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  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Abbers - the forecast shows sweat, pain, toil and wondering where the last 5M are going to come from. The weather looks decent.

  • TR - Agreed re the 9's. I used them for VLM training and got a fair few miles out of them, recently gave up the ghost with a tear on the side of the upper. Great training shoe and Only paid £40 for them so can't grumble. I tried the 10's on at the VLM expo and they are slighter narrower and considerably lighter. Bought the ride 5's in June and used them for my autumn campaign but they are finished now. They inside of the heel at the top have a tear and the plastic rubs now so they are now defunct. Shame as I liked doing longer runs in them and the soles weren't that worn. Re weather, looks like the wind will light here Sunday so that's one positive as the last 4/6 miles or so are coastal.

    MsE - It gets dark here now at 4:30pm so a good colour for winter.image

    Gul - Fast reps there. Yep, something may have to give if you start teaching, wondering if you will manage your early morning runs?? Sounds positive though.

    PMJ - Great consistency in mileage. Where in the US are you heading? Somewhere warm?

    Abbers - Nice 9 miler, when is your next race?

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Nice shoes there GM. I love the colour. I have 2 pairs of Asics GT2000 in neon yellow, proper fancy!

    Went for a run tonight. Locked the computer then me and a colleague got changed at the office and headed out for a cheeky 8 miler. Felt so bouncy. We chatted all the way on the hilly course without looking at the clock. Turns out it was a very easy feeling 7.33 pace. Really pleased. That's two great feeling runs in 3 days. Well happy with that.

    Didn't manage to do any speedwork yesterday so I'll forego the lsr this week and do a 5 mile tempo on the way back from football at the weekend, all squeezed in between a hectic beer based social diary. I'm ahead of base training schedule so I can be a bit flexible and sensible in terms of mileage in order to recover better.

  • Lorenzo - I should think that those of us way on down South can stick with the shorts for another month. Still border-line for the gloves.
    PMJ - clocking up some good mileage there. I presume the XC is when you come back from the States?
    Bike It - I appreciate how difficult it can be to find the ideal race!
    Abbers - nice day for a run in the Forest.
    SB - more good running - sounding confident!
    Another good day at the college yesterday. Talked to some training providers and looks like I would need to top-up my degree before I could start I.T.T. (that'll teach me for slacking at Uni!) So in the meantime, I will probably look to get some more classroom experience and maybe look out for an LSA post - the good thing is that I now have some contacts. I was a bit disappointed, but on the other hand it would mean less workload which was a real worry. Maybe it's something I could commit to in a couple of years time. Sorry to ramble on.
    4 slow miles d&d. Looking forward to parkrun tomorrow.

  • Poacher: These are the races I would fancy:

    Full: NDW50 and Cardiff Ultra (both around 50miles)

    Too close to VLM: ONER (and probably a bit too far at 70+ miles)

    On a Saturday in term time: Ultra Tour of Peak District (around 60miles); Bidemouth 50K

    That just leaves races that are a bit more difficult to travel to.....

    Thanks for the shoe tip-off GM.  Seems a reasonable price even at £65.  I've found NB1080v3 as well for £55 so might go for those

    BTW Gul, have you considered teaching at a private school?  My wife works in one and told me that teaching qualifications are not mandatory.  I'm not sure if she meant more for less academic stuff though, e.g. her school has several spoort coaches without teaching qualifications.  Probably they would be more recruiting on skills and ablity to convey knowledege rather than qualifications.  Just thought I'd mention it - probably you knew already


  • Gul, right about the XC. I fly back daytime Friday and then the XC is Sunday so I will run Thursday am and then not again until I race on Sunday so fresh legs may be the order of the day, or alternatively legs that have spent a day on a cramped aircraft om Friday and then doing DIY all of Sat.

    Your miles don't look too shabby either. Do you have a plan at the moment? I seem to be drifting along in base building and have changed my recovery 5 milers the 7-8 mile range so now I do 6 runs a week with 5 of those at about 7.5 miles average which gets me 37.5 so another 12.5 hits 50. I need to get the 12.5 up towards 20 by the end of the year and can't decide if I keep the recovery runs long or let them shrink again.

  • I'm slightly looking to change shoes as I've had various pairs of the Triumph 9s and still think I should be able to find something which suits me better. But what? NB 890 or 1080? I'm well over 80kgs,that's the problem. Suggestions would be really welcome, please.

    I actually think my recent foot-knack may be in part due to the shoes.

    Can you believe I forgot to enter for one of my favuorite races of the year, the 7-and-a-bit mile Villa de Gijón?

