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  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    mennania - sorry dude, I put the wrong M at luch, I was in a hurry. I like to do 10mins easy either side of the 20mins, so can only squueze about 20mins of effort in at lunch anyway. dont think its a typical 1/2 mara session, but I wanted to get my legs used to running quicker ready for the 10M and 1/2 and its a low mental stress session. I guess that longer reps would be more relevant to 1/2 mara training. I've been doing 15min reps on the turbo, so wasnt too worried.

  • Cheers TR, got Vale Of Clwyd half on Sun, run by a local chap who is trying to introduce a few races up here so will go and lend my support, and will run this session (your version) tomorrow as my last speed/hard session. Theres a flat half in Wrexham early feb that I have got my eye on for a PB and somewhat closer to 80 all things being equal.

    BOTF - Nice reps, hope the thigh has settled.

    Bike it - Onward and upward!

  • Just a quick pop in to say belated congrats to Lorenzo, Lit & OO. Been manic again for past three days and forecast for teh next 3 weeks or so is to be no let up!image

    Lorenzo - Chuffed for you and sounds like it came as somewhat as a suprise, funny isn't it how when you are training and you think it's not quite there and to pull off a big result like that must have been very satisfying. What's up next for you?

    Lit - Same for you and a very good time there! When is your next big race?

    BOTF - Nice comeback 10k there and as PMJ said, quick return to decent form.

    Menn - What's the time you have in mind for this half on Sunday?

    Bike it - Great news re your solid return to running!image

    SB - Getting some quality sessions in, well done and keep it up!

    Gul - Can't remember if I said well done on the sub 19 so well done. I do love a fast 5k race!

    TR - How's the calf after Sunday?

    I can see there has been lots of serious training going on here and I'm looking forward to getting into a routine of doing some quality speed work over the coming months. Looks like my goal of achieving the annoyingly elusive sub 40 before I turn 40 will not happen as there only two 10k's coming up and one of them is boxing day!! The next one is early Feb & is 3 days after the landmark. Only other option is to try and do one on the track with help from someone or more than one runner.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Mennania - just the 20mins tomorrow then, focus on good form, rather than beasting yourself.

    Gerard - better than I expected, only done a few bike commutes and a couple of swims since Sunday. I'll get back to it later in the week or at the weekend. I need to recharge the match box a bit. I have a couple of target 10ks in the new year too. Before I set about VLM training in early Feb.

  • TR - That's good to hear. My calf muscles were sore Mon/Tues but I wore racing shoes which contributed to that. No running for me apart from dropping young Seb off to school and legging it half a mile or so to work in my suit! Will attempt a run Friday if I have time. What's your target for the 10k's sub 36? I really would like to break the 40 but think I might be good for 38 with the right course and conditions.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Gerard - I'm not sure what a 78 converts to 10k wise, but must be 35 ish. 38 would be good for you as thats getting towards sub3 leg speed.

  • TR - I'd say it should be there or there abouts. Plan is to get another sub 19 5k under my belt and then go for 18:30 and providing I can achieve that I would like to aim for 38. Although I must not get too carried away. PB'd in all distances this annum bar the 10k. Another mara is not in my thoughts at the moment. There is one here in April, same day as VLM but undecided on that prospect as yet. Key for me at the mo will be to get the shorter faster stuff done. Need to get the weight down big time as I'm way too heavy at the mo. Was conceding about 10kgs to some of the chaps I raced against on Sunday.image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    No serious training going on here GM. Staying in Paris this week, the farmers are on strike blocking roads around Paris- absolute chaos. 6 mile plod this morning, the first this week. Mainly eating and drinking...  

  • Bike It - I'd say that's good progress.
    BOTF - that's fast in sub-zero temperatures! Hope the thigh is OK.
    GM - didn't realise you were a spring chickenimage
    OO - the French love their strikes.
    Overslept this morning, so had a bit of a change to the routine and went out at 7:25. Instead of 10 steady miles, I did 8 miles @ 6:52 m/m. Might do a recovery run this afternoon to keep on track for 58 miles this week.

  • Gul - A 39 year old spring chicken, hah! 8 miles @ 6:52mm, that's a seriously good trainning run. Just shows how much you have improved!

    OO - Least the food and drink should be nice?

