A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?



  • Kate Speed wrote (see)
    I have my first 10k in September - thinking I'll do it in about 1 hr 15 (I'm slow).

    1hr 15 ain't slow, it's all relative, your 'slow' is someone else's fast!
    Plus, it'll be your PB image

  • Julia T, Susie B and Eyeore - good luck today and make sure to let us know how your races went!

    I did an 8 mile sloooooow run yesterday. Only second time I''ve done that distance and much easier this time round - last time i was actually whimpering out loud in the last mile. Felt all like a proper runner as it was pouring down and was first time i'd gone for a run in the rain! Looked like a right plonker though as the only cap i could find is ridiculous - ah well, it kept the rain off  my face.   

    Off on a 2 mile plod this evening then will do another couple of short runs in the week before 10k race on saturday.

  • Good luck to everyone racing today!

    Well done on the 8 miles plodmonster - I like running in the rain. I start feeling a bit smug and like a real runner image

  • Hi completed my first 10k today

    Was nervous as all the runners looked serious.

    However I did it in approx 61 mins my watch said 61.16 but in my excitement at crossing the line forgot to stop it.

    The official result will be posted on line later so it should be around the 61 min mark.

    The best i have done in practice is 62.26 so can't complain. I was to too worried about going too fast and not finishing.

    I did pass some who had done just that.

    Wasn't last but wasn't far off but still feel good. 

  • Well done Susie! 61 minutes is a fantastic time - and since it's your first race, it's a PB too image
  • WELL DONE Susie! 61 minutes is fantastic - especially for a first time! I feel so sorry for those people who go out too quickly and get knackered right at the end - I've done that! You get sucked into the race atmosphere and trying to keep up with others because you think you'll end up last (which actually isn't the worst thing in the world is it???).

    I'm going to have a go at a good "speed" session tomorrow. Think I'll try a short warm up, then some 20second sprints mixed with slow jogging. Does that sound sensible? 20secs is actually a long time isn't it?! Perhaps i should try 10seconds!image

  • Eeyore we're staying in Ambleside. Trying to find possible runs in guide books, flat and circular but too many mountains maybe.............! I may start a 'any good runs in the lakes' thread. Bound to be locals who know quiet out of the way spots.

    WELL DONE Susie, who cares about coming last anyway. (Me probably!)

    My race was 5k today, beat my PB by over 5 mins and did 33.51 YIPPPPPEEEEE Ronnie O'sullivan also raced and according to Mr T finished 3rd. Feel proud to have raced against him and also very touched that he would support a local charity (Little Havens Childrens Childrens Hospice) and run round a local park with 250 odd people (well, we weren't all odd).

    No chance at sub 1 hour 10k at present but I did pick up some leaflets with local races later in the year.........

    At the club I have joined they do a timed mile once a month to get an idea of how you're improving. Just a thought image

  • Well done Susie b and Julia T!
  • Go Julia T! That's a great time - 5 minutes of your PB must feel amazing!
  • Well done Susie b and Julia T! I have no chance of getting anywhere close to 61 minutes for a 10k - apart from the fact I have never actually got as far as 10k  (YET!), I'm much slower than that.

    Having said that, I managed 5 miles (the furthest I've ever run) in 54:28 (the fastest I have ever run) this afternoon, so I'm well chuffed!

  • Kate

    If you are doing under 10 min miles which you are then you will be surprised how quickly you will get to 10k and if your doing that speed now you will be near the hour mark.


    I am not sure about speed work I am just happy to keep going and hope the speed happens by itself.

    Thanks for all the encouragement.

  • Hi,

    Finished my half marathon on Sunday in 2 hrs 25 min 54 sec, 2 min outside my PB.

    My next 10k is on Bank Holiday Monday in two weeks time, quite a hilly course so my weeks holiday in the Lake District the week before will be good preparation !

  • Well done Julia T & susie b, don't worry about being last in a race I was very close on Sunday, not many finishing behind me.
  • Eyeore

    Well done to you that was a good time. Were you pleased with it?

    I will be happy to do mine in that time in October. The 10k will be a breeze after the half.

    enjoy your holiday!

  • Hello hello!

    This looks like the place for me?!  I attempted 10K myself only once but no races yet - have applied to do 10K in Blackpool in Sept, with goal to do B'Ham half marathon in October - seems a bit ambitious now with time flying by very fast!!

    Anyhow I tend to do 4 miles in about 44 mins and find it frustrating that I cant get to 10 minute miles even for this distance.  (Have been running about 6 months with no real improvement in times- but perhaps finding it (very) slightly easier)- definitley would like to get to do a 10K within an hour - just to complete a race will make me happy though!! (Thought of first race is making me nervous!)


