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  • Delighted for MsE on the mileage (and well done MsEtte).  You've had to be so paitent for so long with your injury problems.  

    Congratulations to (what feels like) most of you on your marriage anniversaries!

  • MsE, good to see you back in the miles. Guess you don't need to be told but remember to listen to your body and plan cut back weeks and be patient. 40 is a good week and will serve you well for a few months. I have just done about 3 months at round about 40 miles per week before stepping up to 50. This whole marriage thing keeps going round in circles doesn't it? We have close friends from uni days and their eldest daughter (a year older than our eldest) just got engaged so they will soon start to count from zero years.

    Our eldest starts her first day of teacher practice today and the biggest hassle seems to be changing all he social media accounts so kids can't find the pictures of her student house full of 40 marines form the local barrack and the police who came out radioing back to HQ saying that "the situation was sorted out by a lady with a strong voice": don't think she will have much trouble with a classroom of 11 to 16 years olds.

  • PMJ - Nervy day for your girl - hope it goes well for her but by the sounds of it she will manage! There is no way on earth I could cope with a day surrounded by screaming kids - never mind a whole career!

    Ant/Moof - Given I am just back into 40mpw it may be that the pace drops a bit as the weeks get longer anyway. Am planning to run all lsrs to effort from now on and look at the stats when I get back. Glad the calfs are back Moof!

  • Dashers XC report.

    So after waiting for what seems like an age, and having seen facebook awash with two XC races from the Saturday leagues, our Sunday league,, eventually started yesterday. We should have 8 races but only 6 are confirmed, 4 before Christmas which come at a nice stage in the base building phase so nice social and low pressure races. The first is the one we, Datchet Dashers, host on the Brocas which is a meadow alongside the River Thames at Windsor / Eton. The league has 15 clubs and it is one race for all aged 16 and older so yesterday we had 430 runners in one race.

    Being the host club the first priority was to get the race organised properly but we also had one eye on the team prize. The race is normal XC points, 1 for first, 2 for second etc and lowest team score wins. The team is 6 men (2 vets) and 3 ladies (1 vet) so we needed to ensure we had enough runners to get a solid team home.

    At 11 we lined up and observed a 2 minute silence, then the hooter went and we were off. The course follows the tow-path quite a lot so starts with one and a half laps of a meadow to get the runners strung out a bit before the course narrows. There were the usual optimistic starter to pass in this phase (even at this level, all experienced club runners, why do people line up on the front line knowing they are not top 20 finishers?) and then the course narrowed and I was in the following bunch. Things looked to be both OK and odd. OK because the people immediately ahead of me are those who normally finish ahead of me so my start was fine, odd because those in the leading bunch were only a few seconds ahead.

    Mile 2 was uneventful, the leading bunch was still close by and a few people came past but it still looked good. I was just behind the second lady and could see the first lady so in good company. Breathing was relaxed, shows felt good, all fine in the world. The reports were that the course was flooded in parts so I decided from the outset to run the middle line and that was proving useful: others were skirting puddles and loosing time. Just after 2 miles I had an odd moment, I think we got into the shadow of some trees and the headwind went so a sudden surge of speed resulted. I closed up on the people ahead and then felt very laboured so had to back off. That feeling passed soon and mile 3 beeped on the Garmin, over half way (5.75 miles total) and we turned so we had a tail wind home. The lead pack had eventually picked up and pulled away and it looked good form a club viewpoint and I was sitting as first vet quite happily when our second vet passed me.  I tucked in a few metres back and held station for a good mile.

    At about 4.5 miles I knew it was time to push on home and caught and passed the two ahead of me on a technical part with lots of mud and water  (so I was back into first vet for out club) and then just after 5 miles hit the tow path again so it was 0.75 miles of a run in with good conditions underfoot. Made up one or two more places but the emphasis was more on making sure I didn't go back any places which I didn't.

    Overall 24th (will show as 22d male) and 5.75 miles in 36:02. Splits were a fast 5:55 start, 6:15 but then a nice set of miles each faster than the previous (maybe the tail wind more than good pacingimage ).

    Lots like we also got the team prize so a god day out overall.


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Blimey - the thread's moving quickly at the moment! Some good XC action from PMJ, Jools and Lorenzo, and miles banked by Gul, Moof, Ant & GM. Great to see MsE back to it, and looks like a lovely day for a bit of a hill walk! Rewarded with some stunning views.

    Got out for my planned 8 yesterday morning, watching the sun rise over my particular golden, russet and copper corner of the New Forest. Gorgeous. Not so lovely today, and work got in the way of my usual lunchtime session, so I'll try to get out in the damp darkness tonight instead for ~6. Ugh.

