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  • The hills will get easier over time LTT.  I have to chase mice around my flat every now and then as I get presents from the cats..

    Not good on the knee JD - any better in the meantime?  If not I would get it looked at if you haven't done so.  Good parkrun!

    Welcome charlton and great work on the 5k!

    Nice progression run Cal.  And great plans for next year.  If I remember right you have Tokyo, your first ultra and then Chicago.

    Cold takes some getting used to Malteser.  I suffer badly from cold hands - under 5 degrees I have to set out with gloves.  Can recommend thin liner type ones.  I wouldn't worry about a couple of days off, in particular if it eased your niggles.  Good news regarding the car. 

    A bit short of 9 miles with my group yesterday evening.  Clear evening but cold at around -3.  Just some of the ladies out (come on blokes - get out the tights!).  Calf better after a rest day on Monday but not 100%. 
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    That's right, Manchester (I really hope I can recover in time after Tokyo - it's the shortest gap I've attempted thus far, just 5 weeks).
    I'm wearing gloves around 8 degrees and less although I have those thin Ron Hill ones. I'll sometimes still be wearing a T-shirt but have gloves on. Today was a lot more - long sleeves, jacket, fleecy headband and a light buff. It was around 2 degrees and seemed to get colder rather than warmer as the sun rose.
    It was a bit of a strange run today. Went out early (5:40am) and did the first couple of miles around 10:30 pace but then stopped looking at the Garmin because it was meant to be an easy run (12 miles). Found out when I reviewed my splits after that I got a lot slower! I averaged 10:45 pace, which is pretty slow, and there was even one mile at 11:19!

    I think what happened was  I was able to run freely for the first couple of miles as I was on well-lit main roads, but when I transitioned to the side roads and the lighting was more sparse and the pavements a bit bumpier, I obviously checked my stride (a lot!). Strangely, while it was dry when I went out, it also got frostier and more slippery later into the run, so that had an impact too.
    Ah well, it's done. Did a faster run yesterday so I'm not going to worry about it.
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    Welcome Charlton,well done on your first run in over two years and that you  enjoyed yourself.Hope you stick at it. 

    Chicago will be brilliant Cal,you're racking up the air miles with your international marathons.Yes,the Clapham Pioneers vest is very orange and visible,stands out a mile.Very friendly bunch,had a long walk to the start with them so had a nice chat with them.

    The more hills you do Linton, the easier it becomes, apparently.

    Nice run Hazelnut.I'm still in my shorts and tshirt.On Saturday's parkrun most runners were wearing tights and warm kit,I felt really self conscious that I was in shorts and tshirt.

    Got myself out today,wasn't too sure how far I was going to run.Knee felt a bit stiff but the clicking had stopped,and the soreness has disappeared.In the end managed 6 gentle miles,so very happy with that.

  • Cheers for the advice, Hazel, I got myself some thin Nike gloves and they seemed to work a treat tonight!

    Did what was supposed to be a gentle run tonight for 34 minutes with the club, but hit the afterburners and decided to treat it more as a speed session...whoops! The competitive side of me always gets me whenever I run 4 miles in 33 minutes averaging 8:21min/mile, was the first one to the halfway checkpoint and the first one back to base, too, after sprinting the last 200m or so. Got stitch most of the way back, which was a bit of a killer, but ahh well.

    Been plotting a 9 mile route for Saturday just to try clocking up the miles again. Would like to try hitting 10 miles by Christmas but that may be biting off more than I can chew.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    Sounds like the niggles are wearing off for everyone, really good news. Pleased for you Malteser and JD! Good club running malt and nice to see you back gently pounding out the miles JD. 

    Cal, very exciting program next year! Going to be one to remember. You’ve got the fitness for it. I’m sure we will enjoy it vicariously. Good miles as ever with a very early start. Well done. 

    Hazel, very committed running. I’d by fine at -3, but the potential frost might hold me back. I do suffer with cold fingers, gloves or not. At whitstable parkrun I couldn’t feel my little finger at all. Hope the calf gets to 100% quickly. 

    Welcome Charlton are you a Valley visitor?

    Two easy 6k runs for me, one Monday one tonight, sandwiching a day trip to Amsterdam with no time for a run. My physio appointment today was in a very smelly boxing gym, although the physio room was not smelly. Given that I had quite a few to choose from, I think choosing the nearest was an error! The guy was friendly and agreed with the IT band diagnosis, gave me two starter exercises and that was that :-) 
  • Better to be careful and slower if the conditions are not so great than end up on the pavement Cal.  And as you say - you did a good progression run so a slower one won't have hurt.

