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    Good luck for the interview Buttercup.

    Mrs D, I went for the Gatorskins, but silly me let Mr Steady order them and I found out today that the shop will not have them until the end of the month. Grrr he is in the dog house tonight.

    Razor, I finally managed to get a copy of 220 mag, it was a good article and nice photos.

    I bike commuted today, but left my sandwiches at home. Resorted to a late morning bacon sandwich as my refuelling.


  • Chilli good luck this weekend chuckles and hope you all have a good bank holiday. image

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Question time,
    My bike helmet is getting grubby, the chin straps especially. Does anyone wash their helmet and if so with what?


  • EP - first week back is exhausting. Well done to your son, but I have to say the bus pass thing is ridiculous - what if he had bought the bus pass but then not got the grades to go to the 6th form??

    well, really muggy out there but managed a 4 mile run/walkimage

    steady - never cleaned mineimage but maybe just soapy water?

    my husband is also driving me insane

  • Buttercup - hope the interview went well

    Steady I like your refuelling strategy - my favourite is a breakfast pasty at about 10 then a mars bar about 11:30 on work days - just don't tel Mrs WS.

    EP I can't understand the buss pass thing, would they give you a refund if your son hadn't got the grades he needed?

    Thanks for the hints - cheating all the way image - bricks and pulling her back sound like a good plan - I think I'll need both and maybe more.  Failing that I can always lose (dis)gracefully, maybe even hint that I let her win image

  • Shocking behaviour Smurf! image I really hope she wins image

    Thanks Razor, Cake and everyone. Am really looking forward to tomorrow.

  • Chili you will probably get your wish image I'll be honest and let you know the whole sorry result.  Have you checked the weather yet?


  • Yeah, I gave in and checked it, image Am very pleased it has changed from 30 degrees to 17 and raining!

    There is nothing wrong with being beaten by an 11yr old. Mine is faster than me over 5k!

  • Good luck everyone with races at the weekend...

    I've just noticed a worrying thing... my new bike hurts my legs...i've been struggling with my runs earlier in the week and i just put it down to the heat...but tonight i did a really gentle go on my bike and now my legs are aching...that can't be right.

    I hope I haven't swapped better bike times for worse run times...

    Did anyone else notice this when they got a new bike?

  • Chili, I know she'll beat me, it will be the first time I can usually blast away from the side of a pool and gain huge yardage - she never pushes off from the side!  But OW, my only hope is that I've done three OW swims to her none.

    17 and showery I'd be happy with, 30 is way too hot.  But glasses don't work too well if its raining hard.

    Pete - if you still have your old bike, measure the distance from the pedal at the bottom of the stroke to the top of the seat.  I adjusted the seat on my bike a couple of weeks ago and couldn't bike up even the smallest hill, measured my old bike and I was about 10mm out - changed it back and I can now get up the hills!  Could it be the same sort of thing?

    EP - got mine 6 weeks ago through cyclescheme - told Mrs WS it would save us money image - next weekend it will be tried out properly - just a couple more gentle rides until then. image

  • morning all

    pete - it will be the way you have it set up. You can find on the internet how to set up the seat etc  I just found this on  a quick google



    and there are loads you can see. 

    Having said that, I probably haven't got my in a perfect set up, but being of a slightly nervous nature I do like to be able to get my foot on the ground (after I have remembered to unclip it!) so my saddle is probably not at the optimal height.

    You can pay for fancy bike fits, but that probably isn't necessary - I have my bike set up how the guy in the shop did it for me and it has been fine - no aches or pains. 

  • oh, and I seem to be getting quite lazy - my idea last night was to get up at 7 to have an hour on the turbo before brekki and masters swimming, but I couldn't be bothered to get out of bed for it - I just lay there for an hour instead!!

    I did go running in that humid horrible heat last night thoughimage

    I will either turbo or go to the gym later and make up for my early morning laziness

    trying to persuade OH it would be fun to go mountain biking tomorrow somewhere - the kids are off to London for a couple of days with my mum to stay with my brother

  • Good luck Buttercup. Has Chili started yet? 

    I now feel better. After a second visit the Dr gave me a single antibiotic which proves that it was likely food poisoning. I lost 9lbs! Looking forward to catching up on food and birthday cake. 

  • cat - glad you are better, don't eat too much and once and give you tummy a massive shock!

    not sure what time chili was starting but I would have thought so

    right, off to swimming...


