Sub 3h15



  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    1:27:06 plus a dicky left Achilles. But at least I know how to treat the sucker this time! Excited about Jools' result! Hurraaaaaay! Sub-2:55 I reckon whizzy lady. And our pre-race hug must have been contributory as it was indeed epic image
  • Jools - fantastic stuff. No wonder you're delighted - that's a massive chunk off your PB and sets you up nicely for Frankfurt. Enjoy the pizza and beer. 

    MsE - where's your report? Looks as though you should be pretty pleased too!

    Marrows - don't feel too disappointed with that. As you say, there'll be another chance when you're back feeling 100%.

    Good weekly mileage from PMJ and Birch plus a good run from OO, the day after a podium finish.

    Reigate Half for me today - nowhere near as impressive as Jools' effort but satisfying nonetheless.

    A very well organised event with most of the run on closed roads through the Surrey countryside; slightly undulating rather hilly, but enough variety in the terrain and the surface to keep the interest. The only slight frustration was the congestion at the start - the combination of a relatively narrow exit from Priory Park coupled with no grouping of runners by estimated time meant that it took me about 45s to get over the line and the first mile was a bit slow, but with hindsight this wasn't too much of a problem.

    I'd decided to run without watch or Garmin with the aim of going sub 1:30 and settled into a rhythm quickly, overtaking plenty in the first couple of miles (see above) and then spotted the 1:30 pacer ahead with a moderate sized group so slowly caught them up and just tagged along without the pressure of looking at splits etc. as he seemed to know what he was doing and the pace felt about right.

    To cut a long story short I crossed the line at a gun time of 1:29:17 and a chip time of  1:28:39 so very much mission accomplished. 

  • MsE - x-post. Fab stuff, especially if your Achilles was playing up a bit. Give it a bit of rest now perhaps?

  • Oh dear TAR, get your feet up for a couple of days

    Outstanding result Jools. You will storm round Frankfurt! 

    18 for me today - 6 easy around the field then 4 x (2m @6:40mm, 1m @7:20mm) - blowing by the end and needed a little lie down.

  • Great times too from MsE and Lorenzo - beers all round!!image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Lorenzo - Well done on the win yesterday and the great HM today.  You are the man of the moment!

    Jools - I'm so happy for you with that storming result.  You work so hard and definitely deserve the rewards for it.  Frankfurt will indeed be a good day for you.

    MsE - great HM from you to!  You must be pleased with that after so long off? What's with the Achilles today?  I thought it was behaving??

    Poacher - York will definitely be a DNS.  Road running is now just too painful but I managing quite a bit off road.  However, I will be there supporting as I've got accommodation booked with other marathon runners/supporters for the weekend.  Hopefully catch up with you for a drink afterwards?? 

    Marrows - there's nothing to report here!

    Basically I now have about 10 weeks till surgery and I'm using that time to get as fit as I possible can through some running, cycling and swimming.  I've let a lot of fitness go over the past few months as the physios kept telling me there wasn't much wrong and it would soon be better, so now I need to build up.  I'm a crap swimmer but I'm trying to make that my latest obsession as I'm sure that will be the first thing I'll be able to do following surgery.

    I can't imagine ever racing again, right now. image


  • Wow, not been on here for a while and when I drop in there's been some amazing HM performances! image

    I'm quite jealous of your time Jools as I'm not sure I'll manage similar at Glasgow next week. Was one of the four ladies ahead of you our mutual clubmate who races for different clubs in strikingly similar vests? I was delighted to be able to hang onto the coattails of faster women at my new club for 2nd ladies' team at the Scottish 10k champs last week at Stirling.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Jools !!!!!!!! - get in !!!!!   great result - really pleased for you - now well set for the disco lights and red carpet of the Frankfurt finish and another PB to follow the 10K  and today - trust you're enjoying the beer and pizza image

    Great effort too from Lorenzo (rounding off a top weekend's work)
    also MsE - fingers x'd that the achilles bother is no more than a niggle.

    Good miles from OO with dodgy hip & SJ with 4 x2 ml included _ admirable work, chaps . . . 

    marrows - splendid parkrunning whilst under-par  

    anyone know if Speedy is back running?  


  • Birch - another good week.

    Bike it -you will soon get used to fat burning

    Pmj- good week.

    Jools- that's an amazing time image

    MSE - a 1:27 and injured, great going.image

    Marrows -hope the lurgy leaves soon.

    Lorenzo- good half.

    Tar- p&d has a lot to answer for !

    Slokey- that's a tough run .

    Minni - you'll be back 

    Literatin- don't be shite next pressure !

    2 miles today and I was whacked, damn night shifts !



  • Sorry, I meant two weeks' time. I can be as shite as I like next week on my LSR. image

    Birch, no - she isn't yet.

  • Lit: the Bristol course is definitely faster than Glasgow, although I've not run the Glasgow course for years. I'm not sure there were any Fife girls running. Oh, and I was 6th for my club!

