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  • Maths - I have to go to work... It's painful before and after that! Only resting for a bit to let the 'remedies' kick in. Start on my sprint plan soon. 

    Enjoy the bike ride bird image

  • Chilis - Loving the photo, well done.

    I went out for a 16mile cycle ride this morning to test the Heart Rate Zones thing.  I don't see any hope at the moment of my staying in zone 2 when going up some of the steeper inclines, so Mr Fink and I are going to have to agree to compromise on some of his plan.  On the bright side, I was a little happier on the saddle this time, and the new cadence sensor appears to have worked.

    Went out straight after to gather up dog and accompany Mrs DS on her morning bimble around the trails.

  • P.S., What I call steeper inclines, you guys probably call flat with attitude.image

  • Morning DS, we've all gone through the z2 frustration re: hills. It is lovely the day you fly up the hill still in z2. Stick with it it works! Hope you enjoyed the pooch walk, mine look most uninterested at present!

    Foot has been rollered with a frozen beer bottle. Due medications taken. Will shortly get ready for work. Tent is being lent out the Boar weekend so will be travelling in he day. Pooch sitter organised and Digger now coming! Woop woop. Weather looks good too!

  • Well that was a ride in three parts image

    I had the best ride to bossie ever 57.28 only took 20 mins to get over the hill from home (usually takes 25-28 dependent on the day and how much I have in my backpack).  Was very stoked with 14.4mph given it's a big hill.  

    Twice around bossie course (head and side winds sapped will to live) 15mph and got passed by a visually impaired guy and his mate on a tandem image I was doing 17mph ave at that point and they made me look like I was standing still.  I cried a little on the inside as I watched them disappear into the distance and made resolutions in head to work on my own engine for next year!  I had talked to them earlier at bossie when they lent me a multitool as the screw holding my derailer on was making a break for it - one of them is doing the Boar next week I dont believe I will see him for dust...

    Final part horrid just horrid - strong head wind the whole way home - I hadn't drunk enough either image I brought a bottle of water after I did my laps of bossie but forgot to bring my fizzy tabs.  It was humid so I think I sweated more but didn't notice as much due to the wind - took sunnies off and where they had sat on the bridge of my nose were nice salty patches - lesson learned! 

    But all good - last big ride image on the whole not bad.

  • well done buttercup

    MrsD - I am guessing you are on your feet all the time at work, tale care of those ankles and feet

    I still don't fly up hills in z2image

    nice bike ride, although OH started off taking me round the most difficult technical MTB route at Sherwood pines, and I just haven't got the skills or the nerve to do it, so we have to get part way round before we could come off it and go on an easier route. I still had to walk a couple of downhills because the surface was wet sand with occasional big stones in that were sending me flying! And I am a wimp downhill anyway. Didn't walk any uphills thoughimage

    hoping to get a run in later after a bit of a rest

  • Ok, so I did the Alford try a tri to see how i was doIng after my operation. I got my stuff and headed to the pool. I was in the first heat in lane three. Otherwise known as the fat hairy bloke lane. I'd never drafted in swimming before, it was nice until he stopped to let me go passed and then i actually had to swim. It seemed to go on for ever but my time was 10 minutes which considering I hadn't been in the pool since May i was very pleased.

    Then on to the bike, I'm used to my mountain bike but this time I'm on my road bike...what a difference. I actually over took people, hills are much harder and I need to realise that I'm going quite fast and I should brake for junctions...I learnt the hard way with a close encounter with the grass verge but I didnt come off but I used my brakes for the next one. 36 minutes for the bike.

    The run was three laps round the park, wet and muddy and I had my usual sick stomach feeling for the first lap. 16.50 minutes for the 3km..a bit slower than I'd like. Overall time 1 hour 6 minutes 31seconds. Not bad for me.

    I'm just pleased to back racing again.

  • Recovery ride today with OH, averaged 14mph, big ride planned tomorrow round the Hereford area, sill need to finalise route.

    Well done Chili, that photo is brill image

    Good luck to all those racing. . . .

    p.s. Mrs D did you get my PM? 

  • pete - well doneimage


  • Nice one Chili. Good marafuning.

    Excellent work Pete.

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Great reports from folks as usual.

    I ended up turboing this morning due to the rain. Did Ride Harder 3 from Chrissie W, made sure I worked at it and not just taking it easy. Managed to average 12.5 mph, although it did take 2 goes at changing the wheels over. Think it needs a service as the gears make a noise at the extremes on the cassette bit.

    Walk for an hour this afternoon followed by roast dinner, so calories in and out are even or a bit over.

  • Great race report and time Chili, well done to you and Matt - great photo.

    DS I like the phrase flat with attitude (I read it the first time as flat with altitude image) the other good phrase is upflats.

    Well done on the bike ride Buttercup.

    Good report and race Pete, how were the legs after the bike ride?  Have you changed anything on the bike yet?

  • Family competition swim report.

    First leg Saturday afternoon, Saunton Sands, Devon.  Got to the beach to find a good surf and a surfing competition going on!  Managed to find a bit without too many surfers so we could swim, but no idea where we were starting or finishing.

