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  • Well done Jantastic types and anyone who can train in this rubbish weather.

    Loving the semi barefoot guy - perhaps he is Charleston Girl's boyfriend?

    Last week it was 35 degrees outside, and all the fun of the treadie, now back to blighty and snow, endless rain, chuffing freezing etc. Power just back this evening after a number of hours of candlelight. Can't be doing with this. Alhough it's nothing on what the flooded are suffering.

    Need to slot in one more mara between now and VLM so that the latter can be no.50. Any recommendations for 26.2 in March or early April?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Poacher - 2nd March Kelso racecourse.
  • Grizedale trail26.2 - 23rd February 

  • Great - another racecourse image

    Grizedale, tempting.


  • Good news - I'm not underwater, and the water actually appears to have receded very slightly today. The centre of the village is still completely underwater though, and most of the roads out are closed. I had to drive a very long way round through Slough to get to Windsor last night for the club session, and we can't use the clubhouse as it's surrounded by floodwater (although we think it stopped just short of reaching the door levels).

    Anyway, I was taking the session (hills) so I settled on 3 x 12 mins with 3 min recovery, hard up the hill then relaxing down (not jogging, but still moving fairly quick). Lots of grumbles about a hard session, and after the first rep I must admit I was wondering about the choice of session myself (it was more than the regular coach would have scheduled). It's about 1:45-1:50 per rep for me at the moment, so I was managing 7 times up the hill each time. First set came out at 7:15 per mile, 2nd set 7:01 and I was starting to feel it, but I had a bit of a 2nd wind and picked up for the third rep to 6:46, and it actually felt ok. Once again though I'm not really pushing the heart/lungs side of things, the restriction is far more in the legs. Got home to find the power was out in a lot of the village, but fortunately it came back on overnight.


    Tonight I was due to do 10 miles, but with nearly all the roads out of the village shut due to flooding my only option would have been to go up across the M4 and on to the A4, not an area I really run in at all as lots of stop/start junctions & crossings. So instead I decided to do some mile reps. And then I saw how strong the wind was and decided to stay in instead!

  • Gentle commuting runs for me - nice and relaxing, and a surprising number of runners on the train. 

    I got the following email today. image Anyone else get something similar?

    Hi Lawrence,

      Firstly apologies for the email out of the blue. I am one of the people who run Jantastic and I noticed you are in a team that are doing rather well. I was wondering if you (the team) would like to star on our Facebook page to help inform and inspire others. If you would please drop me an email with a little about the team, the running you do and why you're doing Jantastic. And if you could share a photo all the better.   Thanks and well done for a great running start to 2014.   Rick @ Jantastic
  • Lorenzo, Rick is one of the MT guys. I'm a member of a little focus group type thing for MT and he is the coordinator for that too. Sounds like you are going to be famous!

  • SJ - there's no I in team!! We're all going to be famous.

  • Jools - good miles with quality too!
    PMJ - well done on the 800s in blustery conditions.
    Bike It - good LT run.
    Birch - careful with that sheet ice - good to do some pacier stuff.
    SJ - must have been 6x800 on the P&D schedule yesterday!
    Abbers - enjoy the easy 9 miler.
    Leslie - couple of good sessions bagged.
    Poacher - welcome home.
    BOTF - sounds dreadful down your way. Well done on the hill reps.
    Lorenzo - fame again!
    11 steady miles @ 7:44 m/m d&d.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Amazeballs Lorenzo!! Mega super awesome. Get writing! I think the only group photo features lots of pints of beer...

    BOTF - really feel for you all down there with the floods. It must be so grim.

    Poacher - there's also the Endurance Life marathon or ultra on 1st March, which goes right past your (weekend) front door. I'm marshalling so can offer you gentle words of encouragement en route.....
  • Minni - you're dead right. The only photo I could find was the one from Chandos a couple of years ago. 

    Sent a few words over but I'm definitely no journalist / copywriter! I obviously took the chance to mention that we were gunning for the no.1 large team slot and (based on where we are so far) suggested that we could get 1,500 runs in between us. Hope everyone's OK with that.

    8.5 miles for me this morning, with 6 at 7.00 pace. Cold, but at least it was dry. Unbelievable scenes from other parts of Surrey and Berkshire. Hope everything's OK with you BOTF.

  • Minni wrote (see)
    Amazeballs Lorenzo!! Mega super awesome. Get writing! I think the only group photo features lots of pints of beer...

    Yep, Chandos is the only group photo though I do have a rather good one of MartinH (with a new world record) and myself.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    What a lovely couple. image

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Leslie - good running, hope your feet have wamred up!

    Jools - work; pah!

    Poacher - suitably bonkers, looking for a short notice marathon just because!

    BotF - good hills, and probably a sensible decision on staying in last night! Hope your power issues are now resolved. Never fun.

    Consistent commutes from Lorenzo, and a very decent sounding run from Gul. Building nicely.

    Excellent news for the Jantastic team. Due recognition!

    Nice photo PMJ! And with Valentine's tomorrow and everything...

    Still with sunshine this morning. Amazing what difference a day makes (although more rubbish forecast for tomorrow). Turns out the winds yesterday lunchtime when I did my 9 miler were strong enough to blow a car onto its side just down the road from work... crazy scenes. Should be somewhat calmer for today's 5 with 3 @ 6:40.

  • Lorenzo - Right, I've given up the day job already! Fame! Btw - nice radiator action from you.

    Abbers - How did you find that reps session in the end? I doubt my HM on Sunday will be a PB attempt as that stands at 1:22:36 in the same event a few years ago, but when it was held mid-March. I should be able to do 1:25-1:26, though.

    KR - excellent mile reps. Was that 6 or 8 or...more?

