The 2011 Marathon Tread



  • Well done on everyone's runs.


    LOL at your cats.  They're only defending their terrority.

  • Usb,

    Its the last exercise in this link the lady shows how to do it in the photo...

    While sitting, cross the leg to be stretched by placing the outer aspect of the foot on the knee of the opposite knee. Keeping your lower back straight, lean forward until a stretch is felt in the buttocks. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times, a few times a day.

     Good luck

  • AGF - That is a brilliant stretchimage
  • < wondering how many of us got laughed at for trying the stretch at our desks >

    I have a doctor's appointment for next Monday (the earliest possible - good job I'm not actually ill)
  • Mr Spoons,

    Excellent.  I thought docs were meant to give appointments within 48 hrs of a patient asking?


    Great stretch.

  • Physio's verdict is hamstring and having had it demonstrated to me I would agree.  So lay off the quicker stuff, keep to slow pace aand do my exercises.  Also had some ultrasound and will see her again next week.  She did mention cycling but as I don't have a bike ...............................   (it's dark when I get home anyway)
  • Bridget,

    Are you going to get Bud to alter the speed work part of the plan?

  • I have put something on the thread about the rest of this week and emailed him too.  After that I'll get him to look at next week
  • Slow and easy 4.2 for me this evening in the rain, av pace 9.23. I think I'll have an early night as I'm in the pool at 6am.
  • USB - thats u and me with the hamstring!! (although thank god mine seems to be better - no speedwork this week though)

    I managed another 12 this evening in refreshing drizzle.

  • I'm in good company then
  • Anyone ever hit the wall after 2m?image' />image' />image' /> Foolishly left straight after work for planned 15m run without eating since luchtime (only bowl of soup then as well!)- lightheaded and legs like lead after 2m- took my 1 gel and went out to the 2.5 mark to make it 5m back to my car- felt better 5 mins after gel, but knew I wouldn't last. Back to base to refuel (banana and peanut butter on toast for the toast fans amongst you- great running fuelimage' />) and planned to do the remaining 10m on the treadmill- managed 2, but it was hellishly hot with central heating on and trying to maintain 8mph pace. So bit the bullet after 2m and went back into the monsoon for the remaining 8m- finally finished at 10pmimage' />

    bed now- will catch up tomorrow- night allimage' />

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Just over 14 miles at Dark O'Clock this morning all around 7:30 pace of a Heart rate of below 145 for the first half and under 150 for the second half.

    Paddy I will be doing the Larne Half Marathon and the Omagh Half Marathon, nice running in the rain it was the same for me this morning, hope everything is ok with the hamstring now.

    Fiona hope the snow is away soon I think you would like nutella it's better for you than peanut butterimage' />.

    USB Hope the problem with your hamstring gets sorted soon, you should still be ok as it's early days yet.

    Mr S Enjoy your swim.

    Jayc the doubles just seem to work for me I was very happy doing them last year.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Nice slow run Mr Spoons, did a relaxed 8.25 miles last night. Snow now totally gone, it's pouring rain but I'll get out again tonight! image' />image' />

    Full marks to you jason for not giving up!

    Shopping tonight, I'll add nutella to the list, did not realise it was better than peanut butter NP! Always thought it was just chocolate in a jar so did not buy it. image' /> Great pace for such a low HR.


  • Nutella - is that one of those health food things?

    Jason - interesting night for you! I hope you learnt something from it?

    I didn't get to swim in the end. My daughter is now ill and I only really go because I'm taking her. She's the pro swimmer, not me!

    Still raining here. 10 degrees.
  • Mr Spoons,

    Hope your daughter is fine now.  Not sure regarding Nutella, but I can't eat it due to an allergy.


    Well done for sticking with it.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Mr Spoons glad to see the nagging worked! Still raining here too.

    FionaC I can't believe you've never had Nutellaimage' /> Chocoholics dream, girls love it, chocolate and hazelnut, I think, spread Mr Spoons. Glad the snow has gone.

    USB hope the hamstring is sorted quickly

    A wet 10 miles fartlek this morning. I would complain about the rain but I see the cold weather should be back next week so I'll embrace it!

  • Zion,

    Yes it's hazelnuts, but as stated above they don't like me.

    (EDIT - to sort out typo but got distracted by reporting something)

  • I have nut allergies but I like nutella :¬0

  • Gobi,

    That's bizzare.

  • Are you allergic to all nuts Gobi? My daughter is allergic to peanuts but seems to be OK on others. She eats Nutella no problem.
  • I get the whole throaty cough thing going on so I generally eat no nuts
  • NP - I'm stuck with 10 milers down here. What dates are those halfs on. I might consider a trip!
  • Wow Jason, that's what I call determination!.  Well done for not giving up.

    Nice running, folks. 

    I love all the stuff that's bad for you: butter, peanut butter, nutella (the latter straight from the jar image' />). Yum!!!  As I am desperately trying to lose some weight it's banned for the near term image' />

    14 miles done yesterday - very happy with how those went HR-wise. Then 5 easy today at 5am.  Another 12 planned for tomorrow morning before work although I am going out tonight. Hope it won#t get too late.  It will be raining tomorrow, but it's rather warm now and I actually like running in the rain. I just hope the dreadful snow and ice stays away. If you ask me it can be spring now.

  • I ate all the pies but can report a slight drop in weight this week.

    5 miles at lunchtime and I was smooth as a cashmere cod piece
  • That's proper determination JD, I think I might have thought someone was trying to tell me something and given up.

    "I was smooth as a cashmere cod piece" sounds like someones been to the waxing parlour, does that explain the weight loss image' />

    NP I was at the Dr's this morning he was very surprised that I had not had my appointment with the surgeon yet as I was reffered in early November, but they have checked with the hospital and I'm still on the waiting list image' />

    Yoga last night back on the treadmill/swim tomorrow.

    Snow again Fiona, beautiful country Scotland but I don't think I could take the climate, I won't complain about the rain in Manchester again.

    Not going to think about Nutella as I'm too fat at the moment image' />

  • Gobi wrote (see)
     5 miles at lunchtime and I was smooth as a cashmere cod piece
    image' /> lol!
  • image' />
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