     6 miles this morning in lashing rain, and 7 yesterday at a good clip (7:10mm).

    Great news from MsE and Blisters. Not such good news from Gerard.


  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Ant - I'm around 87kg (13st 12lbs) at the moment. Come marathon day I'll be around 13st 3lbs. I have used the Asics GT21xx series for years. This year they revamped them and called them Asics GT2000. They work well for me, have OK cushioning and they are good on the stability front as I'm a mild over-pronator. Just bought a new pair for use in the New Year, some bargains are still out there on SS13 models.


  • Hi, good news: 8 miles run at 8m/m. Gentle yes, but bagged. Oddly, the whole run felt flat, perhaps I didn't get enough sleep last night. Breathing through the mouth, and waking up occassionally with grunty snores. I'm great to know right now.

    Oh, yes, the news of the badger cull in Gloucestershire is over-exaggerated. Another one has been seen locally.

  • PMJ - I'm trying to keep at least one short recovery day along with the usual rest day. Next week should be 58 miles made up of 9, 12, 4, 10, 6, 17 and rest. The vast majority of miles will be slow or easy with one steady run plus a few strides or short hill sprints. Should reach 61 mpw with 18m LSR  by Christmas.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I also flew back today PMJ- just a short hop from Geneva but then a long drive so I'm pooped. But will do parkrun tomorrow then Brampton to Carlisle 10 miler on Sunday. Will stay in my beloved Keswick tomorrow night.

    Happy w/end running to all...

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Gerard - I tend to get a decent amount of miles out of the Triumphs, they seem good value for money, I only buy them when they are ~£50. I'll avoid the 10s for a while if they are narrower.

    Ant - I weigh about 78kg and the Triumphs seem to be ok for me. I race in them too.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Some great stuff going on, as usual. GM, my next race is likely to be the Romsey 5 miles, which isn't until the end of Jan. That, and the Milton Keynes HM in March, are pre-VLM yardsticks for me. Want to fit in something else in Feb too, but not sure where or over what distance yet. As it's my first mara campaign, I'll be intrigued to see what difference higher mileage makes to my shorter race times.

    TR, given your strong mental game, those last 5 will be fine. Nail it.

    On the shoe front, I'm around 12st, 6"1, moderate over-pronater with high arches and an extra bone in each foot, so need stability and cushioning. Brooks Adrenalines have been great for me for a while now, having also tried Asics 21 series and various Mizuno, New Blanace and Saucony models. The Brooks just work for me.

  • MsE wrote (see)
    Bike It wrote (see)

    ... Personaly I would welcome if someone tried to create an iconic ultra distance race in this country too.  Probably I would like it to be just like Comrades too.

    Did you hear that BOTF?  I bet with your parkrun experience you could devise something fabulous to fit the bill!  I was talking to Anton Krupicka recentlyabout the Bob Graham Round which he is thinking of doing, and he was definitely curious about doing more running in the UK.  Then again, it could have been him being polite to me.


    Well we used to have one - the London To Brighton was for years 'the' ultra to do, but traffic put paid to it. There was a relay run as well which the top teams and athletes used to do. Some history here.

    I can't pretend I haven't been looking for somewhere to do a race longer than the 10k we organise now, but it's very difficult in this part of the world because it's so populated and so many cars. Sadly I don't think 20 laps of Dorney Lake would attract too many runners.

  • Really pleased to report that I finally got my sub 19 at parkrun this morning. Bit of a smackdown with an ex-colleague too. Tucked in behind him for the first two laps (5:56, 6:12) and then eased past and pulled away in the final lap (6:05) - even managed a bit of a sprint finish to finish 3rd in 18:54 image Happy days.

  • Superb stuff Gul

    Great news on the recovery front from Blisters and MSE - take it easy Gerard

    Shoes - similar to Abbers for me but I need to get my weight down as I am 12'8 at the mo - just bought some brooks adrenaline in replacement of the asics 21 series and have no complaints 100 or so miles in.

    Slipped off a kerb a couple of nights ago and in over compensation tweaked my old adductor injury - as I was running back from the physios ! Settled down a bit but have spent a couple of days stretching like mad. Off for a 4 mile or so recovery to see how she fairs. How many epiphanies regarding stretching do you need before you just do it?

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Take it easy Menn- those old war wounds are always hanging around.

