Sub 3h15



  • Gul - It was on borrowed time that one, well done!

    Lorenzo - good luck with your half! I was just looking at the Stockholm mara in RW mag. It sounds and looks like quite a spectacular one to do.

    Jools - Enjoy your dash.

    OO - Another podium in the parkrun, well done.

    PMJ - Sounds like your pacing was spot on to come in 2nd.

  • Good luck Jools and anyone else racing today.

    Must drag myself out there now...

  • Happy to report I got the sub 90 monkey off my back today. Time on Garmin shows 1:29:06. Conditions were perfect and felt very strong in the last 3 miles which I did not expect. Report to follow later!image

    Hope everyone else who was racing had a good day?

  • Well done, Gerard.  Welcome to the sub-90 club image

    Bubka pb for me.  Thought it was by 3s but turns out it was by 1s: 38.51 whereas previous (chip) best was 38.52.  Still, it was - just - a pb!

  • Brilliant result Gerard.  That monkey looks well smashedimage

  • Nice one Jools and another pb, they all count! I have yet to go under 40 for 10k but have run 18:55 for 5k so I clearly need to address that particular problem soonest!

    AR - Thanks!

  • Nice work Jools. Three weeks after a marathon I wouldn't be setting PBs at any distance, no matter how small!

    My mojo is still somewhat AWOL, and this week I had run all of 5k (a 3k and a 2k) and had all manner of niggles (probably due to doing lots of bonkers gym classes such as X-fit and Tabata). I wasn't expecting great things from this morning's East Mids XC league race. To be fair, it's a very low key league and the standard is fairly low, but I was first lady be a good 800m, so that might just boost the mojo a bit. I've never won a cross country before! 

  • SG - Well done on the XC win, a win is a win right.image

    Race report

    In preparation for today's race yesterday I dedided to run the mile from where I live down to the race track where today's Jersey's November half marathon started and finished. I wanted to measure the distance from entry to the sports ground and the final 350m on the track and it was a very useful exercise knowing that it was approx 550m and I needed to be running in a 1:27:30 to break the 90 mins.

    Start was one lap around the track and then out onto to the road, 1st was flat and I knew we went off to fast when the 1st mile clicked at 6:22. The course heads North east inland and in the Jersey that = hills, we started to climb at 1.5 miles and continued to do so for the next three miles with some slight repreive in ascent every half mile or so. I wasn't sure how I felt about attempting the sub 90 as my training has been a bit hit and miss recently but mostly hilly stuff so I had hoped that would pay off. Ran in a small group of about 5 runners or so, two of which are sub 90 runners so I figured I was doing ok. I was doing most of the work though up to about mile 5 and then the hills started to hurt a bit. Being well over race weight didn't help either but I managed to keep with the group which now became 3. One Ironman and one South african chap with a club vest I didn't recognise. We reached 6 miles and the decent which I was really looking forward to was my bad patch. Mr IM and SA dude went away from me down the hill and my knee was starting to give me gip. I decided to run my own race from there on in and the two ran away from me. Mile 7 and back on flat road which I really prefer & I could see the two ahead and reckoned they had about 30/40 seconds on me. Mile 8,9 and 10 passed quickly and I overtook another chap who must have slowed as he was well ahead before mile 6. Glanced at the watch and could see I was comfortably holding 6:4x pace on the lovely flat coastal road. Got overtaken by one runner at about 10.5m who just seem to float past me but I knew that the gap to Mr IM and SA runner was closing. Mile 11 & still holding the target pace and reserved some energy for one last climb at mile 12. I was worried about that bit but knew I had a bit of a buffer and didn't up the effort until we turned up a country lane with 1 mile to go. Managed to reel in Mr IM and SA runner and decided it was now or never and put the boot down, felt great and could see I was clocking 6:30ish pace and got to the sports ground in 1:27:03, I now had 550m to go and knew it was gonna be a pb, Mr IM rallied and I could hear him coming so I hammered it on the track and ran as fast as I could without going eye balls out and put 20 seconds or so between myself and Mr IM and crossed the line in 1:29:06 for a 1:24 pb. Splits were: 6:22, 7:20, 7:19, 6:46, 6:52, 6:32, 6:38, 6:42, 6:49, 6:47, 6:49, 6:47, 6:27 and 49 for the last bit. All in all pleasing to get the sub 90 on what is a tough but enjoyable course. Bad news is, the mens and womens race was won by Guernsey runners, boooo!image

    Just cycled into the office and the legs don't feel too bad, tomorrow and the next day might be a different story though.

    Wonder how Lorenzo and TR got on?

