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  • PMJ / Minni - if you like logging runs, stats and leagues etc... try the new RunHub section on RW.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Parkruns, long runs, xc runs... a strong weekend showing by the thread, despite ongoing inclement conditions overhead and underfoot.

    I can add a 13 yesterday morning, a little slippy in places on overnight ice, and losing feeling in my feet for a little while after splashing through flooded lanes. Generally an enjoyable run though, and helped to blow away the cobwebs from 12th night festivities on Saturday afternoon/evening. Might even get a dry run today...

  • BadbarkBadbark ✭✭✭

    Birch – The Belfast Marathon is not a PB course and probably my least favourite marathon. It’s got a steady 3 mile climb after about 10 miles and then you get the climb all back in 1 quad busting mile descent. There are large sections without any support and you only get water in plastic cups and no gels or energy drinks. There are about 3000 runners doing the marathon and roughly the same amount of relay teams. So it’s possible to have a lot of relay runners passing you after each change over depending on your pace!

    However in saying all that I run it every year as its good craic!image

    If you are over in Northern Ireland that weekend you should also considering running this - Fantastic scenery!

    Poacher - I’m running the 50k Causeway Crossing Ultra (link above) and the Belfast Marathon two days later as training for the Portumna 100k Forest Marathon six weeks later -

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Sorry, Gerard, for some reason I thought you were an Ulsterman !  
    Thanks for the info Badbark (&Poacher) - my PB days are long gone, but I do have a time target, so may wait to see how my training goes. 

  • Water in plastic cups , I hate that, nearly impossible to not throw it all over your face image 

    10.5 miles for me this morn on very tired legs , felt better at the end though and had started to speed up so all good. image

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Birch - No apology necessary, I am a Dubliner who has spent most of his life Island hopping.

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    Happy New Year all.  I been rather busy travelling and with family over the past week so too busy to be here.  Running wise I've had big rest and made 2 runs in 2 weeks.

    January 2012 when my wife was away saw me do a 2 hour and 3 hour back to back one weekend around a 800m loop at night where I live so that I could monitor my baby alarm. 35 miles total so 70 laps.

    8 miles this morning with 3 faster over hills.  My 1pm meeting was moved back to 2pm so time for total abs class at the gym.  Couldn't resist another 3 miles at 7:10 pace on the treadmill afterward. 2 runs logged in Jantastic



  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    image bloody hell BI, you are a nutter!  (meant in the nicest possible way image)

  • well ive gone and done it - my first marathon will be Blackpool - just need to figure out how I get sub 3:15!! Guess is should start at page 1 or can anyone provide me an overview of the 1000+ pages image


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    2nd run logged.  image

    jd11 - how did you get on at Redcar? 

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Welcome jd11 - as a relative newbie and marathon novice myself, I'll leave it to others to summarise! What's your background at shorter distances?

    4 easy negotiated today between downpours. I long for calmer, more predictable conditions!

  • Loads of great miles being put in on here as we roll into 2014. Well done Birch, Minni, Speedy, Leslie, TR, Rich and anyone else who got out there and went long, whatever that means at the moment.

    I was away for the weekend having rented a beautiful house in the country so the whole of Mrs. Ant's clan could spent the Twelfth Night/Three Kings celebrations together. Terrible preparation for yesterday's long run and in totally unfamiliar territory, but in the end had a very good one, 15.5 miles @ 7:54mm, with the second half @ 7:35mm, more or less. I even found myself singing along to the MP3. Foot much better, in fact today I forgot all about it. Recovery of legs and body in general is improving rapidly, which is a really good sign.

    That brings up 60 miles for the week, my highest for a good while.

    Moof - Chin up, it will come back, and sooner than you imagine. 

  • AR - I hate ice.  Well done for getting it done and hopefully you are not coming down with something.

    Moof - Sounds like a tough one.  Draw a line under it and move on.

    Enjoy your holiday BOTF.

    Gul - I had a problem with Jantastic this morning.  Took me ages to sign up and then log my run.  Nice early miles again.

