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  • Birch I rarely do HMs but put out 1.21 age 50 which scored a decent WAVA. Couldn't replicate it 2 yrs later though, image mostly slow trail racing these days 

    Lorenzo - I just did the Dukeries 40 as a VLSR this year, 3 weeks before Comrades. Big mistake.  Many Comrades types look to the Compton Downlands 40 as a build up. I'm thinking about either CC45 or TT50 + 1 other ultra this time. 56m is a heck of a lot further than 30m so I'd suggest at least considering one long one in buildup. But hill training is equally important. Bottom line: you will be running for at least 8hrs on the day so prepare accordingly.

    Back to backs are good but really long ones do give a feel for the horrific misery & pain of race day..  image

  • SlokeyJoe wrote (see)

    81.1%! Very impressive. I know there are a couple of 80+%ers on the thread already. Who's got the record?


    80% gets you nowhere on this thread but well done Jools! Without exposing my full stalking prowess there are a lot in the mid 80s. Do we count race jase any longer?

  • Poacher and Lorenzo, you guys are simply crazy. Oh yeah, and you too Badbark and SJ. Hard to fathom my body holding up in those types of training runs let alone race day. Much, much respect.

    Gul, way to keep it even this time.

    Abbers, we've all been there. Keep getting it done no matter what you have to ride or tread in. Are you done w/cricket for the year? If so I predict a quick return to the road.

    SJ, nice week on those hips...lots of quality in there too.

    MsE, seems you have a good, realistic plan moving forward. All the trail running is likely better for you long term anyway.

    GM, nice miles and excellent 8M run. You've held fitness well during convalescence.

    Minni, keep the head up. You will be back. Focus on that simple fact.

    Congestion clouds broke a bit today. Got a nice 10 miler in and felt strong.

    Also, haven't raved about shoes in a bit so here goes. Still deeply in love with the Hoka Cliftons. Have now switched over to them for my 2 long subLT runs per week (MPish stuff) and my LRs. Legs are so much fresher (e.g. not battered) after a run in them. Also tried the Huaka on a few shorter slow runs. These are about an oz heavier than the cliftons, but much firmer feel (but still very cushioned). I had my fizz team check them out and they couldn't believe how light the shoes were but they thought they seemed well built after bending them this way and that. Gonna run the marathon in the cliftons I think.

  • Abbers - fingers crossed for a comeback next week.
    MsE - not easy to make that decision.
    GM - hope you can build on last week - steady as she goes.
    Jools - 81.1? Smokin'!
    VTr - nice shoe talk.
    8 steady miles this morning @ 7:39 m/m.

  • VTR, I'm about to change my Hoka rapa nuis for a new pair - I'll check out the Cliftons! The hip is grumblier than it's been in quite a while - gentle swim last night to give it a rest.

    PMJ, RaceJase is a bit of an outlier so no, let's keep it to the mere mortals....

    Where's the list? Let's see what everyone's shooting for.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    1:21 at 50 trumps my 1:24:xx at that age, Poacher !!   and your low-key 3:20 the other day indicates you may not be so"slow" if you turned your mind to a properly prepared for half  . . . .

    Gul - 8 easy here also, but with a few "strideouts"  

  • VTR - Thanks and I have no idea how as I have picked up all my bad habits again after all the stuff that's being happening. You seem chuffed with those Hokas I like the look of the Clitfton's and that saying alot for Hokas because all their other ones don't appeal to me.

    Gul - Nice 8 miler. I am going to try build ono last week's mileage and get up to 30+.

    Birch, Poacher - You're both inspirational characters & still running great, hope I can run for years to come too.

  • VTR - yep, cricket season done and dusted at the start of September, so focus is solely on running now, or at least, getting fit so I can run again! Just need to avoid any further strains/pulls as I come back... another hour of biking & x-training at lunch.

    80% wava? As an under 40 male, not much chance of that here!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I'm sure you can GM! You too Abbers, all those high WAVA's- what else do us old folks have to live for....

