouted at me!)
    So...yeah, you'll be OK without the glasses if it's just details you're missing.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Malteser,I wear glasses but I don't wear them for running.I struggle to pick out things especially when on trail runs or if it's dark.Maybe build yourself up to nine miles over the next few weeks.Glad you enjoyed your hill session!

    Glad your knee is OK Cal.I'm the same as you I don't pick faces out until they're close by.

    Hazelnut,no prize for AG catagory I'm afraid.All runners received a woolly hat which comes in handy.

    6.80 yesterday and 6 miles today.Hams and glutes are very tight after two lots of circuit training this week,hope they ease up for tomorrow's parkrun.

    Hope you all have a good weekend.

  • 5 miles tonight in grim weather as stipulated by my plan. Felt weary and laborious, rough week. Saw a fox. Finally got some tights/trousers, going to take a while to get used to them. Conditioning myself to run without music as some local events are no headphones, including bone conduction.
    Do you guys run with music or not?

    Played football Wednesday for the first time in ages.  Haven't lost my devastating touch, vision, and goalscoring ability (!) but lost a good bit of zip, better endurance though perhaps?  I can play every Wednesday if I want, but not sure if that's a bad idea, (increased risk of injury, less recovery time, less in the tank for weekend long run).

    Hope everyone 's aches, niggles and strains are OK! My left knee is giving me gip since football.

    I always wear a cap  for winter running, surprising how much warmer I find it keeps me.

    Think I'm going to leave that half marathon this weekend, I have to remind myself 4 weeks ago I was too injured to run at all, or 3 miles max, completely out of the game.

    That said I 'm definitely doing that part -trail, half the weekend after as it was awesome! and i want to keep up with my half marathon per month I've managed, (just).

    Bought some Bloks energy chews, any good?

    Have a nice weekend.

  • Last run 14/11/2019

    4 of the 6 prescribed by my first-time-marathoners plan. Suffering a persistent and limp-inducing stitch, perhaps as a result of only running fasted? Only tend to get it once above 6 miles, but I could feel it before I even stepped out the door today. Managed to maintain a 9:10 pace until it really kicked in. Starting to worry that it will hinder my training. 4 easy tomorrow morning, will see how that goes...

    Linton, I have also been working on training without headphones whenever I'm preparing for a race! Good scenery helps. I weaned myself off music with podcasts, which made a difference. Daylight savings can make it all the more testing, though!
  • LintonTravelTavernLintonTravelTavern ✭✭✭
    edited November 2019
    Yay! a Park run PB!

    I haven't done one since June when I did a 20:53, but having been sensible and given up the idea of the half marathon tomorrow, I thought why not?

    Such a nice bunch at Pegwell, incredible cakes of all types on offer! It was cold so did a good half mile warm up.

    Stuck myself in the second row, with the 21 minute pacer, and off.  Felt good, so pulled ahead a bit.

    Through the first lap at 10:20, maybe just maybe I could get a PB! Hung on for that unpleasant second lap, big puddles to hurdle! and home.

    15th of 219, but still 4th MV40 though. 20:35 my time. 6.6ish min miles.

    Going to have a decent go at going sub 20 now as it's getting a bit close! Decent amount of interval training on long runs I guess? and another go in a month maybe. 35 seconds is a bit to lose though!

    Hi cele!, no expert but I wager the stitch will go as your training increases. I had that and mine did.

  • Hi cele. I do most of my runs fasted and stitch isn't really a problem - it could be that you're breathing a bit shallow. I have been doing yoga for 5 years so that might help.

    Well done on the PB, Linton!

    Beckton parkrun today - one of London's small parkruns. It's out in Docklands right by London City Airport. It's a mixture of path and grass, and the grass was very, very muddy (my trail shoes didn't quite cut it - you'd need spikes, except that they would be no good on the paths). Anyway, although I didn't have a brilliant time (26:11) I got my highest ever finisher spot - 11th place and 2nd lady. I will definitely revisit this one in the summer as it's flat and I reckon I could get a good time here. That, and it has a nice community feel.
  • Great parkrunning by LTT and Cal - time PB and finisher spot PBs.