    Gerard - It's the only marathon I've ever done. Lucky to have got GFA for the last few years.  Would recommend you do it one year if you haven't already.

    Good signs indeed PMJ.  Coming together very nicely so far.

    More good running Ant, Bike It, Minni, Leslie, Abbers, et al.

    6.4 miles for me this morning in the wind (no rain early doors) with 3 of them at MP (6.28, 6.23 & 6.19).  Felt like harder work than last week and not sure if I could have done many more. 

  • Logged this morning's easy 4 miles with 5 x 10s hill sprints - already at 25% for the week -  #unambitioustargetsrock

    Back at work today and I was so busy I didn't even have time to write my new schedule in a 12 hr day - how terribly inconvenient!

    JD11 - all you need to know is not to accept a hat from anyone on this thread. They might say it has only had one careful owner but don't believe them. They are lying.

  • I did my 4 miles today in the predictable climate of my garage on my treadmillimage did not fancy getting blown away 2 days in a row!image

    sore knee again and still chesty! think I need the doc! image

    good miles from everyone!

    P.s need a jantastic team to join????? anyone????

  • well im a relative novice really - been running for just under 2yrs but 6mths of that was injury and rehab. ive a 1:24 half (only ever raced 2) and a 38 something 10K. think my 5k is a shade under 18mins.... 17:55 rings a bell but im really not one of these that remembers these things religiously. Im new to the longer stuff so currently kind of following a P&D plan (ish) - current miles are around 45 with 2 decent sessions 'quality' sessions per week of various types. Ive another mara planned for autumn so would like tohave a stab at 3hrs if this first one goes well.... we will see I guess.  

  • Jd 11 - your definitely on track for a sub 3.15 with those times. Just follow that P&D schedule to build up your endurance.

    Bike it- couldn't you have just done 3,000 laps of your living room.

    Ant- glad you're enjoying a run with a sing song.

    Cheers for the chin up people. Just a ten mile bike commute on the chopper this evening. It was a bit wet and wild, with a few hailstones and a touch of lightening thrown into the mix.
  • Rich- we are the consistently consistent 315 team (dynamic name init!) on Jantastic. Slackers need not apply so make sure you bring your A game otherwise you'll have Minni to answer too.image
  • Abbers - nice 13 miler - take care on the ice.
    Leslie - good recovery run.
    Bike It - loopy! All good psychological training.
    jd11 - welcome. Run lots but most of it slow and build up very very very slowly.
    Ant - going great and good news on the foot.
    Martin - good MP miles.
    SJ - could you send some of those hills over to Norfolk - I'm sure you've plenty to spare over there.
    Rich - must be bad if you had to resort to the dreadmill.
    Moof - We seem to be in our own micro-climate here - sounds horrendous elsewhere.
    10 miles @ 8:27 m/m plus 10 x 10s slope sprints.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Indeed moof. Jantastic is not just for fun, it's all about winning. image

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Ant - good run, and sounds like fun celebrations too.

    Martin - good session.

    Slokey - hills - what fun! image

    Rich - take it easy with that chest infection. Better to take a bit of time out now if needed than compromise your training for a prolonged period. (But I know runners aren't very good at taking advice like that! image)

    JD11 - given that you've only been running for a couple of years, those times are very impressive. As Moof and Gul lhave said, build up slowly and you should have a rewarding mara debut.

    The usual decent early morning miles from Gul.

    More wind and rain here overnight and this morning. Hope it calms a little by lunch when I have 7 planned, including reps of 4 x 1M.

  • First Jantastic run logged! This, in Week 5 of the P&D plan - that's a goodly percentage the entire training done already - hurrah!

    Anyway, sunny but cold today and 9 miles incl. 5M @ HMP, which I can't say I was looking forward to, but I the end it went well - I did the 5M @ an av. 6:35mm, and it was far from eyeballs-out stuff so I do feel I'm making progress.

    Welcome JD11 - take the sages' advice, they know what they're talking about.