    Brr to t-shirt and shorts JD - I might in a race depending on conditions but I'm feeling the cold this winter so far.  Good news on your knee. 

    If you can do the 9 miles Malteser then 10 won't be too much of a jump to be achieved by Christmas.  Wise to build gradually. 

    Ouch to the IT band enrvuk - never had it but read about it enough.  Hope the exercices help fast.

    5 miles yesterday at lunchtime - somewhat undisciplined pacewise (too fast - again!).  Paid for it today at lunchtime on an undulating 11 miler - legs weren't too amused by the up bits and I was pretty hungry by the end.  I had got an emergency energy bar with me but only had about 20 minutes left to run and told my stomach to shut up complaining.  It tends to go from not hungry to very hungry within a couple of minutes, some mild warnings would be nice.   Farmers are currently very active spreading smelly substances everywhere. 
  • You'll be fine with 10 miles, Malteser (so long as you don't try to go too fast, eh?)

    Yesterday was one of those days where I couldn't bring myself to do anything at all, so I ran today instead. 8 miles easy, which was mostly OK - I wanted to do some strides in the last mile but the gusts of wind were freaking me out so it was all a bit half-arsed. Never mind. 5K track race tomorrow - hope I can manage a decent time. Despite being on a nice, flat track, I've never managed to run as fast there as I have in my best parkruns, though that could be because it comes at the end of the year when I'm all raced out. There's mulled wine, anyway.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    How long will your IT band take to clear up,envruk?That's one thing I haven't had.

    Hazelnut,that's the problem running at lunchtime,you can start to feel hungry,at least you were carrying emergency rations.Muck spreading really does open up your airways!

    Good luck with your 5k track race Cal,strange time of year to be racing on a track.Enjoy your mulled wine.

    You'll be ok with 10 miles, Malteser, just pace yourself.

    5 miles yesterday,knee okish but my left calf is sore now,it's strapped up now.Really frustrasting the last few weeks, lots of little niggles,I'll see how it is tomorrow.

  • Got out and did the 9 miles this morning - think original nerves were from not running more than 7 miles before. It was quite warm once I started to get going, which was nice. A bit of a hilly 9 miles. 

    First time trying to fuel using jelly babies - was okay, just strange trying to eat and run at the same time, will have to get more practice in. Same with drinking, too. Pace was all over the place but managed to do 8:54min/mile average so cannot complain with that - 1:23hrs moving time so happy it came in under 1:30. 

    Knees ache again, think I may have overextended a few strides when picking up the pace, or my shoes are in need or replacing - good job I am heading out to pick up my new pair now haha. Got severe chaffage, too, so may need to look at better running underwear for longer distances.
  • Malteser, you probably jarred your knees on the downhills. Happens to me sometimes.
    As for chaffing, you need some lube (some runners swear by Body Glide but I use good old Vaseline - it works). Rub it wherever your clothes have seams or ends. I used to get a hellish amount of chaffing around the crotch (basically where your knicker/pant leg would touch), under my boobs and under my arms if I'm wearing a vest rather than a shirt, so I make a point of greasing myself up before long runs. Having said that, I think your skin does toughen up as I don't usually get any issues unless I'm running in excess of two hours.

    5Ks today. After my customary 1 mile warm-up I donned my magic shoes and lined up on the track. I was in the slowest race, which was 22:30 and up. There was a 24 minute pacer, but while I thought I'd try to stick with him, I found I couldn't. I ended up running on my own at the back, but kept a pretty even pace throughout despite this. Finished plum last, as per usual, but my time was around 24:36 which is a 5K race PB, even if it is almost half a minute slower to my fastest parkrun (I have still not come anywhere close to that since, so it could be that course was a little short - either that or I was on fire that day). So, can't be disappointed with that, even if I'd hoped to be a bit closer to 24. Still waiting on an official time.
    Somewhat annoyinging, my Garmin had trouble measuring the track so my mile splits seemed to indicate a sub-24 was on, and it gleefully informed me of my new 5K PB afterwards. However, it measured it at 3.2 miles, so it wasn't to be trusted.
    I made up for that disappointment by drinking three cups of mulled wine.
  • 15 miles! My longest run to date and into new territory. Looks like bumpy weather here tomorrow so bought the long run forward a day.

    Ran at a super cautious 11:30 minute miles as I think I'm going to have to be respectful now to avoid new/old injuries.

