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  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Impressive that you took 23 seconds out of me in that last mile. I'm gratified to see I was still only 49 seconds behind the winner though

    I'm used to my name being spelled wrong, but "Workingham" is a new one on me. I'm envisioning a pig that's being used as a pack animal.

  • It's funny, one of the chaps from my old club said to me pre race that Tadley is one of the more "gentle" of the XCs.

    Granted it's not got the real steep hills of Handy Cross, or the mad triple hill section of Finchampstead, but the triple water jumps and that last mile definitely don't constitute "gentle".

    To be fair, the same chap once asked me if the mate (of same age) I brought along was my son image, so perhaps not the best guide to go off!.

    Hard to compare conditions over the years, but Sunday was definitely not easier than last year, so happy with a 46 sec improvement.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    What time you running on Saturday SG?

  • well, i'd be flexi if it meant involving you... would just need to be up 3hours before to eat and digest!

    so i guess 11am would be a decent time to start if that suited you, as 8am isn't too early a wake up call...

    have a wycombe game in the afternoon...

  • just a quick one to say well done to SG and Dachs for good XC's at the weekend, , especially considering your minor loathing of XC! sound fun with triple water jumps image

    Monster session for you today SG, good job.  Bus I agree the effort level is hard to guage off road. doesnt seems to affect my easy pace much but that wouldnt be the case for faster work.

    Im out for the count at the moment, Achilles is just not right at all. Might have to have upto a week off. Weird start to the year. poor mileage- 43 & 40 per week, 1 good and 1 bad race result. Hopefully February will be more fruitful.

  • sorry to hear that Seb...was it just the last xc that pushed you over the brink, or was it sore before?

    i went and pootled an evening 4 out. can feel some tightnesses. Tomorrow is a super easy day, a 4 and a 3. I always tread carefully when i have to edit the big man's schedule slightly, but even I occasionally have to!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Bad luck seb, similar here, but Sather say, things can only get better!

    Saturday might be tricky SG, will have to see if the Mrs can cover son's footie training, which wipes out the whole morning.

    Forgot to say, very good session today!
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    Good sessions out there today from Dachs, bus and SG.

    Unlucky with the injury seb, I had Achilles a problems in June, because I stopped early it didn't cause me any long term damage. It will pass quickly if you give it rest and stretch it.

    Intervals at the gym today for me, ran 10k in total with 6*800 at 2.30pace with 2 mins of jogging as recovery. I know you are all naysayers but it was great on the treadmill, made sure I kept my form good, heel kicks to the backside. Raised a few eyebrows amongst the regulars seeing me up it to just under 19kmph, the machines make a fair bit of noise then. But they could have a good giggle at me when they saw how light the weights were I was lifting.
  • I hope you blew a few kisses and did mini "smoking guns" with your fingers when you ran Dean, just to show how comfy you were. Probably a lot different to the usual types who use the treadmills there!

    Bus, is it a game, or just training? If it's the latter, do you have to watch, or are you literally just the lift man?
    Would there be a prospect of you driving him there, us smashing off for the tempo , and being back by the finish? Or is that just plain bonkers image

    We could sneak it earlier....but all depends on your side of things old son.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Training, but we have to be there unfortunately, so unless Mrs bus can do it it's a non starter...might be a bit ambitious anyway, given a double on Friday. Let's see whatshe says when I catchm her at a good moment though!

    Dean - must admit, it wasquite gratifying to see others in the gym staring when I did a 5k tempo on treadmill at our hotel just after Christmas! May have been more aboutthe noise the machine was making rather than my athletic prowess though!!
  • fair dos! and depends what your friday double consists of! If not just 2 easy runs could be demanding, as I'm certain you'd not want to be dropping out for the my pace MP miles image

    I'm looking forward to it anyway. It sounds less tricky than the epic 14miler 2 years ago that ended with 3miles MP, and 3miles HMP image

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    Ha ha, I save that stuff for the races.
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Great sessions SG and Dean. I used to do quite a bit of running at the gym a few years ago. Out of a row of 10 machines there was a couple that weren't as noisy as the rest and I used to stay on the bike up until one came free. Then it was a mad dash to get one so I weren't getting funny looks. Thud, thud, thud thud!

