Sub 3h15



  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Lorenzo - they have had several issues with "radio interference" regarding the results, email the RD (details on the race webpage

    Regards and well done again

  • Sorted on the official results page: gun time of 1:27:06, chip time of 1:26:32.

    Very very chuffed and a big hand to Matt Fitzgerald's Run Faster.

  • Give me a chance, Ant, it's a long way home from Gosport! I had entered in an attempt to salvage some of my summer of training for Nottingham, though knew that having massively peaked 7 weeks ago then had 3 weeks off with fatigue and a sprained ankle I wasn't in anywhere near as good shape. However, I did manage a 36-second PB to finish in 1:27:50 (for a PB that starts with a new number of minutes!). I remembered Lorenzo saying he was going for around 1:27:30 so was well impressed when he overtook me at 11 miles and managed to turn round, check my number and introduce himself all before zooming off into the distance! Hopefully interference with chip times at the finish will mean they should have recorded okay at the start. Mine was fine.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Good work on the PB Lit, that was a long way to travel for a 1/2.

    Lorenzo - good that they found you on the results, I'm still missing. The results show 1st V45 finished after me too.

  • Nice parkrun Gul
    Gerard - excellent time & report. If you're like me once you finally get under 90 mins you'll take a chunk off at the next one now the mental block is gone image
    Jools - they all count, well done.
    TR - 78! Crikey.
    OO - Nice one. It's so easy to do the first couple too fast then just run out a little at the end. You must have been pretty close to getting it spot on though as you didn't lose that much.
    Lorenzo - top race that man. I do like a surprise PB.
    Literatin - good time given the disrupted training - let's hope they got it recorded correctly.

    A good day for me today, my first proper race since Shinfield 10k back in May 2012 (which was a PB 38:56). Brighton 10k had really nice conditions today, cool and overcast and a very gentle breeze (although we appeared to run into it in both directions). Having done so little over the past 18 months I really didn't know what to expect and I'd set myself a goal of under 43 minutes, and preferably closer to 42. No HR monitor as the new strap has been trying to cut me in half and I still haven't got it adjusted right, so just ran it on feel.
    1st k completed in 3:57, somewhat faster than anticipated and worrying initially, except I realsed that I felt really comfortable and not breathing hard at all. 4:06 for the 2nd K including the turn around, then 4:01 for the 3rd and still feeling pretty comfortable. 8:06 for the next 2 k and halfway in 20:11. I took stock at this point and still felt pretty good, but just couldn't turnover the legs any faster. I've always been a bit of a patterer, but I could tell my stride was really short, so I need to work on lengthening the stride and keeping the turnover. Next 2 k were 8:13 including the 2nd turnaround, then 4:08 for 8th k and now I'm starting to blow and the thighs particularly are starting to feel it. 4:13 for the next K, but then there's a slight downhill and you run past the pier and you can see the finish, so I rallied to 3:59 for the last k. So 40:45 on my watch, 40:47 official, and quite frankly I'm amazed. My best time on this course is 39:28 in 2011, so to be within 90 seconds having run barely twice a week for about 7 weeks is far more than I expected. Maybe my sub-3 at VLM isn't quite as big a dream as I thought.

  • Well done on the pb, Lit.  You salvaged quite a lot from your season there.  Perhaps we should have swapped races: Leeds is much closer to home for you and Gosport is much closer to home for me!  

    BOTFgreat to see you back racing again and, as you say, brilliant to be so close to your course best after such a long lay-off.  Train smart and who knows what London will bring?

  • Mennania - hope all is well now.
    OO - good parkrunning for a podium finish. Great effort in the 10 miler for a smashing time - shame about losing 3rd place.
    PMJ - nice parkrun - sounds like you had more in reserve.
    Blisters - good biking.
    AR - I imagine that a 5k is a doddle compared to a hard 30 min row.
    Lorenzo - Stockholm marathon sounds good.
    Poacher -  nice bird spotting.
    SJ - sorry to hear you're still having problems.
    Minni - very nice double there.
    GM - congrats on the sub 90 - great report!
    Jools - congrats on your PB too.
    Speedy - and congrats on your XC win!
    Birch - that looks like 3 good reasons to me.
    Ant - good running.
    TR - sterling effort - well done on a cracking result.
    RFJ - good to hear from you - nice pacing.
    SB - nice tempo run. Good target for the New Year.
    Lorenzo - that's fantastic! Well done on the PB. Hope the official result is sorted out ok.
    Literatin - more congrats! Cracking new PB.
    BOTF - great result at this stage - very promising, as you say.
    What a great weekend!
    9 very slow miles (9:13 m/m) for me this morning.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Wow - great weekend of thread racing. Storming HM performances from TR, Lit & Lorenzo at Gosport (looks like I missed out by not running this one, as my training partner from work got a PB too), and the sub-90 cracked by GM too.