  • More thread poetry Abbers. I'll not have a go: Maidenhead, grim and rainy, opened my account with 4 miles.

    I won't talk about my marriage over the interweb as no one knows about it. Well, apart from Mrs AR and a couple of witnesses. Intriguing stuff eh?

    I am at a fork in the road in deciding on what to do for next spring. A couple of weeks back I'd decided on skipping any spring marathons to try and improve on speed and 10k/HM. I'm not particularly excited about that at the moment.

    The other fork is to do a marathon, training in a way that is at odds with the way I've gone about it so far. I've been reading up on the Hanson Method and due to my huge skepticism, and obsession with churning out 20 milers, I may subject myself to becoming a Hanson Lab Rat for VLM.  The only thing I have decided is that I will have a break from my current 'methods'.

    I enjoyed reading all the vitriol on some of the US websites that the Hanson's received to the point that I had to find out more.



  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Minni your man done good, beat me by 30 secs so about 17:45. I shook his hand after, seemed like a nice lad. Well I though he was a lad till I saw in the rusults he was V45- must be the beard image . He ended up with a better WAVA than me.

    We went to the Theatre Royal for our anniversary- a bit of Shakespeare is good for the sole now and then.

    back in Geneva this evening, looking forward to an early night and a run in the morning.

    Shocked to hear you wear high heels and get tipsy Speedy whatever nextimage...


  • Ant van Oviedo wrote (see)

    What were you doing on a service road in the dark, in high heels, Speedy?

    I was walking from the taxi to my house. I have the choice of a pitch black narrow path overhung with trees and bushes, or a potholed service road and the light of the moon. Foot still hurts a bit but it was OK for X-fit at the gym. Just can't go sideways. I don't feel the need to go sideways very often though.

  • 6.5M d&d this morning bright and early. Foot better, I was feeling generally quite good, in fact. Easy pace, barely thought about it and it came out   as av. 7:28mm.

  • PMJ - good luck to your eldest daughter today - not that she'll need much by the sounds of it! Great result in the XC and enjoyable report.
    Abbers - waxing lyrical and running well.
    AR - that would be an interesting experiment.
    OO - nice way to celebrate your anniversary.
    Speedy - take care of that foot.
    Ant - good early morning run.
    7 slow miles for me this morning.

  • Great result in NYC AR. Fully agree with you that doing something different will be good.  It's easy for the body to get accustoised to things and the next level of improvement comes with something different whether that be Hanson marathon or 10K.

    It the spirit of that I'm now spending a lot of time strength training with bodyweight, kettlebell and olymipic bar.  The killer core sessions continue and just as I get stronger, the coach makes it harder.  It is now inclusing TRX/suspension type training which is a new level of sufferering but excellent for the core. I'm now back running 30minutes continous 3 days per week and I seem to be getting healed despite a few short period of sensitivity.

    I'm thinking of races for next year.  Probably Reading half and maybe an ultra in the first half of the year built around a fast VLM.

    Started a diet yesterday too.  The scales have got up to 90.3kg which is alarmingly high above the 80-82kg I should be.



  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Blimey! Fast moving thread in more ways than one.

    Went for a 5 mile run with a colleague at lunch today, he wanted a tempo type session and I wanted something a bit easier as I have a proper speed session tomorrow with another colleague.
    Knocked out 5 miles at 7.30 pace. Threw in some fartlek elements and found it dead easy. Average HR was 145 but my colleague thanked me for his beasting and his average HR of 167.

    It was the first time for ages I felt proper bouncy. maybe seeing the other bloke blowing out of his jaxy made me feel good about myself as I chatted away as if on a recovery run?

    Nice core work there Bike It, it's virtually identical to the work I've been doing including the suspension work. I make it up on the supsension thing, I'll be interested to hear what moves really work your core there?


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    OO, I do like a bit of the Bard. What did you see? Not so good for the sole if you end up standing through the performance though... image

    Hope the foot improves rapidly Speedy. Hopefully you'll follow Ant's example and won't impact you too much.

    More miles from Gul, and some interesting thoughts from AR on future plans. Given your success so far, I'm intrigued to see what would happen if you changed you training stimulus.

    BI, the extra strength training may have contributed to the weight gain? Perhaps not all of it, granted. Good to see you slowly upping the running again.

    Yesterday's running got binned entirely in the end, so an unplanned extra rest day. Domestic chaos. So, out at lunch today for just under 9 in a steady 7:50ish average. 


  • SB - she has showed me plank and side plank with feet in the stirups, and squats/alternate knee raises with the feet in stirpups.  It's all pretty tough stuff for me at the moment.

