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  • Wow - been busy on here.

    Congrats AA on your Sprint tri success and hope you foot improves enough for the big one.

    KFC - sub 21 was never in doubt! you're definitely flying.

    2old - arrgh, what a nightmare - I hope you find your bike again image

    O4S - your pyreneean adventures sound fantastic. Eek scary about the wheel though. 

    Carrot - calf injury, oh no, keep it under wraps till the GNR perhaps the rest will actually do you good.

    Daren - nice pace on those runs. That 10K session of yours sounds really tough!

    Spoons - on the 20s again? When is your next marathon?

    I did the club handicap on Saturday and shaved another 7 seconds off my time. Its a hilly 5K and my time is 20.38. I am seriously thinking that sub 20 is not just about reachable on a flat course. Unfortunately I have no time to do one. 10K race on Sat in Viccy park and then its getting down to serious triathlon business.


  • KFC- nice one!!!image

    Carrot- fingers crossed the calf is ok.

  • Daren - Your training has definitely put the speed back in your legs, another good 10K workout is 3 x 2 mile at 10k pace with 1 mile recovery inbetween or if your feeling brave 1/2 mile.

    kfc - Congrats on the PB, you are just getting quicker and quicker with all the varied training you are doing.  Cheers for the Berlin info, with Pinklady's track record probably best if she stays by the Brandenburg gate and not sure about mixed naked swimming don't things shrink when they get cold.image

    2old - Good mileage logged, how's the injury?

    Ant - Nice 5k, did you mean sub 20 is just about reachable on the flat course?

    11 miles for me this afternoon, very warm, 1 WU then (2 miles effort  1 mile slow) x 3 with the 2 miles getting quicker each time, splits for the efforts - 7:04,7:11,6:38,6:41,6:21,6:24 and I was hanging at the end.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry - getting faster - splits look like MP, HMP then 10k pace. Who suggested that routine? It would work well for all 3 race distances ? Achilles is about 66% better so still a way to go 

  • Sub-21, great stuff kfc! Well done to your friend too, 2 minutes is a massive chunk over 5K.

    Hope you've survived the 5000ft O4S!

    Decent 5K from you too Ant, shame you can't fit another in soon.  No mid-week 5Ks any time soon?

    Another good session Barry. It should have been hard work at the end, they're not supposed to be easy image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Ant-try and select a flat 5k before the end of rhe season and you're sure to go sub 20. What are your tri plans?

    managed to squeeze in 10 miles tonight at 7.21 mm. Physio tomorrow 

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭
    Barry - great session

    Ant - I agree, looks like you are in shape for sub 20. Get a parkrun date in the diary! Looks like you'll be round my way on Saturday - unfortunately I'm away so wont be running the 10k. One of these days we'll make it to the the same race!

    2old - no, not yet, but its now only 1 big step away rather than 2. Need to find a bit more speed, which seems to be coming from the club speedwork I'm doing.

    20M done - planned as 5 easy, 5 old MP (8.00), 5 steady, 5 at 7.45

    Felt great up to the last 4 miles, then I started to find it really tough. Really really tough. A good reminder that this aint easy.

    Ended up averaging 8.53/8.00/8.24/7.51 for each 5M section. Body feels battered, stomach not happy. Glad its done. Will try to forget the whole experience before doing the next one...
  • 2old - Shame about the bike. Claim on your house insurance for a new  shiny one. Anyway Sturmie Archer 3speed are not trendie anymore. Are you off to the Manchester pet show next weekend to increase your micro menagerie ?

    O4S - What other cols are you going to do?

    KFC - Nice 20miler 

    AA - I would still air on the side of caution. What about looking for a cycle sportive to do instead of the tri, so your training isn't wasted?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    KFC - too soon after your big pb at the weekend I'd say. Try it again when a bit more recovered? 

  • 2old Sorry to hear about your bike being stolen.

    KFC I'm probably best staying rooted to a spot towards the finish in Berlin for the sub 3.15 hrs or sooner, that it will take Barry to finish - I have a feeling that he will do really well.

    Carrot Look after the calf.

    Thank you all for the info on Berlin - much appreciated! AA - what's a tuktuk?

    After being ill all weekend decided to go out this morning to see how I get on & ran 5.5 miles at a good steady pace - 10mm. Really pleased with that! image

    Day off work today to spend with the teenage daughters before they venture back to school & college tomorrow!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon-claim on my insurance?.......not sure I can do that so soon after a recent rather large one which bumped up my premium. Think I will keep quiet about the pet show-Im under pressure to get alpacas and a dog at the moment. How's the old running going?

    Pink-good to see you back running. My youngest went back yesterday and Miss 2Old starts her first job next week-whoo hoo 2 working, only ?? 2 to go

    So as the left achilles gets better the right one decides to play upimage Hoping its a short term thing but its a reminder that Ive still got a long way to go to full recovery. Bit of a shame as I came across a Wednesday running group specitcally targetting sub 40 which I would like to go to.



  • Ant - nice 5km - I'm doing Robin Hood in a few weeks....