    5 mile plod to start the week- might try a couple of double days if work permits.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    If I manage to break the hour for Brampton to Carlisle (10 miles) in November that would be a WAVA of 84% which would be a record for me- now there is a target.  

  • PmJ -I don't think there are THAT many 80% wava men on this thread spill the beans !

    I'M 41 and ran 1:27:42 half mara this year which is only 70.7 wava .

    To get 80 % Id need a 1:17:43 image for a mere mortal that's not far of an elite time and not very likely and certainly not on my current 10 mile week  image No way rase jase can be counted on a 3:15 thread he's ran several sub 2:30 mara's !

    Abbers - we will just have to wait for old (er) age to grab those high wava's another 10 -15 years should do it , no hurry  image

    Birch - 1:24 is excellent at any age never mind 50 image

    Poacher - horrific pain and misery sound appealing  and is why we get out of bed image 

    0051- 10 miles in an hour great target  image

    6 easy miles today nearly a full weeks running image


  • A sub 60 10m at 50 or thereabouts would be very impressive, light years better than a 1.2X HM at the same age.

    Decided to go v easy for a couple of weeks as those last 2 maras were so knackering. Oct 12 in York it is. Including dry martinis with Minni (likely to be the highlight of the day)
  • Ordered a pair of Cliftons!

    4x3k at HMP (4minperkm) off 2mins jog recovery tonight - another one ticked off and feeling good image 

  • imageimageimage...enjoy them SJ!

    ...and nice quality session BTW.

    I survived an external review of my research program today. Glad that's over with. Tomorrow a subLT session that will hopefully see me fairly recovered from the recent bug...

  • Leslie H wrote (see)

    PmJ -I don't think there are THAT many 80% wava men on this thread spill the beans !


    Well I am for one, OO as well, moof went over 80% at Shinfield, poacher's 1:21 is almost 82%, TR when he has a good one and a few may remember efc-col ...

  • Birch - are you following a set schedule or is it of your own devising? I'm still trying to decide what to do next week (other than not a lot!)
    Leslie - nice going.
    I think I managed 76% for my parkrun PB, so a lot of improvement needed for 80%!
    3 mile recovery run this morning.

  • So note that I had done a 10 mile run and answered here about 6.5 hours before Gul replied. I know it says 23:51 Tuesday but here I set out at Wed, 24 Sep 2014 5:54 Japan Standard Time.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    mainly my own, Gul, albeit not that much different to P&D last couple of weeks;
    This week:  33 miles -
    Mon rest, Tue 8 inc "strideouts", Wed - 8 inc 3 x 1400m hardish (done this morn), Thur 6 easy, Fri rest, Sat 11 - half easy on rough track/trail, half more "uptempo" on tarmac. Sun rest
    Next week: 15 miles + Mable
    Mon 5 inc 3 x 1 mile at MP, Tue 4 easy, Wed 4 easy inc a few strides, Thu&fri rest,
    Sat 2 jog, Sun = Mable


  • Leslie - great news that you've got through a full week.

    Quite frankly, a sub-60 minute 10 miles is ridiculous at any age in my (somewhat slower) book.

    SJ - looking very good.

    Gul - stay well in that cotton wool! image

    PMJ - nice 10 miler; what are conditions like in Japan? I have it in my head it should be humid, but no idea if that preconception is right!

    Birch - see comment to Gul aboveimage

    So, what's the WAVA % for a 39 year old male doing 10k on a x-trainer at level 8 in 40:37? image I know it's not the same thing, but that would be a PB by about 20 seconds on the road, so hopefully the fitness hasn't disappeared too much.

  • MsE- Sensible decision on not running Abingdon, still a real shame though. Your achilles has troubled you for quite some time now, hope this is just a temporary set back.

    Well done on the WAVA Jools.

    I know PMJ has mentioned it, I managed to scrape into the 80% with my 10k earlier in the year. May still be possible with a parkrun and a HM but a marathon seems well out of reach.

