Sub 3h15



  • Badbark - Hugely impressive mileage - that is some going!
    BOTF - hope a spot of rest is all you need.
    PMJ - nice 18 miler - a couple more weeks before I do one of those.
    SB - don't have BT Sport, but enjoy your fame.
    GM - good 5k. The night of insomnia was just a one-off - I hope!
    6 miles @ 9:10 m/m d&d. Passed my own milestone during the run (nothing compared to Badbark's though!) of 2000 miles this year. Easily my highest ever.

  • Badbark - Amazing. I don't even think I have driven 3,000 miles this year...1,725 miles run for me.

    PMJ - That's a lovely part of the world to do an 18-miler in. How many 20+ are you hoping to do pre-VLM? I'm doing 15-16 milers at the moment and just hope to do a long one every week, gradually increasing in distance and quality.

    Gerard - A very pacey 5k there. Is that a PB?

    SB - Go easy on the sauce - you'll thank me come Monday morning.

    I did a 9-miler yesterday including a 100m ascent in 2kms,and the last 2.5 miles @ 6:40 pace. Now trying to motivate myself to get out the door and do 6 easy.

  • Bike It wrote (see)

    Interesting article Badbark.  I couldn't find any quoted evidence from scientific studies though.  For example there are evidence based studies here that there is no negative health impact to eating saturated fat:

    Meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies evaluating the association of saturated fat with cardiovascular disease

    Dietary intake of saturated fatty acids and mortality from cardiovascular disease in Japanese: the Japan Collaborative Cohort Study for Evaluation of Cancer Risk (JACC) Study

    The concept that saturated fat is unhealthy all started, of course, with the infamous Ancel Keys and his Seven Countries Study, which tracked the fat consumption and heart disease levels of various nations. It was named for the seven countries that saw an increase in heart disease cases correspond with increased fat consumption.  Conveniently he removed the data from 15 other countries that he had access to but would have disproved his theory that fat intake causing heart disease. Bad science in action.

    Thanks for links Bike IT and it’s certainly something worth considering. I don’t want to get bogged down with posting links back and forward, as there’s certainly lots of evidence from both sides of the argument online.

    Putting the health part of a high fat/low carb diet aside, I think everyone needs to think about the performance side of things too. The simple fact of the matter is that the vast majority of elite distance runners eat a high carb diet. Here is an article taking a look at what elite Kenyans eat and it’ shows they eat 76% carbs, 10% protein and 14% fat.

    As the following link shows the Kenyans do pretty well at marathonsimage

    I think I’ll stick to my tried and testing high carb diet unless of course a low carb athlete breaks 2 hours for a marathon!image



  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Good 5K, Gerard  . . .
    Interesting mileage stats -
    3,000 in year is pretty remarkable, BB - injury avoidance being a factor, I guess, although key factor probably just the mindset of not being deterred by minor niggles & fighting off CNBA ?? Honourable mention to Gul also, on highest annual total.
    Made me check mine - 5 miler with daughter last night took me to 1,450 for year (30mpw) so far - not too bad, as I consider this as a "build back" year.  Made me reflect, 30mpw is pretty easy, really - just go running 4 or 5 times a week, and the total takes care of itself. A 50 or 60 in itself isn't too tough either - but week after week, month after month is a different matter . . . .
    Stating the obvious, I know, but sometimes worth reminding ourselves.
    Now, time for me to step things up if I'm aiming for Spring mara - I wonder if I can make 1700 for the year ???  

  • Thanks for the positive comments about breaking the 3k mileage barrier. I’ve one pair of trainers that I’ve run over 1900 miles and don’t plan on retiring them until I’ve reached 2000. I think my transition to higher cadence of over 180 over the last year and a half has helped keep me injury free.

    Oh, and my 70% carb vegan diet helps too.imageimageimage

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Seems to be working for you Badbark. I'll probably manage less than 2000 this year. 

  • SB, 10 miles is no LSR, barely even a MLR

    TR, the midweek LSR works much better for me than the weekend. I have a full XC diary at the moment so I have to avoid date clash and when the XC eases down it is much easier to do 21 by 9:30 and sit in the office all day than to do it on a Sunday starting at 9:30 and then it kills Sunday am and pm.

