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  • Afternoon All,

    Apologies for radio silence as work's been chaotic and i managed a grand total of TWO miles last week!image

    (((Kiwi))) - Sorry to hear the news but don't give up on Abo yet.

    Nell - I do most of my mid-week miles on the dreadmill due to the fact that it's flat and soft(ish). I still do my lsr on my favourite local trail which is fine until it gets uneven. Then it sort of jars the knee and spasms as i don't seem to be able to control and stabilise it enough yet, but it is getting better. It's not painful as such, but does feel uncomfortable and odd. Great Half time, you must be very pleased? Is that a pb?

    I can't help but notice that the "bench" is extremely full at the moment (and for once i'm not on it), so those who are crocked, take it easy and get back soon.

    Advice please... I stupidly booked the Barns Green half on 28th Sept, about six months ago thinking that i would easily be race fit by now. I am a million miles away from fit, but do you think i should just use it as a training run or better to not do it at all?image I don't have a lot of self restraint and haven't raced since VLM '13 so the first option may result in trying to do 6.30's, only to blow up at mile 3! image


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell - the longer distance of the HM makes your  pb even more impressive . I'm just having to put up with the Achilles problem. When is your Marathon ?

    Barry- I have to search to find this thread ...what's going on? I saw on the 3.15 thread that Minni and Chick were struggling to find it. Maybe we should all move there?If you're serious about Abbo you're going to have to bite the bullet and give a run a go There is something to be said for active recovery once the initial chronic stage of Achilles problems has gone but it does mean running through diiscomfort as scar tissue is continuously broken and reformed . Know what you mean about bottling steep fast downhills on the bike...., I never get near 40mph on a bike ...tho I'm happy to do it on skis .

    oomp- re the HM - I think you will race it as fast as you can and ignore any pain until you finish and will probably ignore our advice so I'm saying nowt. By the way I'd do the same. Seriouslly the  question is really whether your tendons ligaments and muscles are conditioned to run that's not about whether you're mentally tough enough. The second question is how will you deal with another long period on the bench with us if it goes pear shaped. 

    Now to update my progress. I've continued to run inspite of the discomfort. 17 miles so far this week . 22 last week. Couple of miles of swimming and I think my technique has improved a bit. Also done a few hours spinning .  I will probably wind down a bit ready for the sprint TRI on Sunday. Had a massage today and was told my legs and lower back are full of knots. A very painful experience To be repeated next week. Looking to do a 10k in October as I've run a few 6 milers now in around 44-45 mins. 




  • 2old - Damn it... You know me far too well !!! imageimage

  • Hi Barry, 40 mph on the bike wowza, sounds like a decision will have to be made soon...?

    I have had enough of Independence talk!

    Hi Oompa, I am afraid I too am not the person for advice. On my plan for last weeks HM I was told take it easy for the first half and then go! Afraid I couldn't help myself and no doubt you'd only be the same image

    Hi 2old, do you use a roller and/or work a tennis ball or spikey ball in the glute area? I find doing that makes for an easier massage ;0) York is 12th October, 2 heavy weeks of mileage and then 2 not so heavy, must say the taper on this plan is not so flattering as others still in the 50's the week before marathon week image I hope the legs hold out!

    8 miles yesterday at a moderate pace probably bit too fast, averaging 7:34mm. MP/Tempo pace today, 1.5 mile warm up/ cool down and 10 miles at MP (intended 7:09) splits: : 6:58, 6:58,7:03, 7:02, 6:57,7:04, 6:56, 7:01, 6:58, 7;02 probably a bit too fast yesterday and today. Must say that I find today the most challenging run of the week. I suppose it is the cumulative effect hitting at the end of the 4 days and running 10 MP miles with the warmup and cool down is quite some doing before breakfast/work! Luckily I had an easy day at work  today image

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    Nooo - not the 'I' word Nell - you'll just make me grumpy!  Whose horse do I throw myself under to get a vote!   Fab half PB by the way - I'm surprised thats your first sub 90 given your pace.

    Busy week for me after a long weekend away, got the win at Barrow parkrun with a very badly paced and slow run - I was going backwards on the hill on the last lap!

    Fell racing this weekend on the Isle of Wight.  3 races in 2 days! imageimageimage

  • Hi all, 

    Been trying to post but had a new computer but can't seem to log in on RW when Barry logged in.

    Nell congrats on your HM pb

    2Old sorry to hear about your Achilles. Good luck with the Tri

    Well done on the 12 miles Kiwi

    I have continued swimming, coach could tell that I have been training during the summer. I need to adjust my arms slightly but I can notice the difference with my endurance during training. Been out on the bike making sure I get plenty of practice at junctions with the cleats.

    I have also decided not to run Bristol HM as I don't feel I want to run another HM until I've built my miles back up. Entered a couple of shorter local races though for next month, a 5 miler & a 10k. Started running at lunchtimes again which has helped me to get back into the running routine. 

    I am marshaling at a Tri on Sunday. I'm on the bike route thank god as wouldn't want to be responsible for counting pool lengths as I'm sure I'll miscount somewhere image


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    Pink- welcome back and congrats for finding this thread again. Good to see your training coming along nicely. Stick at the running ...youll really enjoy charging past the non runners when you do your first TRI....when is it by the way image?