    PS reading the thread looks like good progress is being made by you all!  V. Inspiring! image

  • Welcome aboard Catherine, the more the merrier.

    My times stagnated for ages then they start to increase very slowly. I am finding it just as hard now as when I started but I am hoping that is because I am getting faster.

    By the way my fast is others slow.

    I am doing the Birmingham Half in oct also. Well I have signed up for it you never know with injuries.

  • Hi all (and welcome Catherine),

    I did a 20minute run yesterday with 10 quick sprints - loved it as the time went really quickly and it actually feels good to run fast (although I did look like Phoebe in Friendsimage).

    I'm doing a half in October (Great North Run) and I'd love to do it in under 2hr30min - well done Eeyore! I've done one half before, ages ago, and was just over that time. Will have to look for a thread "A half in under 2 and a half hours" lol

    Happy running all x

  • Just had the results published for my 10k and they have given me 60.10

    Can you believe it if only, if only, if only.

  • 10 seconds away! That's fabulous but I imagine extreeeemley frustrating.

    Catherine P - I can't crack a 10 minute mile either and it drives me crazy. I have a 5 mile route that takes me 55 minutes every time, whether i'm gently plodding or killing myself trying to get round it faster. 

    My ankle is a bit dodge after a bit of a slip in the mud at the weekend. Planning on doing my 5 miles tonight and then nothing until my 10k on Saturday. Oh, except stuffing my face with potatoes, bread and pasta pretending am a proper athelete and therefore need to carb load image.

     Bola - how long were each of your sprints? Just the thought of sprinting is making me tiiired.

  • I think their time is wrong because my watch said 61.10 so I think it's a mistake.

    I have hurt  my leg also so resting for a couple of days too.

    PM your times will speed up but I wouldn't worry about time.

  • Susie B - 60.10 or 61.10 - both great times so well done you x

    Plodmonster - I didn't really time the sprints, just chose 2 points on a short loop and every time I got to them I sprinted. Couldn't have been more than 10secs, but did feel hard towards the end. I'm going on a short run tomorrow and than a long run at the weekend. I think I'll continue with those 3 sessions each week and see if there is any improvement??

    How many runs do you do each week? How do you decide how far/fast?

  • I'm in! This is totally my goal. Under sixty minutes, here I come!

    Training for the Cancer Research Run not-quite-10K in October - turns out the route is only 9.5KM! - and it'll be my first race at that distance. Oh to be under sixty minutes on a 10K! (For the 9.5KM race I think this equates to a time of under 57 mins.) I finished a 10K today in 68mins 41secs - not a race, just a route plotted with mapmyrun.com - and could definitely have pushed harder, but I'd never gone the distance before so I wanted to be sure I'd last!

     I'm happiest as an intervals runner. I like to run fairly quickly for a shorter time, then chillout and walk fast for a bit. I struggle to run for twenty minutes straight at about 9.5KPH, that's tough for me. My heart rate often passes 200BPM towards the end. (I'm 25, female, 5'3" and just under nine stone, so this isn't crazy, I guess, but still pretty high?) But I can hold a 13KPH run on the treadmill for about 60secs and throwing a few of those sprint/walk interval sessions in at the gym seems to be improving my time on my regular outdoor runs. 

    I've come to the conclusion that I don't get out onto the roads enough and that's really the way I'm going to improve, though I do get bored doing the same thing all the time and like to get different cardio/strength into my regime via the gym, plus I have a dodgy hip and shins which don't take kindlyto too much running. Maybe I should replace my runnng shoes!

     Anyway, long intro short, I haven't been fit for very long - I lost weight over a long period of time and my goalsonly recently became more about fitness, rather than weightloss - so this is a good goal for me, I think.

    Any advice/feedback/similar stories etc. is always great to read.

    Good luck to everyone else! Nice to meet you all!

  •  Hi Anna!

    Bola - I aim for 3 runs a week - a short (3 miles), a medium (5 miles) and a 'long' - currently 8 miles but trying to increase that a bit every week. But sometimes it ends up being 4 a week (an extra short) or sometimes 2. Also spin once a week - was worried my legs were going a funny shape only using the same muscles all the time...

    The long is sloooow, the medium i try and pick up the pace a bit and the short varies between easy or fast(ish) depending on how i'm feeling. If the short is on the tready I try and do 10 minute miles but struggle a bit and have to bring it back in a couple of times.