    Congrats Gul you there there at last. I was also 3rd at my local PR with 18:02. Wanted to take it easy for the race tomorrow but got carried away chasing the guy in 2nd just losing out in a sprint. Hope I don't pay for it tomorrowimage

  • Great run there Gul at parkrun, but also your miles look very nice and structured already.

    OO50 have a good run at the 10 miler: I know what it means to you.

    BOTF, I used to run with Cavin Woodward who is mentioned a number of times in that London to Brighton article. very unassuming guy and it took a lot of time before I found he was world record holder over 100 miles in 11hrs 38mins 54secs and even longer before he woudl talk about it.

    parkrun for me this morning was an exercise in steady pacing. At 1k I was 4th with 5th on my shoulder and I ended up 2nd.

  • Regards Ultras, I remember reading somewhere an article in the RW Mag about a coast to coast run in Devon, I think?

    Anyway, cycling today, 40 miles at steady pace, with the coffee stop group.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Yes, one benefit of age- we are good at pacing. Brampton to Carlisle claims to be Britains oldest road race, 62nd year tomorrow I think. My first race since GNR PMJ, I'd be happy with a 62 mins. but could easily be better or worse. A guy who pipped me on the line at GNR was taking it steady at the parkrun today while I was racing, so he'll be on my case tomorrow- should be a good dual and someone to aim at.  

  • Brilliant result Gul, you are in fine fettle. Your result and OO's string of parkrun times  make me almost want to suffer the pain of a 5k.

    8M easy run this am. Currently trying to psych myself up to do a hard 30 min row.

  • Great stuff Gul - no real surprise after the effort that you've been putting in recently. What's the next target / milestone you're going to smash?

    Congrats to OO and PMJ for making it a triple thread podium.

    5K for me as well this morning but just a gentle pre-race run. Given recent form I'll be very happy with a sub 1:30 tomorrow.

    Just signed Mrs L up for the Stockholm Marathon - her first one. Am doing it as well and planning to focus on enjoying the experience although that might change depending on what happens at VLM. image


  • Nice family day out Lorenzo, plus there will be herrings and vodka

    Nice runs Gul, OO

    Nice ultra list Bike It. I've not run any of those but have walked the route of the Cardiff 50 and run sections of it, worth a look if you're interested in industrial history. UTPD looks very hard. As you know a hilly ultra is a completely different proposition to a flattie. Likewise with distance - there's a world of difference between a "mere" 50 and a long one of 70+. Interested to see what you end up doing.

    10m on the beach this afo, saw 50 or so curlew, 150 lapwing, and a vagrant shrike, great time of year for birdies.
  • Great Parkrunning by all concerned, especially Gul for that milestone effort.

    Tidy wildlife watch from Poacher.

    Blisters - Back on the bike so soon! Any emotional scars?

    Lorenzo - I like the sound of that Stockholm Marathon. Have you actually told the good Mrs. L yet?

    Thanks for the shoe info/tips - I'll see what I can hunt down.

    It's turned a bit nippy over here - gloves and hat in full effect this morning. 15 miles planned for tomorrow.


  • Yay, well done Gul. Great stuff and a podium too! image

    Typically speedy performances from other park runners too. 

    Good luck to the racers tomorrow. 

    Good news on Stockholm Lorenzo. I'm keeping an eye on the number of entries and buying a bit of recovery time before I enter. Groin is still problematic (since end of August) despite doing hardly any exercise this week image Due back at the physio on Friday.....

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Brilliant, brilliant work Gul.  You really deserve this PBs, nobody has worked harder for them.

    OO Have a great race.  I had an entry but then the lure of Murrayfield was too great so I'm off to the rugby instead. image

    20 for me today - 15 progressive on the road this morning then another 5 off road in the hills this afternoon.

    Lorenzo glad you liked Fishers.  Now where are you next week?!!  Good luck tomorrow.

    Ultras - HERE is a new ultra for 2014.  74 miles along the Great Glen Way from Fort William to Inverness.  I've run many miles of this over the years and its stunning. 

  • Well done, Gul.  Nice barrier to break - on my list for next year image

    In Leeds for the Abbey Dash.  Just spent 5 minutes stood on the street after a fire alarm went off in the hotel.  I should be glad it was at 8.30pm not 4.30am!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Good luck Jools. image

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Outstanding parkrun result from Gul! Sub-19 AND a podium finish image Happy days!

  • Minni - nothing too glamorous next week: Coventry and Wiltshire - both there and back in a day. Sounds like you had a good day today.

    Ant - oh yes, I prssed Mrs L's finger on the mouse so that it was officially her who entered herself in the race!

    All the best tomorrow Jools 

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