    Oomp- so what's the decision  - as Hamlet said " to HM or not to HM." He self destructed come to think about it

    Nell- I've never really got into foam rollering though I do sit on a golf ball in the office...get some odd looks too.Looks like it's all coming together for you for York  .Doesnt sound much of a taper. This is the risky stage of marathon training so be careful. .

    KFC/Nell- as a Welshman I'm watching this I thing with interest. That's enough politics for now 

    KFC - fell racing on the IofW? Thought it was flat as a pancake. Good for stamina and speed 

    no running today. Dusted off my bike for Sundays TRI- first time since June. 25miles slogged out. Plans for the next few days- 4-5 mile run,swim training,YKW,tri. Looking forward to the weekend. Pity about the Niggle. 

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    2old - I think they found some hills! I'm hoping its gonna be more like the fell race in epping forest than the ones I've done in scotland and cumbria - cos I'm rubbish at those!

    Oompa - I guess only you know what kind of effort your body is ready for.  I think whats hardest when coming back is accepting your arent yet at pb pace and resisting the urge to go off early at a pace you arent yet ready for.  If you do race, I'd suggest you set yourself a realistic goal given where you are in your comeback and stick rigidly to it!  Or another option is to run it with a friend and pace them to a slower goal - another good way to give yourself a different focus!

    Enjoy the tri pink - watching one is the best way to see what goes on - and realise its not that bad!

  • 2Old the Tri I'm helping at on Sunday is the one I was going to do. The bike course is quite hilly & I'm not that confident on the bike yet so thought I would help instead. There is a Tri near Abingdon early next year & good for first timers so I'm looking at that to be my first one.

    KFC looking forward to helping & seeing how some of my swimming buddies get on.  

    Barry gone out on a run this morning so fingers crossed for him 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Pink- enjoy helping at the tri

    Barry- fingers crossed here 

  • Nell - Impressive running.

    kfc - Congrats on the parkrun win, and good luck for the weekend.

    2old - Good luck for the tri.

    3 miles this morning and even though achilles was a little "tingly" I'll take it as a positive.  Will try a longer run Sunday.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- sounds positive. Hope Sundays run is ok 

    7.4 miles this am. Achilles tight and tender but not painful like before. I've got new running shoes - more supportive than usual and think they may be helping 

  • 2old - Good news, I picked up some new shoes this morning and need to start running in these beauties.




  • 2old - I'm to given to procrastination but in this instance... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm or not to HM?

    kfc - I know what my body is ready for, that's the problem... The scrapheap! All of my running buddies are faster than me!!image

    Is there an independence vote soon? They haven't mentioned it in the media!image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Oomp- your decision is as finely balanced as a yes no vote 

    Barry - flash-pb marathon machines. . Mine are Brooks Adrenaline GTS - classic White and blue. 

    Just wokwn up from a two hour accidental did that a

    happen ? 

  • hi guys, quick check in got to tidy the house as have a visitor arriving from NZ.

    Well done KFC image

    Nell still going strong.

    Good to see Barry + 2old out running.

    Oompa - i hear your dilema, got a half next week, am going to run it easy and see how it goes.

    8 miles last night,,knee was ok. physio tonight, knee still a bit puffy. think i've decided not to do Abo, longest run in the last 3 weeks was 15 miles + think a maratho would shag my knee image

  • 2old - Yes but my outcome is far more important! "2 hour accidental sleep"?Hilarious!

    Kiwi - Sorry to hear about Abo but there's plenty more marathons, whereas you only have one pair of knees - right decision.

    Apologies, self indulgence time. Just back from a fantastic 6 miler @ 8.10. Weather was perfect, pace felt fairly comfortable (although not easy enough yet) and almost felt like a PROPER runner again. image I'll make my decision re Barns Green half after my long run on Sunday I think, but tonight's run has definitely helped me mentally.

    15 for the week thus far.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Kiwi- wise decision but Abbo won't be tha same without you ...(or me  )and anyone else whose doubtful for it. Looks like youreon the verge of beating that knee niggle 

    Oomp- that's why we run  ! Think age is catching up with me zzzzzzzz

    didnt swim tonight drank some red wine instead. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Ormskirk park run today ,12th -20.25. 10seconds faster than the one in June. Think I can push it harder next time. 

  • Hi kfc, enjoy the fell racing

    Hi Pink, Good luck on the shorter races and with the marshalling tomorrow.

    Hi 2old, A golf ball eh? never tried that, must investigate. I usually use the spikey ball. 2 hr sleep in the afternoon, I hope not in the office?? Well done on the Parkrun!

    Hi kiwi, Brave decision but by the sounds of it probably the best, the knee still sounds a bit iffy?