    KFC - tough sounding 20 - well done

  • Apologies but have been tied up the past couple of weeks so only had a chance to read back a couple of pages.

    AA – really well done on your tri. That’s a cracking performance and I really hope the PF eases as the week goes on as I know how hard you’ve trained for it.  

    KFC – cracking 5k, well done! I reckon you’ll go even quicker than that soon as you’re really flying at the moment. Your 20 sounded like a bit of a test, but those are the ones that improve us!

    O4S – ascending the Tourmalet must have been absolutely fantastic!

    Daren – I’ll be amazed if you don’t nail that sub-40 off of the training you’ve been doing.

    Carrot – fingers crossed on the calf for the GNR. You’re definitely best off being sensible (which you are being!)

    Ant – well done on the club handicap. If it was in Trent Park that time will definitely translate to sub-20 on the flat!

    Well done on yet another quick 11 - a Barry-Busting-Berlin-Beckons!

    I have a bit of a mixed bag to report. Everything is going well with the nipper which is the absolutely the main thing! However, I haven’t got out anywhere near as much as I’d like as life is very much getting in the way. My Dad is back in for another large op on Monday, and I walked into work on my first day back from paternity yesterday to the dreaded ‘HR appear to be in my manager’s office for my catch up’ scenario. Two positions into one, and I’ve been put on consultation. I knew it was going to happen at some point, but still a bit of a shock when it does so we’ll see how it goes.

    And just as a final piece of turd to go in the sandwich, I’ve picked up a recurrence of an old hip injury. It took a month to go last time, and I haven't been able to get out on it for a week and it doesn't seem to be clearing up. So I’ve decided that with the newborn, my dad, work and hip situation, I’m going to ditch my plan of getting into PB shape for HM in November. I think it's totally unrealistic and only going to end in tears (mine and other people’s) so I’m going to view my races over the coming weeks as an opportunity to forget about things, and just enjoy getting out there.

    First half is a week on Sunday, and whilst I know I shouldn’t do it with my hip the way it is, I’ve got a very personal reason for doing it and will get around if it kills me. Will reveal all afterwards, most probably by way of a short race report!  

  • Red - crikey, that's a lot to hit you with all at once. Really sorry about the job situation and your dad of course. Sounds like you are doing the right thing with the next few races. Running doesn't have to be about chasing times, so just enjoy them.

    KFC - yep, no wonder you are knackered after the brilliant 5k. Still a great progressive 20 image

    Pinklady - glad to see you recover and get a good solid run in image

    A trendy 5 yesterday, and then intervals today. I decided to do some longer ones so did 1 x 1500m, 1 x 2000m, 1 x 2500m, with 500m recoveries. Paces all aroun 6.50. 

  • Evening all. 

    Redders - sounds like you've made a good decision with the other stuff you're going through. But more importantly Little redders is well. Hope all is ok with your job. 

    Kfc - cracking pb on 5k

    pink - good to see you recovered and back with it. 

    Barry - I'm very excited for you with Berlin. I loved it. Very spacious too. Not long now. 

    So...decision has been made. After all my training this summer I've decided I'm going to go ahead with the half ironman in Henley on Sunday. Aim is to just complete it. I reckon sub 6:30 would be attainable. My PF seems to be a lot better today. I did an hour on the bike this morning and am now resting until Sunday. I'm absolutely terrified and its way out of my comfort zone but after Sunday I can relax for a month or 2, cross train and try and recover to start running again in November. I know you will all understand where I'm coming from with this...

  • AA you have put in so much training - sometimes you have to go for it! Good Luck & i'm sure you will do well! image 

    Not long to Berlin now & I think Barry will do really well - what is the expo like?


  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Redwood - good to see you, hope the running helps you with everything else going on.

    AA - go for it.

    Nice intervals freemers


    8x400m at 1.25 tonight.  Sweet.

    Stomach churning all last night, bit like I felt after VLM. Luckily OK again this morning.  Not sure that 5k 2 days before would have had much effect on the 20, more that it was a toughie, and first time I've tried doing one like that.  Gonna try hitting the MP next week in a 15 before trying it in a 20 again the week after.

  • kfc those long runs with the faster stuff in are tough, you're in the middle of marathon training not tapered, rested and well fed!  Good pace on the 400s, that must have hurt image

    Sounds like you're feeling better Pinklady! Hope you've enjoyed your day off.

    Damn achilles 2old, hopefully it is just a short term niggle.

    You need the running to keep you sane Red, these things do have a habit of all happening at once.  Great news that your new addition to the family is doing well though.  Hope your Dad is OK, crap work situation image

    Nothing like long reps Free, especially when each one is longer than the last! image

    AA of course we all understand where you're coming from, it would be such a shame for all your training to go to waste. Go and get that medal! I'll be thinking of you on Sunday. A few months off afterwards will be good.

    I had a good massage on the calf last night (it felt solid!!) - no tear or anything to report just need to keep it stretched, foam rolled, massaged etc. Feels a lot more normal and looser today.  It has reminded me that the back-of-the-knee niggle that I had a few weeks ago had disappeared, and my heel that's been niggling since about March hasn't hurt for ages image

  • Sounds like you're going through a load of it Red. Hope everything works out OK.