    Hopefully it's nothing to serious web and you're back out soon enough.

    After having a day off yesterday I tried two runs today. Started with 4 @ 7.04 pace early this morning then it was a club session on the road tonight. It was 10 x 3 mins with 1 min recoveries. A couple of decent inclines on the route and every interval had at least one of them in. Pace came out at 5.28, 5.39, 5.33, 5.15, 5.42, 5.28, 5.27, 5.25, 5.34, 5.31.

    Really happy with the pace as a couple of them were just done going up and down one of the hills. I'm absolutely whacked now though. I may try an easy 4 on Thursday morning ahead of that evenings track session.
  • Nice blockbuster there SG, 14 miles of pure aerobic conditioning, lots of kudos for that one. Great HM session for the upcoming Wokingham smackdown.

    I did 5mins, 3mins, 12 x 30 seconds, 3min, 5mins tonight. Not on the track as it was frozen so we did it around the top on the grass/mud. It was hardwork slipping and sliding everywhere. Was a good session though and pace was decent considering the conditions. 9.5miles in all. Was a bit like Bus' session pace wise for the longer reps, but the effort level doesn't do them justice! So a heatfelt well done from me there matey, I feel your pain! image

  • treadmills. not my choice of location for a tempo session, so fair play Dean! The last time I used a treadmill was whilst on honeymoon in the US last year - I had a 2 hour long run to do when in Vegas and with the temps @ 45 degrees outside, an air conditioned gym was the only option. still sweated my arse off though. Great session though Dean - 2.30 for 800 on a treadmill is impressive.

    nice runs and sessions Ric, Dachs, Bus and SG. I take it the injury has subsided then Bus? Echo what others have said - nice tempo intervals SG. Nice to see more time based intervals from you tooimage

    Fingers crossed you've grabbed the Achilles niggle early Seb. Here's hoping Dean's experience plays out for you and it's gone as quickly as it turned up.

    easy 6 miles @ 6.30am for me this morning followed by a mixed pace 8*800 session this evening with odds ran at threshold and evens ran at 5k pace. over 14miles for the day so a damn good stretching session tonight too!

     EDIT: XPost SS and Matt. Matt -  I always do double days on my quality days. nice 30 - 45 mins early in the morning, then track/tempo in the evening.

    Another storming session from you SS. How does a track get frozen though??


  • Deano, when I run at 7min miles on the treadmill everyone looks at me like I'm Mo Farah! So you must have been a right sight! Fair play, I'm always scared of falling off when I'm running quickly.

    Johnas - greart day! Good areobic running and some speed work. Hope you feel OK tomorrow, I know how double can begin to take their toll... well on me anyway!

  • Cheers SS. Being doing the double days (easy AM/quality PM) for 3 months now and body is quite well adapted to it now. Will do 10 miles easy tomorrow night with the club which is nice and relaxed and then back to double day on Thursday.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Looks like a dayof good sessions all round then! Matt - 10anything is tough, but 10 x 3mins at those paces with just 60 sec rec, sheesh!

    Johnas, leg is absolutely fine now. Amazing really, given how painful it was less than a week ago. One of those odd ones I guess, but definitely rather that way round!
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    I don't know why they were so short Bus but I never question it. After 4/5 reps I was regretting he early morning run but now it's done and dusted I'm more than happy with today's running. image
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Not that short Matt. At that pace, 3 mins is more than 800m or half mile, which are pretty standard fare. My reps are typically half mile (Garmin, track!), but I rarely manage more than 6 to 8 reps image
  • Stevie, solid session yourself, did you take other grip footwear, or did you know the track might be frozen?

    Johnas, you're crackin on nicely as well. And mentally those time sessions do feel easier sometimes....when you hear "6mins" you think, that's not long, whereas "over 1mile" just sounds longer! Maybe I'll approach the half as something like 13x5.50ish or something image

    No reason a track couldn't get frozen is there? Astro turf is described as "all weather", but if it's icy it's not useable, so i guess a track can certainly be the same. I remember seeing some slippy patches when I was doing a session on my track in quite low lights...had to be careful!

