Sub 3h15



  • Hmm.  Gul had done 17M and posted about it before I even got out of bed today!  Lovely lie-in, though image

    Wise words, MsE.  That's why I only ran a 1s pb last weekendimage

    GM: it is a mixed training group but in any event yes, B&W is a very speedy club.   Quick check on PO10 shows I am 13th woman over 10k this year, for instance.  

  • Gul - 2:30+hrs on your feet, you must have set off well before 5am. Back home in time to make everyone breakfast!image I just googled it and can see where you are now.

    Jools - Your club has some strength in depth. You seem to have sussed the sub 40 10k, when was your first and do you normally run them with very even splits? My last two attempts ended in a 40:20 and a 40:33, both times there was a force 6 headwind on the turn. Think I'm cursed.image

    Did 3 slow hilly miles y'day lunch, it was my 1st run since last Sunday's half. Felt a couple of niggles, need to keep tabs on those. May go for a 5 miler later, that is, if I can tie up some loose ends here in the office.

    MsE - Envious of your location indeed.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Gul - a fine Sat LR there - you posted  a mere 9 mins after I set out - 13 today to add to y'day's 12, so a solid 2 days here (wore leggings today, though)

  • Gul - Great mileage, so early - is this penance for having overslept the other day?

    MsE - Great to see you back in the swing of it. It's turned cold here too, and I for one look forward to cold mornings, as I really like getting out all the winter gear. 1ºC today!

    Gerard - Get out and bash that 10k in training one day!

    Jools - Nice hills.

    TR/Mennania/PMJ - Inspiring sessions. I have similar things planned for December; at the moment I'm just starting to ramp the miles up a bit with the steady pace getting quicker by the week.

    Bike It - That comeback is looking really good. I also bought a pair of NB 1080v3s yesterday and took them for a 7-mile spin this morning. Very happy with them so far. Not so pillowy as I remember the 1062s but should still be kind to my knees. They look great, too. Like you I hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship. 



  • Birch - x-post - I've said it before and I'll say it again: "Winter miles..."

    Btw today I booked my flight to go over to VLM. It's on the Friday before (11/4) and I come back on the following Thursday. The reason I mention it now is a) it really isn't all that far off b) it put a frisson of urgency into my run this morning (7M in progression, av 7:02mm) and c) it was eye-wateringly expensive, and this on a day after buying shoes (see above) which weren't cheap, either.

    Lucky I found 60€ outside the supermarket the other day, thenimage.

  • AR - good luck with the plan - I hope it has sub 3 marathons as training runs!image

    Gul - I would love to live somewhere flat - nice LSR

    Nice progression from Birch and MsE

  • Brrr, roads were already starting to ice up at 1600 here in the hills, not good.

    Nice running all round, comebacks, solid miles, it's all happening. Ant I think it's your round in April isn't it? AR good luck with the secret plan

    Bike It have you entered yet?

    Gul - please enter that mara and CASH IN while the form is there

    MsE your patience is being rewarded; ditto Birch

    Weird etiquette issue: Parkrun was permafrost this morning, in places the spikes were bouncing off the frozen earth. I ran hard and picked off a few people, but when I moved into 2nd with 500m to go, the fella I caught actually patted me on the ar*e a couple of times as I went by, with some words of encouragement.  Disturbing? Or acceptable? Or is it just a bit odd to touch a stranger's backside? image 

  • Yup, that's just plain weird. Were you wearing one of your dresses at the time? 

  • Cross dressing? In Stockport? Never seems like a good idea for some reason.


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Must say that's never happened to me Poacher, bur then I'm rarely in 2nd place. 3rd for me this morning in 18:24- not bad after all that cheese and wine in Paris.

  • I tentatively picked my way around the slippery, frosty bits of Forest Rec parkrun this morning for course PW of 21 mins and some seconds. Still got first lady as there's not a lot of competition. No-one touched my backside at any point. 

  • Now that is weirdimage.

