Sub 3h15



  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Frazer - I take your point, my beef with gadgets in races is how do you know that you shouldnt be running faster or indeed slower on any given day ? Not saying that would be you though. Folks tend to run safe races at times, sometimes its good to find out what you cant do, its not a bad thing to push the boundarys a bit esp in B races. everyone could run faster with a gun pointed at their head, its trying to unlock that running thats tricky, its often a mental thing. Running a race watchless would be a good thing to try sometimes too. I have done the odd 5K evening race in the past as a training run after a swim/bike etc I remember getting my mental maths a bit mixed up, thinking I was running slower than I should be, so got a move on and then ended up a nice chunk quicker at the end than I thought I would be.

  • SlokeyJoe wrote (see)

    Did I read that right PMJ? Two 5K races in the same day?image

    Lunchtime I didn't take seriously but needed a point to keep the tally ticking over. You get a point per race and the leader is over 250 so has been doing this monthly race for over 20 years. I feel it really helped just to sake the legs out after a day driving on Sunday and a day digging the garden on Monday. No more races now till Friday.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Slokey: I did 5km run/walk with two colleagues from work (slowly enough that it won't make it onto the training log!) and then 5M by myself and cut through past the M-shed on the second loop.

  • On the basis that racing is the new training, I've just entered a 10.6km race this Saturday which goes from the seaside town of Candás to the neighbouring summer resort of Luanco, and back again. Hilly, but fun, I should think.

    PMJ - Two 5k races in one day is just showing off.

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭

    Did a weird bloke run past you over a footbridge and say (in a rather dashing way) "Evenin!".  That was me! image 

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭

    I was wearing a black cap and OMM jacket. I did a double take when I went past and thought "nah, can't be". But then thought afterwards that it might be you. You had a couple of ladies and a chap running with you at the time, if it was you of course. Small world.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    No, wasn't me in that case.  I was running with a couple of chaps.

  • Joolska wrote (see)

    I was running with a couple of chaps.

    Assless chaps? image

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭

    ah well, maybe see you down the docks another time... image

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭

    Yeehaa Windy

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    Blisters - great LSR.
    OO - hope the long weekend helps you make your mind.
    Poacher - I took the nice weather with me image Nice parkrun PB.
    Bike It - all the best for next weekend; you've put in an awful lot of hard work and deserve a great race on Sunday.
    PMJ - well done on the sub 19s and congrats to your daughter; you are rightly proud.
    Birch - good luck with the start of mara training.
    GM - nice tempo run.
    SJ - it's a great feeling to know that you're finally on track again, isn't it?
    Lorenzo - nice running and cycling.
    Mennania - well done on the parkrun.
    AR - great racing at Newbury.
    GM - you're doing really well with the no-smoking. And well done on turning back to move that guy. Great racing too.
    Frazer - that must be the fastest pootle ever!
    Speedy - congrats on that super fast marathon time.
    Ant - well done on the course PB. Nice pic too.
    Windy - good plodding.
    Jools - excellent 10k.
    RFJ - another great 10k.
    Badbark - fantastic PB.
    I had a great time in Derbyshire, including a couple of early morning hilly runs. The cottage was on a 1 in 5 hill. Now on a cut-back week.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Tasty 5k there PMJ, all coming good.

    Yes it helped Gul- targeting Nyon to find a flat for October. Plenty of hill work potentialimage

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Not bad. Thanks for asking Fraser.

    Great run yesterday. On an extended family holiday in Shropshire. Yesterday drove 30 odd minutes from our hired place below Whitchurch to my sisters house in Nantwich. My family know I run, but it was only when I announced I was running home that they were shocked / impressed by the distances I run.

    4m along road, then canal towpath all the way. First mile of this path was very muddy - submerged trainners in ankle deep mud. But cleared up after that. Raining the time, but the fun of overtaking barges made up for the weather. I asked someone at a lock - 'How many more miles to Whitchurch' and they answered 'That's hard to say - it has taken us 2 days - but you should be quicker than that!'.

    But the best bit of the run was spotting an Otter swimming along a few foot from the towpath. I've always wanted to see one in the wild. Happy days.image

  • BadbarkBadbark ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I’m Just answering a few questions after my race report -

    Frazer – No, I forgot to switch off automatic lapping before the start so the laps weren’t 100% accurate. Although I had the watch vibrate after every mile and I was never more than 5 - 10 seconds off the mile markers.