    Bike It - I've had a similar weight loss to yours and have really noticed the difference, too. With one day off in between I didn't find doing two hard sessions in a row too bad, especially as the second was "only" 800m reps and there were "only" 6 of them. Nice LT sesh, btw, and you too, Leslie.

    Great reps from Slokey, PMJ and Birch.

    9 miles this morning @ 7:23mm, and now I'm off to the podologist. It's all fun and games round here.


  • PMJ - do you really want that photo as evidence of how consistently consistent we are?! 

    If anyone has got anothing remotely resembling a good picture of some of the members of the team, please send it to me and I'll persuade them to use that rather than one featuring Ant's cheesy grin!!

    Got a reply back from Rick and there should be something on the Jantastic FB page in a few days. Keep your eyes peeled!

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Ant - firstly, good running. So the HM is more of a pointer to PMP than a death or glory attempt? Still sounds pretty damn quick to me though, either way. The 200s were fine; probably could have pushed a little bit more as they felt relatively comfortable at 43-45 secs per rep, so probably a bit under 5k pace. Was trying to focus on form rather than out and out speed though, and quite enjoyed it. Certainly much more pleasant than yesterday's wet & windy 9!

  • Ant - The year you ran your 1:22 half, was that your sub 3 marathon year too?

    No running for me for the past three days as Mrs M has been off jolling in Salzburg. Got back last night & my 1st question was, what were the sports shops like over there? Looking forward to run tonight.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I'll have a look back but I think the pub one from a couple of years ago is the only one I have.  I have a nice one of me and Poacher but he's not *jantastic* athough he is *fantastic* image

  • Quick question on terminology: what's the difference between a tempo run and a threshold run?

    I know the latter is something to do with lactate levels, but is there a difference in the distance / pace / intensity?

  • Lorenzo I think it depends on the author of the schedule! 'tempo' means wildly different things in different plans

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    GM - you should be nice & fresh for a blast tonight then!

    Lorenzo - often wondered the same myself.

    Which brings me on to today's tempo/threshold-type-thing run. 1 w/u, 3 "brisk", 1 c/d. Was aiming at 6:40s for the 3 mile section, so 20 mins total and roughly what I want HM pace to be in 3 weeks at MK, but pacing went right out the window due to the wind. So ended up doing 19:42 with the 1st mile about right, the 2nd too quick (downhill, with the wind) and the 3rd too slow (uphill into the wind). As an exercise in pace control, complete rubbish, and not best pleased with myself for being so inconsistent, but hey ho. Onwards & upwards!

  • Lorenzo wrote (see)

    PMJ - do you really want that photo as evidence of how consistently consistent we are?! 

    If anyone has got anothing remotely resembling a good picture of some of the members of the team, please send it to me

    No, I think this one best captures the group, unfortunately it makes it look like I am winning the London marathon all on my own but the rest did pass by this corner on the same day.


  • Lorenzo - I've got a nice one of me in the bath...

    Abbers - That's a good session from you. When hills and wind come into play consistency of times goes out of the window.

    Yes, this Sunday will really be to see how far I've really improved since last year 1:29 horror-show, but as I say when I did 1:22 there (in 2010 when I went sub-3 at VLM - correct, Gerard) it was held on 21st March.  I've got another HM on 9th March which should be a better chance a PB, or at least a better indicator of from viz á viz VLM.

    After a visit to the podologist my feet are now even more beautiful than ever. That's right, Poacher, probably even more so than yours. Mind you, I was tickled to within an inch of my lfe...



  • Less than 2 months to go and VLM will be a blurred memory in Chandos: today is February 13, VLM is April 13th.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    BotF- the struggles we runners have to endure, but we always find a way to run.

    I took 3 days rest after the w/end efforts, partly due to work and the state of my legs. Today is a double day. It will be nearly impossible to get to 50 this week.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    2 months today, oh great, thanks for that !

  • TR - Have you recovered yet?

    I'm carrying some mild form of illness, it's a weird one, not feeling sick but not feeling 100's either.

    Had to cram in a 3 miler tonight, no w/u and wanted to go fast-ish. Felt a bit rubbish, and weather was a bit carp. Average 6:45mm felt a bit too hard for my liking.

    PMJ - That's a surreal but great photo. 

    Ant - 1:29 horror story half? What happened?? What's the course profile like?

    Abbers - I think you're being a bit harsh on yourself. Avg 6:34 is not too far off the right pace and you will probably run a few miles like that during the race, with all things hopefully being  equal at the end.

    Lorenzo - I'm not sure what tempo means either.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    GM - stopped the shivers etc Sunday and felt like i was starting to get better Monday, so 5M easy Tuesday and it was nice to be active, but made my chest ache for the rest of the day and me cough for a while afterwards. An easy 60min turbo y'day was better. Today I ran an easy 6M, yet it wasnt. I'm not sure if not being able to run is more demoralising than 6M easy being tough. I binned VLM after todays run due to being unfit and unhealthy, but know that i'd regret it streak-wise, and I think I can still get fit enough to keep the streak alive.

  • Oooh, how febulous on the jantastic front!

    Good news on the National course - the fence is being removed, so no queues to get through the 1 foot gap, and the water feature/tar pit will be avoided. Phew. Apparently there is still a muddy bit, but it can't be anything like as bad as that was.

    Skipped intervals on Tuesday night as I planned to race 5k last night. Of course I was foiled by the weather on that front so went to the track session tonight to get a decent session in. I'd forgotten how painful the short stuff is! We did 700, 500, 300 x 3 then 6 x 50m. I got faster on each set and my last 300m rep was 5 min mile pace. Damn shame about the 5k, I think I could have shaved a few seconds off my PB. 

    I also purchased a club crop top. I'm not promising to wear it in public ever, but I tried it on and it didn't look as bad as I feared it would.

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