The 2011 Marathon Tread



  • Mr Spoons,

    You're not crap.  You just don't want to be told you can't do what you want to do. I hate going to the opticians as when I do need glasses because I have a complex lense it usually costs me £180 and that's just with cheap frames so I can.  But as it's health related I force myself to go & take Chris with me to hold my hand because I hate opticians that much & to also help pick new frames as I'm very short sighted.  At least we don't have to pay for medical treatment only prescriptions. 

    I'd say about someone on here who had a friend comment on something similair when they were both out running and a few weeks later the person collasped during a training session.  I can't remember the outcome fully only that the poster felt really guilty they didn't suggest to their friend to get checked out.   

  • Hour of intervals on the turbo to start the day, I think it is safe to say my legs are fine :¬)

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭
    Nice recovery Gobi.
    Great to hear all well Mr Spoons, I'm with you on doctors.
    Sounds really annoying with the swimming NP but half way would be about as far as I could swim!
    Mile reps for me last night - 5 at 6.20mm pace with really slow 400m recoveries. 9 miles in total. 5 miles recovery this morning, felt hard but only 8 hours between sessions.
    Might have to food shop tonight as I've been living on a variety of toast based meals for a week.
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    First of all MR SPOONS GO SEE YOUR DOC We can all be macho or stupid at times but you should go and get pains in the chest checked out, it might be something as simple as the muscels between your ribs but go and get it checked out please.

    6 miles this morning 1 mile warm up and 5 miles tempo went a little hard in mile 4 and slowed a little in mile 6 but sitll very happy with the run, out tonight for just over 8 miles steady.

    Gobi thats fantastic recovery, intervals and 1 hour on the turbo.

    Jayc great running in the dark.

    Jason did you do the run in lanes lol, I don't mind the rain so much as we seem to get a lot here.

    MrS what with work and everything else I find it hard to fit in regular times for things such as clubs, thats why I asked about the lanes been closed in the first place. I know that I would benifit from a club and proper training but just don't have the time.

    Fiona great pace for your reps well done, living of toast based meals did you drop any weight?

  • Fiona,

    Well done.


    Well done.  That's the only problem about unpredictable shifts because just as you can't leave a fire (I imagine once another crew comes on shift they would relieve you if it was taking time to deal with) I can't leave a call until the customer goes so any clubs or exercise classes I'd like to go it would have to be on a Sunday or Saturday afternoon after a set time.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    I also eat a lot of chocolate NP image and with the toast things like smoked salmon, peanut butter or scrambled eggs so just a couple of pounds!

    How many doubles are you doing this time round?


  • Wow, lots of good running going on.

    Nice on Gobi - I wish I could just jog a marathon and come 2nd!

    Spoons: I'm with NP. Stuff on the chest isn't to be taken lightly. I got chronic bronchitis and asthma from being stupid.

    Just short of 10 miles this morning with 5 at LT pace. Happy to report that I was only a few secs per mile off last year's March HM pace. As it is still early in training and more importantly, I ran with the backpack (it was part of my morning commute) I am very happy. I could have easily done more. What a difference a day makes ...
  • Chicka - I think there were only 80 finishers and it was a drop from the first place in the jogged marathon 6 days earlier. Joking aside my endurance is coming on well now so if I can just drop some weight and get the speed right I may have a fast marathon in me late this year.

    Did a very lethargic 4 miles at lunchtime so I have a feeling tomorrow will be an easy paced day.
  • Chickadee & Gobi,

    Well done.

  • Get to the Dr's MrS.

    Treadmills are good, got to keep saying it, another 3M @ 10mm this morning and a 1km swim, just trying to keep some sort of aerobic base.

    Nice fast mile in the pool the other day NP, was that with the webbed gloves? and do you think it helps improve you stroke, I read somewhere that they help train your hand to enter the water correctly.

    I need to lose weight too, so no more talk of peanut butter on toast Fiona please......

  • TomS,

    Well done.

  • Mr Spoons can only reiterate what others have said...........DRS.

    FionaC - I never think of toast based meals as low calorie either as unfortunately I love my toast covered in butterimage Hope your hip flexor settles.

    Another 16.5 for me today including 10 miles progressive. Hardwork as three miles were into wind but legs feeling strong which is always nice.

    Nearly forgot, well done Gobi on another marathon!!

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Tom I keep a jar of peanut butter here in my desk drawer so only about half sees the toast. I love the stuff! Worse than butter Zion - nice running by the way!


  • Zion,

    Have you had toast with a cinnamon & sugar butter before?  It's a bit of work to do to but very yummy.  

  • Fiona. I love toast. Especially in cut loaf toast doorsteps. Fresh granary is lovely.
    NP, your doubles are really working for you.
    Spoons... I am am saying nothing. You have been told off enough to know what to do. Nice run btw..
    Hya.. Hope your not climbing walls..

    As for me... A nice 6 miles tonight.. Solid and to plan... Boring to report but happy.
  • Zion... That sounds like a very solid run.. Good stuff.