    A fast 10 miler from OO50, Parkrun from Gul, PB for Jools and an impressive comeback 10k from BotF into the bargain.

    Sorry to anyone I've missed!

    A bit manic here, so not sure how much I'll be posting for a few days, but got out early yesterday for 10 and will hope for some lunchtime sessions over the next couple of days, but nothing too long or time consuming.

  • Finally had time to read back properly and it looks like lots of people were far more impressive than me this weekend! Well done to Gul, GM, TR, 00, Jools (love the 1 sec PB - imagine how many times you could PB in a row if you stuck to that strategy!)and especially Speedy for winning the XC. I hope to be able to make it to at least a few xc races this season but sadly am not quite in good enough shape to actually race you in the style of the summer road race league.

    And look, Lorenzo, we got our picture taken together! Just before you left me choking on your dust. EDIT: oops, link fail. It's early in the second album though.

  • Many great thread performances this weekend.    Congratulations to all.

    Ant - I also saw NB1080v3 at £55 (sweatshop).  I just the NB780 before - it fit me really well but not enough cushioning and I was just getting a bit sore.  I'm probably going to order them in the hope that the more expensive model has more cushioning.

    The lunchtime run is a good way to fit in some smaller runs Poacher.  And of course there are those days when it is quicker to run than go by car.

    I'd enter the London to Brighton if it was in the orginal format - it was a classic race in the day.  Bruce Fordyce still hold the 50 mile WR from there.  It has been reinvented into 2 trail races (one a proper running race and the other a 'challenge that includes a walking option). 

    No running from me this weekend. I'm officially at the end of my rehabilitation phase and can start to resume running gradually but just CNBA to get out of the door.

    My mouse keeps hovering over the 'enter' button at 

  • Bike it: Go on do it, Do It, DO IT, you know you want to. What better way to celebrate a rehabilitation. Go on DO ITimage

    Great to hear you survived the HM experience Lit. and with a pb too. Nicely recovered from Nottingham.

    Good return to running BOTF - bet it felt good

    8 mile Easy today to kick off the week. Quads slightly trashed from too much rowing, but I'm ready now to return back to banking plenty of easy running mileage. No races until March now, so I best just get on with it.

  • My mouse is nowhere near the Comrades entry button.

    13 miles run, but lifeless and flat as a flat thing.

  • OO - cracking run with a 37.30 10k in the middle to boot. Well done to Lorenzo, Lit,  RFJ and BOTF. Nice piccies too.

    Comrades is something I want to do but is a few targets down the list. Bike it - you might aswell press the button now as you now its only a matter of time.image


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    know the feeling Blisters, legs shot to pieces here

    And do you feel rehabilitated Bike it?

  • Bike It - I'm not sure, but I think maybe Also-Ran wants you to do it. image

  • TR, nice run there. Good streak of form you're having at the moment, any specific reason and any target races coming up?

    OO, 60.xx is still a very good result, hard to take at the time but it will mellow with time.

    BOTF, nice 10k, starting to go in the right direction again. I am always surprised at how quickly you get back into form from nothing, takes me months.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    PMJ - y'day was the last target race for the year, my trainers went off with the dustmen this morning. I did a bit more running this summer in case I did Abo, but it clashed with my 1/2IM so I targeted a couple of 1/2s and a 10M instead, happily I've bagged 2 sub 80s and a sub60. I did some long runs before the 1/2IM and a couple of sessions of longish reps (I remember 16x0.5M and 8x1M), but in the last 5 or 6 weeks my mileage has dropped off to only about 30mpw. However, twice a week I've been doing a 5M lunchtime run that has 20mins of 30sec hard/30sec easy in it, to get my legs turning over a bit. I have also been doing turbo intervals too. I think the 59:08 from 2 weeks ago on a windy day was probably a better result than y'day. I struggled a bit y'day, I think I've burned too many matches this summer and Autumn with 3x 1/2 maras, 2x10 and a 1/2 IM in the last 3 and a bit months............trainers are in the bin and the safety pins have been packed away for 2 months, 35:XX is the next target at Stubbington in January. 

  • Nice one Literatin; nice ones too BOTF, RFJ

    Lorenzo - 1.26 puts you in the frame for 3.0X if you are doing VLM - MrsL needs to get that book of monster pie recipes ready

    Bike It. You know you want to. We know you want to. So JFDI
    Lunchtime? What's that?  