    PMJ – I’d say my 5k PB (18:19) is my weakest and needs improving. This is due to only ever running un-tapered Parkruns and never having run a 5k ‘A’ race. Great 5k race by the way and your improvement back to full fitness continues!

    SJ – I’m already planning on running the Dublin marathon in October. I have my basic schedule mapped out and intend on running at least 5 weeks of over 90 miles peaking at 105. For London I ran 5 weeks of over 80 miles peaking at 100. I believe total weekly mileage is more important than number of 20+ mile LSRs for me to improve.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I agree with your last statement for myself as well BB. Your campaign reflections from a few weeks ago helped me to reflect upon this. When cycling I always went best off a big mileage base. For running I have got a bit too involved in different sessions / intervals / strides / hill reps etc. Although they all have their place, I have come to realise that for myself, the most important factor in my fitness level is consistent weekly mileage. What is your provisional target for Dublin? Sub 2.50?

    Speedy - You have made some fantastic progress over the past few years. I was wondering what things in particular have worked for you to make the difference the past few campaigns. You mentioned diet and I am sure experience and building campaigns on the back of previous campaigns must have helped, but anything else you have done differently this time?

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Nice run there Keir!

    Cheers Gul, sounds like you had a nice break.

    SJ - I was aiming for sub 32 but hoping for closer to low to mid 31, so job done.

    8k race report

    Last night's8k was in a place called Jardin D'Olivet which is basically tractor country in Jersey. I had never run this course before so was looking forward to something new, there's only so many races to be had on a rock measuring 45 square miles.....

    Anyhow lined up at the start and raring to go I look around and see that the turnout is poor and that there are some runners of note not present. Hmmm maybe I could get a podium tonight if I run well. A few more runners arrive last minute and two of them are annoyingly quicker than me so here we are, Game on!

    We're off and I do my usual hare out of the traps impression (4:30mm pace) which I hold for the 1st 200m or so. I'm in 1st place but not for long as an ex elite cyclist overtakes me as we approach the 1st bend. I am now into full race mode and the one thing I'm worried about is, what if I can't keep up with Mr.Elite ex-cyclist (sub 2:50 marathoner) and I get lost. Am I going to have to slow down and run with the runners behind me or risk a wrong turn!!

    1st K clocks 3:46 and I feel very comfortable, then then the 1st of about 10 tricky climbs on the course takes the wind out of my sails. I can now hear two runners closing behind me. 2nd k 4:06 what is happening here? 3rd K and another climb later 4:01. I recover and record a 3:56 for 4th k and as we hit the turn I can see the gap between myself and 3rd and 4th is about 20m or so. No idea what happened next as the 5th k is 4:11, I was feeling ok so I just think I allowed myself to drift a bit. Need to get going or sub 32 is not happening tonight. 6th k 4:00, this is where I normally start to slowdown in races longer than 5k but I am suddenly feeling great and decide to put a burst in and 7th k is 3:47. Keep going I tell myself and negotiate the last few climbs and turns no problem until I run past the turn which takes you to the finish line, agghh I have managed to run 7.9k whithout getting lost and now I double back and leggit the last 100m or so to the finish and 3:43 for the final k and finish in 31:31 for 2nd place. The last time I came 2nd in a foot race was my one and only cross country school race back in 1986! 3rd placed runner was a female triathlete who I think just dipped under 32 mins. Pretty pleased with my run and felt very strong at the finish, shame it wasn't a 10k as I reckon a sub 40 would have been achieved. Need to sort out my pacing though as those splits are shocking!! Still awaiting the road racing fixtures for the rest of the year. I will be gunning for a 10k race.

  • gadget debate - did the parkrun with no gadget and to effort and got 18.19 but it felt uncomfortable both physically and mentally - not knowing how far to go etc and found it hard to gauge appropriate pace etc.

    Did same park run two weeks later with watch and got 18.19 and it felt uncomfortable physically. Did manage to bugger up the watch settings a had it on autolap for Miles not KM which threw the strategy out abit as I was unsure of the pace in mm. Both times felt comfortably knackered and was crying for the finish with 600m or so to go.

    Would say though on all other races my PB is probably not a true reflection of what I can do as I pick a time, set my watch and run to that rather than what could be done.

  • RFJ - great tactical use made of the Elite loosimage

    Some quality racing from PMJ, Badbark and and podium place from GM

    Did that Mcmillan session 2x2m + 2x1m this morning. Those 2m intervals seemed like a long time and heart rate didn't stop rising (treadmill 5:48m/m pace). Yikes, not looking forward to the next one.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Ant - tks, yes I am officially non-bench - although was half on there with lurgy past month ! These days of course, I have to be aware of the creaks and twinges, but mara training has begun (but sadly(?) mileage won't be Badbark style ) . . . .