    Speedy and Lit cavorting in the mud? And there's photographic evidence? Shame not to post it on here, no? 

  • 'Sages' ha!!
  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    BB those utras look excellent, loving the rule for the 100k that "intravenous fluids will mean the end of your race".image

    Seriously though a great opportunity to experiment with strategies and find out what works. With ultras the devil is very much in the detail and a slight mistake in pacing or fuelling can become game-changingly serious many hours later.  

    Given your training and obvious ability, you should be looking for top 20 finishes as minimum, no reason why not top 10 and sniffing the podium.

    Ant - are you classing yourself as a sage, or just a bloke who swigs beer in the bath?

  • BadbarkBadbark ✭✭✭
    Poacher wrote (see)

    BB those utras look excellent, loving the rule for the 100k that "intravenous fluids will mean the end of your race".image

    Seriously though a great opportunity to experiment with strategies and find out what works. With ultras the devil is very much in the detail and a slight mistake in pacing or fuelling can become game-changingly serious many hours later.  

    Given your training and obvious ability, you should be looking for top 20 finishes as minimum, no reason why not top 10 and sniffing the podium.

    Yes I’m really looking forward to the training and running those Ultra’s. My training schedule starts this weekend which is 16 weeks until the 50k and 22 weeks to the 100k. I intend to take it very easy in the 50k with plenty of walking and enjoy the day. Then target sub 3:30 in the marathon 2 days later.

    As you say a lot of things can go wrong in a 100k so I’ll have to see how my training goes before setting any goals. I'm excited already! image

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    BB - 50k, followed by a marathon 2 days later, and a 100k about 6 weeks after that? Don't know about Badbark, more just Barking! But good luck to you - that's some serious running.

    The schedule for today said 1M jog, then 4 x 1M fast with 400 recoveries, 1M cool down. The "fast" miles (everything's relative!) came out at 6:15, 6:23, 6:30 and 6:45, so roughly 5k, 5 mile, 10k and HM paces for me and just under 7 miles in total. Clearly some work to do on general fitness and speed endurance, and the last rep took a big effort with some blustery winds thrown in for good measure. Still, in the bank now.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Nice session Abbers, I really enjoy the post session glow of a session like that.

    I got back from my windy track session today and was surprised to see some progress. I ran to the (cinder) track one mile from the office and did 4 x 800m with 200m recoveries. The warm-up mile was at 6.56 pace which was a bit too quick but I felt good. Carried on running onto the track and did splits of 3.05, 3.09, 3.09 and 3.12, ran back to the office and averaged 5 miles at 7.17 pace which wasn't bad seeing as the recoveries were barely walking pace in order to reset the heart rate to 138-ish bpm. I know for some of you that's an average session but my goal is sub-3.20, so I'll take that! image

    Looked at my previous version of that session from 6 weeks ago and was surprised to see that today's slowest rep was previously my best, and I had 400m recoveries that day. The track today had also partially washed away in the recent floods so I was effectively on a rubble filled cross country course for 200m of each rep making my performance all the more satisfying.

    Nice to see some progress in winter training.


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    SB - progress indeed. Good session, and as you say, suggests your training is working.

  • Abbers/SB - Good work, you two

    Poacher - Note my use of the word "they"when referring to sages. I am, as you rightly surmise, just a bloke who swigs beer in the bath. And takes pictures of the occasion..

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    A question on race pacing for those of you that have had "breakthrough" runs, smashing through particular time barriers. Not that it's applicable at this stage of training, but I've just been thinking about it.

    For argument's sake, let's say there's a runner looking to go sub-90 for a HM. Current times have all been in the 1:31-1:35 range, and have stagnated. A revised approach to training has yielded some solid preparation, and the sub-90 should be possible. But should the runner aim for a pace that results in a 1:29:30, and knock out consistent miles to give the best chance of breaking the target, albeit without much margin for error, or should they look at running significantly faster than previously, say at 1:25 pace, and see what happens?

    Just curious as to how breakthrough runs are achieved (although I suspect there are a variety of answers to this). 

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