    Another day off for me today. Will get back to it tomorrow when I should be fully recovered from Sunday's effort. Hope the weather improves a bit though as it's a tad untidy at the mo.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Funny old game this running lark. Felt rubbish on Tuesday's intervals but was still able to put in a solid session. Today I did a 7.25 miler and run just on feel to see where it got me. Gradually got into it, attacked each incline and never once checled the watch. Surprised to see the average pace at 6.57.

    Maybe I was buoyed by physio getting stuck into the centre of my back last night as he sorted out the nerve issues that have been giving me weird arm pains recently.Can definitely feel the difference, including the sensitive area that remains after he tried to push my vertebrae out of my body via the chest!

    Gul - Nice session there, impressive pace.


  • GM - OK, maybe a Summer chicken. I ran my first race a few days after my 40th birthday.
    SB - good to see some gain from the pain, as they say.
    4 recovery miles @ 8:31 m/m d&d. First double in quite a while.

  • GUL - Mine was just before my 37th birthday! Almost three years now & can't quite believe it, has flown by. I was involved in lots of other sports in my teens and twenties but often wonder what it would have been like to run then. Nice double ther today. I tried doubles last year and got injured!

  • OO - Thats Paris - enjoy!!

    GM -  the organiser put the profile up of the course and it isnt flat - I am setting out at sub 1.25 and will adjust up or down at the top of the hill!

    TR - Just the 20 mins for me tonight and a mile at HMP just to remind myself.

    Gul and SB - tidy efforts! I have taken to ignoring the watch recently and just reveiwing the data at the end.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Just dropping in to say huge congrats to LorenzoOO, BOTF and Literatin on those results.  All hugely deserved and I hope you are feeling good about the training heading into the depths of winter-time.

    Winter has arrived in San Francisco which means it is jumper AND jacket sort of weather.  Hurray! I can get out my winter wear.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Some great training going on, as usual, GM, Gul, SB and others.

    MsE, definitely those kind of conditions here now too, with a cold northerly wind. Hat & gloves today for the first time for a while. 11 steady this morning to break my duck for the week; drew three blanks Mon-Wed due to working through lunches and domestic duties. Something longer for early Saturday morning, as definitely not getting out Sunday; it's our cricket club annual dinner & presentation evening on Saturday night, so won't be doing much after that! image

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Gerard - weight is a tricky thing as it depends how tall you are. Extra lard is what you want to avoid.

    Mennania - y'day you added on an extra 20mins of reps, today its some HMP on top. Whats wrong with my session as written ? ha ha, have faith dude. You should have been running faster than HMP anyway. Tommorrow just do 4M with 10min of 30sec/30sec and then Saturday 3M with 5mins. thats if its an A race of course.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    cheese wine and bread going down well= a quiet recovery night in mt hotel room

    Remind me just how old you are Gul image

  • TR - Its a sort of throwaway race as its not flat but I plan to treat it seriously and chuck everything at it as a marker for my A race in Wrexham in Feb. Cheers for the tips by the way, will follow them to the letter this time, honest!!

    OO - sounds divine..

  • TR - You're not wrong there and what I lack in height I make up for in lbs. 5'9 and currently tipping the scales at a ghastly 12st10. Heaviest I've been for some time. I would ideally like to get down to 11st but that would require a big lifestlye change. Since I quit the cigs what I've gained in lung capacity has been nullified by weight gain.

    Menn - That is a very up and down course but as you say you will find out at about the 10k mark and then there is a few climbs around 15-18k. Go for it I'm sure all things being equal you will run well. I've run all my pb's on hilly courses and I am not a fan of hills at all but what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger as the saying goes...

    Abbers - I've only done the school run "literally" since Sunday!image

    OO - I'm envious of the vin avec pain et fromage! That's about as good as my french goes!image

  • Abbers - glad to hear you managed to get out for a run yesterday.
    OO - hope you enjoyed the cheese and wine. I'm 47, so still a few years till I'm a really old gitimage
    GM - I've never raced on a hilly course - I found an undulating course challenging enough!
    Another slow 4 miles completed @ 8:56 m/m.

  • Tried out the NB1080v3 today on the road after a mile on the treadmill yesterday.  A bit tighter than my past shoes, but that was what I was looking for.  A bit firmer on the heel and softer on the forefoot.  They've got a nice definitive and stable contact with the ground. I like them so far - might even buy a few more pairs if I still like them after 100 miles.