    Hi Barry, Well done on the short run, here's hoping you can go a bit further tomorrow. Never used Brookes, did swither in a shop last year after trying a pair, but ended up sticking with the trusted Kinvara's ;0)

    Hi Oompa, Great news on the 6 miles, hopefully another corner turned? Here's hoping ;0)

    Rest day yesterday, had a bit of S&C in the gym. Out for 10 miles this morning averaging 7:31mm, bit faster than moderate pace, but that was a bit down to the last 3 miles, although uphill I seemed to push it a bit more and upped the pace. Lovely morning though, so quite enjoyed it. 16 miles planned for tomorrow, but taking the wife out for her birthday, so will have to try and resist drinking too much wine image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell-10 at that pace with 16 more tomorrow is good going. Enjoy the birthday celebration. What routines do you follow in your S&C? I'm determined to solve my injury problem and think that may help. 

  • Hi 2old, Thanks, I try to get to the gym twice a week and perform a session of single arm deadlifts and squats, then walking lunges with weights and I also incorporate this routine into my session I also try and fit in some upper body exercises at the same time. The good thing with the exercises in the link is that you can use them at home all you need is a resistance band or two, so if I cannot get down the gym I will use this routine at home, along with some single arm deadlifts and chin-ups. Prefer to use the gym as it gives me a bit more discipline image

    16 miles this morning, averaging 7:35mm which was about right give or take a few secs. Felt good, probably down to the huge steak I had last night. If you are up in Edinburgh at some point kfc, try Kyloe above the Rutland hotel on Princes Street, their steaks are seriously good! image

    4 weeks left on the plan, and hoping the wheels stay on, so far so good!


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell- very good 16 even with the weight of undigested steak in you.  Whilst I'm no expert 7.35 is a good pace for a LR with a 3.05 marathon in mind. Thanks for the S&C ideas. I will see if I can exercise some discipline to do some of it. 

    North West Sprint TRI in Nantwich today. Pretty happy with 1.16.28 ,81st and first in age group. I need a rest. 

  • Kiwi - Noooooo, only 3 of the Abo 6 remain. I take it Cooks will be there and pink has heard from  AA on facebook and her training is going well. Seriously though only you can make the decision and if it's going to knock you back from your return to running it's probably the right decision

    2old - Congrats on the age group victory. But yeah you can definately go faster at the Parkrun.image

    nell - great running again from you, tough run completed after the 10 the day before.

    Swim club was rubbish on Friday night nearly got out after 3 lengths just could n't swim but got better as the session went on. Better club session on Saturday. Ran 5 miles this morning, all OK during the run but achilles a bit tight afterwards but I think I'm through it.  Good in the pool this afternoon 16 lengths in 12 ish minutes, couple of breaths at the end of most lengths but happy with that. Also there was this really good swimmer in the fast lane next to me, had a couple of single length races and I won both, she was n't too happy, if you have n't guessed already it was Pink.image


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- great to see you making progress with the Achilles. I guess Abbo is still a real possibility ?  Good swimming too Pink was mad!

    My 5k in the tri-21.35 was about a minute slower than yesterdays which is understandable after all that went before. Bit disappointed with my swim-500m in 10.19 - as so many finished well under 9mins ...have to work on my technique and swim more. Still it was different swimming in an outside 33m brine pool.


  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a good race plan pink - the shorter distances should take the pressure off a bit and means you can think about speed rather than disctance.  Sounds a bit like the way I'm thinking.

    Barry - sounds encouraging 

    Oompa - awesome on the 'holy shit' run!  And what did I say about mentioning the "I" word - I'm getting grumpier by the minute!  At least the (south east england) media have finally realised it is actually important...

    Kiwi - hard decision, but sounds sensible.  I guess if you do next weeks half it will help you know what your knee will cope with too.

    2old - I did one of those accidental sleeps the other week.  Managed totally to miss my the club chunder mile - my goal A race of the year...  Nice parkrun, and even better old git tri win! image

    Nell - nice 10 and 16 - thats a great back to back session - have you done something like that before?  Nice S&C - I try to incorporate this routine into my session when I can  I'll have to take your word for it on the steak - is more my kind of place!

  • Nell - Speedy 10 & 16. As you say it's looking good.image

    2old - Erm... Pot, kettle, black?? Carrying an injury and then you cross over to the dark side and bust out a tri with a 21 min run! Well done. 

    Barry - Fingers crossed that you're through the worst of it.

    Decision made re Barns Green half as i crashed and burned just past 6 miles on my long run yesterday.  image

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    My legs are destroyed after the fell race weekend - 22M of high impact racing over 3 races and I'm hobbling worse than after a marathon.  My legs are so tired.  Awesome weekend away with the club, and great to be able to swim in the sea to help recover after each race.  I managed to fluke my way in as 3rd counter for our 1st team and got a south england AA silver medal - team fell race category.  Niche.

    BH also managed a good 18M long run yesterday - his longest since his last marathon in 2007.  It was supposed to be 16, but his dad led him on an extra loop...  Cruel.


  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Oh no oompa - what kind of crash and burn?  

  • kfc - Congrats on the medal... Any bling?

    I don't really know what went wrong yesterday? Watched Oompa jr play football, then went out afterwards. Intended to do 13, but it just felt wrong from the off. Very hot, no energy, nothing in the legs, calves really tight, couldn't get into any sort of rhythm and my bottle belt (which has been through 4 mara training programmes without an issue) rubbed a lump of skin off of my right hip!imageimage

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