    Felt like I was on my feet a long time, I was really.  My right foot went numb, then pins and needles, then was OK.  Still can't shift this awful cough. Practiced fuelling, a lucozade and 3 jelly babies per 5 miles! Even at such a slow pace feel pretty done in now. Had the realisation that the gulf between half and full marathon is a vast chasm that's a bit scary! 

    Great club run Hazlenut, I did my first sub zero run this week, nearly ended up on my arse a couple of times on unseen ice! Poor show from the blokesin your club! I'm in tights now, do feel restricted in them, but I reckon they must give you better odds against injury.

    Nice long run Cal, I'm also well wrapped up now. The race shorts and vests firmly away for the time being!  I know exactly what you mean about running on dimly lit road. I hate it! Always think I'm going to trip on some unseen obstacle.Really makes me nervous! You have an amazing year of running planned! Good luck with the track race. Just seen it was good, especially the mulled wine!

    Glad the knee is heading in the right direction JD! I've had that clicking/ clonking cartilage in the knee thing, not great. Glad it's getting better. Just read your next post, you're still niggly. Fingers crossed for improvement.

    Nice running Malteser.  Good luck with the 10 miler, a good milestone. As said though build gradually! If I could have given myself one piece of advice a year ago...

    Glad you got a diagnosis with the IT band enrvuk.  Nice runs around work.  Whitstable Parkrun? I grew up in Whitstable! Small world. The Parkrun is along the prom I believe.

    Had a well needed couple of hours on the sofa after a busy week and found I still had this year 's VLM recorded. Forgot what a spectacle it was!

  • Well done, Linton. I remember being chuffed as hell the first time I ran 15. Sensible to bring it forward a day. Today was very windy.

    I did 18 miles today and the best thing I can say about it was that I got it done. Getting pushed around by gusts was freaking me out and I ended up going very slowly for most of it - over 11 minute miles. I didn't get up to my normal easy pace until the last few miles. Had quite a few aches too. Anyway, glad it's over.
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    JD1, it isn't more than a slight twinge today, but I assume it could flare up if I don't get ahead of it. It is very uncomfortable when flaring and I'm considering asking for a standing desk at work. Basically the physio said to me, you're an old man and you have to do more strength work to keep the supporting muscles strong :-) So the exercises continue ad infinitum, two so far and more to come. Sorry to hear about your aches and pains, I know how frustrating it is. Perhaps you need a little physio time as well? Well done on getting the miles in anyway.

    Cal, sounds like a pretty good 5k to me and a pb is a pb. I think running on a track an be physically and mentally tougher than expected. It’s monotonous and there is a lot of running on bends. Good job on the 18 miles too. As you say, sometimes it’s just about getting the miles under your belt. 

    Hope you enjoy your new shoes Malt. Good miles yesterday. 

    Great distance Linton, heading towards marathon training territory now. My furthest is still 14. Yes, Whitstable parkrun is a of the lovely prom style one and very friendly. 

    Hazel, I'm with you on fine to hungry quickly. It's easy on very long runs because I take gels based on time, but I struggle on intermediate distances. Mind you, the farmers pong might curb my appetite. Good running Hazel, how many miles have you managed in 2019?

    Yesterday I did Highbury Fields Parkrun for the 2nd time, it's odd in that it goes past my old front door, where BoJo often 'shuffled' past in long shorts. Managed 25:06 which is my 2nd fastest anywhere. It's not that hilly for one lap, but multiply the slope by 6 and it takes its toll. According to it's the 338th flattest Parkrun but in effect I'd say it's close to the easier end, being on tarmac and with relatively short not too steep hills. I then did a long leisurely run back via the Regent's Canal and up to the Park and over Primrose Hill. 

    At a bit of a loss right now as I have no races booked!

  • I agree about Highbury, and really any of the lapped parkruns that have an incline - doesn't seem much at first but it does start to wear you down.
    Get a race booked, then! What distance do you fancy?
  • Not so good news on the niggles JD.   Maybe a low mileage week would help?

    Well done on the distance PBs Malteser and LTT.   Good idea to practice fuelling so you know what you can cope with.  

    Ouch to the chafing Malteser.  Flat seams on the runderwear are a good idea.  Enjoy your new shoes.   

    Well done on the 5k Cal.  Like the post race recovery drink.  I would have been flat on the floor on 3 cups of mulled wine.  I think most GPS have issues measuring accurately on the track.

    Like your physio's comment about needing to do more to keep the working parts going as you get older enrvuk.  Nice parkrun.  Mileage is at 2150ish, more than I had planned for the whole of 2019.  Need to be careful not to do too much but unwilling to back off now with ongoing base training and a Spring mara looming.  