    Gobi... Sound like you feeling a lot better.. Good for you.

    Tom... Good to hear your ticking over whilst waiting for docs...
  • Mr S- i think there's a common theme beginning to emerge hereimage

    Tom- good man, love the dedicationimage

    I love peanut butter too, but am resisting the temptation as I've got to shed some pounds. Toast is great too- just no butter only marmalade. Porridge for breakfast for me these cold daysimage 

    10m for me tonight: 5m slow, 4m faster, 1m warm downimage

  • Jason,

    I'm glad I'm not the only person who doesn't have butter on jammed/maraladed toast.  It's only when I just have toast by itself that I have butter. 

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    8.6 miles tonight steady running with a good friend niceimage.

    Fiona Dobles on a Tuesday and Thursday, easy runs on Monday and Fridays plus a swim if I can firt it in.

    Fiona do you like nutella? nice on toast as is honey mmmmmmmmmmm........ good running food.

    Tom nice to see you still on the treadmill mate better than nothing any sign of another date to see the Doc yet?  Also the swimming will help lots, regarding the gloves I havn't used them yet but will let you know when I have.

    Zion nice 16.5 miles, it's hard if you turn into the wind but it sounds like the training has started to kick in.

    AGF nice running it's good trying to work to a plan.

    Jason great going seen your miles on Fetchimage Your tempo run seemed to go well.

  • AGF,

    Missed your post sorry.  I can't wait until I'm back at work.  I'm getting to the stage when I can do a bit more but I need to becareful that I don't do too much that it sets me back.

  • OK I get the point. I'll ring the doctors in the morning. Why am I not surprised by the comments image Thank you all for your concern.

    On a brighter note.....

    I had a fantastic club session tonight. 4 x mile reps on a up and down course with 1 minute jog recovery. It was windy which made it tougher. Splits were 7:06, 7:01, 6:56, 6:49. I was up for another one but no one would come with me! I'm chuffed because this is the first decent session I have managed in about 6 weeks, what with illness and snow etc.

    Well done on the 16.5 Zion.
  • All this talk of toast ............................ I have just put pizza in the oven image

    I'm too late to nag Mr Spoons but I'm sure you can guess what I would have said!

    Did my intervals tonight.  5 x 1K with 200m recoveries.  Pace was like the curate's egg - good in parts as 2 wefe  close to 9 mm but other bits less good with2 nearer 9.30.  For most of the time it felt like I'd been kicked in the backside image  Good point is that I am generally ok walking, it is only a problem when I try to run and extend my stride too much.  Will see what the fizz says tomorrow

  • USB, if you work in an office there is a performis exercise that you can do sitting on a chair. Hence can stretch it regularly even when working.... Hope it improves.
  • Mr S - excellent mile times! Oh yes, go see a doctor image

    Zion, Fiona, NP, Jason, AGF, Chickadee... all posting good runs and mileage. Well done image

    Jason - I'm with you on skipping the butter when having jam or marmalade too image

    NP - I'd heard doubles are good to incorporate in any training plan. My mara training doesn't start until late Jan, but I might start running to and from work on a Thursday, which would be 2 x 4.5 miles approx, although I could extend either fairly easily...

    4.1 miles off road hill repeat session lunchtime today. Only four of us out today, three of which are faster than me and the unofficial "leader" for the day being the fastest and most accomplished runner made it a real hard workout. "It must be doing me some good" was my thoughts as I was struggling up the last climb, 180+ HR and legs like lead weights image

    15.5 mile MTB ride this evening...

  • AGF - can you give me a link to that one.  My time spent sitting at work varies but it would be worth knowing
  • Gobi - I'm running nice and slow on my easy / recovery / LSRs and I'm feeling good for it. My session tonight went great and my long runs are feeling easy. At what point would you introduce some marathon pace stuff and progressive running etc?
  • Evening all.

    well i managed 16 miles this evening and no reaction, so its back to planning (except for speedwork until next week). Not worried as plenty of time to get intervals going.

    No Pain - where are your prep races?

    Ms S - best of luck with doc

  • Spoons - Feb is the time

    Paddy - good news

    Just in from an easy 10.6 miles in the drizzle. I HATE RAIN
  • Will second that! Unfortunately not drizzle here but heavy rain east only 7 for me thoughimage
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    More snow. image But determined to get out tonight, problem is the ice under the snow.

    Never tasted Nutella NP...just had 3 morning chocs with my coffee (the Xmas chocs will be gone by Friday!)

    Good run AGF, I'll be doing one of those tonight. Nice 10+ milers jason and Gobi - I'd trade your rain at the moment!

    Good to get the fast stuff done Mr Spoons and USB and jaycm with hills - I must do a hill session soon.

    Nice to see you recovered Paddy.

    Dog sitting at the moment so a snowy walk this morning. The cats are behaving like gangsters and I had to separate them last night as small white cat had large black lab cornered. Left them together today, they seemed ok!


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