    I read your story about the eye op on another occasion Cal and it has put me off of thinking about getting it done myself. I have pretty bad astigmatism, can't do without glasses.  In past races I have followed brightly coloured compression socks as I couldn't see much else due to fog and rain.   

    No music for me LTT - I want to hear what is going on around me in races and in training (some done on minor roads). I generally wear some sort of headgear in the winter depending on the temps - from a thin headband (good under a headtorch) to a thick cap.  Careful with the footy.  Haven't tried those chews - didn't get on with another variety as took too much chewing.  Gels or a softish energy bar for me.   

    Shame there was no prize for your 3rd place JD - but a hat is always a useful thing.

    Welcome cele27.  Breathing could be the thing with your stitch.  Hope you have a better run tomorrow and good luck with the mara training.  

    Rare pre breakfast run for me today.  I am on cat duty at the weekends and rather than going back to bed after opening the tin I took on one mug of tea, half a banana, an espresso and set out for just short of 7 miles.  After yesterday's rest day I was feeling pretty fresh legged and ran a bit too fast again.   Now signed up for Hamburg marathon on 19.04 and a local 56k ultra at the beginning of June.  
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    We well done Linton on your PB,cracking run.No music for me as well.You've got to weigh up the pros and cons of your weekly football,won't do you any harm if you can stay injury free.

    Welcome cele27,good luck with your mara training.

    Nice parkrun Cal,good placing as well.

    Hazelnut,like the one of you following the brightly coloured compression socks!Where's your ultra?

    Birkenhead parkrun today,world's first public park and New York's Central Park was modelled on Birkenhead!Two lap course,flat and all on tarmac.Finished in 20:44 and 41/529.Definitely a PB course,so will returning in the future.Bushy parkrun next.
  • Nice running Cal and Linton! Great spot finishes and PB's are always something to be happy about I find! Linton, I used to run with music on all the time, that'd be down the quiet footpaths where the only hazard is dog walkers and the odd cyclist. I'm quite aware of my surroundings when I run, and enjoy running to music.

    Did 12.5km solo yesterday morning. Just thought I'd do along at a comfortable pace just to see if I can log the miles under my belt. Did it in about 1:09:04, with an average of 5:33/km, so about 8:55min/mile for 7.74 miles in total (using conversion charts). I ran a 10k in my quickest time, too, knocking 2 minutes off my previous PB so pretty chuffed with that. I'd like to think my pace and my running were fairly consistent throughout the run, too, even if my technique went out the window in the first half a mile. Went tech-less for a run for the first time (bar my phone for Strava) so no music for me - the half marathon doesn't allow music so I thought I may as well get used to it. Found it enjoyable to be fair, will be doing that again for my longer runs. Was nice to just switch off away from society and technology (which, for someone my age, is almost an impossibility it seems).

    Legs are aching a bit today but then I should probably stretch a bit more before and after my runs. My left hammy and my right soleus (the usual suspect of my niggles recently) are a bit tender so a rest day today before running more tomorrow. Was going to buy some new trainers yesterday, either some Brooks Glycerins or the Hoka Clifton's but the local running store didn't have any in my size, or in my 2E width...darn. Back to the drawing board to see if there are any other alternatives for what I'm looking to do with them (long mileage and a long distance race shoe, not at a silly cost).
  • I use Nike Epic Reacts for most of my training, Malteser - they have plenty of cushion (which is good for pavement pounders like myself) but are also extremely light and comfortable. Might be worth a look. usually have some at a discount.
    Never run with music - I like to be able to hear what's going on around me. Rather important when you cross as many roads as I do.

    I had to force myself out today - I wasn't feeling on top form and I really didn't feel like running at all,  but I told myself I'd feel worse if I didn't run. Managed to do a half marathon, even though my hamstring was getting increasinly grumpy on the way around. (Left one for me, too...and my right calf is pretty tight, though I think that may be down to sliding around in mud yesterday).

    Smelled a lot of weed, got angry at cars that got in my way and saw a couple of nice cats.
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