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all  . . .
    Firstly, congrats on PB, Jools, fine racing from GM & TR (result in public domain on other thread) also.
    Good to see Blisters hitting the tarmac again (in a less spectacular manner, of course) . . . .
    MsE back on track also, pleased to note
    Good XC victory (always welcome) from Speedy . . .
    Excellent parkrunning from OO (as we've come to expect), and Gul (great stuff, well deserved)  - speaking of parkrun -
    3 weeks ago I was happy to record a 21:54 after 9 mile warmup, to use as benchmark after my hiatus
    Yesterday did my son's local one, with 10 min jog warmup - 23:17 !!!
    As logically I don't see how I can lose 1:23 over 5K in 3 weeks, I hope the following are reasons, not excuses
    a) had 2 weeks of lurgy, not been too sprightly
    b) 70 min drive there (already kitted up), out of car at son's, jog to start and off
    c) mainly grass course, unlike paved surface of my local ones (although it wasn't too muddy in all honesty)
    Blimey, I ran not much slower pace than this in the gale at Nottingham marathon a couple of years back !    ---   Maybe it is time I invested in some slippers and a cardigan . . . . .

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    x-post - excellent report, Gerard !

  • Well done Jools - in true Sergei style!

    Speedy - The unexpected where-did-that-come-from? runs are often the most satisfying.Nice going.

    I really love a good race report - you do actually feel you're with 'em all the way. So Congratulations Gerard on a top job. The race was pretty good, too image

    15 miles for me this morning. It rained all night and when I got up the sky was as black as a donkey's b********, but I sensed it was changing so didn't bother with the windcheater. Good job as, though cold, it stayed dry. I really tried not to look at the watch and instead just feel as though i was running easily. This I did in the main and so the miles went by quite pleasantly, and when I got home i found that the av pace had been 7:46mm, av 135bpm. So much easier than last week's plod over a similar distance.

    That makes it just over 40 miles for this week.

    Hmm, I've found some NB 1080v3 at a good price. Has anyone tried them or heard about them?

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Birch - well done on keep fighting back !

    GM - excellent, well done

    78:20ish for me, didnt stop my watch so need to wait for official results. It was a tough day at the office today, but was exactly on 6mm at 1,2 and 3M, by 4 or 5M I was in credit and had a few seconds in the 6mm buffer, by 8M i had about 15 secs. Managed to hang on to a few coat tails until picking a few races in the last couple of miles, to make sure I got home in the 78.

  • TR - job done, bl00dy well done! I'd say a 78 half is bound to hurt is so many ways I can't even begin to imagine!!

    Birch - Lurgy perhaps lingered, you will no doubt have much better days, just bin that one!

  • TR - Superb Stuff. Sub 80 is my prime target at the mo. Need to find a good training plan to help me reach it.

    GM - great report and good racing ! its nice to have a target then smash it, Well done to you.

    A pb is a pb Jools. Great stuff

    Similar thing for me today Ant but slightly shorter at 12. Didn't want to push and am in don't bugger it up before you start mode presently

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Just popping in

    Great to see you today Lorenzo, thanks for coming up to say hello and well ran.... (I was pacing a club mate round 1:26:38 at Gosport Half

    TR good running
    Jools good PB
    Gerald - Excellent well done

    Take care all

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    GM, Gul, TR and Jools, superb stuff guys, Wicked Skills!! Loved the report GM. I don't have a HM until March and I hope to break 90. My best was set 4 years ago before my hip surgery when I scored 1.30.24. I've done 2 marathons since but man-flu at the wrong time means I haven't raced a HM since.

    Forced myself out the door just now to do a 4 mile tempo session. Glad I did, feel a lot better for it. Knocked it out at 6.40 pace which was a surprise as it was dark which usually slows me down a tad. It was hard work though. My 5k split was 20.20. I've only ever raced one 5k (20.45) which was at the start of October, so my goal for early next year is to see if I can do a sub 20 at a parkrun. More interval sessions and hill work should do it.



  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Now then. Should say congrats for some impressive runs this w/end. Jools for a PB, amazing given your marathon exploits- bodes well for winter. GM, great sub 90. and Speedy for unexpected glory- true quality will always out no matter the odd rough patch. And TR- 78, bloody hell.... image


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Brampton to Carlisle 10 miler today was pretty much perfect conditions. A quality field for the NE Champs with 7 runners under 55 minutes. I went off quick (too quick) doing the first 2 miles  in 5:50 ish, then a couple of 6's going through 5k in 18:30, 5 miles in 29:50 and 10k in 37:30. That was the good bit of the race. From there on it got messy, I held on but pace gradually slipping through 6:06, 6:09 and the last in around 6:16. I hate finishing a race like that being passed  by others. Even so 60:38 is a good time, arguably my best of the season. The worst bit is that the V50 3rd prize was lost in the last 300m, I'll re-live that for a while, and may blame parkrun antics y/day. But no regrets, I enjoyed both races and feel good about my current form. 


