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  • Good news Gul image

    Sounds like a lovely trot out Jools

    Preston 10 completed with no dramas - tried to maintain better form throughout and was largely successful - dropped off the pace from miles 5 - 8 due to lack of commitment to a race with no time goal but realised I could get sub 70 with 2 last miles at 6:30mm - just missed out with a 70min 8s finish (unofficial) - finished strong but have lost lots of speed, unsurprisingly.

    Bike season starts here!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    60:10 at the Brampton to Carlisle 10, missed the target by a whisker image

    Said hello to sime of your club pals Minni. Friendly lot.

  • OO - you predicted 61, so surely you smashed your target! 

    Nice long run Jools. Mine was just shy of 16 miles, but rather slower. In view of the hilly half I have coming up I picked the most ridiculously hilly route I could. It hurt. 

    Minni - sensible choice to miss the race when you have a cough. Hope it clears up quickly.

  • Last week was a more sedate 8.16m/m on a hilly course.  Having caned the Ashton Court hill yesterday I was craving a flat route today!  Plus Bath-Bristol works really well for a 16-18M run (16M if I finish at work, as I did today; 18M if I run home from the end of the bike path).

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Conditions were perfact today. You cannot get that close to breaking the hour and not be a bit gutted. 

  • Oops, somehow I missed your earlier post, OO.  Overall I'd say it's a positive to be able to beat your target and be disappointed that your target was perhaps too modest.  Well done, even if you are feeling a bit gutted.

  • Well done OO, even if those 10 seconds haunt you for a while!
  • Nice running SJ, Joolska and OO, I can see why you would be mildly peeved with that time but it's still a dashed good effort over 10m and well faster than most people who post here.

    PMJ & Joolska - thanks for the advice. Serendipitously the local running store has a sale, tons of choice well under 30 quid and even some old models which must have been lurking at the back of the storeroom and were on offer for a fiver. Came away with Adizero XCS marked down from 50 to 22 smackers, so quite happy. New shoes mean a guaranteed PB, don't they?
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Where is the shop Poaher- I like £30 trainers image

    Fortunately I broke the hour on this course last year so not the end of the world, but ran most of the race inside 60 min. pace. Was horrified to look at my watch at 7 miles and see 42:07, just couldn't claw it back thos few secs. over the last 3. Will soom be forgotten.

     Next target is sub 80 at the Brass Monkey in January, my first race as a V50. 

  • In Hyde, a town sadly famous for all the wrong reasons. But as its Sweatshop maybe there are deals in other branches or online. BTW with a 10m time that good you must be thinking about going a good chunk under 3h for the mara.

    DISCLAIMER - other shops are available, or read Born to Run and make your own shoes out of old tyres. 

  • Good news Gul.

    Nice running OO, nice long run Jools and hope you are feeling better Minni.

    My 8 mile run turned into a 4 mile sprint as the missus was going into chester so I took the opportunity to go and watch some more rugby in a pub with more dirty beer (Spitfire this time). I need the autumn internationals to end soon...

    Went out this am and manged 12 miles with ave HR at 141 which turned out to be 8.30mm. Turns out it was too early in my recovery for this distance and have paid for it for the remainder of the day.  Legs are that really achey and tense like you only get after you have done too much and I feel quite out of sorts. Good news is no reoccurence of psoas/groin and I have been over 30 in a week for the first time since VLMimage


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Well done OO - perfect weather for it. Last night you were talking about 61 so well  below that and, as you say, a whisker from sub 60.   My club mates are lovely - I'm lucky to be in such a nice club.

    Jools - I'm very jealous of your run this morning.  That's my favourite type of run: long, starting slower and finishing feeling strong, on a beautiful day like today.

    Gul - glad you're getting your dad home.

    Looking good Mennania.

    Poacher - the social Coastal is on 30th December if you're up this way and fancy it.  The last couple of years I've done some extra and made it up to 17/18m

    I made the right decision not to race today since I felt as rough as.  Of course all my fitness is slipping away and I'm getting fat  image now that I haven't run for 3 days.

  • You have really let yourself go Minni! Tut tut image

    I lived in Hyde for a year or so Poacher - my GP was across the road from the famous one thankfully.
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Gul - continued thoughts to you and your dad . . . .

    OO- the die is cast - the M50 category awaits great deeds . . . . .

    Mennania ---   you + rugby sounds like me + football . . . . .

    nods to the XC & parkrunners y'day  -  9.5 pain-free miles here to complete a 26.5 mile week, but very slow;  to give context,  before this started in early Feb I managed 20:32 for parkrun after 10 steady miles beforehand, now my "easy effort" pace is 10.5 mm !!! 

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    OO - You're a monster. Fantastic 10m time, especially for this time of year, regardless of conditions. As Poacher says, there are not many here who could get close to the hour.

    Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)
    My home is about 27 miles form the office

    Surely that deserves a more careful measurement PMJ. Would be funny if you had over estimated the distance by 0.8miles. image


    Happily had a day marshalling my club race in the muddy woods. Saw 3 deer in the morning mist on my walk down to my station, which made the early start worthwhile. Also happy to finish a 50m week. A little shocked to look back and realise that apart from a 51 and a 55m week in Jan, this is my highest weekly mileage since Sept 2011! Time to rebuild the base!