    OO a sub 60, 10 miles is a great target.

    Pretty full on running week for me so far, Easy 5+5 on Monday, 8 yesterday, 12 including 6*1200 this morning which was a tough run at 6am.

    15+4 planned for tomorrow, out the door at 5.30 so best go and get my pyjamas on.
  • I'm just too damn young to get a good WAVA score image - my best is only 75% (a 1:22 half)

  • Sleep well Moof

  • Pmj-I knew you would have the stats image

    Birch- not long now .

    Abbers - I only managed 3 days and a total of 10 mile last week image but this week looks better so far .Level 8 on anything sounds impressive to me  image

    Moof - your flying now !

    Slokey- 75% sounds good , I think I will make that my target for next year once I wava crunch the numbers  to see whats needed of course,80% will have to wait a little (may a LOT) longer image

    5 miles @ 7:30 min/miles average felt good if tough tonightimage, my knee is not so sure now though! 

  • SJ I bet your swimming WAVA is 150%

    Good work Moof, you deserve a big reward for the effort you are putting in

    I was talking to a fellow UK runner at the Flanders mara who said he'd done 1.16 age 50 for HM - that would be a really monster WAVA
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    I dont take much notice of Pof 10, rankings or wava's. Most of my races are simply my aerobics for that day And i do the best i can and forget about it. But I bet marigold has some pretty good wava scores now hes a v40.
  • Congratulations to the weekend HM racers who did amazingly

    I've been ill a few days and just lurking around the house.  Suddenly I've got a sore quad at the knee.  Not sure how that happened.

    For the choice of B2B runs or VLSR as Comrades training,  B2B runs are somewhat dangerous for me as the stresses of the 1st day don't subside and on the 2nd day injuries can be caused.  I'll do one VLSR of 33-37 miles as preparation.  My emphasis is on having LSR in the range 22-26 miles, lots of MLR and lots of hill running.  Particularly important is to master constant effort- variable pace running as your speed will vary from 7m/m to 14m/m on the day  It is essential to keep the effort level constant over long period of variable terrain to avoid going too much into the red.  Also get used to fast downhill running without damage - I do downhill intervals and let go during the downhill segments of regular runs.

  • Birch - 5 inc 3 x 1 mile at MP - doesn't leave much room for w/u, w/d or recoveries! Interesting to see you have Thu/Fri as rest days next week.
    Moof - that is definitely full on.
    Leslie - good 5 miler.
    A certain purple fairy must have got a half-decent WAVA too.
    6 slow miles this morning @ 8:48 m/m.

  • x-post Bike It - might be 'cos you haven't done any running for a few days - I know that often gives me niggles.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    SJ - "I'm just too damn young to get a good WAVA score"   -  my wava score has fallen away as I've become older - eg mara PB at 36 = 76.4%, latest one at 59 = 70.6 %  -  I think I fit the Noakes model of "beaten up legs after many years of running"  . .although like TR, I do the best I can with what I've got - I don't worry about wava etc - Its just a bit of extra interest

    Gul - mile warmup, 3 x 1 mile with walk recovery, 1 mile warmdown  . . . .

  • Moof, big miles again for you. Impressive as always.

    Leslie, that was a nice effort in your comeback. Hope the knee is OK today.

    Bike It, reading about those training efforts had me picturing my body completely sprung.

    Birch, I find your race week running very interesting. I know many want to be running the day before an event, but I find a day of complete rest does me very well. I think having 2 days off might work very well for me. Have you played around with this in the past?

    Yesterday got out for one of the HADD subLT sessions (13 miles w/10 at 80-83% maxHR). Overall run was 7:10 m/m and the fast 10 at 6:5x/m. HR was a bit high...was hot out and still getting over the cold so that certainly contributed. But felt strong and capable of more at the end which is the real measure of success on these efforts. So the illness didn't completely set me back and cold nearly kicked.

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