    Nice results from Lorenzo and MsE. Hope the achilles heels quickly...

    Solid weeks from PMJ and Birch, too.
  • I think the Glasgow course has changed a couple of times in recent years though still has a bit of uphill near the start. It was the best I could do for a fast course after I moved! And I was thinking of Helen, who runs second claim for us, which I find amusing because of the identical vest situation.

  • Oh, sorry, bit blond of me! Yes, Helen ran and was a couple of minutes ahead of me. I'd guess she still had last week's 10 in the legs plus marathon training.
  • Wow Jools, fantastic time. What a chunk to knock off your pb!

    Great run from you MsE, hope the achilles niggle is just a minor blip.

    Same to you TAR, hope it's not to serious.

    Gutted for you Lorenzo, that winning streak has come to an abrupt halt. You'll be back.

    18 easy miles for me this morning to bring up 76 for the week. It is a cut back week you know.
  • SJ, bikes are too much trouble sometimes! Hope you got the youngest off to campus w/out issues. Nice 18 today...lie down included.

    Bike It, thanks for the details on your plan. Makes more sense to me now. Good luck with your acclimation and look forward to seeing how it goes. And nice rebound LR too.

    Lorenzo, Congrats on the win. I had something similar recently and yes, hard to stop smiling. Unfortunately, now my 7 year old is disappointed if I don't "win" (which I'm unlikely to ever repeat!). And brilliant 1/2 effort.

    OO and moof, nice 5K efforts and finishes as well. Same for you Marrows. And Birch, nice improvement. You are in great shape for your marathon. OO hope the hip settles.

    Joolska, you're simply too speedy. Amazing performance!

    Gul, cruise control to the start line. Nothing can stop you now.

    Leslie, must feel good to be out there again.

    MsE, awesome run! Hope the Achilles injury is short lived.

    TAR, you'll make it. Call the Fizz on the double!

    PMJ, solid accidental 50 mile week.

    Had a nice 13 mile run Thursday (good speed/energy). I'm still feeling the effects of this infection. Sinuses completely blocked the past 2 days. Got 17.4 this AM in  a windstorm. Yes, lovely weather and health for a run! Done and dusted though and hoping for better karma next week.

  • In the onion bag...Joolska and MsE and Lorenzo those are tasty runs.

    Top performance, that standout 1.21 looks good for comfortably sub3.

    MsE - seems like ages ago you were in the Wrong Trousers, look at you flying now though. Great willpower to have such a patient comeback.

    Leslie - nights eh, don't we just love them? Err no.

    Minni - drink after the mara? How about one before as well? I'm back abroad after York so we'll see how the domestic pass situation goes.
  • Leslie - hope you find more time for running this week.
    Bike It - it's all good endurance training.
    TAR - Oh no! Sorry no relevant experience to share.
    Birch - Yes, watch out for the tapir madness.
    Jools - that is just fantastic - you must be over the moon and lots of other cliches.
    PMJ - good fast running in Japan.
    OO - look after that hip.
    MsE - excellent result - should be pleased with that.
    Lorenzo - nice sub 90 - well done.
    SJ - good long run with fast bits.
    (((Minni))) - hang in there.
    Moof - well, we'll let you off with 76 for a cut-back week.
    VTr - good 13 miler.
    8 easy miles including a nice even number of strides (10).

  • Wow, what a great weekend of running from the fred.

    Lorenzo, OO51 and Moof, all on parkrun podiums, right on top in Lorenzo's case!

    Birch, looking at that sequence of PR times, you're making good progress.

    Gul - excellent work, cotton wool time now then!

    BI - that's a good longer run, regardless of time/pace. You're still on the comeback trail, as well as changing diet, so it's not going to be speedy at this stage.

    TAR - when I've had groin issues in the past (minor strains rather than anything more significant, caused by cricket), 2 weeks off running has seen it right and biking in between times has been OK (not so much stretching & force going through), but it's probably an individual thing.

    Jools - outstanding result! image That's a really impressive time & performance. Must be a real confidence boost.

    Marrows - a time like that at parkrun when you're germ-ridden isn't to be sniffed at. Suggests you may be fitter and quicker than you think.

    PMJ - nice pace, grabbing strava segments as an interloper!

    MsE - another with a fantastic time at Bristol, one I can only dream of for now. Great comeback to road running. Look after that Achilles!

    SJ - hard session in the bag. Which uni for the youngest?

    Minni - at least you now have a plan and a timescale to work to, rather than having an on-going problem that couldn't be identified or resolved. Sounds like you're making the most of the next 10 weeks, which has to be the right thing to do.

    VTR - still getting it done, despite the weather and health issues. Good for you.

    I still feel like an imposter on this thread for the time being! More cycling at the weekend, and another week of gym/swimming beckons. Hope to get back on the road next week, but we'll see how progress is.

  • Don't rush it Abbers. It's all the sweeter when you are back on it. My lad's at Leicester - studying medicine so he has started a week before the masses and his halls are deserted at the moment. I'm sure it will liven up next weekend though.image

    Gritty running VTR.