    Nice 5k GM, it is hard running hard in the dark


    Crikey Badbark that's some going. I've only just got through 1,400 for the year so far so should hopefully make it to 1,600 by New Year's Eve. Having said that, I only managed 260 miles in May-Aug as cycling and holidays took priority. 

    PMJ - you chose a lovely route there. I used to work in Kingston so often managed a pleasant run round Richmond Park or along the tow path to Hampton Court. 

    Younger Lorenzito (age 13) had his termly "target setting" session today and they're encouraged to have non-academic targets as well his academic ones. With this in mind, his words for his non-academic one were as follows.

    Target: to retain my place in the county XC squad

    How are you going to achieve this: by training on Christmas Day and throughout the holidays when my rivals are not running.

    Who can will help you with this: no-one. Just the hills.

    I'm going to share the comments on Japanese junior running with him! Think I've got every excuse to get him to come out with me on a run over Xmas.

  • Removed a weird double post from yesterday

  • Lorenzo wrote (see)

    Who can will help you with this: no-one. Just the hills.


    Classic  - a little bit zen, but a quote to remember

    7 miles for me this lunchtime at 8:19 pace- all very slow and without incident. I'm liking these new shoes.  Spinning + weights yesterday.




  • Bike It beat me to it, love the zen of the hills helping Lorenzo minor.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    PMJ - you are fortunate that you can run until 9:30am on a school morning. Agreed on the Sundays, I try to have it all bagged by 10am. You can keep the XC ! I used to do Hampshire League when i was a kid, I'd be lucky to make the top 100 nowadays, plus its Saturday afternoons.

  • Ant - No pb stays at 18:55 for now. I wasn't expecting to beat it on Thursday but had hoped for 19:0x but happy enough given that I've not been runnnig much since the half and I wasn't feeling too good.

    Some controversy the other night at the 5k. One runner collided with a cyclist on the course which is a shame but inevitable given the fact that runners & cyclists share the route and the lack of light certainly didn't help. It's a pedestrian/cycle path that runs the length of the south coast promenade. I run there regularly and one has to be totally switched on to avoid getting taken out, it's amazes me how many people run with ear phones and how there are not more accidents. I do find that the cyclists here are very aggressive towards runners and some have almost tried to clip me if I stray near the cycle path when running. Not exactly sure what happened as the accident involved someone who was behind me but I think the cyclist came off worse, the runner did not stop though and continued with the race. I think the race organiser could be in a spot of bother if the cyclist was badly hurt.

  • Apologies for the flying visit - it's been a bit mental this week. Church building is 50 years old today and we're having a bit of a bash.
    Out at silly o'clock for 17 miles @ 8:40 m/m (plus put the heating on at Church!) to make it 234 miles for the month. Another highest. I'll try and post more tonight/tomorrow when things are a bit less hectic - good running and racing everyone.

  • 10M including the Battersea Park 10k for me. 39.32, which is a season's worst, but a year ago would have been only 4s slower than my pb.  Delighted to have maintained my sub-40 streak.

  • Blimey Jools, you've bounced straight back after the marathon! I'm still in downtime and today managed to miss training due to being asleep. I'm going away for the weekend so really need to pack now. 

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Good morning's work Jools; more to the point, further evidence of a good year's work ! 
    Enjoy the weekend away, Speedy - take care if you're sporting the high heels !
    Enjoy your "bash", too Gul - you certainly earn your relaxation !!
    Coincidentally 17 for me too today - mixed bag affair - 4 solo on tarmac/trail, met pal at park for 7 more hilly miles mostly trail, back at park about a minute after parkrun had set off, so I thought "why not"? and set off in pursuit in a "mild tempo" sort of way, then by necessity picked my way slowly through the masses on lap1 (of 2), and put a bit of effort in on lap2. Official time an irrelevant 24:13 for 112/340 - best bit was just passing folks all the time !  Just 3 passed me back - all in the last 100 metres!  (Oh what straws we clutch at)!  3 miles home on tarmac.  So, a few miles in the bag and a pleasant morning out. Think I may have a couple of beers later  . . . . .

    Good weekend running, all.   

  • Glad you're still in red-hot form Jools. What's next up for you?

    Birch - sounds a fun way to approach a parkrun.

    Gul - how crazy was the crazy start time this morning? Enjoy today's birthday bash.

