Mersey Tunnel 10K



  • Just signed up. Hoping to do this one in under an hour image
  • I have not done a run before, I have recently come over an injury and been treadmilling it and getting into road running. Just a question, is this race good for first timers??

    Any info would be great thanks

  • James - simple answer is yes this is a great race for first timers, great atmosphere and apart from the climb out of the tunnell the reat is pretty flat as far as I can remember.

    I would try to get used to road running as much as poss as some find it harder, some like me find it easier to run out & about - much more intersting anyway.

    The crowds and other runners will spur you along and the "oggy oggy oggy" in the tunnell is good fun too !!

    Hope training is going well for everyone.

    My 9 miler was great on Sunday - mainly forest paths and severe hills - plenty of mud / fallen trees & dogs ! Had a brilliant time and managed to pace myself accuratly for the first time ever - finished at exactly 90 mins so I was happy - just need to work on my speed now.

    Next race Sunday (Muller 10K in Market Drayton) with a free case of Muller products when you finish !!

  • James - Last year, this was my first proper race in a very long time. All I can say is that I loved it.

    I agree with Shrek. Try to get as much road running in as you can as it is so different to running on a treadmill.

    Hope to see you there.

    Shrek - Well done on the 9 miler.
  • Hi All,

    Any ideas when numbers and other stuff will arrive?

    Is this run chipped or do you have to time yoursef?



  • Ok - After running the Muller 10k and getting a PB today of 58 mins - exactly where I paced myself to be - second race this week and dead on my anticipated pace - this pacing thing really works image

    Antway - this race is my next on my calendar so am already getting excited about it - hope race numbers etc will arrive soon ? Bulldog 37 - this was a chipped race last year so I assume it will be again. Always good to time yourself as a back up !

  • I know its been mentioned above, but is the travel across city  and meeting up with family etc  after the race simple?  Will there be details in teh race pack about recommendations for parking etc.  I am looking forward to this but entered without really thinking about it! Am not from Liverpool and now I think I need a plan!!

  • Catherine,

    Good questions, especially as it's a point to point run.

    I did read on here that the trains are free, so I was wondering which is best. Park at the finish and get a train to the start or park at the start and get a train back after the race?!

    Anybody have any good advice?

  • As far as I know, the race numbers should be going out this week.

    I get the train back to the start as it is more convenient for me to have my car on the Liverpool side. It all depends where you are going after the race. The train was very crowded last year, but not a problem. Just loads of sweaty people packed tightly together in a big metal box when the weather was REALLY hot.
  • Race packs will go out Thursday / Friday so all will land early next week.

  • Good work on the W10K yesterday Alan - I know of 3 runners who all enjoyed themselves.  Did the numbers buck up in the end  - I know you were saying entries were down ?
  • About 1650 in the 10K and less than 300 in the 5K. Interest is dwindling year on year in this event as (I think) women are tending to just do Race For Life runs. It's a shame because it was a really good atmosphere yesterday and it seems everyone enjoyed the day.

    Even the sun was out - how do I do it??

  • It is a pity as this is a proper race with proper course length and results. RFL doesnt do times does it ?

    Interesting that the Half was busier than ever this year ? I wonder if people are upping their distances ?

     <makes note to don lippy and skirt to take the 5k crown next year>

  • Can anyone offer any advice on parking in New Brighton?  I'm coming from Manchester and haven't a clue on the area so a postcode or street name of where I can park near the finish would be REALLY helpful! 
  • Loads of parking in New Brighton, Fort Perch Rock opposite the Floral Pavilion Theatre has unrestricted parking as has Marine Promenade and Kings Parade. 

    I'm not 100% sure where the finish is - but it can only be a couple of k tops to the furthest parking ?

    Postcode for Floral Pavilion is CH45 2JS.

    Check it out on google maps satellite view and you'll get the idea. Lots of open space.

  • Hi Caroline

     I am the same coming from Manchester - The run done by someone on has th finish at the end of the promenade - so a check on Google maps might be worth it.

    I just did my first ever 10k run in Blackpool.  Great fun and I finished inside the hour target I set myself.  All out to beat the 55:06 on this one.