    So when's your first tri Minni?image

    Just added up my training from last week and I did 58miles! Biggest run week since spring 2012... With 24 miles around MP or HMP - I don't think that fits with the "increase by 10%" rule.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Woke up still cheery in the knowledge our Jools had excelled herself yesterday.  Such a well deserved time and it made me really happy to see her do it in her hometown.  As for me, I have made the decision to not race Abingdon.  If I can't race 13.1 on tarmac without repercussion from my Achilles I certainly can't race 26.2 in 4 weeks' time.  I don't think the latest set back is too bad and I know what to do to get it back into shape but the fact it was speaking to me the whole way through the race shows I am not form ready (Bike It will know exactly what I mean!) to race on the hard stuff yet.  This means Comrades is a definite no in 2015 too.  I can happily run forever on trails though so will stay there and continue to build my fitness and strength in the hope I can hammer out a fast road race sometime in the future.

    Lorenzo  - nice sub-1:30 yesterday image

    Some decent long runs from moof and VTR and it is good to see GD looking strong and healthy again.  

    marrows - stop being so hard on yourself. Us women do ourselves no favours with how high we set the bar.  You ran a sub-20 sub-par and should be proud of that! Many men with their naturally higher VO2 max would struggle with that in good health!  Recover soon.

    TAR get Mrs TAR to give it a rub?

  • Just a quick drop in to say Wow! What a string of excellent performances over the weekend. Jools, you've really gone up a level with that performance. What WAVA does that give you? MsE - Another excellent time. Is that a pb for you too? Sorry to hear about your achilles issue. Lorenzo  - Another sub 90 bagged, well done.

    Last week was a 23.5 mile comeback week for me. Pretty happy with that. Comprised of 5x5k and then an 8 miler early evening yesterday @ 7:28mm pace, it felt good and was pleased with that run.

  • GM: Po10 reckons 81.1, so it's my first clocking over 80% image

  • Terrific HM from you MsE and thanks for the kind words.  How about Beachy Head as your consolation off-road marathon, late October? Not only is it a beautiful course, you could probably place pretty well there.  Only qualm might be about hills + achilles

    Joolska those high age gradings get harder at longer distance, so bloody well done!

    Sorry, Minni, I got mixed up.  Shame the cold weather is approaching just as you get keen to swim

    well done lorenzo (greedy!), oo, moof

  • Jools - That is up to another level then. Yay for you!!

    Marrows - I meant to comment as well, that's a very good time considering you were ill.

  • 81.1%! Very impressive. I know there are a couple of 80+%ers on the thread already. Who's got the record?

    MsE - that's such a shame. Don't know much about Achilles issues, any chance it could bounce back ok in a couple of days? 

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    SJ - thanks for the sentiment.  I am sure it will bounce back but road running exacerbates it currently so I am going to stay away from racing on tarmac for the foreseeable.  Well, anything more than 10 miles anyway...  I need to work on my form in the meantime.

  • MsE - good decision. No one can doubt that you have the grit and ability to be a v good ultrarunner but road ultras are peculiarly brutal on the lower body.  Plenty of fun trail ultras around the UK - next year maybe?

    Lorenzo have you thought about building any ultras into Comrades training?

    I suspect PMJ has plenty of 80+% WAVAS. I have broken 80% at HM and come v close at 5k & mara I think.   What would the male equivalent of Joolska's 1.21 HM be?  I would guess about 1.14 for someone in their mid 30s to nearer 1.25 in mid 50s.  Show what a good run that was.

    Nice work GM, Marrows, SJ et al. Mind boggling miles from Moof, take care not to blow up.

    Tired now, might have a 3 week taper image


  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    MsE - probably correct decision re Abingdon, but please allow yourself to reflect on a great performance in the circs yesterday  . . .
    Fine miles from moof, VTr, SJ
    Gerard -
    nice upbeat week there - good to hear ! 
    I agree Poacher - I bagged 75:58 at age 36, which is 78.5% wava, so 1:14, maybe even 1:13:xx  is the equivalent for Jools' WAVA.  Never made 80% myself - what's your half PB?   

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    MsE - you have got perfect form already! Pesky Achilles spoiling your plans. The trails sound like a good option at the mo.

    SJ/Marrows - I can't say I'm passionate about moving to tri even though I love cycling and running. I guess it's my swimming that has put a damper on it so if I master that you never know. I'd only really be interested in the IM distance, of course.image
  • Poacher - haven't decided yet whether to build any official Ultra races into the winter schedule or just do a number of back-to-back 20 milers and some 30+ milers. What's your plan looking like?

    Fingers crossed for you MsE - do you fancy another early morning trail yomp some time?

    Forgot to mention that I bumped into Golden Eagle at the Reigate Half the other day. He's got his GFA place at London next year so has promised to be back on this thread in due course. I told him that most of the old trouble makers are still on here!

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