    Rounded off a busy November with a 15 miler - a combination of trails and hilly country lanes which is actually my longest run since VLM. Average pace of 8:13 but picked things up to MP in the last couple of miles. Brings me up to 42 for the week with a 5 mile XC to come tomorrow.

    November stats as follows:

    Days of running: 30 (yup, that's every day this month just as an experiment!)

    Total miles: 184

    PBs: 1 image



  • Jools - Very consistent streak indeed, well done!image

    Birch  - That sounds like a thoroughly enjoyable run. Enjoy the well deserved beers!

    Gul - Impressive mileage stats and you certainly know how to cram stuff into a day.

    Lorenzo - Nice mileage too. How long will the experiment carry on for?

  • CC2 - Speedy Goth wrote (see)

    I'm going away for the weekend so really need to pack now. 

    At 11.20 a.m.? Which weekend are you going away for? The next one, I assume? Tsk.

    Jools - Great 10k - did you travel up exclusively for that?

    Lorenzo - if Gul calls it crazy, I shudder to think what time it was. Probably before I even went to bed. Good miles from both of you boys, in any case, and from Birch, too.

    6.5M tempo run for me this morning. Well, I'm calling it that, anyway - av pace was 6:47mm and I had to concentrate at times. A loooong way still to go, but I do have positive vibes at the moment.

    November stats: 172 miles off 21 outings in 21h25m, av pace 7:30mm.

  • Nice one Joolska; nice tempo Ant; nice bossing Birch; good work all round really

    Nov stats 178.7m. Entered 3 maras in December, to get some TOTF and up the chance of making it a 50th celebration in London

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Forgot it was last day of month - Lorenzo reminded me (trails/country lanes sounds good, btw)
    150 miles here
    2 parkruns

    Poacher - 3 maras (!) - one way (or three) of getting time on feet  . . .


  • No, Birch - by TOTF Poacher means "toenails off the feet".

  • Do you want to see a foot picture?

    Bossing = overtaking loads of people and watching them trail in your wake

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Oh please no more dodgy feet photos...

    Whenever I oversleep Speedy (which is rare)  I take the view I needed the sleep so it's a good thing.

    Impressive run Joolska- assume the extra miles were after not before image

    Under par performance for me at the parkrun- 18:36, seem to be getting slower again image.


  • A few nice fast runs there, Jools and OO50. Good 17 there Gul, when is the 18 due?

    parkrun this morning and field was not strong so I had a go a a first finisher but race Sunday, race Tuesday and 18 mile Thursday had their say and I had to follow round for 3rd overall. Still happy with 55 miles and a LSR tomorrow which will be a good indicator how the 55-70 P&D plan will play out.

  • Jools - nice sub 40.
    Speedy - hope you're having a good weekend away.
    Birch - sounds like a great 17 miles - certainly more varied than mine. I did a 3 mile loop and 7 reps of a 2 mile loop round the estate.
    Lorenzo - Really great week of running from you. I was actually late out as Mrs GD couldn't sleep again and I made her a cup of tea at 4 in the morning. Eventually got out at 4:55image
    Ant - good you're feeling positive.
    OO - nippy parkrun.
    PMJ - that's good going at parkrun after a heavy week. Recovery week for me, so 18 miles will be the following Saturday.
    Rest day for me.

  • So 12.5 this morning at 7.5 pace to bring up 67 for the week. Technically, as we finished before we started Sandhurst last week it is actually 76 in 7 days but that is a bit of a cheat.

  • 15.6 this morning in the cold and wet, av 7:43mm but with the last 2M @ sub-3 pace, just for fun. That's 43 miles this week.

    Listened to Marathon Talk as usual and found myself getting a bit irritated - on the one hand they bang on about how the Japanese are so far ahead of us Brits in long-distance running; They then bemoan the relatively mediocre performances of Brits at the highest level. Then they go and celebrate someone doing a HM in 3:02 and someone else who had written in to brag about her sub-65 minute 10k. As far as we can determine these people have no physical or mental disabilites.

    I'm sure there's a connection there somewhere.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Well done PMJ great miles- I wish.

    Did a handicapped 5 mile race today on Blyth beach finishing 9th overall- the winner a a V55 lady (with a 13 minute head start). Ladies took the first 3 places. Pleased to say I was 3rd counter for my club in spite of a lacklustre run and picked up £15 in vouchers for 1st team prize. 35 miles for the week, well below what I planned.


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