    I think you'll do really well AA

    I did a great trail fartlek with the club tonight followed by a dip in the North Sea. Loads of fun.

  • Reds - Sorry to hear your having a tough time !

    2old - Running is still S&S at the moment, but plodding along.

  • AA: i will be at Henley, nowhere near fit enough to race it, so also thinking 6-30.

    Redders: i hope that work and your dad improve.

    after 6 weeks of doing nowt i guess i better get back to work soon, it looks like im going back to Dubai for a few weeks soon. I did the Beast half marathon around the Dorset hills, coast on Sunday. The clue is clearly in the title and there were two flights of over 200 steps to plod up. I have a lot to learn about cross country running and was happy to get home with only a sore calf muscle in 2-02. 

    Chilling this week in prep for Henley, have only swum 8 times in 3 months, oops



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-glad to hear you are going for it-youve put in too much not to give it a go.You deserve that medal and the incentive to do the full IM next year

    DD-dont think youll have any problems at Henley. By the way I take it the swim is in the river-how does that work with the current?Water temp must be dropping like a stone tooimage

    Simon-S&S- smooth and speedy?image

    Red- so they say sh!t happens but why mainly to you? Fingers crossed this phase soon passes to a better one. Just enjoy running for its own sake and its theraputic benefits

    Carrot-good to see your niggle looks as though its sorted

    KFC-you are knocking out some high intensity stuff at the moment,no wonder you are feeling it

    Pink-we all think the same about Barrys Berlin prospects

    Rested yesterday and my new achilles niggles seem a lot better today so will try an easy run today and if that goes ok  something a bit more challenging tomorrow

    Free-another good interval session-its so frustrating holding myself back from doing them too image




  • Afternoon All,

    Apologies for not posting in ages but it's been manic at work and i haven't run for about 2 months and now weigh 35 tonnes!image

    First knee op taking place tomorrow, hopefully followed soon after by the other one and then i can start trying to run again... Can't wait!image

    DD & AA - Excuse my ignorance but is it Henley Half IM this coming weekend?

    One good thing about the forthcoming lay-up is that i'll be able to get to a pc to post.image

  • Red- sorry to hear you're having such a tough time. Hang in there. Runnig will help and you're right not to stress about it for now.

    AA- probably most of us would make the same decision, completely understand. Everything crossed for you.

    KFC- sounds like you really pushed yourself of that run. Good idea to scale it back a bit, I'm sure you will nail it next time.

    Oompa- good luck with the op!

    Carrot- good news about the calf.

    Free- some smoking intervals there!

    I had an okeyish 10k on Sunday. Was really hopeing to get under 44min and ended up with 44:23 but miles better than a few weeks ago. I seem to be chopping off 30-40s with every attempt so hopefully not too long to go before I'm back at my best.

    Mean intervals this morning first thing- 5x 5min with 90s recoveries all between 6.48- 6.55 except for the last one @ 7.03- nothing left.

    Run to the beat half on Sunday.

  • DD - brilliant. What wave are you in? I'm at 8am. There is live tracking too I think so that's could be fun! what time are you planning on registering and racking on Saturday?

    bro - thats still a great time. Good luck on Sunday. 

    Oomps - what op are they doing on your knee tomorrow!

    2old - never thought I would say it but I'm missing doing intervals!!! image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Oomp-seems like the op has been forever coming-it has, so lets hope it does the trick. Dont get too eager to start running again-get recovered! Enjoy catching up on the posts

    AA-how do they track you swimming in the the Thames? Yes intervals are the bestimage

    Bro-very good 10k there-30/40 secs are big lumps to chop off.Tough intervals too-everyone is at it. Where's the HM?

    7.5 miles this lunchtime.Meant to be easy but turned into a progressive run splits were- 7.57-7.49-7.39-7.21-7.08-6.52-6.50-4.03 . Useful experiencing the different paces. Just wish I still had endurance as it was in March,

  • 2old - the endurance will come back before too long. You still have some great pace there image

    AA - glad you've made the decision, and of course we know where you are coming from! Hope it all goes well.  DD - hope you have a good race at Henley too image

    Bro - nice 10k....and good luck for the HM on Sunday.

    Oompa - hope the knee op goes well.

    Another trendy 5 for me today - pretty hot outside today. 

  • AA - They're getting rid of bone spurs on my patella and femur and then doing an arthroscopy (flush out?). Is this your half IM on Sunday?

    2old - Easier said than done... I have the patience and attention threshold of a 3 month old puppy!!!image Nice splits today... Must be nice to be pain free again?


  • Oomps - yes it is!!image

    2old - tracking is out the swim! t1 and various splits on the bike route T2 and run splits I think.. Haven't really got a clue...!

  • 2old: the swim goes against the current unti half way then turns back, dont think my swim will be pretty!

    AA: i guess i will register around 1300 and rack once ive sorted myself out.

    been out to test bike after gear service, much better. Will be using aero road bike with clip on tri bars rather than TT bike ad course is said to be hilly, though after JOGLE my definition of hill had changed.

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