  • Poacher wrote (see)

     Ant I think it's your round in April isn't it?



    Happy to oblige. Tap water all round, I think? Oh, and run in front of me at VLM and I'll happily touch your backside...with a size 11 shoeimage.

  • Just entered Comrades this morning - will have to see how the leg holds out and what running can be done by February/March before committing.  Certainly I won't be buying a flight or commit to any other expenses as that can all be lost if I can't go.  Anyway, my name is on the start list.

    Ass touching - plain weird.

    No running yesterday and planning a few miles tonight

  • Continuing the current round of 'I never', nope, never been patted on the posterior as I've overtaken someone in a race.  

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I have had someone fart as I came to overtake. Which is possibly worse.

    15 plod miles for an under par 31 mile week image

  • 15.3 miles this morning in driving rain, av. 7:45mm and feeling good. 42 miles for the week.

  • Perhaps Poacher has a particularly sexy bottom?

    Pleased to hear about your Comrades entry BikeIt image 

    AR on a structured plan.....? It'll be fun to see how that pans out.

    I had another trip to the fizz on Friday which seems to have made a big difference to my left side groin pain. Apparently, my right SI joint in my lower back was very stiff. A bit of loosening up and the pain (that I've had for 3 months) has just melted away. Hopefully for good.

    I celebrated with a mini speed session on my new tready which,incidentally, is the heaviest single item I've ever managed to get up 2 flights of stairs to get it into my new loft based gym. (AR, I went for a Nordic Track one in the end - thanks for the recommendation - it's a quality piece of kit)

    Things are looking up again. Run total of 628 for the year might get a late season boost with any luck.

  • Gul, I echo Poacher's comment. Get into a race.

  • Good to see your speed work coming on MsE, bigger picture and all that is definitely the way to look at it.

    Birch - I've been wearing long sleeves/gloves etc for quite some time - i must be nesh! Good Friday mileage BTW and Saturday too! It will be a while before I can do 2 days back2back like that.

    Great long run Gul - who cares about the pace at the moment. Better to be able to run for that length of time/distance and feel comfortable. I see you are still getting up before you go to bed!

    Ant Glad to hear the mileage build up is going well and the shoes were 60€ cheaper! Nice Sunday mileage

    Poacher, I think we need a picture of your bum to see how pert it is. From my point of view, touching another man's behind is out of bounds!

    BikeIt - good incentive of the Commrades to get the training in

    Managed 40 miles for the week this morning after a 12 miles @ 7.44 av pace. My longest week for about nearly 2 months, but all at an easy pace.

  • Nice weightlifting Slokey

    Nice race entry Bike It, we knew you would

    Nice miles totted up this week all round

    13m this afo brings up 55 for the week, the most for some time. No arse-related action to report.
  • Cross country today. Our league starts late but then gets a lot in quickly: 4 before Christmas every other week and then 4 afterwards in 4 weeks, then Wokingham Half. That is a full race calendar for marathon campaign and may be pruned.

    Sandhurst today which is a nice course: it is only just over 5 miles long and not particularly hard so a nice one to ease into the series after the flat grass at Datchet 2 weeks ago. After a week away on business and 4 runs Monday to Thursday, this was a cutback week and a rested race so no real excuses to run slowly. Normal fun getting there with satnavs and MOD areas but no panic, a gentle 2 mile jog warm up to see the start of the course and then strip down and off.

    Fell into place in what looked like the right group of normal suspects and headed out. First quarter mile is on a track, then a steep downhill which flattens out, sharp right and technical tracks before opening out onto the beach which is an area of sand which is always getting dug up and ploughed. Sharp uphill and hit the mile marker before opening out onto the heathland. One big lap and one little lap, and the group was moving nicely. The heath has a few hills but generally flat and I take the uphills easy so I can power away at the top. A few pass me on the up but I then take more on the flat. At about 3 miles I am passed by a fellow Dasher so I tuck in to keep him honest as he is out of the scoring places. There are cries of first lady coming from behind which rejuvenates me (I came in behind 2 ladies last outing) and then we reverse the first bit: steep down, beach, twist, hill up and run in. The hill up is always fun to see what people do as many overcook it and redline but then find there is 400 metres more.