    Ran each day since my last post, 6 miles on Friday on a 1km loop nearby with a stride per loop.  Saturday, group training with drills, core work, pacing tests, stretching followed by a solo 5k at very disciplined recovery pace.  The pacing tests were interesting - we were sent off with the task of arriving back after 5 minutes - pace to be selected individually and no looking at the watch.  First attempt 4:50 at a fairly swift pace.  Second attempt at a slower pace I was back within 4 mins.  Whoops.  Today, just short of 14 miles.  Plan was 10k at long run pace then 10k at MP and the rest cool down.  Rode my moped to the start of my run, opened up the seat for my gear and found - errm no running shoes…  Whoops again.  OH was at home and was willing to drive in my direction with the missing shoes.  Back to the start again.  With all the faffing around I got a bit cold and had to set off faster than planned to warm up.  That set a theme for the whole run and rather than doing a marathon pace 10k I ran more or less progressively ending with 1k at LT pace.  Felt good though.  Nice to meet one of my teammates just back from a run of his own though only a short chat as it was getting chilly.  Rest day tomorrow.
  • I'm not new to running, but I'm pretty new to this forum. My last run (today) was a massive achievement for all involved...

    Today 8 runners and 15 mountain bike riders from our small village in Derbyshire set off on a 21 mile run/30 mile ride to raise money for a local 8-year-old with stage 4 cancer. His only hope is to raise £100k to go to America for treatment. It was great to see the village pulling together to support his plight. We all completed the event and descended off the moor into our village together. We've raised almost £5k for the event so far. If anyone would like to support us my Just Giving page is:

    Many thanks Emma
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    Well done on your 5k PB,Cal.Not the best conditions to run 18 miles today,all in the bank anyway.

    Congrats on your longest run to date,Linton.Were you stopping at your petrol station for your Lucozade or did you stash it.I get a bit nervous running on unlit country roads,constantly looking straight down,dodging potholes.

    Nice parkrun envruk.I rememeber that photo of Bojo in those shorts,suppose it's better than tights though.I have a couple races lined up for early next year,give me some focus with my training.

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    Amazing distance Hazel, that is some going. Quite rightly , you’ve seen the results in your races. The training sounds fun. Anything that mixes it up helps. Enjoy your rest day. 
    What distances are you racing JD? 
    Cal, you’re right I need a race planned. I do have free entry to the Regents Park 10k on 5/1, but I’m going to find a 10 mile race I think. Something a bit different. 
    Went out just after sunset today and ran 10 miles at hr zone 2 with the last mile in zone 3. Didn’t feel too bad. It was dark by the end and the biggest danger was bumping into other runners on the Park’s outer circle. There were quite a few out there. I’ve added some reflectors and led lights to my Christmas list as mrs rv worries every time I go out after dark. 
    Oh noticed there were 6 new parkruns  this weekend. Amazing how successful it is. 
    Have a good week all. 
  • enrvuk -  there's Tadworth 10 on Epsom Downs on 5th January (though that clashes with Regents Park). I've opted for a nice 10K in Battersea Park that day so I can't join you but I know some peeps that are doing it. It's a mix of trail and path so you'll likely need trail shoes and it's a bit hilly but a lot of people seem to love it.
    Runthrough's Lee Valley Velopark event has a choice of distances including 10 miles - the next one is 25th Jan.
    Yes, bumper weekend for parkruns!

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    That's some mileage,Hazelnut,think I'm just under 1600 at the the moment.Opps about your trainers.There's a guy at the running club who turned up for a trail race with his boots,made us laugh.

    You could do with a flashing red nose,enrvuk.Have the Wirral trail HM on January 5th,Rhyl 10 mile and Chester 10k.

    9.2 miles today.Knee ok but left calf still iffy.Last 3 miles my running was really ragged,glad to get home.Struggled with an easy paced run.Had a hot bath to soothe my legs.Bit worried about the HM in a few weeks.
  • JD, if I have a niggle I just go and see Toby, my physio, and he makes me feel better. Maybe you should do the same?

    I've done nearly 1800 miles this year which is a record for me. None today though, just a bit of Christmas shopping.
  • This week is a cut-back, mostly as I have a 10K on Sunday which means no long run, and I've done three big weeks in a row (45/51/51) so I'd like my legs to be a bit fresher so I can at least attempt to PB the one distance I've not managed this year.