  • Great that things are on the up for you Cat, enjoy the cake.

    Good luck to everyone in an event this weekend.

  • finally got to a shop that sells 220 today - nice article horse and razorimage

    just swimming for me today, and then all the normal family stuff.

    think I have persuaded OH to do the bike ride tomorrow - Sherwood Pines here we come! I have had to bribe him with cream tea in the afternoon thoughimage he is worse than the kids! I am planning to get up early and have a little run first...

  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    new bike *dreams*



    actually, its not new, just new to me. £100 from someone downsizing their large bike collection...

  • Hi everyone. Thanks for your best wishes.

    Thames Meander Marathon - race report

    The race started at 9.30am and it only takes an hour and half to get there so we left at 7am. The race HQ was in a private school just in Richmond London and very well set up. Nice numbers, good registration great hall, dining room, changing facilities etc. Met up with Matt who I was running with and we got ready... after I had been to the loo twice image

    The half and full marathon both set off together. One couple was wearing Pirate colours so I went over to talk to them. The wife was running the full marathon with her 9mth old in a pushchair image Total respect to her. There were several members of the 100 marathon club including the blind runner we met at Abingdon.

    Couldn't hear the annoucements but did hear the horn and we were off. Along a private road and into Richmond Park. It was beautiful, made stunning when we saw 5 red dear (I think) stags each with a full rack of antlers image

    About 3 miles through the park and then dropped down to the Thames. The rest of the way was along the Thames path and it was lovely. Off road, flat and lovely. I talked non-stop image Neither of us had garmins and we there were no mile markers. We were a bit worried at the 6/7 mile aid station that we were behind time, but we were feeling pretty good. At the 10mile aid station we had picked up the pace a bit.

    Nearing the halfway turn round point we passed Putney Pier were a boatload of very noisy Arsenal Supporters were just embarking under the watchful eye of the police. This was the only busy bit and we had to cross a main pedestrian bridge to make the aid station at the turn around. Our time was 2hrs 17 mins and we were feeling good. image

  • Obviously the second half was tougher but we kept up a really good pace. Until then the weather had been slight drizzle, which was quite nice really cos it kept us cool. But at about 16miles the heavens opened and it hammered down. We were soaked through. Not cold but dripping wet and shoes filled with water. The downpour continued the rest of the way.

    We were doing really well and keeping up a great pace until the last check point at 23 miles. Our time was exactly 4hrs, which meant if we could keep our pace we could finish in 4hrs 30. But we didn't. Hubby and girls were there to cheer us on and my Big Girl decided to join us for the run back through Richmond park. The problem was that this was the only up-hill bit. And right at the end! image Matt dropped behind and when I stopped to wait for him he yelled at me to continue and get my PB. I tried, but it was tough and although my daughter was there talking constantly, it didn't feel right without my running buddy.

    On the way back we saw the red deer does and the stags again. Then we were back out into the private road and nearly finished. My Big Girl stopped at the gate I ran through to the screaming of Hubby and other children (who had dashed up in the car to see me in).

    My time was 4hrs 38 mins a PB of 17 mins. image

    I'm really pleased. I trained well for this marathon and I ran it well. It was very enjoyable despite the rain. But I know I can do 4hrs 30... might try again next year.

  • chili well doneimage brilliant time

  • Well done Chilli and Matt,   image

  • Well done Chili and Matt, excellent work!

  • Awesome work chili!!

    Well I on the advice of the BBC weather lady stayed home as it was ment to tank down today, thunder and lightening and all that, so I decided Sunday would be a good day for a bike ride.  However it didn't rain a drop today - kinda grumpy bout that.  Never mind will be the last long bike ride before the Wild Boar! image

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     Chili & Matt at the finish with their medals.

  • Aw I love it when Mr Chili posts pics image Well done lady, you must be most chuffied image !!!!!!! Oo and well done Matt! 

    Cant wait to see you in action Buttercup! Woop woop!

    Quality bribing Maths... !


  • Am struggling not doing anything but I can cope a bit longer. Mums birthday today so neice and nephew cross training done. Aiming for tiny supersprint en of Sept then focus on winter training.

  • MrsD - can you cycle? turbo? swim? swim with a pull-bouy?

    lovely pic of chili and matt - thanks MrChili

    right, we are packing sandwiches for our bike ride, so that is my job while OH sorts out the roof rack for putting the bikes on

    kids are gone - 3 days of relative peace (still have OH here!)

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