    Overall 25th in a time that was about 30 seconds slower than a couple of years ago but way faster than the injured run last year.

  • Poacher - I know we are a friendly bunch up north but patting the arse of a chap you dont know is a no no, unless the parkrun was on Canal Street?

    Bike it - image

    VOC half for me. stats as follows to save my inane dribbling on; 


     As can be seen  I was doing grand and toying with a stonking PB until the hills at 9 miles found me out. Pretty pleased with that time on that course, 45 secs off a PB with a shedload of hills after a disrupted summer allows for some optimism. Was 5th and first V40 to boot - currently drinking the Spitfire I won!


  • SJ with a shiney new Treadmill - I'm a little bit jealous. I may submit my Christmas list this evening to Mrs AR as the gym membership needs renewing soon.

    Good to hear you have gone for it Bike-it. Hoping you get a decent run of training this winter.

    Some big miles being built up on the thread. It is making me nervous as my plan is to continue with the marathons with my new 'THE OPPOSITE OF' plan. Yes, everything is turned on its head. The highlights of the next experiment:

    • Structured plan  versus no more made up on the day image
    • No long run exceeding 16M(image), versus 35 x 20+Milers from Jan to Oct 2013, and certainly no overdistance runs even if I do need to go to the shopsimage
    • Consistent running 6 days per week versus a bit of running and a bit of rowing
    • A Goal Marathon Pace, versus lets see how we feel on the day
    • Lots of MP runnning, versus little or none in training
    • No cheeky Marathons run on a whim. Not treating every race as an 'A' race

    So the plan will be run to the Hanson Marathon Method which I will be starting tomorrow. The standard plan is 16 weeks, however I asked Hanson Coaching to customise it to my goals, lead up races, and tacked on 4 weeks  to get me in the swing of having my running brain in chains.

    For the target for London, I wasn't too bothered, but the guy who advised / produced the plan was keen to push my pb on another 5 mins which is 2:43. As one of lifes skeptics I really am unsure how this will come about as I can't imagine getting to April without having run more than 16 miles.

    I will probably start a training thread at some stage to explain a bit more on the method and the sessions, and how on earth this trains you to run a marathon (I have no clue at the moment I'm just a curious guinea pig) 

  • Great result Mennania - you must be chuffed with that as part of coming back to form following the summer, and on a tough course.

  • Mennania - looks like an impressive performance there. Enjoy the Spitfire. 

    Bike It - fingers crossed for Comrades.

    SJ - nice bit of cross training there. 

    Just to confirm, I've run about 15-20 miles of an Ultra with Poacher and NEVER felt tempted to touch his arse although had he been wearing his Ginger Spice outfit, you never know! image

    32nd consecutive day of running for me today, a nice easy 5.5 miles before heading to the Running Show at Sandown Park where I managed to pick up some half price gear. 

  • Yes, excellent HM Mennania, on a real leg-breaker of a course by the looks of it.

  • An interesting experiment AR. I suspect you have enough endurance already to get away with it, but I bet it hurts like hell in the last 6 miles image

  • Menn - That's very impressive given the course and your summer. I did look at the last hilly section the other day and think that would hurt a bit.

    AR - I  toyed with the idea of doing the Hanson mara training schedule when I first read about it a while back and decided against as I had never ran a marathon before. Will be interesting to see if you can stick with the and see how it pans out! The idea is to train your body for the last 16 miles and not the 1st hey.

    I have run a measly 10k in total for the week, that's got to be the lowest ever uninjured. CNBA today.image


  • Mennania, nice run. If there is any spitfire left over, send it my way.

    AR, will be interesting, as you say, pretty much the opposite. 2:43 is a hell of a target and I hope you do it.

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