    Matt, sounds some fast paces. Liked the 5.15! In the old days If i'd done a session like that I expect my first one would have been something like 5.00 pace, and the 10th one probably wouldn't have been distinguishable from the recovery image

    Just a 4 and a 3 today. Feel a bit tight in an area that's hard to describe, in between the hip and groin  I suppose. But in better shape than after that last huge tempo 2 weeks ago...the day after was so crunky!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Yeah but then the 0.1 might come as a killer!

    Hopefully that twinge is just a standard training ache and will go qucikly (but pleased you find it hard to describe the area between your hip and groin to us image).

    Choice today - long run off-road or on? Off-road will be scenic and more interesting, and on-road (pavement) a bit more risk of ice, but looking at the forecast, might possibly be the last chance of some much needed road work for Wokingham for a while. Oh, and I've got new road shoes, which I've only done 5M in so far...

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    The 'all weather' track that I sometimes use gets gradually iced over on the inside lane as runners use it.

    I know why it happens but this is not the place for a lecture on thermodynamics.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    it was a ongoing anoyance that all weather astros were cancelled at the first sign of weather during my hockey days. 

    Astro's and tracks hold moisture, moisture freezes, moisture becomes ice, ice becomes an enemy to those who wish to stand upright, Dean tries to do reps on slippy track, Dean goes over on bend. Dean adds another moan about snow/ice to go with XC/grass.   I think this is how it plays out image 

    Weather for helsby HM at the weekend looks a bit bleak.  Heavy snowfall for friday night. Hopefully the roads will clear but i imagine its going to be "chilly" to say the least.  For those that remember last yrs race this the one SS, chingo and Addylad ran in high winds.   So maybe next yr i stick with XC as a mid jan half probably is going to affected most yrs

  • a mid Jan half is asking for trouble!

    We've been fortunate that our Mid Feb half has been fine the last 3 years. But I believe 4 years ago it was snowed off, and they moved it to May, which unfortunately had the hottest day of the year.

    Thus making a course that people only do because it's a fast one, completely a write off!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Yep, I remember that one. Almost passed out in my Mum's roast dinner afterwards! The problems wasn't so much that it was hugely hot, just that it was very warm suddenly after a long cold period. 'twas my slowest ever Wokingham....

    Right, went out for a long road run today. Turned back after 1/3M as, although mainly clear, there were lots of problem patches of ice which forced me on to the road and I didn't fancy faffing with that for 15M with much of it next to busy roads. Went home, changed shoes and then did just under 14M of hilly XC instead in 2 hours (no drink!). Nice run, except for a long stretch through Bradenham Woods which was a cold, muddy quagmire with a thin crust on top that I kept finding the deepest bits of!

    There's been so many winter races affected or cancelled by bad weather the past few years. A bit of cancellation insurance from the operators wouldn't go a miss.


  • a run of that length midweek is a cracking run in anyone's money! nice work.

    glad to just be a 3 tonight. embracing the easy day after yesterday!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Must admit, I'm feeling it a bit trying to focus on work this afternoon! Take it easy on those pavements tonight......

  • nice midday/midweek run Bus. 14 miles XC not to be sniffed at. Has it being snowing up Buckinghamshire way? Not a flake here in Kent thankfully although it's bitterly cold.

    I lspent my lunchtime in the local bike shop. I currently walk 5 mins to work but am moving 3 miles out of town so a commuter bike was called for. Will pay for itself in a few months versus public transport and even quicker versus a car. Will be some nice to add some daily xtraining intot he running mix.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Good run that one Bus.

    When outdoor conditions get really treacherous due to ice, I tend to give some thought to whether or not anything is to be gained by training in it.

    I've been caught out by this 'must train regardless, I have a race coming up' mentality. But with snow and ice, if in doubt, I think about doing what I call  'a Richard Brown!'

    A 'Richard Brown'?

    Richard Brown was an ok runner but wasn't the fastest by some way in our club. One February the snow and ice arrived and us dedicated and ambitious runners trained through it regardless and as a result did ourselves far more harm than good.

    At the end of the week the snow all went away and we all limped off to run a TVXC.

    Richard Brown promptly annihilated the rest of us. His explanation.

    "I saw all that snow and ice and said to myself I'm not running in that shit. So took the week off". 

    No aches or pains, fresh as you like.

    As things stand, I'm limiting out door training to every other day. 

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