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    Bike It wrote (see)

    ... Personaly I would welcome if someone tried to create an iconic ultra distance race in this country too.  Probably I would like it to be just like Comrades too.

    Did you hear that BOTF?  I bet with your parkrun experience you could devise something fabulous to fit the bill!  I was talking to Anton Krupicka recentlyabout the Bob Graham Round which he is thinking of doing, and he was definitely curious about doing more running in the UK.  Then again, it could have been him being polite to me.

    Running of some quality to report! Finally! Last night was my first full workout which resembled anything like a workout. All my running so far has been small instalments of slightly faster running eg strides and 200s at a moderate pace. I went into San Francisco and warmed up with the team before heading off to do my own thing as I am not really ready to launch into track workouts with them just yet. 

    I was scheduled to do 1 x 1600 @ 7:30m/m, jog recovery (as long as it takes to fully get back breath), 1m @ 7:30m/m, jog recovery, 0.5m @ 7:20m/m, jog recovery, 0.5m @ 7:20m/m (with permission to release the brakes a bit more on the last 400m). 

    I ended up with 1m @ 6:47m/m, 1m @ 6:57m/m (trying to apply brakes), 0.5m @ 6:36m/m, 0.5m @ 6:07m/m. So it was a bit faster than it should have been but in my defence, I couldn't see the Garmin as the backlight is broken and I did keep it dialled down. So I am getting fitness back although I am a long way from being fully fit again. But it was nice to do the whole workout on the track for a change. Time to roll and stretch. The next day is the real test of where ones fitness is, I find, when you see how your body copes with what you threw at it.  But hurray! I am running!  Happiness abounds!

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    It was 'all's well that ends well' Abbers.

    I rarely run faster than I plan MsE, so good for you.


  • There is a road ultra round these parts (well, canal path). Nottingham to Grantham (30 miles) on the Saturday, then back again if you're daft enough the next day. I can't remember what it's called but it's twice a year and probably named something dull like the Nottingham to Grantham ultra.

    CaniX - I know someone who is very good at it. Are you on Fetch MsE? Bedlam_G is the chap. 

    Having a lack of mojo CNBA day. Oops. Ate cake instead of running and now will have a nice soak in the bath. Might bake something for Children in Need thingie at work but not sure I CBA to that either.

  • MsE: that's brilliant news.  image

  • All ultras are a bit iconic, as going past 26.2 ("middle distance") is something the vast majority of people never expect to do, and never believe they can do. As the mileage increases, you get that nice fluffy empowered feeling. But you do tend to lose toenails quite fast.

    Nice one MsE, well deserved after all your troubles
  • I did an Ultra once. The Boddington 50k. 14 laps of a tiny little set of 3 country lanes. I kid you not, but I was so into that steady state zone at one point I actually fell asleep whilst running. Being little roads one of them had a wicked camber, but only for about a mile. Unfortunately that meant you ran for a total of14 miles on a harsh camber. My knees were swollen for a month. I see no joy in the attraction.

    Anyway, a Good News Story.

    Despite the fat lip, 8 stitches, broken tooth etc, I managed to get 6.5 miles out running tonight. What a relief, legs, knees, joints etc all seem to be working just fine! Even the headache is now minimal. Well chuffed, and all turned out at 7:29m/m.

  • No time to read back, bit manic at the mo but just popped into to say thanks to Gul for the tips re your half taper. Bits and bobs for me for the past three days consisting of sharpish 3-4 milers. Tonight was a particularly nice eve to run with nice cool air and very light wind. Decided to run a 3 mile progressive run sans w/u turned out to be 7:02, 6:52, 6:24. Funnily enough the middle one felt the hardest. Sent my entry form off today for Sunday's half and so will see who turns out, last years winner won in 68 and this is by no means a pb course! Hoping to run 7mm or quicker but not sure if I am at that level of fitness but looking forward to lining up come race day. Apologies all in advance for the me me me post!image

  • That is good news Blisters!!image When you going to dentist? I was back in the chair today after £2.5k of hideous treatment for a post surgical review only to be told that it hasn't worked and that we are back to square one! Oh dear not again and ffs were my immediate thoughts.image

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    Gerard Mooney wrote (see)

    That is good news Blisters!!image When you going to dentist? I was back in the chair today after £2.5k of hideous treatment for a post surgical review only to be told that it hasn't worked and that we are back to square one! Oh dear not again and ffs were my immediate thoughts.image

    Commiserations, GM.  Having just paid for nearly US$1,000 worth of treatment for MsEtte2 to have work redone to rectify the poor work done by a previous dentist, I feel your pain.  That was after the dental insurance payment too.  I might recommend the MsEttes/MsEsq look into dentistry when wondering about vocations!

  • Thanks MsE but to be fair to my dentist it's not his fault I'm just unlucky in that I fall into the 4% failure category for the sugery I had done. Won't cost any extra cash just another 6 months of visits and free pain!!!image Sorry to hear about your childrens woes. Nice running by yourself btw. When is your comeback race?

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    GM - at least it is cost-free!  First race locked into is in February, a HM which I shall probably do as a tempo-style training run.  Am terrified of returning to the bench!