    Abbers you are very kind to suggest my weight increase is in some part due to extra muscle.  You are right and a small portion of it is muscle but a higher portion is sadly due to my glutony and is just fat.

  • Is "glutony" like eating loads and finding it only turns into fat on one's arse?
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Yes OO he's a top guy. Hardly run trains either. Grrrr! 

    Any word from velloo on how here marathon went? 

    That all sounds very kinky bike it. 

  • Bike It - respect for all that strength training and great to hear you're now running 3 days a week.
    SB - sounds very promising!
    Abbers - good steady run.
    Had a really interesting day at the college yesterday and today I'm off to observe Maths lessons in a High school. The one thing I am really struggling with is the amount of time teaching would require of me. Something would have to give. 3 slow miles d&d.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Can I ask if anyone here has any involvement in CaniX?  There is not much (any) of it going on here and I am wondering about trying to get these dog owners off their backsides and out running in the glorious surroundings we have.  

  • Minni wrote (see)

    That all sounds very kinky bike it. 

    I pay for it too - £3.25 a session

    Poacher wrote (see)
    Is "glutony" like eating loads and finding it only turns into fat on one's arse?


    I was just doing my bit to save another 't'. It's a spare tire for me.  In someway's it is good that my company is in hibernation and I don't have to meet any customers as my suits don't fit.

    Why there so few road ultras?  The only one I can find in the UK goes round a 2.5km loop or there are track ultras of 6/12/24/+ hours.  It's the same sort of story across Europe.  Really it can't be so much to close a 50+ mile section of road for a dayimage



  • BikeIt, Gloucester marathon always used to have a 50 k option as well and I remember the marathon is 3 laps and the 50k is 4 laps on a road course. Can't seem to find any details for 2104 though.

  • Thanks PMJ - Glocester was cancelled this year 'because of the weather' when it was in fact runnable and it left a lot of irate runners requesting a refund.  There is no plan for it in 2014 as I think they destroyed their market.  I guess it won't go ahead again.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Bike it - I'm doing a 50k road next month in Newcastle.  It is 19 laps though.  It'll be my first 50k and I've not really done the training.  image  intending taking it very easy....


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    PMJ & BI - Gloucester was discussed on the Sub-3 thread a little while ago. Some guys there who ran it previously said that the husband & wife team who staged the event are no longer together, so the race is unlikely to take place again. Presume this is accurate!

    Sounds like it could be a cold/wet/windy undertaking Minni! Hope you get a good day for it, as must be touch and go up north in December!

    Gul, Mrs A is currently doing her PGCE, taking the chance to re-train after a protracted career break to have our little girls. She's on her first 6 week placement at the moment, and loving the actual classroom element, but not loving the endless hours of lesson prep and subject research! Like any job, I guess there are highs and lows. As long as the positives outweigh the negatives, then that makes it worth going for?

    5 easy lunchtime miles here, then something longer planned for tomorrow morning while the Ms As are at school & pre-school and Mrs A is on her placement.

  • The argument against road ultras could be boredom, wear and tear on body, increased recovery time, and that being off road and doing ones own navigation are part of the challenge
  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    MsE - no knowledge of CaniX, beyond my brother-in-law having one of those waist harnesses to take his Collie running in the Lakes. They organise some events in one of the country parks near me, but no idea how well attended they are or how you'd go about setting one up. Can imagine it must be chaos on the start line...

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Excited to hear about your first ultra coming soon, Minni!

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Cheers for the reply, Abbers.  Will look into it more closely...

  • PMJ, Bike It, Abbers
    Gloucester Marathon (for I am local) was cancelled because it was actually pretty horrendous. You could run on the course (I did in fact do so, at the time the race was supposed to start) but it was not fit for an organised race. People would have been A over T everywhere, with treacherous conditions for the emergency support crews. They were right to cancel. However, they did then vanish off the face of the earth. Yes, it was a small husband and wife team, but hubby went into a care hospital, and as Bike It stated, they made lots of people unhappy. The brand name was forgettable, so now "Gloucester" as a city gets bad press. The team were very much into the ultra scene, so any of the other events that they organised were also poisoned and cancelled, eg  Boddington 50k.

  • 50km is a good training distance anyway Minni - good time on the feet in preparation for the things you want to race.

    It must be just me then who doesn't want a 'mandatory kit list' and looks forward to frequent aid stations on an ultra.  Personaly I would welcome if someone tried to create an iconic ultra distance race in this country too.  Probably I would like it to be just like Comrades too.

  • Cheers Blisters - that's clears up that mystery

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