    4.5 miles from me on the road this lunchtime.  Took one course record on Strava, but to be honest it was very soft in the first place.


  • Quiet on here today!

    First post-marathon club session for me last night: 9 x 350m hills.  I'm not sure it blew the cobwebs away, but it certainly reminded me that my basic speed is still pretty much non-existent and that I can't even begin to hold my own until the reps are much longer than 350m...

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Yes it is quiet, Jools - few cobwebs to blow away, I would have thought, after the recent 10K exploits  . . . .
    Good to see Bike It continuing the comeback, and, importantly, keeping the discipline . . . .
    Gul - from where I'm looking, you're still in (relative) whipper-snapper territory image

    12 miles with a pal this morning - furthest I've run on a Friday for some time - long sleeves and gloves, but still in shorts! 
    (note for TR - woke up early to meet mate, put telly on for cricket - saw 136 on screen, was wondering how many wickets had gone, then realised it was 10!) 

  • Well I did some 12 x 400m reps (flat!) to show willing Jools. Not really my thing but I thought I'd have a go. The rep is over with before you know it, and then off you go again. Weird.

    Bike It, the suspense is palpable. Tell me you hit that button?

    TR's 'Extra Lard' comment has hit home. I don't think I ever adjusted my food intake since marathon training. I'm going to be good till Dec 24th then have a mini blowout.

    In my laboratory, the Marathon training plan is all shaping up nicely for VLM. Just a bit more liberal use of highlighter pens and maybe a bit of glitter and I am ready for the next cycle. More to follow in due course, but the big thing this time is to have a plan, and to use the plan. Very excited about this new development in my running. Ladbrooks are taking bets on how long I will follow it; I'm putting a big wedge on following it all the way.

    In other news, my wife suggests that having a plan to run my business would also be a good idea. Lets see how it works for marathons first. Priorities and all that.


  • That plan sounds very intriguing AR.  I don't know what your wife is talking about though - surely it is critical to sort the running plan out first?

    No entry buttons hit here.  Planning to fix the brakes in my wife's car first so she'll be less mad at me.

  • T'was deathly quiet and then perked up a bit.image

    Gul - I recall you saying you lived in Norwich is that correct and that it was pancake flat. Sounds ideal!

    Jools - Nice reps & modest as ever, 38 mins for 10k is not what I would call slouchy, your clubmates must be very speedy!image

    Bike it - Your coming back strong, nice one. Much to the protestation of the management I too have also both several pairs of a particluar running shoe that I liked.image

    AR - Intriguing stuff. I have never done 400m reps in my entire three years running.

    Birch - That's a lovely lunchtime run there!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    AR - if that plan looks nice and balanced and achievable then there's no way you'll stick to it ! ha ha !

    Birch - I stayed up to watch the first 10 overs of our innings as I wanted to see Carberry bat (Hampshire and good comeback from illness story), at that point (1:30am) I went to bed as the commentators said we looked in little trouble on a great pitch !

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Hilly reps sound the bizz, Jools!  I am sure they will work their magic in time.  Good to see you coming back from the brink, Bike It!

    After the chilly day with a bit of rain the sun has come back out again and it is shorts and T-shirts weather again here in California.  I am cautiously starting to add some short steady reps to my weeks and am down to do 300s today after a diet of 200s.  Nothing too quick and all engineered to remind my legs how to turn over more quickly.  Last week I did 4 x 1 miles @ 7:20m/m which is the longest I have done anything quicker than a pootle.  It was slightly depressing to think how much speed and fitness has been lost but it is a step in the right direction and I was reminded by Richard Nerurkar in his excellent book Marathon Training From Beginner to Elite, how we must strive for the small improvements over a greater period of time rather than big leaps and end up injured or burnt out.  Happy injury-free running all! image

  • Bike It - good to hear the come-back continues. Always a good idea to fix dodgy brakes whatever the situation!
    Jools - tough session. Well done.
    Birch - nice progress - gloves and shorts here too but still in short-sleeves.
    AR - a man with a plan. Nice interval session.
    GM - I live in King's Lynn on the other side of Norfolk to Nardge as they say in these parts. And yes, there are no real hills around here.
    MsE - patience will bring its own rewards. Always nice to do something a bit faster than super-slow.
    17 miles @ 9:02 m/m d&d to round off the week.

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