    Thanks for the tip, Speedy.  I have messaged bedlam_g who has been transformed by running, quite literally!  Some impressive times there. And nice looking dogs image

  • MsE - at the Brutal Run series there are often a number of Canicross runners. Looks like you can get in touch with them at 

    Good news on the running, but looking at FB I'm not sure your tash suits you!!!

    Glad to see that Blisters is back in one piece.

    Bike It - have a look at the Connemarathon: - not cheap but probably worth it if you fancy a 40 mile on-road run in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

  • Abbers - good for Mrs A - hope she does find it worthwhile. Today we're going to be looking at the different options for ways into teaching. Salaried Direct Training seems to be the best option financially (for me), but both people who are taking that route have warned us that it is really tough - in at the deep end!
    MsE - nice track work! So good to hear how you're progressing.
    Speedy - cake is very tempting on the best of days.
    Blisters - good to hear you're OK to run.
    GM - good luck for Sunday - let 'em 'ave it!
    I really enjoyed my time at the school yesterday - back to college today. Haven't done anything faster than steady for yonks, so did 4x400m supposedly at 5k pace, but turned out too fast 1:23, 1:23, 1:23. Then caned it for the final 200m of the last rep - 1:14. Silly, but enjoyable.

  • MsE, have a google for Sandra BOWERS,,  who is a big canicross fan and 15:48 parkrunner with a couple of dogs in front of her! Oh, yes, I forgot, by the way she is also a GB vest ultra runner.

  • Sounds as though you're making good progress Gul. Speedy reps there as well.

    Have you got your mojo back Speedy? More importantly, how did the cake turn out?!

    On my way up to bonnie Scotland today - after the success of the Newcastle recommendations, any suggestions from anyone for anywhere for a bite to eat in the centre? I've been to Deacon Brodies a couple of times and that hit the spot.

    5.5 relaxed miles this morning - seems to have got a but colder recently so had to don gloves. Still in shorts though. image

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    In the centre of Scotland, Lorenzo?



  • Minni - will be in Edinburgh. Staying pretty centrally.

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    If you like fish there's a great bistro on Thistle Street called Fishers.  You'll not need to look far to find somewhere decent to eat though.  If you fancy a drink head to the Grassmarket.

  • Hotel du Vin, upstairs cocktail bar, plus decent scran
  • I used to live on the Royal Mile at the beginning of my working life. The flat was so damp we had toadstools growing out the carpet. I avoid anywhere serving mushrooms when revisiting Edinburgh. I spent a lot of time in the grassmarket to get away from the fungal flatmates. Sorry, I don't think I helped you there Lorenzo

  • 8 at lunchtime today. Strong tailwind on the 4 out so a few miles sub 7 or close to 7, then 4 back into the same wind noticeably slower. 36 for the week in 4 days so 14 over the next 2 days gets me up to 50 so a little one tomorrow and parkrun on parkrunday.

    Next week I am in USA so it will be, by necessity, a cut back week and a XC race at the end. Still, 110 miles so far in November and it isn't the 15th until tomorrow so as long as the cutback hits 30 I will hit 200 for November.

  • Thanks for all the ultra tips.  It's just me being fussy really.  I can't do a Saturday ultra because my wife is working and I'm with my kids - many ultras are on a Saturday.  I don't really want to carry mandatory kit unless it is just a mobile phone.  I want to do it between June and Sept next year once the recovery of VLM is complete. 50miles approx would be ideal; road ideally.  I've looked thouroughly and there are some appealing ones, but I can't find one without (what I perceive as) a drawback.

    2x10 minutes running for me today, either side of 30minute spinning followed by serious deadlifts and a few other weighty bits.

  • Just forked out £54 for these. Had the last model and liked them. Have been waiting for the price drop and they are the exact one's I wanted.image



  • GM - Looks like the Triumph 10 to me. Nice choice.  I've used and liked it.  From whom did you order it as I might have to treat myself to a pair?

  • Bike it - It is indeed. It was 2nd last pair in size 9. The other colours which I like less are more expensive. They have a good sale on. Bear in mind though they took the VAT off for me so you being UK resident would pay £65, still a bargain in my eyes.

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    I'm still on version 8 or 9 at the mo (depends upon prices), they are cheaper than the 10. Still anoys me that the uppers on the 9 develop holes in them too.

  • Bike It - what's your ultra shortlist look like?

    IMO having done 10 ultras + a fair few maras, they are rather different sports in many ways. Best avoid comparing them and just go with the flow.

    AR really is a "fun-guy" to know
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    (girly comment alert) I like the colour, GM image

  • Let's see - did I go for the fish recommendation from Minni or AR's mushroom delight?

    Tough decision, but the fish won by a short head. Great call Minni - thanks.

    Might have to be a circuit of Arthur's Seat tomorrow morning, definitely with gloves on.

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    Nice new runners GM! The dentistry sounds horrendous though image

    Blisters, thanks for the clarification on Gloucester. Glad you're back running.

    Good quicker running from Gul (learning to teach on the job sounds tough, but at least you'd be getting paid!), and the usual miles being banked by PMJ.

    TR (and others), forecast still looking OK for Gosport?

    9 for me this morning in the Forest sunshine, albeit accompanied by a cold wind.

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