    Brilliant fun for both of us, my daughter is a strong swimmer so I had no worries about her swimming in the 2'-4' waves, more the surfers colliding with us.  She was also scared of sharks getting her, I explained that we get basking sharks - who have mouths THIS BIG - but they eat plankton! We swam backwards and forwards three times, mainly playing in the waves, eventually I said we had to get out, mainly due to not being able to feel my feet. 

    Result loads of fun and an agreed draw, rematch tomorrow - this time I'm choosing the beach and not Mrs WS and it will have breakwaters - so we have start and finish points image.

  • Wrinkly Smurf wrote (see)

    Good report and race Pete, how were the legs after the bike ride?  Have you changed anything on the bike yet?

    I measured my mountain bike and the road bike and the seat heights to the bottom of the pedal were pretty much the same, but I did lower the seat by a couple of cm and when I was testing it on Saturday, it felt too low, but during the race it felt fine.  My legs do hurt this morning... rest day today.

  • Mrs D - thanks for z2 pep talk, very reassuring - and yes, Dawn Dog had fun, he's never met a walk he didn't like.  Which sprint are you planning for?

    Wrinkly Smurf - upflats, yes that's another good one.  image   I'm Loving the sea swimming fun, it sounds like you had a great time.

    This morning silly me was up and about to go the pool for an early swim.  luckily I was saved a wasted trip when DW pointed out it'd be closed for the Bank Holiday. 

  • morning all

    well done on the sea swimming WS

    Having a lazy breaky without kids, feel very lethargic but will be out on my bike at some point in the day, even if it is just a short ride

  • steady - you still looking for a relay team? saffers has posted on the outlaw 2014 thread that she is up for the bike leg but needs swimmer and runner

  • right - a question. If I go out on my mountain bike will it make me stronger for when I ride the road bike? As in, if I ride it on the road sometimes instead of riding the road bike? Or is that just a waste of time/something better kept for the winter months when I will be glad of the thick tyres and tread?

    and I have negotiated with OH for me to come and cheer you all on on Sunday at the Wild Boar. OH and kids might come too but I am not holding my breath on that one!

  • Riding the MTB on the road would give you some trainng benefit, inasmuch as when you ride your lighter road bike on the road, the same effort would make you faster.

    You'd be better riding the MTB off road; which will help with bike control skills and can be fun after a lot of road miles.

    Of course, bike miles is bike miles image

  • ok, thanks, quite enjoying the MTB at the moment, and there is an off road trail right at the doorstep, I always find it harder riding off road surfaces anyway because of the greater resisitance. And not many days of holiday and darker mornings and evenings means less time for biking outside. It is good to be able to take the kids off road too, I get too anzious about them in traffic. 

    EP - glad the knee is feeling better, the fitness will come back

  • well done EP - we both know that it builds up slowly and surely and consistency is the key (although I haven't exactly been doing this with the bike!)

    was intending to go out on the road bike today but have realised I feel knackered and need a rest day. I can be bad at getting rest days in during school holidays and burn myself out a bit. We have had a walk and lunch out and are going to laze around this afternoon, although houseowrk needs to be done so the guys can get it to replace a window tomorrow!

  • Well I plan to be using my hybrid with it's chunky monkey tires over winter and it does take a bit more work to push those beasties around image will have the road bike on the turbo so wont kill myself on slippery roads.  

    Yeah Pixie it is this weekend image on Sunday! Had a piece of hubbies chocolate cake to calm my nerves and will be off out for a little run - taper week this week....

  • I've fixed my old mtb up ready for some dirty off roading this winter, even though we have loads of summer left image

    had a crap week last week, I either over did it or didn't eat very well as most of last week I was mainly sleeping, I feel better today and will be out on the bike in a bit, I'll have to take it easy this week and hope I'm fit enough for the Boar, looking forward to it.  

  • MC 220 Tri has an article about MTBing helping road but as someone else said bike miles is bike miles.

    EP you know the fitness will come back, just don't overdo it - that way leads to more injuries in the long term.

    I'll probably forget later in the week, so good luck to all of you in the Boar next weekend.

  • Swim report #2

    OK missed yesterdays plan to swim, no way the normal running around was going to get in the way of todays challenge.  Plan find a sandy beach - with breakwaters, race daughter in water to & from breakwaters, then run same distance with son on sand.

    Reality, rocky beach, because it's where Mrs WS wanted to go.

    Cunning plan #1 - get all of family an ice cream each then as soon as they're finished go for swim. image

    First leg both of us set off at the same time, I got to the first turning point well ahead of daughter image. Gave her a 20m head start for the return leg, I was annihilated, I think she finished the 100m before I'd gone 5! image  I was well and truly conned - and beaten.

    Would anyone notice if an 11yr old girl swam the first part of a tri for a 50 yr old bald bloke?

  • OK, buttercup and MrsD - I will be ready for the entry tomorrow! Are we happy with the team name? If we are going to have tutus do we want a team name that reflects the tutus??

  • Are you going to call yourselves the Desmonds?

    Desmond Tutu? 

    I'll get me buffimage

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