Training for a shorter Tri



  • Hi Guys, yep were all sane on here, I say we're al sane on hereimage

    How you doin Cakey boy?
  • Good luck with the Snowman Razor and Horse, I fancy that for next year image

  • Wow, Razor! Have just looked up the Snowman. Total respect to you! image

    5 miles run this morning and I have negated all fat burning benefits by eating waffles for lunch.

  • yes we are all the same here, normal sane people who enjoy loony endurance events.

    its the sofa surfers who are nutters. 

    i get a bit restless about 3/4 of the way through a movie or F1 now. Get me on my bike!!! 


  • Well the good news for me is Physio says I'm good to swim, bike and run again image
    Bad news is I'm too full of cold to do any of that image but I can still make a start on my heel lifts and I've lost 2 1/2 lbs in the last fortnight. image
    I'm very jealous of all the activity you lot are managing. Oh but new bike is on order for me image

  • Alibear - good newsimage what bike are you getting?

    had another rest day today

  • MC I'm getting a Trek Domane 4.7 WSD and I'm getting it fitted with Tubeless tyres from the start. I'm stupidly excited about it.

  • oooh that looks nice

  • image Oh bike porn, have you got a name for it yet?

    Razor I'm good you sexy beast are you doing stockport 10 this year? And if not can I tempt you. image

  • Good luck Razor and Horse, that Snowman looks like a great challenging event.

    MC, I have taken a semi rest day, woke up feeling under the weather but nothing specific, then bit of a sore throat, asthmatic cough seems a little worse than normal and no energy and the hips of a 90 year old. So instead of going for a run I settled for a 30 minute walk which was enough. The niggles and mini spasms in the leg muscles were most off putting but hoping the following stretching will sort it out.

    I am going to go to my first spin class tomorrow so I want to be fit and healthy for it as it is with members of the cycle club.

    I am still planning my training, maybe that is what is making me feel run down just the thought of the training, which I reckon starts the beginning of November. Having said that I need to do something to have any fitness ready to start.

  • Oh forgot to say

    AliBear, nice bike.

  • stready - I need to do more on the bike!

    swimming is under control, running is hard but I am building, it is the bike that is lacking at the moment! Maybe I should turbo tomorrow morning instead of running...

  • MC, the pirates keep telling people, it is all about the bike.
    So yes you need to get on it, have you got a plan for Outlaw Half yet?


  • no not really, have you?

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Ali - great news! Now just get over that cold quick! Nice bike too!

    I'm so fed up with this weather, hot, humid, oppressive. Makes me sweat just walking around! image Need a proper thunderstorm or something to make the air clear again.

  • When is it mate? Would be interested
  • MC, my plan is in the planning stage but will be based on 30 weeks so starting the beginning of November. I intend on taking HR into account but making sure I do enough distance and speed on the bike. Aiming for at least 2 swim, 3 bike and 2 run a week, building to 3 of each.

  • I was thinking of just building base till xmas then looking at a definite plan.

    I have 4 swims a week, going to stick with that but add some open water in the spring

    3 runs a week - gradually building distance/time running

    and I need to make sure I get the 3 bikes in

  • Wow am I feeling slack! Have let myself have a rest this week due to the job and general awareness there is a half marathon to run on Sunday.  Next week will be back into it again! 

    Swimming tonight with MC.

  • what HM are you doing on Sunday buttercup? It is a taper, not being slackimage and starting a new job can be exhausting anyway

    ran this morning and swimming tonightimage

  • Razor 8th Dec linky

    MC it is all about the bike but don't forget to swim and stuff.

  • Stockport 10 is a great race, both Mrs SA and I will be there again


  • image Come on razor there should be a good gang down for mischief.

  • Mmmm... Nice Ali! Bet you can't wait! 

    Oooo.... Mischief, fabulous.

    Hope the swim went well Lasses! And good luck for the weekend Buttercup image Also, to Horse and Razor. Sounds like fun image

    Mikasa - I feel your pain, I dislike heat intensely. Keep plugging on.

    Bring on the Winter!!!!!! image

  • I have been to a spinning class, I will report in the morning if I have any legs left.

  • great swim, we did 400m and 200m time trials, I am slow but good to get a benchmark to show improvement. Buttercup didn't make itimage

    10:28 for 400m and 5:06 for 200m

  • MC that is

    close to my time for 400m.

  • I have a pair of aching in a good way legs. Already looking forward to spin class next week. Off for a gentle swim this morning.

  • Didnt get out of the lab quick enough to be able to catch the early train image so by the time I got home there wasn't time to have a shower let alone eat anything before I wouldve had to catch the bus to get there in time.  I have told my boss that I will be leaving early on a Thursday from next week and will make up the time during the week so I dont miss my swimming again!

    I was biking to the train station behind quite a flash mtb'r who was going reasonably fast and I kept up with him image on my beastie hybrid - it was amusing to see him keep on looking back to see me there!

  • "I ain't doin' nuffin'" as the young people would say.  I think its called tapering for a race.  Although I will have a gentle swim on saturday and an extended steam room session to clear the nasal passages in readiness for Sundays run.

    We've had thick fog recently.  I've never done a hill race in the fog, it might be interesting....

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