    Had a rubbish run this eve. Started off badly when I 'let' myself abandon the 5 miles for 5k instead. Tried to compensate by aiming to bring it in under 30 mins (i did a 30 min 5k once 7 weeks ago after had only been running 4 weeks). No such luck. Was hellish, couldn't maintain it - actually had to walk a couple of times which i NEVER do (usually just force self to do slowest jog ever) = ended up doing the 5k in 37 mins which is SLOWER than my first RFL 5k 11 weeks ago.


    Have decided to not run again before Saturday's 10k. 

  • Hi all

    I started running in January (if you count trying to get a bit faster than a stroll on the treadmill). I'd not seen the inside of gym for over 30 years and last August, given some pressure from my GP, gave it a go. In March I ran a whole 1.2km (downhill) - my first outdoors run since 1st year of secondary school.

    But with perseverance I got fit enough for the May 4th BUPA 10k in Edinburgh and finished in 1:05:50. I bumped into a former work colleague and he was even more surprised than me that I'd done the run.

    On the spur of the moment I did a jogScotland 5km in June and finished in under 30 minutes.

    I've kept at it and managed 00:57:20 in the Scottish Gas Granton 10k a week or so back. While the route was flatter than the May one, it was horribly hot and humid and I'm glad I had my own bottle of water with me.

    If I can do it then I'm sure that anyone else can. I was 86kg last year, 80kg in May, and 76kg for my second 10k. (I don't yet have a 'personal best' as, with only to races done, it can only be a 'personal better'. Guess who had a pedantic English teacher.)

    I'm now down to 73kg and today managed 18km on the treadmill in the gym - in 1hr 50min or so. My GP has given me the go-ahead for the Glasgow half-marathon on 7th September and I'm aiming to get in under 3 hours. If its good condition (not too hilly or horrible weather) I might even hope for 2hrs 30mins.

    I'm going to work hard on running slowly enough that I don't tire myself out too quickly. I plan on having a week with virtually no running before the half-marathon. But lots of stretches, gentle swims, and the odd cycle.

    Good luck all in meeting your own personal goals.

  • Hi Anna - I never manage to run a good time when I'm running on my own! Have to ask - Why is the Cancer 10k only 9.5km?

    Welcome Graham - you've made fantastic progress! Are you losing weight from running alone? I don't seem to lose much weight even when I've upped my distances??!! You're 10k time last week is brilliant - taking off 8minutes in only 3 months!! I'm sure you'll do fine in the half marathon image

    Plodmonster - sorry about your run yesterday. You have days like that though, don't you? Perhaps rest now until the race - maybe have a brisk walk or a swim today or tomorrow. I'm trying to stick at a similar three times a week, although I don't really plan my short ones (I just do as much/little as I feel like).

    I am trying to add miles to my long run (in prep for GNR) and am planning to do 8miles this weekend. I'm going to run along the bridges from Tower Bridge to Vauxhall Bridge and back home - sounds exhausting just typing it! Lovely views though.

    Have a good day all x

  • room for one more?

    I started running in march this year, compeltely unfit, could manage a couple of hundred yards at a time before stitch kicked in and I had to stop to recover.

    I struggled on though, did a 5K charity run, then my only 10K to date, the 2 Castles Warwick to Leamington which I completed in 69 minutes - chuffed to bits just to finish without needing to stop and walk, and bearing in mind I hadn't trained properly to a schedule, and it was an overall uphill course (slightly undulating my @rse!!), I was really pleased with the time.

    Now training properly for the Leicester half on 19th Oct, and have a 10K race scheduled in the plan for 28/09.  Hoping to break 60, but if not this time, then the next.

    Well done to everyone else on their achievements so far, and good luck with your efforts to break that magic 1hr.  Keep on getting out there and we'll all hit the mark eventually!


  • Always room for one more Ian! And well done on that 10k.

    Bola - am london based as well but have never seriously thought about going along the river. I just seem to go round and round Clapham Common. Maybe I should start venturing further afield...

  • We have room for loads more, Ian Graham and Anna


    I like your training plan 3 runs a week. I am currently following a schedule which is 5 times a week and it is a bit tough. I have managed to follow it for 7 weeks but having a couple of days off now with a sore ham string may try the 3 day plan as sounds good. Maybe less chance of injury.

  • I currently do 3 days a week: Tue short slow, Thurs med fast or intervals, Sat long slow.  Total weekly mileage about 14 miles.

    Will be looking at 4 days a week soon and even longer long runs as I'd like to increase my distance to half mara.  I also plan to do 1 mara in my lifetime image

  • I feel left out now... image image
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