  • 30 minutes run tonight after 'total abs' this lunchtime - the instructor was not feeling well so inflicted misery on us.

    Thanks for asking OO if I feel rehabitilated.  I've got to say I don't really know.  I don't feel any pain, I just occasionally feel a strange feeling at the injury site. I'm planning a slow build up to usual mileage anyway.  I think it should be alright.

    Enjoy a bit if a rest TR after a good summer of running.

    I'm just going to let the suspense build a bit on any race entries.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    slow build up sounds best bike it- that unknown territory never feels good,

  • Abbers - good 10 miler.
    literatin - I haven't managed 1 second at a time, but I now have 4 parkrun PBs in a row (14, 1, 3 and 7 seconds) - good stategy!
    Bike It - good news that you've finished the rehab - entering Comrades should get you motivated!
    AR - wonder what sort of interest rate we get?
    Blisters - still 13 miles in the bank.
    Another 12 slow miles d&d (9:09m/m) plus 2 toilet stops (doubled back on myself to get home just in time!) Must have been something I ate.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Anyone else feeling sick?

    Easy 1 mile run to the track at lunchtime in prep for an interval session. Did 4 x 800m with 400 recoveries bookended with 200m sprints for good measure. Easy run back to the office to make it 6 miles in total. Surprisingly the whole thing was 7.32 pace including the real slow recoveries.

    Had a shocking 4th 800m rep. Heart rate remained high from the previous rep so sensibly I backed off rather than run myself into the ground, recovered and put in a blistering 200m. Return to office mile was slow but HR remained high. Showered, sat at desk and felt sick for a good 20 mins.

    Could be a bug type thing going round. Have felt sick on occasion over the last few days and woke up every hour last night with a head sweat, aching limbs etc. Loads of manflu going on in the office, maybe it's coming out in me differently as I'm a tad fitter than the others?

    Anyway, feel a lot better now and looking forward to the England game tonight.


  • Track session this morning at 5:30 local time: blowing a gale and only just above freezing but running will keep you warm. Warm-up in the moonlight before the false dawn and then 4 times quarter mile, 3 times half mile and 2 times mile (and I resisted any comments about quarter miles on a 400m track). Each set was "descending", so each rep faster than the previous, so the 400s at a leisurely 7:03 pace, then 6:17, 6 dead and 5:22 (81 seconds), 800s at 3:04, 2:55 and 2:51 and the first mile in 5;47 but the legs didn't want to play ball for the second one.

    8 on the treadmill yesterday so 15 so far in a cut back week.

  • SB - hope the bug doesn't take hold - good session.
    PMJ - that's a tough session - increasing pace and distance!
    Recovery run this morning - 4 miles @ 9:00 m/m.

  • Nice session PMJ - not surprised your legs had had enough.

    Hope its not turned into anything SB

    TR - had a 6 mile 30 hard and 30 easy lunchtime session and found it proper tough with the fast bits increasingly harder to maintain - what do you run the fast bits at ? 10k pace or slower/faster? Cheers

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Feeling better today, thanks.

    PMJ - that's an awesome session! I can't do those times (best 800 was 3.04) but the descending principal is already factored into my next track workout. Nice one!


  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    moof - I only do 20min of the 30sec/30sec within the 5 or 6M. 6M of that is a long way !!! No idea on paces. Feels quicker than 5K pace I would guess. Its only 10mins of effort done my way.

  • Ha ha, cheers TR - no wonder I was cream crackered! I started off at eyeballs out and end up at around 10k pace I guess, still - a bloody good and quick session that I can see becoming a weekly event as one part of a double.

  • 5.5 mile for me this lunchtime - its my longest run in almost 3 months.  I ran 2x1mile within it and the reps came out at 6:42 and 6:43.  The consistency was good but the time was poor as that is normally my 5mile tempo pace.  Still I've got to start somewhere on a comeback and also considering the amount of weight I now carry the pace wasn't so bad. No problems with my injuryimage, but some tightness in my hamstring that needs to be ironed out.

    Overall happy to get a benchmark of my current level of fitness and know where the work needs to be done.

  • Out with the club last night with legs still fairly mashed from sunday. The training was 3 x 8 x 90 secs with 20 secs recovery in the coach park. Temperature was -2.6c but still 59 hardy souls turned up. I only ever intended to do 2 sets as I thought 3 would be too much, and in the end I only did a set and a half as my right thigh started to get a little painful, so when a couple of the runners wanted to go back to the club I went with them as I had the key. Average pace for my 12 reps was 5:58 per mile which may explain why it was quite tough - supposed to be doing it at 10k pace, doing it at sub 5k pace!

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