    I still managed to do 9 miles today, though. I'd like to call it a progression run but in reality, it was a MP tempo run where I failed to hit MP. I did three miles working up to it (10:49/10:22/10:31 - mile 3 had a bit of a hill and a road to cross, which was why it was slower than the one before) then went into what I thought felt like marathon pace, only it turned out to be a whole minute slower (10:04). I got a bit closer with the next one (9:24) but still no cigar, and then the third wasn't much better (9:22). I finally hit 9:02 on the fourth attempt which I figured was good enough. At that point there was a spectacular sunrise, so I did two very slow cool-down miles rather than one so I could enjoy it.

    The thing with this is that MP, and speeds approaching MP, feel like 5K pace in terms of effort. I compared it to the 5K I did on Saturday and my cadence for the three fastest miles today was the same as it was running an average of 7:45 min/mi on the track, because my stride is so much shorter.
    I think the lesson here is do my speed work later in the morning when it's light and I'm not worried about tripping over paving stones or running into people. And wear the bloody Zoom Flys, since that is what they're for, and not the Epic Reacts which I wore today.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Cal,I was thinking the same when out yesterday.I've googled a few last night,just need to make an appointment and hopefully they can sort me out.Where's your 10k on Sunday?
    Heavy rain and gales up here today,so went to a gym class and 3.5 miles on the dreadmill.
  • Was going to do 6 miles last night with the running club but got to the meet only to realise I had left my headtorch at home! Disaster!

    Settled for 3 miles around my estate instead to try and break in the new Hoka's - definitely a lot more cushioning in them compared to my Asics but it just felt overall slow. Perhaps it's my legs still recovering from Saturday's 9 miles, but I just felt about a whole minute slower. Course isn't pretty though and has a short sharp hill at the end of every km so maybe I'm expecting a bit too much out of my new clogs!
  • First time I've had to cut a run short in a while. 4 miles in absurd wind and rain dodging a volley of recycling bins and boxes.  I have no bespoke waterproof running jacket so wore a green fishing mac and tights, not my greatest hour of running TBH.

    Great running all.
  • Cut my run short today too, Linton - I was going for 10 easy but my pace was so ridiculously slow (a minute slower than my usual easy pace) that I couldn't see the point in flogging a dead horse. Not sure what's going on, I've had a few runs like that lately. I suspect it may be because I got straight into Tokyo training without much of a break, since Tokyo comes early. I've had a pretty big year and not much time off.
  • Mileage certainly seems to have paid off for you Cal.  I'm within around 10 % increase each year which seems to be ok for me.  But at some point I want to keep it stable.

    Annoying regarding the headtorch Malteser - at least you got out nonetheless even if it wasn't the run you wanted to do.  New shoes might take a couple of runs to get used to if it is a model you aren't familiar with.

    Like the idea of the fishing mac LTT.  Maybe you should add a waterproof jacket to your pressie list for xmas?  Well done for getting out in those conditions.

    Do you have some cut-back weeks planned Cal?  You have quite a lot planned for next year as well.

    Anyone heard anything from Will recently?  I stalked his October trail marathon result and dropped him a PM but haven't seen him around.  JT hasn't been around for a while either - hope everything is ok with them.

    Bit short of 10 miles yesterday evening - mostly with my Tuesday group.  Lovely evening for it - cold at around -2 degrees but with an almost full moon to look at.  Could almost have turned off the headtorch but as partly on minor roads needed it to be seen. Bit icy in places.  One of our guys took a fall - on mud rather than ice - just a bruised pride though and a hole in his tights.
  • This week is a cut-back as I have the 10K on Sunday, but yes, I usually take one around every four weeks.

    Yes, be good to hear from Will and JT. I know Will suffers from depression so I hope he's OK. Winter can be rough.
  • Would possibly be tempted by a 10k myself at the moment.  Should give you a nice speedwork opportunity in the company of others and won't take too long to recover from.  No danger of it being hot at this time of year I suppose.  Its currently snowing for the first time this year here. 

    5 miles at lunch.  Legs a bit tired but I've run twice in 24 hours with some ups and downs, covering more than a HM in distance so that is not surprising.
  • Another lunch outing: 5k warm up, 22 mins at LT pace, cool down for 7 and a bit miles.  Was supposed to be doing the LT run tomorrow but that will be wet and windier than today so got it done today instead.  Breezy enough that the effort against the wind was hard work.  I ran on an approx. 1 km loop with an undulation, did at least run in the correct direction so that I would have the wind behind me up the hill.  Just about had enough breath to call out to 2 nordic walkers I had to overtake.  One of whom was waving her sticks around in a rather dodgy manner - I didn't really fancy getting them between my feet or in my ribs at the pace I was doing. 
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