  • Sounds like a great set of thread performances all round with crackers from Jools, GM, TR and OO.

    Had a slightly frustrating drive down to the Gosport Half today with the A3 being shut and then having difficulty parking which meant that I didn't have much time to get warmed up / worry about things. Training hadn't gone that well so I set my sights on going sub 1:30 rather than beating my PB of 1:27.58

    Alot of traffic at the start (the usual nonsense with far too many people being too optimistic about their time and lining up too far forward) but it was chip timing anyway so I relaxed and wove through the traffic to get to Mile 1 feeling confortable and a bit surprised (given my recent struggles to get close to 6:45s in training) to see 6:30 on the watch. Decided to keep going at that effort and reached 6 miles in a shade over 40min - so far so good.

    Kept overtaking people and reached the 12 mile marker in just under 1:20 at which point I suddenly realised a PB was definitely on the cards. Managed my fastest mile (apart from Mile 1) in Mile 13 and even had enough energy for a sprint finish to finish with 1:27 on the clock and 1:26:30 on my watch - big result!!! imageimage

    Especially pleased with the consistency of pacing - every mile was in a 20s range from 6:27 to 6:46.

    The only slight snag is that something appears to have gone wrong with the chip and I'm down on the provisional results as a DNF so I might have to call on RFJ to vouch for the fact that he saw me at the finish - great to see you again BTW!!

    Saw Literatin out on the course as well but it was all a bit of a melee at the end so hope it all went well.

    Happy bunny even if they can't sort out the official result, but it would be good if it made it onto Power of 10!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Top work Lorenzo, good running. I didnt like the new course, far too many sharp corners round the airfield and round cones etc even through a petrol station !
    I've sent an email to the organisers, I was missed too. Quite a few seem to have been. They think that the guy on the PA system by the finish was interfereing with the chips as he broadcast his banter. They have promised to sort it, not sure how though.

    OO - 60mins is nippy for a V50, nice one.

  • Congrats on the pb, Lorenzo.  It's amazing what a sense of the pressure being lifted can lead to!

    Fab report, GM.

    OO: that's a time many of us can only dream of.  I bet it's a very high age-grading.

  • TR - I've already got a reply back from them and it sounds like they're going to use the video footage they've got although that won't take into account the 30s it took me to get over the line. Hopefully they'll trust my integrity.

    Agree about the petrol station and the scenery in general but I'll let them off with that on account of the pancake flat nature of the course and friendly, helpful marshalls all over the place.

  • Wardi, your warm up was clearly too short!

    Great report Gerard. I do love a good race report! So where's yours TR?

  • Great racing from the Gosport crew, Jools &Speedy.

    Some top running there TR, and a great fast finish Lorenzo. It doesn't sound like there was time for a Ginsters Pasty at the petrol station you ran through. 

    Hopefully Lit had a better day than Nottingham .

  • GM, CC, Lorenzo, Joolska, TR, OO, everyone has performed at high level this weekend. Strength to strength. And some really good markers. I'm feeling quality spring maras coming on.

    Minni - It's racecourse mara not the ultra as shameless pot hunting means I need one more decent mara for a chance of a club podium, see you there.

    7m tonight brings up 40 for the week. Been doing Mon-Fri 9-5 job for a couple of weeks, for the first time in years, and am amazed at how people with this kind of lifestyle get in all the quality training. Respect to those who run very early or after work, I've found it really tough.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Well done Lorenzo- PB's are what we work for. 

    Wait till you try an 8 til 6 regime Poacher image  

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    OO - congrats on today's exploit - a top weekend double for you
    Lorenzo too - great racing, and excellent report .

  • Fair point, although public transport failings mean the day is nearer 7-7 which means less time to train. Commuting is actually worse in Manchester than in some developing countries.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Lorenzo - not sure what they'll do about chip start times. I was over the line in about 2 seconds so wont suffer like some will. from the results that are up so far I reckon I did 1:18:18, We'll see what they say. The old course was just as flat. but its hard to get 2000 runners on a course that has open roads, so they wiggle them round the airfield for a couple of laps now, but way too many tight turns round buildings and alleyways. I'm like an oil tanker when I'm up to pace I need to keep going straight !

  • Brilliant racing from TR, Lorenzo and RFJ (pacing someone round in 1:26!!) at Gosport, but that sounds a right old mess with the timing. Hope they get it sorted. Lorenzo, who would doubt your integrity?

    OO - That is a fabulous time - well done.

    Birch - Sorry I missed your lamentations earlier - remember you are entitled not to always run at your best, especially when there are extenuating circumstances.  


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