  • Minni - tell me more about that social Coastal please, I will be in the North East on 30th December...

  • Gul Hope all goes well tomorrow.

    Jools Sounds like a lovely run. I struggle in the orning, but once out I am happy I have gotten up early.

    OO Great time, but I can understand your frustrations.

    Mennania Recovering is the most fun, so don't rush it.

    Plan was 15.5 miles (to give me 42 for the week). I was working harder than I would have liked, so I decided to slow down and just enjoy it. My "logic" then kicked in, if I am running slower, than I should run further. I ended up with 18.5 miles (45 for the week) at 8:30 mm, but I was feeling it for the last 2 miles. A bit stiff but happy this afternoon.


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Sorry to sound negative about a good run, I'll be very happy when I reflect on it- it's still my 2nd fasters Vet time by a long way.

    Talking of age I went for a pint this evening with one of my fellow club runner who turned 50 this year. He is No. 1 V50 in the country and ran just outside 32 mins at the Leeds Abbey Dash today. Certainly helps with the perspective...  

  • OO - brilliant time, so close to a sub 60. That must have been tough!

    Menn - nice total for the week (and since VLM), hope you are building it back up slowly!

    Glad all those miles wre pain free BIrch.

    Like the sound of your early morning Jools. I too wish I'd taken a camera as it was magical this morning. The frost covered the fields and there was a foggy mist hovering above the fields, clear blue skies and sunshine. It doesn't get better than that early doors on a Sunday morning. 15 miles on the clock in 1.54.xx, with a mixed bag of hilly miles, some 8.1x and some 7.0x = HAPPY.

  • Jools - sounds idyllic.
    SJ - well done; I'm sure the speed will return.
    OOlg - so close! Still a fabulous result.
    Mennania - good to hear you're still OK, if a bit tired. Take it easy.
    Birch - good to see you progressing.
    Keir - sounds like a good day to marshall. Well done on hitting the half-ton again.
    SD - nice logic. My usual is to run faster because I started late.
    KR - great MLR there.
    7 miles for me this morning. Thanks for all your best wishes again folks.

  • OO, is that two 10 milers this year at 60.0x? Agree that is a tough outcome, but this year you have had a few down periods so a good campaign next year wil have you as a high ranking V50.

  • Hi PMJ, how's the cycling going?

  • OO - fantastic result image. I'd ignore those 10 seconds!

    Nice parkrunning and long runs Speedy and Jools.  I've seen that Ashton Court one Jools (my sister lives not too far away) - never tempted to run it!

    Glorious weather for running yesterday - did one of my favourite routes, 14 miles, with a few hilly bits in there. Nice and slow - average 8.39s. Legs all feeling fine, and hopefully will be ready for the Norwich HM next weekend image

  • Nice effort OO but I can understand your frustration being so close to sub 60.

    Still, 6min/mile LT runs in the new year, something to look forward to!

    Great weekend to be out running. I managed 16 miles on Saturday morning to give me 55 for the week. Plodding along nicely at the moment with no niggles which is a nice place to be.
  • Some great stuff over the weekend - especially OO. Fantastic time - especially for this time of year.

    On the subject of age, we had some friends over at the weekend. Mates and my wife are all 43/44 apart from one younger wife of 35 who was surprised that I was 49 coming April. They'd been asking about running and that's why it came up. She told me I was the oldest person she knows! Then to make matters worse she asks what my plans are for my 50th. I told her I was intending to run VLM and she exclaimed 'No! You'll die!'.

    Brought a raucous laugh from everyone else (not least my wife!). I then pointed to the results of people on here, recently. I think that shut her up!!! image

    Gave me another reason to keep on keeping on!!!

  • Keep on keeping on DS2!

  • Gul Darr wrote (see)

    Hi PMJ, how's the cycling going?

    Cycling is going well with a few niggles. You discover how badly the male form is designed to sit on a saddle and the downside of having wheels which spin and fling while passing though a patch of ankle deep swan shit: at least with running you fling at others and not yourself.. Did a long one today, about 23 miles in 1:47 so knocking off the first half maarthon in under an hour. You have to understand my bike is about 10 years old and was £100 from Halfords so not quite a  butcher's bike but almost: still it makes me work hard so that keeps the cardio up. I have a pair of cleated shoes from spinning days but I can't find the motivation to pay £50 for a set of cleated pedals on the £100 bike.

  • PMJ - Good to see you are keeping active but be careful you don't become a cycling convert. it's an easy path to follow! Before you know it you'll be surfing through pages and pages of cycling websites and once you have the pedals to go with your cleats you'll need to find a bike to match the pedals..... and on and on it goes!

    Just take a look at your mates on the Sub 3 thread! (Have found myself there myself in recent times and you know what boys and toys are like!).

    Good luck with your recovery, though. I'm sure you'll be back running very soon!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    DS2 - that's a funny after dinner story!  I always find it funny when people ask about my latest marathon time and when I tell them they look thoughtful and say, 'you know, I don't think I could do that'!  I feel like saying, 'no you bloody couldn't'!!  They just have no idea. image

    Freemers - I hope Norwich isn't as windy as it was last year.

    OO - will you be at Newcastle for the Norman Woodcock on Saturday?

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