  • Hi Folks, 

    Can't wait to do this race again!

    I can honestly say hand on heart that this is my favourite race of all the ones I've done, certainly of the 10k's I've entered. A city centre start, with the unique experience of running through the tunnel, and then a seaside finish make it pretty unique. Coupled with the usual Rothwell organisational efficiency its one not to be missed.

    For those travelling in, there's a good car park very close to the start if you're not wanting to park on the Wirral, and the trains back from the Wirral after the race stop at Moorfields which is literally a minute's walk from where we start. It's easy to find New Brighton station - just follow everyone else once you've finished.

    Not much else to say really other than it's quite a tricky one to pace although I did set my PB here last year - the first 3 or 4k are lightning-fast, but then then incline coming back out of the tunnel kicks in and can catch you out, especially the left-hand turn once you're out of the tunnel. It's nice and flat on the Wirral side though.

    Just hoping we don't have to contend with a stiff sea breeze coming off the Irish Sea.....

  • Hi all image

    Re : Car parking - last year wa smy first for this event and I parked in "Pall Mall" car park in the city centre - right at the start and trained it back with all the sweaty runners - great atmosphere on the train but it took ages to get back to the car & then drive home - c. 1hr 30mins so this year I will park on the New Brighton side and enjoy the finish at my leisure then take an easy drive home. Trains were free for runners last year - not sure if this is the case going the other way ? I'm sure it will all be detailed in the pack - such is Alan's supreme organisation skills !!

  • hi guys.  just wanted to check something.  did just over 8 miles this morning in 1hr 25.  Is that a good time?  I'm not sure what is good and what's not! It felt a great though.  I can feel my fitness getting better all the time.  And on the blisters front, got some socks from M and S of all places and they are brilliant.  

    I've incorporated a lot of incline into my routes which is helping but I'm a bit apprehensive about the tunnel incline.  Any advice for tackling that monster out of the tunnel?

     Hope you're all looking forward tot he race as much as I am.  



  • Hi Chris,

    Your 8 mile pace is just over 10 and a half minute miles. Which would have you completing the 10k around 1hr 7 minutes.

    However, I would be bold enough to suggest that you might find yourself much closer to the hour mark for these reasons; 10k is shorter than 8 miles so you should be able to maintain a quicker pace, you still have time to fit some more quality training in before the day and the race environment will probably spur you on to run faster.

    All in all, sounds like it's going well, and more importantly you are enjoying yourself and keeping well motivated. Job done! image

    As for the tunnel, don't stress about it and enjoy running through it with loads of other bonkers people.


  • cheers frodo.  certainly something to aim for!
  • Dear all - thank you for the embarrassing compliments. All race details will be sent out on Thursday and they will answer all your questions. Just read through them when they land early next week.

  • Embarrassing compliments? image

    I bet if I try hard enough I can make you blush without complimenting you! image

  • Mmmm... yes... I don't doubt it LB!!
  • Answers on a postcard to:

    What possible way could LB embarass Alan without the aid of a compliment, .........
  • Numbers fast approaching 2,000 so we could beat last years total with more than two weeks to go. Should have all the race packs complete tomorrow / friday so you will all receive early next week.

  • image Brilliant news on the numbers Alan - I assume 2000 was the entry number last year then ?

    With 2 weeks or so to go you have to looking at a last minute rush and 2500 surely ? The more the merrier - can't wait

    Chris - don't panic about the incline out of the tunnel - it really isn't that bad - the route is fairly falt after that so any time lost will soon be made up - try having short sprints after every mile or whatever distance works for you - I have found this gets the time down & I agree with Frodo - this is a 10K race so don't train for further distances or your pace will be slow - aim for 5 miles (8KM) at a faster pace & you'll be amazed at the results

  • Guys - I am WAY too injured to run.

    Sorry, I held out till the last minute but its a no.

    If I can. I'll come to finish and cheer you folks on!

    I'm easily recognisable.....image Long blonde hair, fake tan and gob on a stick...image

  • LB I wont be running either, it's a matter of finances for me this year.

    Though I might pop down to the finish line and cheer you guys home, I'll be the bloke stood at the finish with his twin boys.

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