  • Belated congrats on your brilliant time Speedy. Do you think you would have got the same time in London if you had§n't had the lurgy?

    Great 8k race Gerard - sub 40 is on the cards for sure.

    Good bit of hill work Gul

    Nice long run back to Whitchurch Keir. Nantwich is where I grew up and my brother now lives in Willaston, just outside - small world!

    A tough but good work out AR.

  • Gerard - Excellent report, suffered along with you there! Sub-40 is definitely going to happen, sooner rather than later.

    Gul - Holiday running is always great fun - yours sounds great.

    Birch - Really pleased to hear that after all you went through. Lurgy doesn't count - mere mortals get that, too!

    AR - Well done on getting that done..and on a treadie, too! Pacey.

    That puts my sorry effort into a bit of perspective, 4 x 1M off 3-min recoveries in pouring rain and high winds (this is not an excuse, it just made it more interesting). Tooks pains not to "beat the session", as McMillan would say, but soon it became apparent that that was not really an option: 6:20, 6.20, 6:19 & 6:17. Total 9 miles.

    Actually satisfied with that, as I felt there was still some more in the bag. In any case, I have to keep forcing myself to do these quicker sessions.


  • Have to say Ant, I only count these treadmill sessions as exercising the heart and lungs. It is teaching me nothing about pacing and I'm not sure if it translates onto the road. At the moment I use a 1% incline - I may have to knock it up another notch. Well done on facing the elements - I had to tough it out in front of Daybreak and other such guff that was on the gym's tvs. That is a tough session soon after your half - must be made of stern stuff.

  • x post from before - great effort Gerard and tidy session from Ant.

    AR - I couldnt do those sessions on a tready but to do them watching daybreakimage - you are made of much sterner stuff than me.

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    Quality race reports from Speedy, Ant, Gerard, Badbark. I have recently met a surprising number of people with mara PBs of 3.00.0X to 3.02.00 - all raring to go for sub3. Abingdon and Amsterdam will be decent races.

    Badbark that is a heck of a mileage plan...

    Keir - canal running is always good, lots to see and you can fartlek between boats. However an otter is a real treat, good spot.

    Gul - apart from the village, where did you find to run? Large parts of Derbyshire are pretty unspoilt, probaby due to being hilly & sandwiched between the M1 and M6 corridors.

    14m this morning in the Northumberland drizzle. Saw several yellowhammers and a large hare


    Also-ran wrote (see)

     I had to tough it out in front of Daybreak






    Aaargh, my whole post disappeared image




  • I can't believe I have to type all that again image

    Keir asked what I did differently this time. Other than a 3000m track race just one week out, and getting the lurgy of course, nothing. Just more of the same/bigger mileage. 

    FLM 2009 3.28.38
    VLM 2010 3.19.33
    VLM 2011 3.14.59 (with a loo stop)
    VLM 2012 3.08.58
    EMF 2013 3.01.50

    And KR asked if I thought I'd have run London in the same time. I think I would have gone for sub 3, blown up and ended up with much the same result but in a far less enjoyable way!

    Treadmill sessions while watching Daybreak? Is this some sort of punishment?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Speedy how does your averge weekly mileage compare for each campaign? I think you said you keep increasing? Do you change other sessions too? 


  • I'll just have a quick look at Fetch....

    2009 - mostly mid 40s with cutbacks in the 30s and a peak of 47.5
    2010 - mostly around 50 with cutbacks of 40 and a peak of 53.7
    2011 - mostly high 50s with cutbacks of 40 and a peak of 63.2
    2012 - mostly 65 - 75 with cutbacks under 60 and a peak of 81.5
    2013 - mostly mid 70s with cutbacks around 60 and a peak of 83.2 (should have been 86 but lurgy intervened)

    Other sessions have always been the same - 1 x intervals, 1 x MP or HMP, 1 x LSR, 1 x MLR and all the rest is easy or recovery runs and the WU and CD to the sessions.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Good milage stats and can see where you make the progress Speedy, cracking efforts again well done.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Good stats Speedy. That shows real training and racing progression.


    Although this applies to many things in life, I think the best advice I could give someone taking up a low skill / high endurance sport such as Marathon running would be:

    1. Do it a lot

    2. Keep doing it

    Or to paraphrase - Quantity Consistently

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