Fans of Thanet

Each time we have a race in Thanet we open a new thread, we run the race, and then there are a few weeks before the thread for another event happens. I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread which carries on irrespective of what races are being run.


  • CB, I've started my timer to see how long it takes Snoop to find this thread and entertain us with his Fannet Memories.....
    I give it an hour......

  • Hello CB & Scotty

  • sorry but Thanet makes me think of only one thing

    I'd rendez-vous with Janet
    Quite near the Isle of Thanet
    She looked more like a gannet
    She wasn't half a prannet
    Her mother tried to ban it
    Her father helped me plan it
    And when I captured Janet
    She bruised her pomegranate

    Oh, you ask Joyce and Vicky
    If I ever shaped up tricky
    I'm not a blooming thicky
    I'm Billericay Dickie
    And I'm doing very well

  • Hiya Tracey G.

    I'm not from the beautiful isle myself, but having done each of the Thanet 10s, 20s and Marathons 3 times now over the past 4 years I can't help but be a little attached to the place (even if technically speaking the 2007 Thanet 20 wasn't actually in Thanet). I am mightily impressed by how many events TRAC host each year and how well organised and marshalled they all are. 
  • Frosty, an Ian Durie fan perhaps? A  great song that, I was playing it only a couple of days ago.
  • What a great idea.

    Apropos nothing - I was talking to some of my TriClub buddies during a very wet and cold cycle ride on sunday and there was a resounding THANK YOU to all of the marshalls at the recent 10 miler.  They did a stonking job by all accounts in the most terrible conditions too. image another resounding success for the fannit road runners!!

  • Nice song Yeo! image

    PSC, yep, would consider it one of the more "interesting" marshalling moments!!!!

  • LOL.  Rather you than me Cinders!  another extended TRRAC jelly baby moment by all accounts. image
  • You know, I had a box of jelly babies ready for the runners but they got soggy so I had to give up on them !
  • PSC

    An amusing moment at training on Sunday. I was asked to thank my lad Al for his work at the finish, I was then asked if the young lad with him (Henry) was my grandson!

  • I am trying to change my image to something more seasonal but RW is playing silly beggars with it at the moment so I am masquerading temporarily as the Man in Black!
  • Im a fan of the thanet races not really sure about the place itself. Ive done the last  10 milers and even tho they have been just a tad windy and wet i do enjoy them, i think its because im near the sea.....
  • Ohdearyme, Scotty - I ruined your prediction there a tad.

    Sorry Guys - this thread has a very limited lifespan, a bit like the aged population of Fannit itself - on its last legs.

    Better instead start one on on somewhere in Kent where something happens occasionally....


  • I have been to Thanet ................................................

     ................................ and escaped alive (though smelling slightyl of cabbages)


  • Chatham?

    And what happens there, apart from ASBO's and teenage pregnancy? 

  • well.....apart from teenage delinquents and a higher proportion of pramfaces than in Margit, nothing much.

    I ain't advocating Chatham's any better than Fannit - just not so many 'olds' there. 

  • ................................................ and not as far to go to the Motorway either  :- )

  • Argh, Chatham. The birthplace of Chaviness.

  • CB, LOL at the Grandson comment! Bet that made your day image
  • Went to the docks in chatham once. Enjoyed that. Went to a pub after and regretted it. Walked into one pub and left after 5 mins as no one could be bothered to get up and serve us and the pub we did stay in for 2 pints was rank.
    Must say I am impressed with some of your efforts at showing the crimbo spirit. Love the hat scotty. PSC nice effect that.
    So, how long do these threads stay alive for then?
  • Thanetimageimageimageimage ..need I say more!
  • fans of Thanet....we need a Thanet party?!
  • sounds good to me.  And if it is organised as well as the races it will be the party to end all parties image  Now, how many marshalls are needed for that?
  • Sounds a fab party image
  • I spent 9 years working in Chatham/Gillingham and I wouldn't want to live there. Mind you, I wouldn't want to live in Margate either nowadays, which is just as well as I only run there. Perhaps I should have named the thread Fans of Thanet Races instead, which is probably more accurate.

    Snoop, in terms of longevity, I started a Yahoo Group in April 2000 which is still getting 20 or 30 postings a day, so we shall see. There are already a few diehards in here whom I am sure weill keep yacking!

  • I'm dead hard - does that count CB image
  • be my guest, but I don't s'pose I'll be in here that often, CB

    One of the Fannet diehards did complain to the moderator last year about my profiling the Isle in a less than glam light on one of its race threads - I don't think it did any harm to the race entry though, and contrary to opinion, I don't have anything against racing there - as long as I get away from the place immediately afterwards.

     And I wouldn't want to live in Medway either, but again, their races are ok! 

  • Fair enough Snoop, as the saying goes, we'll see you when we see you.
  • Perhaps Snoop Dog should stay longer in Thanet - he may learn more about the rich and varied cultural heritage that he talks so proudly about in his profile!  image
  • nice festive avatar CB image

    Cinders - would you prefer one last fling before Buttons joins the thread, or to wet the babies head as the saying goes?!

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